Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Maggie "teaches" the ABC's

Yep, had this WHOLE other post written.....it was great. THREE hours I worked on figuring out the stupid video, and writing the post. THREE hours I'll never get back. Videos suck the life out of me. They HATE me. There are more videos. LOTS More words I wrote. But for now, I just leave you with THIS wee look into Maggie and Max.

She's bossy, she's nasal, but she's MINE! Listen closely, he's really singing the ABC's here and there. He said P, p, peee, and that is what really GOT her, so she had to sing it all for him.

Peace out,


Monday, June 28, 2010

She Aint heavy....She's my SISTER

Greetings my beloved bloggy peeps!  Allow me to introduce you to my darlingest sister.......Jenny!  Say HI JENNY!
Jenny and Troy on their recent excursion to Hawaii.

Isn't she just lovely?  Yes, well I think she is.  She is  a mere 22 months younger than I.  We have always been the best of friends or the worst of enemies.  I think that's just how it rolls when you're that close in age.....and girls.

For all of my blond haired, green eyed chubby, she was dark haired, blue eyed SKINNY!  No really, our whole freaking life...little miss sugar pants was a waif.  Nothing but legs and a sway back with a bubble butt.  She was obsessed with gymnastics and cheer and all things boy.  While I preferred a good book (ok whatever, she is the readingest nerd of them all), a secret stash of food and the telly.  However, for how opposite we were, we truly were besties,   when we weren't fighting that is....and rest assured, we had a PLETHORA of fights...we fought with some serious ferver.  NOTHING was off limits, be it hands, fists, fingernails, Mandy dolls (remember those, their hard plastic legs were lethal weapons), feet or words (she was VICIOUS with the fat comments, those took me down EVERY time.) we fought like pros.  But, when we WEREN'T fighting, we were laughing and giggling and working to make eachother crackup. And for some reason...I was the one who always got the "Allyson BE QUIET, you're stirring to many molecules" speech.  Jenny NEVER did.  WHATEVER!  Little twit.  We have a lifelong LOVE of big words.  Nothing was more hysterical to us than to use big, ridiculous words in our conversation or in notes/letters to eachother.  We would lay in bed at night and throw things across the room in the dark, trying to hit "a target", or talk and giggle until our Mom would come in and yell at us for STILL being awake.  We made tapes of eachother "tooting", 'cause NOTHING is more funny than lettin one rip. We were equally mean to our little sister Dixie (hi Dix) and would never let her be included in our nighttime games, or anything according to Dixie.  Then again, Dixie insists that we told her she was adopted and made her cry.  I have NO IDEA what she's talking about.  And you all KNOW what a memory I have.  But, let's get back to the subject at hand...Jenny.  She  was a hot hot hotty in highschool. It was a never ending line of boys, from forever until her wedding.  I was always just the sister, the good friend.  Wait, this sounds so depressing about me.  Strike that...it was all good.  Just trying to say...she was/is beautiful and my best friend(truth be told all my sisters are my best friends.  Lest anyone feel left out)  After my mission, I lived with she and her husband (she RUDELY got married right after I left on my mission, so I was not in attendance) for almost a year.  They were poor students at BYU, and I was just a foot loose and fancy free RM playing with my friends.  We spent MANY many nights sitting around their small coffee table playing wicked rounds of Phase 10, Speed, or Skipbo, or just watching a PLETHORA of TV.  It was a fun time! 

Jenny is funny, super smart, HARD WORKING, has a plethora of talents, extremely willing and giving of  her time and skills.  She's an amazing school teacher, one that is saught after and loved by her students.  In a word...she is AWESOME!

So, why this "tribute" if you will.  Well ok, I'll tell you.

It's about the diabetes.  DIABETES is EL SUCKO!!!

Out of all of us, most especially me of the fatty fattertons, SHE is the one that was very randomly and out of the blue struck with diabetes.

2 years ago, as she sat at my Moms kitchen table, drinking MORE water, and discussing how she just couldn't get enough.  I said, 'Um Jenny, I think you have diabetes.  Something isn't right."  She had lost weight without trying, uncontrollable drinking, peeing, etc.  So, sure enough, the next day at church, she checked her blood sugar with a girls machine and her levels were at like almost 400.  HELLO!  Needless to say, a roller coaster of epic proportions had begun.

(i stole this next part from my sis in law Lana)

She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in July of 2008. It is lame. Her blood sugar goes up, down and all around. Through all the frustration, she has seriously been so positive. She carries her little 'emergency pack' around with her everywhere she goes so that she can stab herself with insulin or scarf down rescue sugar when she needs it. :) (Which is totally something I'm going to start carrying around--RESCUE SNICKERS.) Anyway...

She started running in January of 2009. After having been run and exercise dormant for MANY years.  She started out with just short distances--preparing for the SheRox triathlon. Then she did a relay where she ended up running about 13-ish miles by the time it was over. And something (CRAZY) clicked inside of her. Since then she's done 3 sprint triathlons, a half marathon, a FULL marathon (and some other smaller races) and is now training for the St. George IRONMAN next May.  You read that right....she is training for a FULL IRONMAN tri!  Insanity, thy name is Jenny.  She's doing this while teaching full time, raising 3 kids, being the cub scout den leader, dealing with diabetes, etc.  She is insane...yet loveable.

So HERE is the deal....Jenny needs YOUR help.  She needs it A LOT!  And I'm doing my part to spread the word for her, and for her cause.  She is working her proverbial ass off to raise money in order to do the Ironman and to help try and find a cure for diabetes.  She has to raise $5000. She needs help to get her to the Ironman, and for diabetes awareness! (And I'll totally be there watching!) This is truly a hideous disease that affects far more people than it should.  Every day they make strides in their research, but they can't, Jenny can't do it without you.  So, I'm asking, please, PRETTY PLEASE, if you could spare anything, 1 dollar, 5 dollars, a PLETHORA of money...whatever, please do. If you feel like you can donate to this great cause, please follow THIS LINK.

You're the BEST my bloggidy friends!!!  Thanks for hearing my out, reading about my sister.  And mostly...THANKS for supporting her in this amazing effort.

Finger pricks and sugar wafers,


GO HERE to understand.

Memory Monday....Tales of a Fourth Grade Dill Pickle

I so perfectly remember this dress, with all its peachy granduer. The seperate vest, the tie, I remember it all.  But, can we discuss my hair?  Again....I just don't know what is happening.  Though, it does have a lovely golden shine. No?
FALL 1981

Oh my sweet friends in rainbow shirts, and what's that I see, pantyhose and heels on the girl in the front row?  WHAT?  I'd like to point out, that cute blond in the second row, third one in from the right...totally Chris Kilpatrick, of the first grade chasing fame.  He had long since given up chasing me at this point.  Boo.  That girl, just to the right of Chris K.  Her name was Country.  That's wierd, right?  And that boy in the second row, 2nd one in from the Left...I always thought he looked just like a lion.  Something about his features reminded me of a lions face.  And for total randomness sake....boy on the front row (Alan) 2nd one in from left...he's a farmer in Nebraska now.  I know, so random right?  Wonder which one is a drug dealer, a perv, a lawyer, etc.  Would be so interesting to know.

