Saturday, February 28, 2009


My cousin Molly tagged me, and well, I figure it's the least I can do is oblige. I had to go to my 6th folder and pick the 6th picture.

This pic was taken in July when Maggie and I had just the two of us. A little too much time on our hands, so we went and wandered the aisles of Target and I found this little chair on TOTAL clearance (in hindsight I should have bought two). She was NOT excited to sit in it and pose for a pic. I'll have you know that this chair was like the best purchase EVER! It gets fought over constantly between she and Brooklyn. If she's really interested in something, I know it because she insists that i bring the chair out for her to sit on. When I look at this picture I'm just in awe at HOW MUCH she has grown and changed in what seems a short time.

I DID it! And lived!

Ok, I realize there was a bit of a pause there...that would be due to the fact that the sick just wouldn't die. On Tuesday after my kick butt workout in the a.m. my butt remained kicked and got worse as the day wore on. By the end of the day I was pretty much completely fluish. Achey everywhere, sinuses shut off, tired, SICK! I put in an impassioned plea to the doctor that I haven't seen in 4 years, and don't like, but he's the only one I have. I called and begged them to call me in a prescription of something, as I explained the whole situation at our house. Would you believe THEY DID IT! I got a Z pack and started it that night. So, super sick Tuesday, a little better on Wed., though nauseated the whole day and MUCH better on Thursday. Yesterday was good.

Friday took Max to the Doctor for his 4 month well check. I'd put a pic on, except I've apparently lost my camer. Little nervous about that. Anyway, Maxi is a champ.

Weight: 15.1 lbs.

Height: 26 in.

Long and skinny that kid. He took his shots like a pro and Maggie got her follow up flu shot. She survived it too, especially helpful was the super cool, silver sparkly, star shaped band aide, it totally diverted her attention. The bad news of the day was, after 10 days on his augmenton for the double ear infection, apparently, the left ear was still infected, so we've started a NEW round of omnisef. UGH!!

Anyway, the point of this post, or at least what the title is referring to is this....this morning at 6:00 Dixie, Dana, Wendy and I pulled ourselves out of our respective beds and found our way over to my parents neighborhood for a FIVE MILE run. When I say run, I mean, Dixie and Wendy ran...ok, Dixie ran, Wendy jogged (she's a super trooper 'cause she sprained her ankle and hurt her knee like .6 miles in and kept going) and Dana and I walked, power walked and occassionally bounced our fat around in what you MIGHT call a jog. For the record I have NEVER walked further than 3 miles, and I don't think I've ever exercised for longer than 50 minutes in my life. So, WE DID IT! It took Dana and I an hour and 40 minutes I think, but we did it. I really wasn't sore until the very end, and then it really set in. But, NOW, now I'm VERY sore. Every time I stand up and try to walk, OUCH! However, it's all good, 'cause I'm so proud of us. It's nice to know I can do it, and that in the triatholon I only have to do 3 miles. PHEW!

In other good news, in spite of only working out once this week, and eating in not so great a fashion.....I LOST ONE POUND. Hooray! Of course I want more, but hey, I didn't put in the work. Look out next week.

Ok, and just because it's been to long without pictures, I'm just gonna throw a random one in here. Goodness knows we need to see a pic to have an enjoyable reading experience.

Maggie is SUCH a little Mommy. She carried around her baby with this bottle for days making sure she was properly fed and loved. I freaking love this girl.

Groin pulls and blisters,


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Power of the P

Well, I just HAD to get on here and report of our "festivus miracle" or it could more commonly be called, miracle of the Priesthood. Man, I love the opportunity we have to receive blessings and to feel of the power and magnitude of our Heavenly Fathers love!

So, put Maggie down to bed at 7:30 and I kid you not, there was not ONE even mini peep out of her all night. Not a moan, not a cough, NOTHING. It was so freaky that at 2 or 3:00 a.m. I woke up and felt like I'd better go check on her to see if she was ok. Thankfully just then she must of rolled over in her sleep, 'cause I got a little movement and a sigh. Max also slept the whole night with no coughing. It was so great that I was even awakened by my alarm. MY ALARM! I haven't needed my alarm like ever. Actually, one other time since I've been getting up at 5:00 did I need it. But usually, I'm way awake long before it goes off. So yeah, it was awesome and amazing. Thank you Priesthood blessings!

