Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Big Reveal Max's Before and After

Once upon a time, in what seems another lifetime there was a little boy and a little girl and they had to share a room. So, I cleverly decorated their room in green, white and blue so it felt a little girly and a little boyish. I loved that room, and then we moved and I recreated it almost exactly in the new house. And I loved it then too. But, then it grew boring, tiresome if you will. AND, the little girl got older and she needed to have a room of her own (or to at least share with her sister) and the boy needed to have a room of HIS own. When sister moved out, I wasn't sure what I was going to do in the little boys room. I had some thoughts flitter through, but nothing substantial. Then, one day whilst walking thru the mall with the Daddio, I saw a disply at Pottery Barn Kids. It was a GIANT map and what really caught my eye was a pillow with a bike on it. I instantly saw in my head where I was going to go with brothers room. It would be MAPS! And why did I go there? Because he had a super cute Gymboree shirt with a quality navy blue bike applique that he had stained up and couldn't wear anymore and I knew I could turn it into a pillow, or wall art. Thus, a vision was born.

Almost immediately I went out and bought a giant 3D letter M and I mod podged map paper all over it and I loved it. I also found the cutest globe at Steinmart, and I accidentally bought a map on amazon, so I modpodged that bad boy to a canvas as well. Things were starting to come together. I even got paint samples. I was ON this.

Ummm, that was back in August.


Well, life happens, you know how it goes. There was just never the right moment. And painting sucks, so there was that too.

Anywhodle, as is usually the case with me and my "inner decorator" one morning I woke up and I was ON IT, like white on rice. It was gonna get done that week or not at all.

I'm quite pleased to report that Maxs room came together rather quickly and nicely. I was very pleased  with the color I had long ago sampled. My darling friend Chris came and put up my board and batten in like 5 minutes. I painted it all in a day, without really moving furniture or covering a darn thing. That was nice. I found many things super discount and paid actually prices for a couple, but in the end, I'm pleased as punch with Maxs Map room. It's masculine, boyish, playful and clean. And the best part...I feel like he can grow with this for awhile. Well, actually, the BEST part was Maxs reaction to the map mural and the whole room. He walked in, gasped and said "I like EVERYTHING you put in here Mom."  WIN!!

So, I will try to appropriately show before and after pics. No guarantees, since I still hate this Mac and can't figure out how to find pics without A LOT of work.

 There she is, in all her green, blue and white splendor. I matched it to a blanket on Maxs little toddler bed. That stripe was a painstaking project, and Jere would have you note that he hung the curtain to match EXACTLY up with the top stripe. (He's a little OCD that way).
The room worked for two little kids, and it was bright.

 Then, they got the bunkbeds, when Max got big enough and there was gonna be a Mayzie. So, this is basically where we left off, BEFORE the redo.

Are you ready?

  Well OK, first a shot of the board and batten going up. I have other pics of the process of painting, etc. But that's on my i phone. Sorry bout it.

First view from doorway. The paint color is color is called Provance by Behr. And the white is Swiss Coffee. I LOVE that sign telling Max to go into the WORLD and do good. My friend down the street made that.

Bedding I found at IKEA. I was so was $20.00 clearance for the duvet covers and the sheets were $12.99 a SET. I mean really, he's 5, he doesn't need the nicest sheets, lets me honest here.

 Here is the aforementioned T-shirt, turned pillow. Jere gets credit for telling me to tea dye it so it wasn't this strong white standing out against all the tans. I just LOVE that bike.
This pillow is an IKEA classic, and oh so perfect for the room.

 Found this sign at Burlington, and I couldn't pass it up, especially because it had the word adventurous in it. But really, I love anything that Max will read and internalize over the years that is admonishing such good quallities.

 This is my map letter. I just bought scrap book paper at JoAnns and cut and pasted accordingly. Really, it might be one of my favorite things in the room.
The ever famous book corner. I love doing a room redo just for the cleaning up aspect alone. I was able to pair down, throw out and clean up that corner.  I LOVE that mirror, which I found at Cost Plus. Two of the letters were from what I already had in their room, and the other two are just cheap wood letters from JoAnns. I painted the small one orange, because I wanted there to be small pops of orange in the room.

I absolutely love how the board and batten turned out. It's actually really cool on the wall behind the bed too, but you can't really see it. It's ok though...consistency is important.
 The map on the wall was my accidental $2.99 buy from Amazon. It makes me happy.

I ordered these acrylic letters from a place called I got to pick whatever color and letter style I wanted. Totally love it. The box on the shelf was from Home Goods, loved that it incorperated orange and travel themes. Globe is from Steinmart and the Eiffel Tower was brought back from France by Jeres dad when he was in the service there.

This fabulous old trunk was a steal. One of my good friends has a shop that she sells her stuff in. She let me come "shop" and gave me a screaming deal on it. It's huge, and I love the random blue stripe on it. It has toys and a smaller trunk full of fabric in it.

 I LOVE old keys, I don't know why, they just are cool. So, and old key AND a hook for his backpack? Yes please!
Love this sign. Found it on clearance at JoAnns. Really, anything that had anything to do with world, travel, life, I was grabbing. I also enjoy the small scale of this. Oh, if you look at the picture of the whole wall, that cool world clock is from IKEA.