Oh 4th grade, how I loved thee, and how my life changed.....let me count the ways: And be forewarned...this was an EPIC year.  You could win a prize for getting through this.  Or perhaps, just break it up, read it over the course of two days.  I'm just sayin.

1. This was the year of Mrs. Jarvis.  The GREATEST teacher of alllllllll times!  She was something truly special.  When you are asked, what one teacher made the greatest impact and influence on your life...she will be the TOP of my list EVERY time!  She was FUNNY, and talented and loving and quirky and just so wonderful.  I'll never forget her hideous denim hat that she would wear sometimes.  She informed us if she wore the hat, it was because she just hadn't washed her hair.  This fascinated me so much.

2.  On our first day of class she informed us all that she was epileptic, and that it was quite possible she could have a seizure at any time.  She gave us instruction on exactly what we were to do in case of such a thing.  She had it down to a science.  Luckily, we never had to respond to a seizure that year.  But it definitely did happen at school, in class in other years.

3.  She had been married, and divorced and remarried and then divorced again to the same man.  She had one son, and he was her pride and joy. They had lived in the Phillipines for a period of time and she would tell us stories about it.  She would talk about how the people would just whiz right there on the side of the road.  No bathroom necessary.  And she referred to their hoo hoo dillys as "their plumbing."  I had NO IDEA she was talking about their you know whaties.  That whole "plumbing" thing flew right over my 8 year old head.  BUT, she was just so funny and engaging in her story telling, it didn't matter.

4.  For some odd reason, perhaps I can blame it on meany Ms. Bohmer, I came into 4th grade with an apparent chip on my shoulder.  In fact....Mrs. Jarvis, bless her....named me her dill pickle.  And you know what, for mannnny years after that, she would name a new "dill pickle" and tell them that I was her original dill pickle.  Apparently, I was a bit sour.  I wish I knew what happened, or what exactly I was like.  But, I do know that I recently found a paper i'd written for that class (yes, I DO have work from elementary school still in boxes) and the entire thing was a "story" about Polly the Hippo, and upon reading...it was CLEARLY autobiographical about how I felt.  Sort of made me sad.

5. But, due to my dill pickleness, and the fact that in spite of it, I was still my awesome self...she loved me!  I got to help take down bulletain boards and be her helper a lot.  Totes made me feel so special.

6.  This is the year "Where the Red Fern Grows" was introduced.  She was a BRILLIANT out loud reader, and we could NOT WAIT for daily reading time.  She read that book, and I cried!  We watched the movie, I cried some more.  She also made up this very elaborate scarey story that she would tell us a little more of every day.  It was so cool and suspenseful.

7.  Judy Blume......Are you There God It's Me Margeret.  Nuff  Said.

8.  At this tender age of 8 - 9 I started wearing my first bra.  Yeah folks, I was an early developer!  If you must know, totally got my first bra at Montgomery Wards. WOW, I can see the whole store and buying it right now.  WIERD!  It (this whole booby thing) was really too much.  And right along with that.....this is the year that I became accutely aware of my weight.  And I can still tell you EXACTLY how much I weighed every year from then until my senior year in highschool!  They had the cruel practice of gathering the entire class into the nurses office.  There would be the giant doctors scale, set up in the middle of the room.  With the entire class, in a line, one by one we'd walk up and stand on that scale.  And as you stood, the nurse would CALL OUT your weight to someone writing it down.  So, the entire class was now aware of your weight.  Don't even worry.  At 9 years old, I weighed 99 lbs.  Let me tell you, that was HUMILIATING when most of your classmates weighed in at a dainty 70 something.  Scarred much?  Nope, not me!

9.  We got to choose to play in band or orchestra this year.  For whatever reason (which apparently shall always remain a mystery) I was dead set on playing the clarinet.  WHY didn't my Mom fight me to play flute, or violin (ok, I get why not on that one)?  At least those instruments are useful and can be used in so many ways.  But NO, clarinet it was!  We went on down to Milanos Music and purchased me a shiny new clarinet, with a lovely blue velvety inner lining in the case.  Our band teacher was this little hobbit of a man named Mr. Papinau.  He had the bulgiest eyes I've ever seen, and curly hair.  But, i digress.  So, off I went on my clarinet playing adventure.  I stuck with it until 9th grade.  But, I could honestly say, I was never that good, and I can't play a note today, or remember anything about how to play it.  SAD!

10.  We had a system of check marks.  If you got a check mark you got some punishment, like no recess, or whatever.  Well...we had a student teacher, her name was Miss Cross.  I distinctly remember her teaching us about how to properly wash our hands. I kid not...I still think about her and her demonstration to this day.  Anyway, I didn't so much care for her. (recall the Dill pickle title) she WASN'T Mrs. Jarvis.  And you should learn this NOW about me.  I don't do change.  I like things how they are s'posed to be.  So anyway, one day, who knows WHAT she did, but it apparently angered me, 'cause I totally stuck my tongue out at her.  TO HER BACK!  Except, she happened to turn around and catch me...and I.....Got.....a.......checkmark!  It was horrifying.  A CHECKMARK by my name!  Needless to say, I kept my tongue "in check" from there on out.

11.  I began babysitting for people at this age.  I know right? WHAT kind of CRACK were these parents on? In my defense (tongue sticking out aside) I was pretty mature for my age.  I looked older, i certainly talked older.  I DREAMED about babysitting!  I SALIVATED over the idea of it.  I would literally daydream about watching kids and cleaning these peoples houses.  Ferreal?  How wierd is that?  So, this family with THREE kids finally gave me my big chance.  At the age of EIGHT I started babysitting.  The first time was at night and it was ok.  The second time was on a Saturday afternoon, and it was so hard.  I remember sitting on their couch, hearing all these kids outside playing and doing Saturday things.  I called my mom totally crying, because I was stuck inside babysitting.  I don't remember what she said, but i can imagine it went a little like this..."well, suck it up sister...you wanted to do this.  Lifes not fair.  Now, carry on." hahaha  But, i did get over it, and  I was THE saught after sitter for a very LONG time.  And I always LOVED it!

12. Fractions = total nervous breakdown.  There we were again, taking those darn CAT tests.  And wouldn't you know....a whole section of fractions.  As we all know....me + math = catastrophe!  Man, I can still feel the utter terror that overtook me as I turned to that page.  I had NO IDEA what to do.  I totally cried.  My scores on those tests were always WAY off the charts, several grade levels ahead on everything but math.  On math I always scored under my grade level.  Told you....me no likey mathy.