Apparently while I was off kicking some serious biking butt at the gym, Maggie started coughing uncontrollably and gagging. That was sweet of her to wait until I was gone so her Daddy could deal with it. No worries, she's A-Ok. She's still coughing some, but other than that, seems really good.

Ok, back to the gym. So, it was a 39 minute bike ride this morning, followed by a 17 minute "run." On the ride, Dixie started slightly before me and was about 1/2 mile ahead of me the whole time. Well, at one point, she got a little sloppy, stopped paying attention if you will. But not I, not I with my eagle eye. I looked over, saw she was at a measley 80 something rpm's and I decided to go for it. I had been going at 100 for at least 2 songs, but I just went full force. I was up around 117 rpms for a good little amount. I'm not sure if I've ever sweated so bad ever! Anyway, I caught her, and I'm not sure, it could have been my arm raised high in the air, my fist pumping, or my loud exclamation of YES that tipped her off. We'll never know. All I do know is, she looked over, saw what I'd done, and silently said, "hell no you di - n't" and she started power peddling. Ok, so keeping in mind I'd been at 117 for awhile now, I kept at it. I was fighting hard, and I'll have you now, I stayed RIGHT WITH HER for at least another 1/2 mile before I nearly barfed. Seriously, it was AWESOME!!! Needless to say, I got in 10.6 miles in my 39 minutes. Woo hoo! The run, well, whatever. I did run at a 5 for 3 1/2 minutes, but holy crap, I just can't get it in me to go for it there. None the less, I felt great about my workout this morning. And as a side note, on Saturday, I toodled around 3 miles with the kids in their stroller and my Mom and Dana in tow. It was great, a good precursor to the five we have to do by Saturday this week. Wish me luck.

So, I lost 3.5 lbs. this week. Yea me for being the "biggest loser" on our team. I'm now 11 lbs. away from pre-Max weight, and a MERE 41 lbs. away from pre-Maggie weight. I know right, how depressing. But, I'll get there. I WILL get there right? Still waiting for any pants to fit me ANY better. Pretty sure the weight I'm losing is all coming from my eyeballs or something.

Well, I guess that's my update for now. So sorry no pics AGAIN. However, no fears, I have a GREAT pic for a post coming soon! My head feels like it might explode right now and I'm coughing uncontrollably, so ta ta!

Cough drops and remotes,


Monday, February 23, 2009

Will it NEVER End?

Seriously folks, I'm about at my whits end here!!!!

The hideous sick, as documented in an earlier post was thought to be done. We'd kicked it to the curb, said bye bye, soyanara. The coughs were nearly gone, no fevers to be found, etc.

Wednesday I took Max back in, the cough was back, worse than ever, he had a fever. The good doctor said.....double ear infection, prescription of augmenton. Goodbye.

Saturday Maggie up and invited the fever back in. It wasn't too bad, only 99. But, the cough was back and she was hacking all night long. Sunday, fever again. After a night of literally no sleep and coughing like there was no tomorrow, this morning, the fever was higher than ever at 101.6. Dammit, I had to call the doctor, 'cause this clearly wasn't going away. So, off to the doctor we went. By the way, Max is doing MUCH better, coughing nearly gone, happy as ever. Anyway, lovely doctor listened to her lungs and stated "it appears to be infected, could be a touch of....wait for it......PNEUMONIA! Uh, HELLO! What the F Mom? My daughter that I've been dragging about town like she was just fine, is apparently NOT so fine. So, another prescription of augmenton and off we went. I gave her a dose of it at lunch and then put her down for her nap. I need to say here, she did not seem all that sick. She was still palying and happy, etc. Whellllllllll, upon waking up from her HALF HOUR nap Hell had broken loose. She looked like perhaps sick had come and kicked HER in the butt. Her eyes were glazed and blank, she was burning up and could NOT stop crying. For a good 1/2 hour, 40 minutes she cried, and she cried, and she cried. There was NOTHING that could help her feel better. No position, no hold, no rubbing, NOTHING. It was AWFUL. I just wanted to cry for her, or with her, but I was trying to be the strong one. All her crying was beginning to stress happy Max out, and then he got fussy. And to top it all off...Jere had just come home from the doctor where HE learned he had a sinus infection AND strep throat. AWESOME! Can you give me a freaking break oh ye gods of the sick. Give us all a BREAK! Not that I'm complaining or anything, but MY cough is back with a vengance and I'm so DONE with it all.

