Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The little chair that could....

Oh my friends, my friends.  Today was FUN!  It was busy and tiring, and I had no time to eat (this is a bad thing?) but SO worth it.

My crafty BFF Kalli and I decided that today was the day we were gonna re-do our chairs.  She has like 3 chairs and 20 tables to repaint.  That's cause she's out to make a buck.  I just had my one lil ol' chair to do, but she did NOT disappoint.

After meeting up at Home Depot and procuring the needed materials we headed to her house to get our paint on.  You guys, I have FINALLY met someone with less patience than me.  It's amazing!  She couldn't wait a full 10 minutes before she started painting.  It was awesome!  I knew I loved her.

While the kids played, complained, made messes, watched a movie and played, we primed, painted and re-upholstered.  GOOD TIMES!

Just wanted you to believe the mess part.
Meet Gavin, Kallis little man.

So, first I'm gonna show you Kalis chair, cause it's adorable.  AND, she's terrible about taking before and afters, so I did it for her.  AND, she got this chair for FOUR DOLLARS.

What is not to love here? And it was sooo easy.
Spray paint and a little staple gun.
The hardest part was taking off the old upholstery.  YIKES!

(don't hate me girl for posting this)
She's adding these cute ruffles she's making to her thriftstore lampshade.


Remember this guy?

He's so cute. 
And as I took him apart, even cooler.
Pretty sure I have a real antique here.
the upholstery was done all in nails, and there was part of an old label on it.  And I just fell more in love with it as I worked on it.


Taken apart........primed.

Aaaaaaaaand here SHE is.

I say this just DO NOT show this right.  You can't really see the color.  I painted it the same color as my nightstand and mirror.  And the glazing/distressing turned out sooooo great.  Not that you can really see it.  So, seriously, just come to my house, I'll gladly show you everything in person.

I LOVE my fabric.  I found it for $2.99 a yard in a big bin at SAS.  It was a remnant piece and it turned out perfectly.
In fact, kalli used it on her chair too.

Final price:
Chair - 3.99
Material - 2.99
Batting - 4.00
Spray primer - 3.97

Funny story:
All was done and I went to screw the seat back on.  Unfortunately, the new batting and thick material made it much thicker than the original paper thin leather.  So, the screws couldn't reach and grab.  So, Kalli suggested we just hot glue the seat down.  I busted out laughing and said "Of COURSE you'd say that."  She laughed and said "i'm sort of serious."  Which made me laugh more.  Then, we hot glued the seat down.

We rule!
And the chair is SOLID!

So, I have a little trunk to re-work.  Looking for another lamp, and something for over the window.  Plus, I've decided to paint the closet knobs in the same black/metallic paint I did the dresser pulls in.

It's all coming together.

Craftily yours,


"Transitions" terrify me....

Ok people....check it.  It is TIME we talk about something that just NEEDS to be talked about.

Way, way back, many centuries (or at least decades) ago, when I was in first or second grade, one of my chasing suitors was John D.  John troubled me because he wore these glasses.  These really creepy glasses that turned dark when he went outside.  EWWW!  I've never been able to shake that image from my mind.  I often wonder if Johns whole life was "ruined" by the stigma that these glasses gave him.

Yes my friends...I am talkin about Transition Lenses.

all photos compliments of google images

WHAT are they?  More importantly WHY are they?  I HATE them!  I despise and detest them.  Am I alone here?  Who's with me?

Nothing says creepy, or nerd quite like it. 
And really....does and ENTIRE family need to be dragged down in the tragedy?

One time, Jere went and got new glasses, without me, without my consult.  Tra la la, he comes home and WHAT does he have?  Freakin, make me wanna run and scream, post a sign over your head that you're a Chester (SIDEBAR:  Don't ever name your child Chester, that's just downright rude. Bad name, PLUS, it holds some serious creep factor.  Just sayin.  And sidebar over.), TRANSITION LENSES!  Hideous!!!!!  Not cool my love, NOT COOL.  Pictures were just so annoying....'cause OOPSY, your glasses are dark.

I get it, extra pair of sunglasses, all in one.  Great idea, but the execution just does NOT work.

I felt the time had come to discuss this because I just KEEP on seeing commercials for these awful glasses.  They try and make them seem so cool, and hip.  They try and use pretty ladies to make it all seem ok. 'Tis NOT ok.  NEVER GONNA BE OK. may be cute, model girl, but your glasses are NOT.

Ok, I feel better having that off my chest.   Now, tell me what you think?  Am I a freakshow?  Do you love them?  Hate them?

Sunshine and creepy eyes,


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Light up my life....

Lamps are a bear.  Let's just get that out there.  Finding the "perfect" lamp is hard.  Finding a lamp that doesn't cost a bajillion dollars and the promise of my first born child is nigh unto impossible.  I mean, for the love....the other day I googled CHEAP lamps.  They had the gall to show me lamps that cost at the lowest $25.00 and right on up to $3000.00.  THREE THOUSAND dollars.  I am SO SURE!