13. I remember vividly Mrs. Jarvis tellling us about these new fangled things called computers.  And that someday, EVERY kid would have a computer at school, and they would do their work on there.  And eventually, teachers could be replaced by these strange contraptions.  It was 1981...the concept was soooo foreign, it barely registered.  Except apparently, I totally stuffed that info. in the recesses of my brain, 'cause I'm remembering it now. Hell by 1996 when I got home from my mission...computers were around, but the internet was in its infancy.  So, ol' Mrs. jarvis was prophesying of things WAYYYY in the future for sure.

14.  Even at that age, I was a long winded writer.  I remember my Mom or someone telling me I should become a writer.  We had to write an autobiography and I think mine was about 10 pages long or more, in 4th grade!  We also did State reports that year.  I sure learned a lot about good ol' AZ. Did you know....we were the copper capital?  State bird...a roadrunner.  State tree...palo verde. What else do you want to know?  Shoot, I probably still have that report in the same box as Polly the Hippo.

15. 'Twas the year of the SICK!  I was gone for nearly a month of school.  It started out with the flu, which turned into bronchitus, and JUST when I was getting over that....disaster!  The WORST case of the chicken pox EVER!  This was my second round of "the pox" 'cause evidently the little case as a 2year old wasn't good enough.  Boy howdy, I made up for it and THEN SOME!  I had them everywhere, throat, mouth, eyes...you name it.  In fact, I shall favor you with the horror of it all in pictures.

Could I look more miserable?  I submit that I could NOT.  Thanks Jer for censoring the bubbies.  Ewww, chicken pox were just disgusting!

Don't EVEN be jealous of my totally hot blue flowered granny panties!  And I KNOW you're totally dying for that green/yellow plaid wall paper!  And no worries, it was ON the ceiling too.  WHAT?  We were the height of fashion in 1978 when we moved in there. 

16.  In retrospect, perhaps why I loved Mrs. Jarvis so much, and why she was soo good at what she did was...she was also an actress and a singer.  Though at the time I had NO idea my aptitude for the stage, I certainly enjoyed it.  In fact, perhaps it was around this time that my Mom started telling me all the time that 1.  I was so DRAMATIC, and 2. I was stirring up to many molecules.  No, for real, that is waht she said.  No matter what my sister Jenny and I were doing.  We could both be laughing, messing around, whatever, and inevitably, I was the one who got yelled at and told to settle down because "You're stirring up too many molecules."  I've come to recognize that that jusst means.....my presence and spirit are just too much for a room at times.  I have a nephew that totally "stirs too many molecules."  I get it now.  ANYWAY...Mrs. jarvis...actress.  The summer after 4th grade, she starred in South Pacific in our local community theatre; and imagine my surprise, and shock and dismay and awe to see it was her...MY TEACHER up there on the stage.  Singing and dancing and acting.  It was awesome!

Oh 4th grade.  You were good to me.  You taught me much.  Not the least of which was...attitude is everything. AND you CAN be too young to get boobs.

Dill pickles and plumbing,


POST SCRIPT:  Mrs. Jarvis did end up getting married again, a few years later. She had a little girl.  But, as it turns out, the husband was gay.  They got divorced, he has aids, and ran away to Europe with their daughter.  But before is gay/aids came out, her son "shot himself" under very suspicious circumstances.  Only person around was the step brother (son to the gay man) and really, they think he shot him.  Anyway, her son lived, but he's essentially a barely functional, mentally little child.  SO SAD!  Apparently, her taste in men was NOT the best.  Which is so tragic, as she is so amazing.  SEE, I told ya.....EPIC!

CONGRATS on finishing!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Doin That Thing I Do

I MAY have mentioned a time or TWO that I do a summer music theatre workshop at the local community college.  Well, this is my TENTH year of doing it, and the FIRST where I actually have some pictures to show.  Thanks to my sister Jenny for taking a few pics during last nights show.

I begin with a shot of the whole stage.  On top of my regular "director" duties of blocking and teaching certain songs, I also get the fabulous job of designing the lights for the show.  I'm so official, sitting in the back, headset on and barking orders at my AWESOME (no words to describe his genius and quick learning ways) nephew. Telling him what lights to use, and so forth.  We came up with a few beauts this year for sure.  I really do love this part of my job.  I have learned SO MUCH, just because my boss forced me into it.  I LOVE sitting up in the booth during the run of the show and laughing my head off with the kids that do spot and run the board.  We have a blast!  And perhaps we have an inside joke or 20.  YOUTUBE!

Maya, Tatum and Olivia (the three princesses)

There is actually a "littles" workshop that includes 1st thru 5th grade.  I don't actually do anything with that workshop.  However, my 3 nieces were in it, and it is always adorable.

Tatum in the center, she had a big solo to start the show.  She was rather adorable and funny up there.  You better believe she knew how to shake her booty.  Really, Olivia is the best "dancer" of the three, and she REALLY takes her "choreography" seriously.  But Tatum truly GETS the meaning of the words, and her face is hysterical in telling the story.  She is definitely her mothers expressive daughter.

Olivia takes the term "princess" to a whole new level.  She was adorable here starting out the song "gorgeous".  Like I said, she means business with her blocking.  I'm sorry to say I didn't get a good individual close up of Maya.  She is so cute too, if not a little "ditzy" up there.

This is MY workshop opening number.  All 80 kids up on stage.  Wish I had a better shot of their final pose.  But at least you get an idea of the look.

This is my small ensemble.  I did a number called "Flash, Bang, Wallop."  I did it YEARS ago at ASU in a review.  I hadn't really thought of it in years.  Then, on our trip to Vegas, I woke up out of a sound sleep, sat straighht up in the car and said..."I'm gonna do Flash Bang Wallop."  It is super cute, and was actually LOVED by the kids and audience.  That's always a relief.  I had Ryan as my co-director on this and he came up with some cute choreography in the chorus.

Wish i had a better pic of this.  I can honestly say I did this 1000% on my own, literally pulled this blocking/choreography outta my bum bum.  And, I'm actually really proud of how it turned out.  The audience loved it.  Special thanks to Dana for randomly throwing out a thought as a joke which inspired my whole number.

We always end the first act with an "inspirational" number.  This year it was Lean on Me, Glee version.  It is so amazing to me how much these kids can learn.  There is not only 3 part harmonies, sometimes 4 parts, with added extra parts, solos on top, etc.  This song was BEAUTIFUL.  Tyler came up with the idea to create a video of various news footage shots of different big/bad events that have happened in the last year or so, mixed with sound bites.  It was really powerful.