Anywhoooooo....two doses of tylenol and motrin (doctor prescribed to do so) later, she is finally calm and acting like a happy little human. I should also mention she got a blessing from her Daddy and Grandpa and that certainly has to play a role in her better feeling as well. I know she's feeling ok, 'cause she's walking around "talking" on the cell phone in a very spirited conversation with someone.

Yea, so anyway, please send happy thoughts. Let the sick be GONE!! And if not, then can someone go ahead and find me a padded room?

Thanks ever so much,

the frazzled Mommy

Friday, February 20, 2009

It Figures!

Well, if I had KNOWN that I was gonna see EVERYONE and their dog today, I MIGHT have tried a little harder on my appearance.

You see, I usually plan on seeing people, I EXPECT to run into people at Costco. I look forward to it actually. I mean, it's Costco, we're Mormon, it's like second church to us. So, I've run into quite a few people over the years. But, I've also gone MANY times and not seen anyone I knew. Apparently the secret is...Friday afternoon.

So today, after a particularly good butt kicking by my buddy Bob Harper in a Biggest Loser exercise DVD (I highly reccommend it), I took a shower, TRIED to salvage something out of my horrifically bad hair and got the kids together for a Costco run. We HAD to get out of the house, we needed somewhere to go, or something to do. So, Costco it was. I shoulda known things were off when I had to stop and change Max's poopy diaper in the car in the parking lot. Oh, for the record, Max has a double ear infection, so the medicine is making him a little poopy if you will. So, BOOM, walking up the parking lot, right off the bat I see one of my best friends parents. I haven't seen the Brinsons in like 7 years. And before that it had been about 7 years. So, hey there old friends, how ARE ya? It was a pleasant chat in the lot and then we were off to "shop".

Right there in the cheese aisle is Connie and Crystal. Connie is the Mom of Crystal and my other friend Mindy. I was TIGHT with Connie back in the day, and I've only seen her about 3 times in the last 15 years or so. So, strike twosy! Oh, and for the record, sample day was SUCKY! The girls and I were let down. hahaha

Well, now it's time to do our ritual lunch, we're sitting there, enjoying the delish food that is offered at this fine establishment. Well, I opted for the salad today, so no pizza. Anyway, I got up to check on Max, 'cause he was fussing, and LO and BEHOLD, it's a former student of mine and her Mom. I haven't seen them in about 3 years. CRAZY! We stood and chatted for awhile, they got to meet the kiddies, and the whole time all I could think hair looks like crap and I have food in my teeth. So uncomfortable. Ah well, what ya gonna do.

I also saw another guy out in the parking lot, Jeff, but didn't bother to say hi. I'm lame like that. Oh, and let me just RANDOMLY throw in here that whilst in Disneyland, walking along I look over and see Mike Jensen. I've seen him TWICE in the 20 years since highschool. I had it BAD for him in highschool. Oh so funny to think about. Anyway, how random, just hey Mike Jensen, what's up in Disneyland. But, I digress.

So yeah, moral of the story is, I care too much about how I look in public. No one else gives a flying freak about it, so why should I? But, I do. The end. And on that note, I'll leave you with a few pics of our lunchy.

Sweet, SWEET Max, just kickin it in his car seat in the cart. He'd already eaten his bottle while we strolled around.

Oh yes, you're seeing it right. Maggie IS wearing her Valentine finery on her head. She put it on before we left, and who am I to argue with such delightful fashion sense? This was her FIRST time getting to actually hold the hotdog and go to town. She was well pleased.

Brooklyn with her 1/2 of the dog. Cute picture, if you like ketsupy hot dog pictures.

