Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shakespeare...he's funny. And a new feature.

Ok, so here's the deal....Jer is a Shakespeare scholar.  I know, I know, SURPRISING right?  Who knew?  Well, I did.  It's actually quite sexy, if you must know the truth.  Anyway, he graduated from the S.W. Shakespeare Conservatory and just LOVES him some Will.I.AM Shakespeare. ANYTHING to do with the Bard is joy to his soul.  So, when he got a phonecall a month ago asking him if he would like a lead part in a show with Southwest Shake, he jumped on that train.  He was in a really "bad" spot emotionally at the time, and this was JUST the thing he needed.  It's a remount of their fall show Comedy of Errors.  They're doing the show at the Biltmore Resort, which is interesting I know, but sort of cool. 

The guy on the right is our friend Pete.(I totally stole these pictures off of Petes facebook) One of the funniest guys I've EVER met, and a fantastic actor.  He was Jeres best friend in highschool.  They figured out this is the first time they've ever been able to be in a show together; and, they're playing "twins." Jere is replacing that guy on the left.  He gets to wear a fat suit and dye his facial hair a disgusting shade of red.

Just a shot from the show.  Really people, I kid's HI-Larious!  Well worth the trip over there.

Why am I tellin you this?  Well, because it's the "day of the show y'all."  They open tonight and run this weekend and next weekend.  So, if you are blessed enough to be in the awesome of Arizona, then by all means, COME SEE THE SHOW!  Just go to this website and click on the Biltmore link, put in Dromio for the discount code and have a fantastical time. I'll be going tomorrow night, if you want to bask in my glory and all. hahaha Come on, it'll be REAL FUN!

I've decided that now is as good a time as any to begin a fun, new little feature.  It will be called:


In the course of our time together (Jer and I) we've had the opportunity to see a lot of shows and meet stars (and the term celebrity is rather subjective here, they could just be "famous" to us i guess).  And or, just meet some famous people (NOTHING like our friend Danielle, who has really pretty much become best friends with like EVERY star in the world).  While going through all my old pics, I came across a bunch of these "star" pics, many I'd forgotten that we had.  So, I bore an idea, to put up a pic and see if you can name who is in it.  This may only be entertaining to me, and that is OK, it is afterall, MY blog.  I'm starting with someone spectacular and TOTALLY easy to guess.

Nope, Jere is NOT the celebrity in this pic.  Go ahead, tell me who it is.  Try not to be jealous!

And finally:

Day three of sugarless was a rousing success!  I ate some delish popcorn to hold off the sweet tooth tonight.

Shakespeare and star "tours",



The Bipolar Diva said...

I've tagged you in a post :)

jen said...

Blogging and eating watermelon.
No clue who the celeb is.

Pumpkin and Piglet said...

It looks like he's having a lot of fun!! I think it's great he's able to do something he loves. Oh,the photo. Isn't that Will Schuester?!?!? If I'm right (it's very early here!) then I am incredibly jealous! :)

Found you through SITS so thought I'd come and say Hi!

TJones2148 said...

I wanna bask in your glory and all tomorrow evening...or i guess this evening. Could I hitch a ride in the VP Wagon?? What time is the show?

Mel said...

You have such an exciting life. I saw Michaela Gordon (the super annoying girl from an American Idol season) a few years ago. She was flying Southwest. Guess her 15 minutes were up. hahaha

The Atomic Mom said...

Of course that's Matt Morrison...aka Mr Shu from GLEE! :)

And you go girl on the no sugar. I will just tell you, I have fail you miserabley. Perhaps the month of a major home renovation was not the right time to do this??!!

the shoafs said...

oh how i love me some shakespeare. a miidsummer night's dream inspired me to study literature in college. AND i live close by to the alabama shakespeare festival (i know, i know....alabama and shakespeare DOES seem like a bit of an oxymoron) where we go see plays from time to time.

and three days? has it already been three days? i'm impressed. i actually refrained from sugar i'm a little behind you, but still there somewhat. mainly bc there were no twix bars in the vending machine.

Lizzie said...

We are avid Bard fans here at our house too, I have long had a love affair with Bill.
Stopped by from SITS to say hello!

DianD said...

Unfortunately, even if people name the stars I probably won't know who they are. :( Unless, of course it was you or Jere or one of my other kids or grands! :) They're the stars in my life -- what can I say! On another note-- Day 3 of no sugar! Successful! Thanks for the push to get me going!

alexis said...

hey, it's will! i love glee so much, that show just makes me happy. thanks (as always) for your comment on my featured post today. even though it was nice getting comments from all the new readers, it was even better seeing some familiar names in there.

and i had no idea jeremy and i had that in common. i feel for you, just like i feel for my husband. it's not an easy road to travel, but it definitely makes the journey a lot easier knowing i have such an amazing partner who will be by my side through everything. you are awesome!

Denise said...

Allison, kind of a bitter sweet day for me. I will be leaving in a few minutes to go see my girls in Annie Jr. I just pray it turns out well and that the whole experience has been one that they will remember forever. I am happy Jere is doing his play also. Denise

Sabes said...

Hey, that's my boyfriend Matt like a thousand and three years ago! I guess this one isn't really a fair contest seeing how we are so close, Will and me

signing off,

Kristina P. said...

I am clearly missing something in my life, because I don't have a wig with giant horns coming out of it. Don't let Lady Gaga see that picture, or she may steal her outfit.

And that dude from Glee? He's sort of hot.

Michelle said...

How fun! I love Shakespeare. I used to attend the Shakespeare festival in Monterey, CA every year while I was growing up.

SITS visiting & blog following. Peace. :)

Steph said...

We're going tomorrow! Can't wait!

Jere the Hottie said...

Thanks for the plug babe. Now you need to post your review of the show. =) And don't forget to tell a few of the funny after-party stories too. HA! FerReal?!?

Crandell Fam said...

What's this SITS business? I'm confused.

Natalie said...

I'm doing good without the sugar...I tumbled off the wagon on Saturday and had a brownie at a bbq. It's better than I usually do though so I can't complain :) Wow! I'm surprised I am being so honest!!

Anyways, who is the celeb??

Natalie said...

I'm doing good without the sugar...I tumbled off the wagon on Saturday and had a brownie at a bbq. It's better than I usually do though so I can't complain :) Wow! I'm surprised I am being so honest!!

Anyways, who is the celeb??