Three of my nephews were in this workshop (2 different nephews were in the last one).  They're 12 and 10 years old and really quite funny, if not a touch annoying at times.  One day when I was driving them to the school, the entire drive was nothing but Chuck Norris jokes coming from these guys.  I was like "seriously, chuck norris? the guy is like 100, HOW do you even know who he is?"  Didn't matter, they just told joke after joke after joke and they were really funny.  Never a dull moment,that is for sure.  Cooper truly LIVES for this workshop and his moment to shine.  That kid adds alllllll kinds of things to his performances, and usually, they're quite hilarious.

Carter in the blue hat on the left

Connor is the little plum over there

Two things about Connor.  My favorite thing is to watch him TRY to smile.  It just is not his natural inclination, and it's hysterical to watch.  But, he really loves it and comes alive at show time.  My other favorite thing is to watch him try to get choreography.  He is "awkward" at best, but so dang cute.  But you know what, he totally got it right by the end.  By the way, this song was set to Ain't Misbehavin and it was the most ADORABLE thing. Wish I had the word changes to share, 'cause it was genius.

Average, Simple, Mega Superstar

This is my all girls number.  They were awesome.  This is such a fun song, and I thank my gay boyfriend Stephen for this one.

All in all it was another successful year of singing, dancing and workshopping.  I am soooo grateful for the opportunity I have every summer to do this.  Not only for the way it makes me think and work, but for the opportunity to work with people I love, with wonderful kids, AND it's great money.  I mean c'mon, there HAS to be that too.  But, every time we're done, we just look back and say "wow" we did it.  And you know what, we put on a pretty freaking awesome show.  So, thanks all for a successful 2010 workshop.  Here's lookin at next year.

NOW, I get my one free month of the year.  I am super excited to spend my time cleaning my house, 'cause I seriously don't do it in June.  And to start cooking again.  AND, to take my kids swimming and playing with friends.  It's gonna be GREAT!!!

ALSO, I get to record a professional recording with the London Symphony Orchestra.  I'm just part of the chorus, but it's gonna be amazing.  It's called Lamb Of God, and I'll tell you more about it when it's all done.

Oh, and then there is THIS HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT:

I will be directing OLIVER at the college for their Fall show!  Yep, you read it right......me, directing again.  I haven't done a show in 6 years, and I won't lie, I'm sort of freaking out.  BUT, it's gonna be so good for me, and I am excited too.  So, for any of you who live in AZ and have kids elementary age, let me know if you're interested in auditioning.

Things are gonna be BUSY this fall, between the show, private teaching, my kids and life..but, I think it's gonna be a really good thing for me.  NOW, if I could just figure out a babysitting situation, all would be well.


This morning our friend Sabrina stopped by for a visit.  She moved to UT two years ago.  BUT, she comes to town for 2 weeks every June to do the "littles" workshop.  She is fabulous and i miss having her around.  So, as she's leaving town tomorrow, I insisted that she come and say hello.  This is a pic of her two adorable kids Vincent and Lilly with my two adorable kids.  I love how Max looks like such a little old man, holding court.  It was so fun to have them here, to visit and get to see her kids.  And I will say....don't be jealous.....but Sabrina is the only other person besides me, and I guess my Mom to EVER have seen maggie do one of her famous songs.  Something about Brina is special, and my kids were just totally not afraid or shy.  THAT made me happy.

Ok, I'm officially sweating to death in the corner of my kitchen.  So, I'm outy.

Bet you're all excited for Memory Monday tomorrow huh?  It's gonna be epic.  4th and 6th grade were BIG years.

Workshops and exhaustion,


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Movie Party for ALL

We're celebrating a BIG BIRTHDAY around here this week.

THIS GUY!  My sweet little Jayce is turning 4!

I love this little rascal so SO much!  He is my sisters youngest (like 12 YEARS younger than her twins) and he is the joy of everyone.  SUCH a sweet little boy. SO smart (he could recognize point out and tell you every letter of the alphabet, correctly at 18 months and he can do math now at 4), so cute, so funny. I had the privelage of watching him the first year of his life while my sister worked.  He is my little buddy.  And for whatever reason, he pretty much thinks I'm the cats meow.  So, I'll let him keep thinking it.  His birthday falls at workshop time (true story, my sister had him and 2 days later was BACK at workshop working, she's amazing) so his birthday has tended to get a bit overlooked.  So this year, we decided to make a big to do about it.  We all decided to go and see:

People of the internet, you, my peeps, I implore you to go and see this little gem of a movie!  It was soooooo cute, and so sweet, and funny, and it even made me cry a little!  What a treat!  You will NOT be sorry.

Dane 4, Brooklyn 4 , Jayce 4 the birthday boy, Maggie almost 3

These four rugrats (oops Morgan is missing and Dane was mad at something) were born within 18 months of eachother.  Well fine, Dane and Jayce are 2 weeks apart, Brooklyn was March, Morgan was August and Maggie came the next July.  Maggie likes to think she's ONE of them too.  This was a BIG night for Maggie, since it was her very FIRST movie theatre experience.  PLUS, it was late, the movie didn't start until 7:00.  But, she was a trooper and she did a really good job.  I was proud of her. Unfortunately, she didn't get to bed until 9:30 and then woke up at 5, FIVE A.M. saying I needed to clean her ear out, then fill her sippy, then tuck her in, then WHATEVER.  Needless to say, she is TIRED today for school.  None the less, FUN was had last night.

Here is our crazy gang.  I'm looking especially fat, which is not so cool.  Lana is looking especially modelesque.  Nicely done girl.  And Adam, well apparently eyes being seen wasn't on his agenda. Just missing my parents, one brother and one sister (who did come later).  Wish I would have taken a picture of us IN the theatre. We took up an ENTIRE super sized row all the way across.  We were in the giant theatre.  It was pretty dang cool.  And Jayce felt so special that all of us came to see the movie with him.  All in all it was a perfect evening, and the perfect way to celebrate my little buddies big day.

So, in summary......Jayce is turning 4, We celebrated together...we saw Toy Story 3, IT ROCKED! The end!

In other news......I have another tragic admission to make.  I survived fathers day and all the goodies around me, even while my Mom fell to the whiles of the pie.  I was strong.  Then, that night, at midnight, I fell.  And I fell to the stupidest thing EVER!  A mini butterfinger.  HOW STUPID IS THAT?  So there, now you know.  I faltered!  It was short lived.  I am so totally back on, and haven't fallen again.  But dammit, what a drag!  However, I have now discovered something quite delicious! Sugar free Russel Stover coconut chocolate thingys.  Best tasting sugar free chocolate I've ever had.  They're really helping me through.  Just thought you should know.