And finally....the masterpiece. This is just white paint. I wish I could take full credit for this brilliance, but alas, I can not. I knew I wanted a big huge map of some kind. I looked at all kinds of vinyls and contemplated doing that and framing it in. But then, I went on pinterest which is a very rare occurance. I looked at everything map, world themed I could find. And one brilliant chick had done this, just projected the image up on the wall and traced it with a paint pen. I said....DONE!  I found a map online and traced it onto a sheet protector. Then, rather serendipitously, Maggie came home from school with, a world map outline. I liked its shape so much better than the one I'd done. So, I had Jere trace it onto another sheet protector. I borrowed an overhead projector and gave Jere the task of making this happen. If you know nothing...know this...he is a PERFECTIONIST and OCD, oh and also, quite secretly artistically talented. Anyway, first he traced it onto the wall with chalk and then when he tried to use the paint pen, it wouldn't work. So, we wiped the wall clean and he attempted the paint pen again. Apparently I got sucky paint pens. So, he found a SPONGE brush in my laundry room and snipped the sides and then just use paint and a brush and traced the picture onto the wall.  Let it be know, I would NEVER have been able to make such a perfect looking picture on the wall. I LOVE IT!  I asked him to add "oh the places you'll go." He did, free hand.  It just really makes me happy.

So, there you have it.  Maxs Map room in all it's splendor.
Hope you like it.

World maps and brain stimulation,


Paint - Provencal by Behr, Swiss Coffee by Behr
Go Into the World sign - Custom
World map - Amazon
Bedding - IKEA
Explore letters -
Globe - Steinmart
Travel box - Home Goods
Subway sign - Burlington
Hook, small sign, Giant M - JoAnns
Mirror - Cost Plus World Market
Trunk - Old Brick House vintage market
Locker basket on dresser - Old Brick House vintage market
Laundry Hamper - Home Goods

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Twofer Trash to Treasure Tuesday

You guys....the alliteration up there is just astounding, don't you think?

So, remember how I used to do projects all the time? And how I was all thrifty and stuff, and was painting this and that and re-doing? It's weird to me now. Like, how did I do all that? When did I find the time to shop and clean and sand and paint and re-do things? I just don't know. Sort of like, how did I used to blog allll the time? Part of me is sad that I seem to have forgotten how. I mean, Mayzie is seriously the most hilarious and amazing child and I have literally nothing of her short life blogged. Tragic really.  BUT, I totally digress.

Here's the deal. Once upon a time, when my Grandpa died, and then his wife died (NOT my grandma) there was this super awesome, dreamy chair/rocker/glider thing that I wanted. But alas, my Aunt and Uncle claimed it (which is fine, since they bought it in the first place) and I was sad, for a minute.  Fast forward a couple of years and the other day I got an email from my aunt asking if I wanted said rocker.  Umm, HELLO! Yes, the answer is YES! So, I toodled myself on over to their house and picked up the chair.  See, here's the thing, there is nowhere really to put it in my house, but I wanted it. It's comfortable and, well, I wanted it.  That being said, I decided it would go in my music "area" and this started a thought in my head that now I needed a small table to anchor the area, create a scene if you will.  And thus, a new project was born.

Today was the day. My schedule was clear, I had a few extra dollars in my pocket and off Mayzie and I went to seek our fortunes.  I tried a Goodwill first, but no, it was tragic in there.  So, we headed to my amazing and beloved Mesa Thrift. I swear to you, if I say in my head I need "this", I will walk into that crammed place and ALWAYS find it. It's crazy.  Today was no different. I wanted a small side table, a certain size, round would have been great, but not necessary.  In I walked and directly in my path was my table. AWESOME!  Better yet, it was $6.98.  Another reason I LURVE this store.  There was a fantastic, gorgeous table, similar to my kitchen table, but bigger AND with a leaf and it was 25 bucks. If I had the ability to transport it, I woulda bought that too.  Anywhoooo

After a stop off at Home Depot for some Heirloom white spray paint and some colonial red for another project I headed home. Mayzie went down for her nap and literally a 1/2 hour later I had two "new" lovlies.  And you know what? It felt SOOOOO good.  I was so happy to be looking and shopping and finding. And I was so happy to be in my garage cleaning and painting. And then I was happier creating a little seating area. I MISS this.  So, my soul is sparked and I'm determined to get Maxs room done. And now I might be a little sad I passed on the giant cedar chest for 90 bucks at Mesa Thrift today. BOO!

Ok, so first things first.  I had this old wreath that hung on my door for years and was just super faded and tragic and sad. I took it down this fall for a different wreath and then never put it back up after Christmas.  The other day it occurred to me, HELLO, spray paint it red, it'll be fresh and new again.  Awesome!

 See, just worn out, ready for some pizazz and new life.


 My happy little front door. I LOVE my yellow door. And I love even more, my fabulous flowers from my dear friend Mindy.

Ok, now for my table.

 It's super cute, and it was pretty beat up. The top had stains, and it's nicked all over. But there is cute detail in the legs.
 I intended to paint the entire thing. But, after cleaning it with TSP it occurred to me that the drawers didn't need to be painted and that I might like the juxtoposition of the white and wood. So, I left them alone.


 Seriously, how adorable is that? It took me 20 minutes and a can of spray paint. EASY SQUEEZY!!


 I get that the chair doesn't look all that nice, or like much, but let me just assure you, it is like a little pillowy cloud of heaven.  It rocks, it glides, it carresses your soul. And the kids totally fight over sitting in it. I'd put it in my family room if it didn't totally and completely unmatch anything I have in there.

Anyway, there you have it. My happy little projects for the day. Now, I'm on a quest to find a trunk for Maxs room and other map paraphanelia. It's gonna be super cool, once I find it, oh and paint it and stuff like that.

Happiness and spray paint highs,