This is how we do it. Maggie stays contained in the cart, Brooklyn gets her side of the bench, and I get mine. That HUGE salad was quite tastey, and the girls helped me eat a bunch of it. Maggie kept leaning over the side and totally skyffing tomatos and chicken. She really loves herself a good salad. And for that, I really love her.
So, that's my story...Costco = seeing lots of people = make sure your hair looks good.
The END!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Getting a Grip

Ok, I don't know if I'm just too tired, overly sore from yesterdays tortur, I mean workout, or what, but good grief man! Can we say "EMOTIONAL?" I finally got all the kiddos down for naps, and was enjoying the solitude and the opportunity to actually eat something. I have this new resolve that I'm not allowed to even get on the computer for anything until I've read at least one chapter of scripture. So, I finished my chapter and thought I'd check to see if any comments had been made. Ummm, had they ever.

May I just say to all of you, my lovely readers, and even lovlier of commentors: Thanks ever so much for totally making me CRY! What the H? It wasn't a cry in a bad way, just a cry that in such loving and gentle ways I was "chastized" into a realization of what this Holiday or any other could mean. I was really shown how I can turn my negativity into a positive. I just want to thank you all for that. I needed that, and I'm sure my kids, in their future years will thank you for it too. And Andrea, I totally remember you guys getting your little boxes of chocolates. I also remember your enormous Christmas stockings and your giant Easter baskets FULL of presents. But, that's neither here nor there. Anyway, thank you all very much for taking the time to comment, and share your thoughts and experiences. I promise to you all right now that I will create a new tradition with each new holiday, (except St. Patricks Day 'cause that really is dumb), for my kids, so they will always have that to treasure, and desire to "come home" to that.

Ok, enough of the bawl baby sap. Moving on. I'd just like to state here that after a month and 1/2 of working out, I was feeling pretty Bad A if you will. Like I was strong, I could handle pretty much anything. For the record.....I can't!

Yesterday Dixie and I thought it'd be grand to join Dana and Jenny at their palace, or I mean gym for a barbell strength class. Dana really talked it up, so we gave it a go. There are no words. The nazi teacher spent about 85% of the class ruthlessly working the shoulders, bi-ceps and tri-ceps. There were countless pushups involved. I don't do push-ups. There were lunges a plenty. I don't do lunges. So much lifting, so MUCH pain. There are NO WORDS! By the end, I could barely feel myself, or lift my arms. Much sweat, perhaps a tear or two and so MUCH pain. Needless to say, by the end of the day yesterday, I was a MESS! I could barely lift my arms, the pain had set in in the legs and my neck doesn't want to turn. Thankfully Julie to the rescue. She came over and gave me a good shoulder rub down. It hurt like a mother, but it was worth it. Today, well again, there are NO words. I can barely walk, bending over is too much to bare, lifting fat babies is painful. WOW! Needless to say, I shant be doing a barbell strength class any time soon. None the less, it was fun to do, and fun to share the time with my sisters AND my twinner nephews. But, for good news: this morning I rode almost 10 1/2 miles on the bike, and I BEAT Dixie. YES!! She however promptly plowed me on the "run" but no matter. Tomorrow is a swim and I won't lie when I say, I'm NOT excited. 'Cause you know, that requires arms and stuff. Have I mentioned mine don't work anymore?

This weeks challenge by the way is NO SUGAR. So far so good. I feel really strong food wise this week, like I've got a new resolve, so I'm enjoying it. Come talk to me on Saturday, then we'll see.

So, in case you were results thus far are this:

13 lbs. lost since mid-December (that was my 6 week post partum checkup)
5 lbs. lost last week. Hmmm, amazing what counting calories and watching what you eat does.
I REALLY wish we would have taken measurements when this started, I'm dying to know how many inches I've lost. Frankly, I still feel just as fat, and it doesn't seem like my clothes fit all that much better. I find this frustrating, but I'm just trying to hang on to the fact that at least I'm getting healthier and I'm making better choices. The weight is bound to come off eventually right? But when will my clothes ever fit again? Oh yeah, I believe that is AFTER the tummy tuck. Well,with that said, I'd better run get a lottery ticket, 'cause that's the only way THIS bod is ever gonna see the plastic surgeon. I kid, I kid. I don't play the lottery, so don't anyone go getting their panties in a twist.