Movies and mayhem,


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Memory Monday - Third Grade (As the hair devolves)

Third Grade
Fall 1980
I have NO idea what is going on with the hair?  Besides a touch tragic.  The giant new teeth were making their premiere....soooo attractive.  The freckles are a multiplying at this point.  And please, PLEASE pay special close attention to the awesome scrapey shiner going on on my left eye.  I totally fell off my friend Andreas swing set like the day before school pictures.  So, I got to have ouchies for all posterity to see.  The dress, totally one of my favorites...my Mama made it for me.  I guess that was back when I actually liked to wear dresses.

As a special treat today, I am including the class picture as well.  I mean really, it is where the true awesomeness lies.  Besides, you needed to see the teacher, 'cause she was Eviiil, like fru-its of the DEV-ILL, EViiiiil.  The insane thing is, when I pulled the pic out of the book to scan it, I totally remembered 90% of those kids names.  And looky loo, my Mom had written all their names on the back of the picture.  You better believe i was looking for them on facebook.

Let us discuss:  First, top row, far right.  That's Joe, and is he or is he NOT totally rockin the silky shirt there.  Groooovy baby. But MORE importantly, front row far right, THAT is John Doan of the chase me in his chester transition lens glasses fame.  He wasn't so creepy without the glasses. What's up with Danielle there, front row, next to John D.  She appears to be a bit meloncholoy, or just irritated with the whole picture taking ordeal. BTW, our pics were taken in the school library. LOVED that little library. Girl in the dead center front row, her name is Andrea too (not to be confused with my real friend Andrea who happens to be standing in the middle row, stripey shirt) I ran into her a couple of months ago.  Ummmm, a little tragic, that's all I will say.

1. So Third Grade....my most vivid memory of this year is....My teacher was a big fat(metaphorically speaking of course) MEANY!  No really, Miss Bohmer was NOT a nice lady.  She was grumpy and grouchy and down right mean.  And if you'll recall, I was coming off the love fest of Mrs. Schweikart.  It proved to be difficult, to say the least.

2.  The teacher next door was Mr. Gonzalez, and he was so very strange.  He was "different" in some way.  Very bubbly and "happy."  As it turns out, he left teaching to become a flight attendant, and was super gay.  I KNEW there was something "different" about him.

3.  This was the year that the idea of alphabatizing and looking things up in the dictionary was introduced.  Apparently, my "genius" had run out, 'cause really....I just did NOT get it.  I remember distinctly asking Kelly Walker to help me.  I was paralyzed with fear and trauma over this.  It was all just beyond my realm of comprehension.  How was i s'posed to find this word, in that giant book?  Mrs. Bohmer caught on to my "problem" and well, she wasn't nice!  You'll be pleased to know, instead of being scarred for life, as I am with the math issues of first grade, i got past this.  I'm now rather adept at alphabitizing and dictionary usage.  In case you were wondering.

4. Shell Silversteins Where the Sidewalk Ends was introduced to me.  I remember the last day of school, stacking all the desks and chairs in the corner and sitting on the floor and Meany McMeanerton reading crazy poems to us from that book.  She had spent the year reading random poems from the book to us, like one a day.  Totally loved Paul Bunyon.

5. Mavin Tenney did NOT come in from recess on the day we were doing our CAT tests (California Achievement Tests, later repalced by the Iowa AIMS test or something like that).  We had been told very specifically to get our booties back into the classroom OR ELSE!  Apparently he was snoozing during that time, 'cause he did not meander back in until WELL after we had restarted the test.  I can still remember and feel the anxiety over this. I was really disturbed that Mavin wasn't back yet, where was he, why was he late, oh my gosh he was missing the test.  I should have kicked him and said "Don'T EVER do that again you Mavin Tenney you."  Meh, what did he know....he was homeschooled every other year...so random. And, his name was Mavin, AND his middle name was Tenney, so his name was Mavin Tenney Tenney.  Seriously!  But he also had a brother named Metzel.  Yeah, I know.

6. Speaking of names...I do believe this is the year that my friend began her bizarre ritual of changing her name every other year.  One year she was Dawn, the next year she insisted on being called Michelle.  Yeah, and people actually humored her on this.  WHY?

7.  'Tis the year of my 8th Birthday.  THE year for a party.  My Mom had a system, wherein, we only got birthday parties every 4 years.  Before you get your panties in a twist, you should know this.  Her parties were freaking AWESOME!  They were giant themed parties and everyone looked forward to them. AND, they all still remember them.  I posted pictures of them recently on facebook.  I had girls from 30 years ago commenting on those parties, and recalling DETAILS of them.  So yeah, my Mom was the bomb diggity (I just said that didn't I?) on the party front. 
The invitation was glued to the back of magazine pages, and then cut into puzzle pieces.  I can still visualize it in the envelope and handing out those invites to the girls at school.  The theme of this years party was "MYSTERY".  The house was literally covered in footsteps (paper cutouts) taped all over the floors, up the walls, and cielings.  There were question marks hanging from the cieling throughout the front two rooms.  Each girl got a "custom made" mystery sleuth hat attached to sunglasses and a giant nose.  We went on a crazy scavenger hunt through the neighborhood that ended up back in my living room with a giant treasure chest full of gift bags that my Mom had sewn and filled.  Then we made our own mini pizzas and ate a GIANT carpet picnic in the living room.  I'm sure there were other games, but i don't recall.  I'm totally going to show you pics now.

Can you even imagine the amount of time she spent cutting all these out?  I love my Mom!

I had a giant magnifying glass cake that my sister made for me. It was pretty awesome too! Let us also note the totally ugly DRESS I'm wearing at my birthday party.  Really?  Why was i so formal? And don't forget the knee socks.  Man...I was AWESOME!

8.  This was the year I was baptized.  In our religion...we believe that the age of accountability is at 8 years old.  So we do not get baptized until then.  I shall like to remind ALL of you that my birthday is the END of January.  And I was baptized IN our swimming pool.  Yes, yes, 'tis true.  Dunked completely under, in the pool, IN January.  It was indeed FREEZING!  But, at least I'll never forget it, right?  It was a wonderful experience actually, and I am grateful that I was able to be baptized and in such a manner that I have a great story to share with my kids forevermore.

9.  Chinese jump ropes were becoming all the rage.  I lurved me some chinese jump rope, and got pretty good at it.  Even if I had to use a kitchen chair as my partner, I was gonna play.

10.  However, this is also the year that the whole, we're best friends one day, enemies the next began.  I can still see myself, sitting in the middle of the giant field, and all my "friends" ganging up with other kids and running around me in a circle, yelling out mean things.  It was so painful, and so confusing.  I mean, how is it that one day, you're besties, and the next, they "hate" you?  Man, growing up sucks sometimes!  Good thing I'm rubber you're glue and what bounces off me sticks to YOU!  So na na na na na na you big butt heads.