But, in all my internet lamp shopping there was just NOTHING that appealed to me.  And sorry, but I insist on not paying more than 10 bucks for lamp, shade and all.  I know, ridiculous, but I was sure it was possible.  In fact, it HAD to be possible, cause I be poor YO!

I kept checking Goodwill for that ellusive lamp, everytime I'd go in.  I search, and's mostly tragic.  The lamp offerings are not so much.

But today, TODAY....I meandered in for a little looksy around at the furniture.  I wanted very specifically a storage shelf that I saw last week.  Lo's and behold, said shelf was still there AND for half off.  AWESOME!!  I paid 3.99 for the perfect answer to my laundry room solutions.  But, I totally digress.  As I was looking through the broken down furniture selection there it was....across the room, this beautiful and lovely lampy sang out to me.

The heavens parted, the sun shone down and I knew I'd found MY lamp.  And, she was ONLY ten buckaroos.  TEN DOLLARS, lamp, shade and all.  All she required was a little vacuuming and a wipe down and she sparkled like new.  Shoot, even the lightbulb was included.  SCORE!

She looks so fabulous on my nightstand, and makes me smile every time I see her.  Oh, and here is the best part....I schlepped said lamp over to Kalli's to show her my find.  She opened the door, I held up my lamp and she literally almost choked.  Apparently, she has the EXACT SAME LAMP in her bedroom that she paid FIFTY dollars for.  Oh yeah, I'm feeling realllllll gooooood.

Say hello to my little beauty:

Oh're just TOO good to me!!

Lighting up my life and giving me "hope"  (oh my song reference slays me),


Monday, February 21, 2011

Benefitting Easton (and maybe me singing)

Friday night we were honored to be a part of a benefit concert for our friends Tom and Joy and their little Easton.  If you can remember...they are the ones who lost their 3 year old to a drowning in Sept., plus have this new baby with round the clock medical needs.

Anyway, Jere was the MC and he did such a great job, if I do say so myself.  We got to perform a few numbers and we had such a fun time!  I won't lie, it felt good, for me, to actually perform.  It's been a LONG time since I've performed.

So, I just wanted to share some pics of Easton and a couple of short videos of me actually performing.  I know...snore...more video. But, in case you were wondering what I sound/look like performing, at least now you'll know.  I swear, I'll actually post something else soon.  Like, how we went and saw the Biebs movie with the kids today and I LOVED it!!

This is what sweet Easton looked like at the time of Jaxons drowning.
Read their story HERE

Here he is now....amazing difference.

Just love his huge eyes.

Ok, some videos, just watch, it's ok.

I know, try not to be jealous of my HAWWWT outfit, and how awesome I look(totally wore this dress as a costume when I played Ernestina Money in Hello Dolly).  It really is quite difficult being so pretty. hehehehehehehehe  So, it's not the whole song, which is ok, because shortly after this ends, I randomly forgot the words for a second.  But, at least you get the idea.

The next song is hysterical for Tom (Eastons Dad) and my brother Porters bell ringing.  Really....I love these guys.

Let me just put it out there.  I sorta want to die when I see this video.  This is NOT the best look for me, AT ALL!  I blame Julie, i asked her if I looked ok, and she said yes.  I shall never believe her again.  YIKES!  So, just listen, don't look at me and we'll be ok.

So.  There you have it.

Narcissistically yours,

Friday, February 18, 2011

Until you tell me to stop...

The other week Julie was watching the kids while I was teaching.  It was lovely out, so she took them to the front yard, and apparently decided a photo shoot of some kind was in order.

I KNOW, all i have posted are pics of my kids and things they've said for like 3 posts now.  I'm SORRY!  It's just...well my brain is fried, and I haven't redone anything cool yet, and the ONE post I really, really need/want to write is too hard and I keep putting it off.  So PLEASE, just indulge me here.

These might be some of my favorite pics of Maggie yet.  She actually got her "pose" on.  And showed the camera her different faces.  She LOVES to play "emotions" with me.  She wants me to say..."show me scared" and then she'll show me scared. Show me happy, show me sad, etc.  However, as we all know, she does not usually care to perform any of these talents FOR anyone.  Not so this day.  NOT SO.  We got a full concert AND a modeling shoot.


I have no idea what is happening here, but it just cracks me up every time I see it.

Pouty face.  Which, if you must know, I see A LOT!


What?  Are you kidding me?
Someone get this girl an agent.

Something was clearly HI-Larious!

Daddy was off to something somewhere.
I just love this picture, 'cause she really LOVES her Daddy.

And finally.....a real life, see her face, hear her sing moment.  She is favoring us with one of our favorite Primary Songs.  I give you.....
I Am a Child of God:

She's cracking me up with the wierd nasal thing she's doing.  And the eternal hair "combing" she's doing is pretty special too.  Now, my next actually capture Max in all his glory.  He's too freaking cute not to share.

And now, I'm officially done being THAT obnoxious Mom.  My apologies.  But you should be thanking me, 'cause there were at least THREE other videos and numerous other pictures I DIDN'T share.  So see, I got your back. 

I shall write tomorrow about the Benefit Concert that Jer and I are performing at tonight for our friends who lost their little boy back in September.
Won't lie....nervous am I.  Maybe because I have literally NOT performed anything in 3 years.  TRAGIC!
But, I'll hope for the best.