Hippos and hips,


Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines '09

Ok, the truth of the matter is, we don't really do Valentines. I don't really do any Holiday, 'cause i'm Scroogey like that. But, Valentines, overall is just dumb to me. However, I DID buy Maggie a shirt, though you can't see it, and we did do a couple of other things. And after seeing some of my friends and families Valentine extravaganzas, I feel like perhaps I could look at it another way and make it a better day. I don't know, I just don't care. I mean, I DESPISE Halloween with every fiber of my being. It's a stupid, stupid made up day for looking dumb and eating candy. St. Patricks Day is even more worthless. You all know how I feel about Christmas. I mean, I love the season of Christmas, the decorations, the real "reason" for it, i just can't buy into the commercialization. I love Thanksgiving and I like Easter, again for it's purpose. But overall, somewhere along the way of life I turned into a grinchy holiday shrew. What to do with me? I think I will from here on out like to make a more concerted effort not to be so negative and make a little better effort to make each of these "pointless" holidays more special for just our family. Create a tradition if you will. But, that wasn't the point of this post and the pics. Because, like I said, in spite of my "disdain" I did buy Maggs a shirt, made some cupcakes and even delivered some, AND bought Jere a present. Because you know, he loves him some presents.

Last Valentines I made Jere scrambeled eggs in the shape of a heart, this year, no breakfast. Last year we took a pic with him and the girls, they were all in red. This year, Brooklyn had a reddish jacket, and Maggie had some red cherries on her shirt, does that count? But, the pose is the same, and they're all still really cute.
I got a wild hair and decided to make some red velvet cupcakes. When I was pregnant with Maggie, ALL things cake were my desire and NEED. I thought red velvet was the yummiest thing ever. For whatever reason, this time, not so much. That could be because I haven't been able to smell or taste anything for almost 2 weeks, but whatever. Anyway, MAGGIE LURVES to lick a spatula and this was no exception. Pretty sure if you look close enough, you can see all the way to China in there, or at least to her belly button.

This is her saying "cheeeeeeese". She thinks she's being so cooperative when she does this.

Maggs is a very good little helper, and this time she got to pour the oil in the mix, lick the spatula AND count the cupcake holders. Oh, and empty a drawer, 'cause you know...she likes that.

Max graciously sat in his swing and cooed at us for the event. He's become quite adept at pulling the little fishies, which in turn make the lights and music play. What can I say, he's genius.

The actual cupcake making was Friday night. So, promptly, upon wake up on Saturday morning (actual V-day) we endeavored to frost the cupcakes. I know, how lucky for you, to see me in all my morning glory, bra less and all. LUCKY!

Don't worry, a new knife was procured before frosting anymore cupcakes. Hey, she's a girl that just enjoys a sugar rush for breakfast.

The first batch we frosted were not so "clever" as these. They were plain with red sprinkles and we immediately sashayed over to Dixies and delivered them to her house of Valentine extravagence. They were decorated to the hilt, having heart shaped pancakes on all kinds of heart shaped dishes and Valentiney place matts. It was an explosion of "love".

After her diligent and hard work of the morning, you know, frosting, licking, delivering, I felt it only fair that she got to enjoy one of her delicious creations. But NOT until AFTER she ate a bowl of cereal. Sheesh people, you think I'm THAT bad a Mom?
Saturday Jere had Mary Kay stuff most of the day, so the kids and I got ready, stopped by my parentals, bought some gas at Costco and journeyed over to Superstition Springs Mall to pick up a picture. See, when I got their pics done at Kiddie Kandids I got a "free" 16 X 20 with the package. Do you have ANY idea how HUGE that picture is? I am so SURE! What will I ever do with a picture that big? Nothing, that's what. But, we at least got to go to the mall, get out of the house and see something other than our 4 walls. By the time we got home, Jere was there and it was time to eat.