Holy poopsicles...I thought I'd have NOTHING to say about 3rd grade.  Apparently i was mistaken!  Guess this is long enough friends.....LONG enough.  Better sign off and get to bed.  Because I've VOWED to return to the gym this week.  What? I didn't tell you?  I took a totally unscheduled, un needed week long vacay from the gym.  SUPER lame!!  I feel like a fatso McFat!  So, up I get and off I go.

Dictionaries and diarreha


P.S. The celebrity pic last week was Emma Stone star of Superbad, House Bunny, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Zombieland, apparently did an episode of The Suite Life with Zach and Cody. Just to name a few things. Super sweet girl, and ridiculously funny!  Did I also mention that when we housesat for them, I totally ate their entire stash of fairy tale brownies.  Yeah, it's true, i did.  OINK!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Friends and my peeps of the blogosphere, I am here to CONFESS.  Get some things off my hefty chest, if you will.
The last few days of sugar free life have been hard, SO HARD, hellishly HARD!  I have never wanted this


More in my life. 

I've been in a very wierd spot emotionally, and the siren song of sugar has been LOUD and strong.  It freaking SUCKS!  Thankfully, I don't have anything around and I stayed strong.  EXCEPT....last night I ate 3 baby jelly beans.  I know, I know, don't hate me.  My desperation was THAT strong.  And then today, whilst out shopping at the mall, the kids did such a great job being nice and sitting in their stroller, I told them they could get a cookie.  We stopped by Paradise Bakery (which has my all time, kill me now, i want to eat you, cookies EVER!) and got Chocolate chip coconut cookies and 2 others for the kids.  And you wanna know what.....I didn't EAT any of them. Ok, one teeny, tiny TINY corner of Max's that he handed to me.  But, i didn't succumb to that coconut deliciousness.  It was HARD and a bit painful.  I WANT TO FREAKING HAVE A COOKIE!  But, I really, really, REALLLLLY want to make it to the end of the month.  Hence why I'm here confessing.

There, now I feel better. (except for not at all.)

Confession number 2....I'm frustrated.  And really, it's the most RIDICULOUS thing to be frustrated over.  Just know that I GET THAT.  BUT, I can't seem to get past 79 followers.  What is up with that?  Jenny (my unofficial contest partner) is KICKING MY TRASH.  She is up to 111.  And while I get it, 'cause her blog is great...I don't get it.  Why can't I bust through that number?  Don't think less of me, just don't.   However, I totally love, admire and worship the 79 of you that are there, lest you think I don't.

Aaaaaaannnnd a VERY random jump in subjects.

We went to the mall in search of Fathers Day gifts for Jere.  He insisted on coming along....he's so unconventional like that.  He was really hoping to get an I-Pad, which lets be honest, really wasn't in the cards.  But, I humored him, because I was thinking that MAYBE we could swing it.  So, we entered teh Apple store, and holy mayhem and bedlam Batman, that place was INSANE.  It was cram packed, people everywhere.  We located a sales person, and I said, "WHY is this something we need?"  He was fantastic, he KNEW his sales pitch to perfection.  But, then I asked how much the cheapest one was.  When he said $499.00 I nearly pooped my pants right there. I THINK I kept my face in a fairly neutral position (then again, that is apparently impossible for me to do.  If I'm bugged, you know it, if I'm horrified, you know it.  I sort of suck at that.)  Anyway, I kindly thanked him for his help, and then we exited the store like our butt was on fire.  SERIOUSLY?  Who has just a spare 500 bucks to throw down on that stuff.  And that was the CHEAPEST!  Needless to say, jer was sad, but not too sad, 'cause he knows me, and he knew it was mostly a pipe dream.  So, instead, we went and got him a book he wanted, and a WHOLE bunch of stuff at The Body Shop, 'cause he LURVES him some Body Shop.  Yep, he knows what he got already.  Well, i s'pose I'll get him a bunch of chocolate, since that is the main food group he lives off of.  And perhaps some i-tunes gift cards.  it's ok, don't worry, I can write that here, because he doesn't check all that regularly, oh, and he already knows he's getting that too.

In other news..totally scored at Barnes and Noble and found Veggie Tales CD's.  Who is excited?  I am!  Maggie wanted to buy out the store of Dora BeSplora Dvd's and Princess Dvd's and Strawberry Shortcake and Monsters inc. and pretty much anything that had bright sparkly pictures on the front.  We gently told her NO!  All this while Max dumped my entire strawberry smoothie down the front of him.  Good times!

After getting him all cleaned up, and Maggie away from all the DVD's we made it out to the car alive.

Now tonight, we're going out with some friends, let the good times roll.

And even more randomly...I'm just gonna write down some of my favorite things Maggie says.  'Cause I will forget them soon.

"Mommy, (holding a comb) I'm playing my cumonica. (harmonica)

"Mommy, I have a cumprise (surprise) for you."

"Look Mommy, I am the comductor."

"Mommy, can I have some cumtatos (potatos)?"

Where the come part comes from, I'll never know.  But it cracks me up every time.

With that said, I shall be on my Merry Way.

Confessions and cookies,


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Little of This and That

Well People, It's Tuesday, which has apparently become my day for:

Can you guess who she is? (An actual MOVIE star people)   She's actually VERY nice, NOT "superbad".  And she's no "house bunny".  And if you must know, we actually housesat for her parents when she was younger.  I've slept in her bed (NOT with her in it of course). Jere did a show with her back in the day, and she's gone on to do VERY well for herself.  I'm telling you now, it is so wierd to open People magazine or Entertainment Weekly and read a feature on someone you KNOW as a friend, or a little girl, or whatever.

Now GET WITH ME and tell me who you think it is.

Last weeks WAS Jordin Sparks!

Alright, with that out of the way, we may move on to my OWN little celebrity in the making.  I'm telling you people, Maggie has a FUTURE in the song writing business.  The other morning as I was working on something, paying bills or whatever, she sat at the piano and came up with 5 1/2 NEW and "fabulous" songs.  As soon as I realized this was not a quick little sing and run I stoppped and pulled out an envelope and pen and started writing as fast as I could, so I would NEVER lose these total "gems". This was an extra special event, because she wasn't JUST sitting and singing at the piano.  No, she was giving a concert, replete with audience banter and stories to be told.  She would "explain" why this particular song was special, and share a little thought with me. Then, she would stand and do actions to her songs.  I'm not gonna lie, it was probably one of the most AWESOME moments YET to be a Mom.  I mean, you know, I complain A LOT about her and her super sassy mouth (which trust me, has only gotten worse) and her strong will.  She is exhausting and hard, but I'll be danged if she doesn't just take my breath away and make me laugh too.  Oh, before I forget....she now asks me before she says ANY word if it's a "bad word."  So this morning she asked me, "Mom is shoot a bad word?"  I said "no." And then she proceeded to walk around saying, "shoot, why did you do that?"  "SHOOT, I can't believe it."  She has repeatedly asked me if butt or crap are bad words too.  I told her that those depended on how they were used.  But each time she asks, and if I tell her it's NOT a bad word, she will then go around saying it as many times as she can.  Pretty funny.