So, for our Valentines, I made a Kick A pizza. Seriously, I make a fine homemade pizza these days, and it's about the easiest, fastest thing ever. I wish I could take credit for the dough, but that goes to My Kitchen Cafe, you should check her out (see my sidebar). BUT, I DID figure out how to make the BLT pizza myself. So, if you want the recipe or anything, let me know, 'cause I loves to share. (Do not worry, I'm fully aware that I look like a total tard in this picture)
Yeah, so it was a quiet, yet lovely evening at home with the kids and our pizza. And I think that's exactly how it should be.
Hearts and cupids,

Trouble in Shnozzaland

Dear Sinuses,

I would like to kindly request you pull it together so that I can have my life back again.


Owner of Shnozzaland (in all its sad glory)

This is a picture of about a 15 minute span. Kleenex is loving me and my broken sinuses right now. I however am NOT loving Kleenex.

It's called misery people, sheer misery. I am so ready for this pox upon me to be over. To be able to breathe, to not have pain when even thinking about my nose, to not have crusty sores where my nostrils once were and to be able to hear and not have my head hurt constantly.

I AM grateful for Claritan D, as it has made a marked improvement and the coughing has certainly lessened as well. But STILL, ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Resignation

Dear Super Moms of America Society,

I am writing with a heavy heart and deeply regret to inform you that I may no longer be a member of your elite society. For you see, I fear I cannot uphold the lofty ideals of such membership. I've been questioning my placement in your midst for some time, but this morning was the final straw. I'm embarrassed to admit that my daughter, my precious little girl was fed POPCORN for breakfast. I know, I know, I'm just as mortified as you are.(Though in my defense it was organic kettle corn from Sprouts and quite tastey) But there is more...whilst she was ailing this last week, I caved under her pressure and allowed her to have the evil binky once again. We had wiened her from it for the most part. But, her pathetic eyes, and tragic crys got to me and so, once again, the binky is ever present in her day. HOW can someone as weak as I continue to have membership in your elite group? I wish I could stop there, but in the interest of full admission, I must tell you that I also do NOT play sensory games with my children, unless you count me yelling "you're gonna feel the sensation of your bed if you keep fighting, or keep crying, etc." You get the jist. Somehow, I DON'T think that counts. I also fail to have tea parties with them, roll around on the floor, play tag or take them to museums. And my reading time is NOT 15 minutes a day as is suggested on PBS. I dare say that there have been a couple of days where I have actually NOT combed their hair (gasp in horror) or got them dressed. Oh what to do, what to do? The turmoil inside me is too much. The implications are too obvious. It is for these reasons that I HAVE to resign from your prestigious group. I shall ever endeavor to regain my standing.

With warm and humble regards,


Popcorn evidence. The problem was...I had to do her hair, and to keep her occupied, she usually has fruit snacks, but today it was the infernal popcorn. Objects just don't work so much. Anyway, this morning we were ready before breakfast, and frankly, she wanted NOTHING but the popcorn. So, Jere loaded her tray up, this pic only shows the end of a very satisfying popcorn munch by her royal highness.

More evidence of my ineptitude. And it's a hideous binky at that. But I ask you, can you look at those sicky eyes and NOT want her to have her comforter?

Here she is in all her sicky glory. It's been a ROUGH week around here. Max started with a bad cough last Monday, and then by Thursday Maggie had picked it up. It seemed harmless, as in, just a cough with clear snot. But, by Saturday night when we picked them up from my parents, Maggie had a 103 fever and Max was at about 99. This joy and rapture lasted for several days. Fevers, snot like you would NOT believe and a deep, rumbly cough. You know it was bad because Maggie was insisting on 2 naps a day and just holding me the rest of the time.

Add in Brooklyn and her 103 fever and cough and her dramatics and Monday was about the crappiest day ever! THEN, try having Brooklyn want to be held, because hey, all sick kids do want that, but Maggie would have NONE of that. If Brooklyn came near me, Maggie would go into crying fits, and scream at Brooklyn, or push her away. So, SO fun!

By Tuesday afternoon Maggie was a bit perkier, though the snot and cough continue. Auntie Julie watches the kids on Tuesdays and she took Maggie for a ride to the store. THIS is what she came home with. She loved it so much she even spontaneously smiled for the camera. WOW! You'll be glad to know that Brooklyn wore that same headband today to the store. She proudly bee bopped around Fry's with her headband of glory. Quite cute actually.

This is Auntie Julie, we love her and appreciate all she does for us!
You'll be glad to know that by Wednesday Brooklyn was ok enough that she actually got dressed and we ventured out to Sprouts. Are you EVEN aware that they have red and green peppers TWO for a DOLLAR! Uh, that's freaking AWESOME!~!! I LOOOOOOOOOVE me some red peppers, and I cook with them whenever possible.
Anyway, that's out update from Casa Van. Hope all is well with the rest of you peeps!
Red peppers and tummy love,

A Shout out to Brooklyn

I don't know, this is sort of random, but I had a few pics of Brooklyn and decided I'd throw them up here and see what came out of my fingers. She really is such a good girl, but she can be QUITE dramatical (always has been) and that can get on my nerves. So, then I feel bad that I get bugged, it's such a dumb circle of emotions. But, as I said, she's a good girl, she's funny and smart and helpful and did I mention funny? She loves to help with Max, whether it's feeding him, making him happy or holding him. I'm so glad that she's here to be Maggies big sister, even if Maggie IS a bully and likes to hit her and yell at her. I'm so grateful that I've been able to see her literally grow up from birth to nearly 3 years old. Our house wouldn't feel the same without her here.

How sweet is this little shot of Brooklyn and her Maxi? The best is when she calls him Bubbers and tries to get him to smile.

This morning as I was holding Max and he was going to sleep, the girls were both on the floor at my feet looking at books. I know right? When do such precious moments happen? Happily content children all around, no fighting, no crying, just sweetness. Anyway, Brooklyn stood up and I see this happening with her hair. I told her to FREEZE, 'cause I had to put Max in bed, grab the camera and capture this totally random hair moment. It just cracked me up that a strand of hair could curl so perfectly around her eye. She looked like the pokey little puppy.

This is right now, naptime and chez Van Patten. Max and Brooklyn get to share the space, and luckily, she sleeps through his crying most of the time.

And finally, I ask there EVER a sweeter picture than this? I mean seriously, sleeping children are just the most adorable things EVER, then you add in that she had her little hands in prayer position, SHUT UP! So, I leave you with this pleasant little pic and happy thoughts.
We love you Brooklyn, thanks for being a part of our family too. Ok, that reminds me of a little story. The other day Brooklyn and I were back in Maggies room and she starts saying, "where is my other daddy?" And she asked it a couple of times, so I said, "You have another daddy?" And she said yes she did. So, when I asked her who this other daddy was, she said "It's Jere, he's my other Daddy." How cute can you be. Oh, and I also wanted to mention that she has the funniest vocabulary of her own. Like, she always says, "Oh, I forleft this here yesterday." Like if she'd left her coat or something. She has others, but I forget them at this moment, must be my addled brain. Nonetheless, I AM shutting up now.
Sleeping kids and allergies,

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Princess or a "nerd"

The question is.........

Am I raising a PRINCESS?

Maggie found my heels and walked around in them for quite some time.
Please note the "form" in which she holds her little purse. So prim and proper.
She spends much of each day INSISTING on putting my yaw yaws on my feet for me.
Or......a "NERD"?
This girl LOVES the computer. She sneaks on it any chance she gets.
The fact that I left it so unattended was like her greatest dream come true.

Here she's watching Hamlet with her Daddy.
He's bound and determined to make her a Shakespeare scholar just like him.
Or is it a Nerdincess? Whatever it is, I sure do love her.

A Birthday Celebration

Yesterday would have been Matt's 36th birthday. This picture is typical Matt.

So, Lincoln (Matt's bestest friend) got a big group of us together to go eat sushi (Matt's favorite) and celebrate him and his birthday. This pic is of Lincoln and another friend Emily.

Jenee and Ivan (Matts other bestest friend, though he apparently had a lot of best friends). Look at her, such a poser. She HATES sushi, so this was an act of love on her part.

Guess who ate REAL sushi for the first time in her life? Yeah, that'd be me! I've had California rolls before, but that hardly counts. I ate a piece with raw salmon on top. Not my favorite, but I did it. I actually enjoy some of that stuff. I was proud of myself.