Ok, without further ado...I give you the next songwriter/lyricist of the year......Maggie VP: (and people, FORGIVE me, but I don't have any clean dvd's to record on, nor my cam corder just at the ready, I apologize)

 Sometimes I don't feel good.  Sometimes I don't feel good.  Sometimes I don't feel good.  Sometimes I don't feel good.  Sometimes I don't feel good.  Sometimes I don't feel goooooood.
(each time the melody line changed a bit, and vibrato was definitely attempted)

Get on the potty and wash your hands and wipe your bum, and wipe your butt.  And, if you like that....always go potty.  THERE!!!!

Upon finishing that song, she turned from the keyboard and said; "Mommy, this is a very special song, and I like what to sing it for you."

It's great for your body.  It's great for your body.  (I think she derailed here, 'cause this was all for this particular song, hence the 1/2 song)

Now, for two of my favorites.  They were sung with very specific actions, which included hands on the hips, hands upraised and out at her sides, arms moving with strong emphasis and sweeping out to the sides on all held out notes.

Belle is really great dancer (X3) (emphasis on dancer with that word held out with vibrato)
and she's a movie.  She's really great.  She's a movie.  Belle your an awesome dancer. Your a movie. And she starts with EEEEEEEEEEE.
(people, who does NOT recognize the lyric genius here? hahahahaha)

Cinderella you're awesome, you're a movie.  You're really great at dancing with a prince come true.  And I love you.

And that my friends concludes our lyrics class with Maggie VP.

When I tried to tell my Mom about it the next day, maggie caught me telling her.  She stopped me and said, "NO, it went like this."  And then proceeded to exactly replicate her "song" for my Mom.  Seriously?  That was awesome!

Alright, now some bidness responding to blog comments:

Dear anonymous,

Thank you for coming and reading my blog daily, and especially for writing me a comment.  I love blog stalkers, I love blog followers, I love you all.  However, you asked a very specific question, and I found it frustrating that I couldn't answer you in any other way than to write on my blog.  However...I shall answer, and then kindly ask you to just "reveal" yourself.  Or just write your name at the bottom of a comment.  I promise, I won't bite.

Anyway.....YES, the music theatre workshop performance IS open to the public.  In fact, anyone in AZ that would like to come see the show, please do.  We really do put on a GREAT performance, and the kids do a super job.  All i ask is, IF you come, PlEASE find me and say hello.

Friday June 25th at 7:30 p.m.
Saturday June 26th 2:00 and 6:30 p.m.
Mesa Community college Theatre Outback.  480-461-7170 for tickets. 



In other news, I'm sort of super dee duper excited because you wanna know who came and READ my blog and commented today?  None other than CJANE.  HELLO, blog royalty there.  I know, silly to be all excited about that, but I am, none the less.

The sugar free marches onward, and all is well.  Apparently my friend Andrea (hi Andrea) and Heather (hey girl) joined in the crew and are doing well.  I fear everyone else, besides my Mommy, Jenny D. and Jen C. have fallen by the wayside.  Ya big pansies!  haha I kid.  I KID!  Still love ya!  But, I shall persevere until the bitter end.

As clarification.....jam does not count as eating sugar.  Honey nut cheerios do NOT count as eating sugar.  This "sugar fast" includes, cake, cookies, doughnuts, ice cream, candy, chocolate.  Basically anything super overtly SUGAR.  Ok, now, are we all on the same page for the last week and 1/2 or what?  Sheesh!

Those of you who DON'T watch SYTYCD.....are you kidding me?  Get on it STAT!  You will be a happier you for doing it.  The end!

Dear Lana,

You can totally steal the memory Monday idea.  Goodness knows, you have some rockin fro hair to show off, and some hysterical life memories.  AND for the love, you have the most famous "friends" of all.   So, I'll totally come over with my AMAZING little red scanner and we'll just get your life scanned and ready to go.



Dear Sabrea,

Some of us FOLLOW the gym rules and do NOT have our phones with us, or in use whilst sweatin to the oldies.  Thankyouverymuch.  Duh!  But, even if I did, my phone is NOT so much for the picture taking.  But thank you for your two cents worth anyway.  : )

Therefore, and consequently, let it be known that there shall not be ANY pictures of crazy gym people. (Totes saw floral spandex lady at Walmart this morning).

Sweatily yours,


And finally, as my confession for the day....

I went to Walmart at 6:30 a.m. INSTEAD of going to the gym.  I know right?  What the hell?  Well, Max dumped my ENTIRE thing of powder out yesterday and I needed more before getting ready. And, we needed milk and cheesesticks (my kids LIVE for cheesesticks) and apparently I needed yogurt and fruitsnacks and cream cheese, and new cleaning rags and a new dish washer thing and various and sundry OTHER items.  Seriously, so crazy.  But, the biggest reason I had to go in the morning....'cause I got distracted last night and didn't go. Instead....

I spent the most FABULOUS, WONDERFUL, SOUL FILLER UPPY 2 hours sitting in my friend Jenees kitchen, chatting and laughing and enjoying time with her.  It was absolutely EVERYTHING I needed.  Thank you Jenee for being there, and giving me salsa (you could drink her delicious stuff) and pasta salad and potatoes and music to sing and genuine friendship.  You're the GREATEST!!!  I'm a lucky girl!

Alright, long enough already?!!!

Peace out (what max yells everytime we get in the car to leave) and pasta,


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Memory Monday....Second Grade

FALL 1979 (6)

Picture discussion: The collar of the shirt??  White? Really? The hair?  You missed the transition from my first grade pic of longer hair, to the super short Dorothy Hamil cut I had.  This look I'm sporting here is apparently a transition growth from that.  And what is my semi, I'm not gonna show my teeth to you, smile?  Discuss amongst yourselves.  OR, in the comments, whatev.

Before I can go into any memories of this school year.  I must preface with this very important piece of my history.  In the summer before second grade, at the tender age of SIX I was "crowned" Mesa City Champion of the 6 and under category in swimming.  And this was not a rinky dink town YO.  We're talking 100's of kids and I was BETTER than them.  HOLLA!  Yep folks, I was a competitive swimmer from the time I was 4 until I was 16. I lettered in it in highschool, but quit after my Junior year, 'cause I hated messing my hair up all the time.  PLUS, I was a BIG girl, and really, traipsing around in a speedo, it just was NOT good times for me.  But, I digress.

Just standin by our backyard pool, little photo shoot with the "hardware" Be jealous, be so so jealous!  Of the SWIMSUIT that is.

In case you can't read what I wrote.  The arrow to that cute little boy says "My first boyfriend"  He'll fit into my 6th grade remembories.