Guess who REFUSED to even try the tiniest bit of sushi? Yeah, that'd be Jere. He was so disturbed by it all, he'd just cover his face when i ate some. Wuss! hehehe

Jenee had this birthday cake made. Matt played Charlie Brown once, and it was his favorite roll ever. We all went to Lincolns house afterward and sang the worse rendition of Happy Birthday ever (apparently that's how the Hills do it) and then ate cake. All in all, it was a very lovely evening. A time to be with friends, to honor Matt and to enjoy the time we have.
Happy Birthday Matty!

PJ Bunko my delightfully wonderful Uncle Charlie and Aunt Jill. They're the GREATEST! Jill is the bunko queen of the universe and therefore the reason for this party, this post, and subsequent photos you shall partake of. Jill decided to start a new tradition, a once yearly Pajam Bunko game at their lovely home. We all come in our night finery, bring a $10.0o gift card to wherever, food to share and a trash talking capability not seen anywhere but the football fields of America. Seriously, one of the funnest parts is all the e-mails that fly back and forth before this night, they're quite hysterical. What can I say, i have a funny family and really funny cousins and in -laws and cousin in laws. I don't know how so much funny got concentrated in one family, but it did. Try not to be jealous. Anyway, FFF, First Friday in February marked this years extravaganza. Following are just SOME of the pics of the night.

Jill explaining to the head table how the game is to be done. The cute skinny girl is Laura, my cousins Drex's wife. She is perhaps one of the wittiest writers I've ever known. Let the GAMES begin!

I had to include this pic, not for Jere's charming look, but for my Dad and all his adorableness. He always has these flannel PJ sets, and I just think he's so cute.

This is Mckane rockin out a dice roll.

Oh did ROB get to be part of this game? Well, 259 boys are honorary family members. And besides, Rob had nothing else to do on a Friday night. hahahahaha

Erics hair is indicative of just how NUTTY things can get at this shindig. The screaming, the shouting, the stress the laughter. Or, it's just that he is in hair crisis, as in, he's losing it and has decided to grow it out as his one last big hurrah. Oh Eric, you crazy guy you.

We had the privelage and honor of having Greg and Tammy (that's Emily in the pic, not Tammy) join us this year. I might not be able to love 2 people more than Tammy and Greg. They were a welcome addition, and, in case you're wondering, made it in on the 259 clause. ::smiles::

Lana and Hayden and Porters retarded fingers. Hayden is one of Danas twins, and I'm proud to say, due to my excellent rolling in this round, I released him from the "prison" of this table which he'd been stuck at the whole game. Oh, you're welcome Hayden, so welcome. It might be noted that he was laughing so hard during this round, it cracked me up. He's not generally known for showing much emotion in any form.

This is Drex, husband to the witty Laura, and a super brilliant cousin of mine. Apparently he was important enough to get to sit on the throne of all bunko thrones.

Oh you posers! That mystery girl is a friend of Jamyns from their ward.

I forgot to take a picture of the people who were up for "best Pj's" but Mckane was one of them. I think it was the fact that they were highwaters. He didn't win though. That honor went to Gret and Tammy who had Dr. Seuss pants and shirts that said Thing 1 and Thing 2. What's not winnerish about that?

Here's a shot of almost all the giftcards, hanging cleverly and beautifully from Jills entertainment center. Have i mentioned that Jill is genius at all things decorating, creative, churchy, or life? She owns and was doing scrapping LONG before it was the in thing to do. Man I love her!

And finally, here is Jere picking out his giftcard. You'll be shocked to know that he picked an i-tunes card. HA! The funny thing is, I brought that I-tunes card. He has a REEDICKULOUS amount of downloaded music. No really, it's far more money than I care to think about. However, a goodly amount of that has come from giftcards for Christmas, birthdays, bunko games, etc. If you must know, I got a Deseret Book gift card, and tragically, I have no idea where it is. Other giftcards were Panda Express, QT, Target, Golden Spoon, IKEA, Home Depot, Barnes & Noble, Cheesecake Factory. Listen, we do NOT mess around in the Shumway/Davis "259" family.
So, here's to you PJ Bunko! Thanks for all the laughter. Thanks for bringing our extended family together once again. A good time was certainly had by all.
Can't wait to see you all again next year!!