The summer of '79 was magical.  I had shown promise as a swimmer very early on.  The coach took special interest in me and had me working out with the older kids.  I remember him taking me out on the deck and specifically showing my how to have the best stroke for my freestyle.  I loved swimming.  I lived in the pool, and I WAS good at it.  I was primed to become champ. I won many, many races, but not all.  As the championships approached I got more and more excited.  The very idea that I could win a TROPHY was more than I could take.  I remember my Mom always telling me to reach for a giant bowl of whipped cream in the center of the pool as I dove in.  That way I'd have better starts.  There was a lot of anticipation when it came to the freestyle race.  The city record had been standing for something ridiculous like 15 or 18 years.  Could I beat it?  Could I set a new record?  Well, good news.  I TOTALLy did.  It was the MOST exciting moment of my little life thus far.  My parents and coaches were sooo excited.  I was too, but mostly, I was pumped that I got a gold medal.  Then, I took silver in backstroke.  Can't remember what I got in butterfly, suffice to say, NOT my best stroke.  But apparently, my combined totals were enough to name me champion.  It was AWESOME!  I got a trophy.  A real live trophy.  I had a city record.  I slept with that trophy that first night.  Just 3 or 4 years later, some punky little upstart went and broke my record.  I'll never forget, standing on the far end of the swim complex, watching and listening to that race.  Hoping against hope that she wouldn't break my precious record. But, she did.  And, I cried.  But again, I'm off subject.  Alls I'm trying to say is, things were lookin good for the 2nd grade. (as a sidenote, my younger bro. and sis. both totally won multiple city chapmionships.  My bro. STILL has a couple of records standing, and we're going on over 20 years here)

Late in that summer however, I was diagnosed with nephritis, a condition where my kidneys had ceased to function normally.  I was apparently in a lot of pain, and crying and not sleeping.  For the record, I have a sort of redonkulous pain tolerance, so the fact that I was crying about something had my Mom pretty worried.

So, memory numero UNO:  I spent my entire 2nd grade year taking penicillin, getting blood drawn once a month, and not being able to eat any sugar, salt or flour.  I swear to you, I only ate shredded wheat and honey.  No, I'm sure I ate more than that, but that's all I remember eating.  It really was not so much fun.  The good news is, I was "healed" by the end of the year and the doctor cleared me to eat sugar.  As I've mentioned before...bad call Doctor.  I made up for lost time with a vengence. The bad news...taking penicillin for a YEAR wreaks some serious havok on the ol' bod.  My teeth came in all wierdly "stained" and I had SEVERE yeast issues for years after that.

2. My teacher was Mrs. Schweikart, and I LURVED her and she lurved me right back.  It was the beginning of my "teachers favorite" status in life.  Well, except 3rd grade, which you'll learn about next week.  Anyway, she was young, she must have been only like 23, 'cause she taught there for a 100 years afterward.  In fact, she sent me a wedding gift, and I talked to her several times over the years.  Sadly, she died 2 years ago (way to young) of cancer.  BUT, as my teacher, she was wonderful.  She gave me a book "jellybeans for breakfast" which was like my favorite book forever, and this bottle of perfume in the shape of a cat.  I HATE cats, but I loved htis, 'cause it had blue saphire eyes and I thought they were soooo beautiful.  I don't know WHY she gave me those gifts.  But you know how it is...when you're little.  Teachers are somewhat mythical.  You don't think of them as having lives outside of school, and you idolize them.  So, I felt sooooo special.

3.  John Doan used to chase me everyday at recess.  You know, the whole, I likey you, I will chase you kind of chase.  And so did Chris Kilpatrick.  Chris was cute, and my neighbor.  John, not so much.  He wore creepy transition lens glasses.  Sorry, but I have  ALWAYS thought those glasses make people look like "chesters".  But, I did enjoy the chase aspect of things.  Until one day, Chris caught me, and he knocked me down, and I had a teeny little hole in my crotchal area (WHY do I remember THAT detail?)of my shorts.  A teacher came out right then and YELLED at him to get off me.  The chasing ceased after that.

4. I FINALLY started losing my teeth.  I was SEVEN before I lost my first tooth.  It was all a bit ridiculous really.  All my friends were soooo ahead of me, and mature with their teeth losing business.  So, it felt good to have finally arrived "on the scene."

5. Learning how to make "paper".  The art lady came in and we crushed up all kinds of planty goodness and created our OWN paper.  It was super dee duper cool.  We also saved those styrofoam meat trays and then used them like "looms" and created little yarn hot pad creation thingys.  I don't know what they were, just that we did them.  And don't even think that I don't still have them, 'cause I DO!

6.  There appear to be no scarring memories of "cheating" or inability to do my work as a 2nd grader.  Phew!  'Cause 3rd grade there were some problems. 

I mostly just remember loving 2nd grade and my happy little innocent life at the time.  I had my friends, a great family and my whole life ahead of me.  So thanks 2nd grade and Mrs. Schweikart for making it a good one.

In other news, just to wrap up some loose ends:

The sugar fast is going GREAT!  No issues at all. I've even been to cheesecake factory TWICE, with people eating stuff all around me.  I've been around candy the whole month....no prob. So, I'm happy about that.  I'm happy to have this teeny tiny little piece of my life under control.  What I'm NOT so happy about is....my peeps, my ladies, my posse!!!  Several have fallen hard off the wagon, and others..well, they're just not talking.

So, the time has come ladies, stand up and tell the truth.  WHERE do you stand on the quest?
I won't call you out THIS time, but get on here and leave a comment. 

Workshop one is done.  The performances went really well. I'm soo happy to have the lighting all done and not to have to worry about it for next time.  PHEW!  My nephew was the one programming the light board, and he did a FANTASTIC job.  He literally learned how that day, and he was geniusy PRO at it right away.  We had WAY too much fun up in the booth during the shows.  And all I have to say is...."Youtube!" (sorry, I rudely just threw in an inside joke)

Jere is done with his show at the biltmore.  It was wonderful, and he had such a great experience!  He's hoping to be involved in the companies shows this fall, which I'm all for, 'cause they pay well.  And, it gives him an opportunity to do what he loves.  We'll see how things play out, with his work, school and all.

Maggie has come out with 5, count 'em FIVE new songs, and I will save their lyrics for another post.  Suffice it to say.....hilarious!  And, they included dialogue with the audience AND actions.

Jere says he is GOING TO DO the tri on Thanksgiving day.  So, he promises that he and Julie are starting their training tomorrow.  And by training i mean....actually stepping foot into the gym and doing ANYTHING for the first time.  I'm really excited for them to actually do it.  Check back, I'll let you know how THAT is going.

And with that said...I must be off to bed.  LONG day tomorrow and still have wordsheets to prepare and work to do.

Blue ribbons and whip cream dives,