That Mom,

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bieber Fever is raging

This conversation REALLY happened in the car this morning:

Maggie:  Brooklyn do you love Justin Bieber?
Brookklyn:  Yes I do.  But my brothers don't like him.
Maggie:  Why don't they like him?
Brooklyn:  I don't know.  They think he's dumb.
Maggie:  Well, I think he's AWESOME.
Brooklyn:  Yeah, I think he ROCKS!

To which Maggie busted out in one of her signature songs, with FULL vibrato.

"I love Justin Bieber.  I think I LOVE Justin Bieber.  He is so great.  I think he ROCKS!  Justin Bieber is love.  I loooooove Justin Bieber."

I asked if they wanted to see the Biebs movie, and they both nearly pooped their pants right there.  Brooklyn couldn't even focus her thoughts.  Maggie was like "oh my gosh, YES I so want to see that movie.  Do you want to see that movie Brooklyn?  Mom can we PLEASE go see that movie."

Needless to say, I think we'll be seeing the movie. is worth taking car rides JUST for the conversations these girls have.  And lest Max be left out, he began chiming in with  "Justin Bieber I love him."  Then while we were walking through Costco, he just kept randomly busting out Justin Bieber, bieber, bieber."

And we proceeded to listen to "Baby Baby" at least 100 times at top decibals.  And if you don't think that a barely 2 year old busting out rap moments and singing along isn't the cutest thing'd be mistaken.

So, lest anyone thinks otherwise....The Biebs rules the school and the MVP's of Mesatown are hardcore!

In other Mom totally whipped out my adorable pillow for my bed today.  But I DID help sew the button on, that counts for something, right?  Now the bedding is complete.  I love it.  Thanks Mom!!!!

Biebs you give me FEVUH,


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Catching up

It's not like I have anything profound to talk about here, but I'm just feeling the need for an update.  I mean really....we can only look at my pretty room for so long, right?  RIGHT!

However, before going on...MANY thanks for all the comments and lovin you sent my way.  Makes my heart happy to know you approve.

My projects continue, as I'm still on the lookout for finishing touches.  Which brings me to today.  I found the cutest chair for 4 bucks.  FOUR BUCKS at the Goodwill.

It looks like this:

Love the lines.  LOVE that price.

 Isn't THAT a fun little detail?
I can't wait to paint it all pretty and recover the seat.  Yeah, I just said re-cover the seat.  As IF I've EVER done that before.  But c'mon, it can't be that hard.  I've watched HGTV enough to be able to figure it out.  So, look for that reveal in another week or so.

I also went to Mesa Thrift for my first time today.  Aside from Max totally dropping and breaking a glass object, and then some store worker making an announcement over the loudspeaker encouraging "parents" to watch their freaking children (thank you I picked up what you were puttin down there) it was great.  I found an AWESOME couch, I mean awesome.  I loved the lines of it soooo much, and it was in GREAT condition and ti was cute, just needed a ltitle cleaning.  And it was only 35 bucks.  But, I didn't have a truck and I live a life of utter indecision.  So, I didn't get it.  DUMB!

Probably the BEST moment of my day was at Goodwill.  The girls were off on a field trip learning about dinosaurs, so Max and I got to spend quality time together.  He kept wanting me to hold him, which frankly, is getting harder to do since he weighs nearly 40 lbs.  So, I picked him up, and because he's so FREAKING cute, I nuzzled into his neck  and said, "I love you so much, you know that?"  To which he replied..."mmm hmmm.  You're my BEST girl."
Me:  "Awwww, you're my BEST boy."
Max:  "You're my best Allyson(but said Alwyson)"
Me:  "You're my best Max."
Max:  "You're my best BEST Mommy."

Man I love that kid!!!

In other news......Valentines happened.

Don't worry, I went "all" out.  Our day looked a little like this:

We spent some excellent "quality" time in the car as we rushed, straight from bed into said car to take Daddy to work.  Oh wait, have I mentioned that Jeres car is broken AGAIN!?  Yeah, it is!
But, conversations such as the one we witnessed between Brooklyn and Maggie are so priceless that it's all worth it.

Brooklyn:  I hope I don't get BOY trapped again today.
Maggie:  Why do boys trap you?
Brooklyn:  I don't know....they just LIKE me.
Maggie:  Only the girls trap me.
Brooklyn:  That's because you're a baby. That's just baby traps.
Maggie:  Well, why do just YOU get boy trapped, and I just get BABY trapped?"

We MAY have been wetting our pants a little up there in front.  These girls are hysterical when they're happy together.

I "made" him breakfast.
I know, I am SUCH a model wife.
But don't fret...I bought him a big bag of dove chocolate and a card to make up for it.  I rule.

All in was a good day.
Well, except the part where I FORGOT to have my kids wear their adorable VALENTINES shirts that I'd bought for them.

Good news....Maggie had a Valentines party at preschool the NEXT day, so she got to wear said cute shirt.  This meant Max got to wear his too, 'cause you know, we wanted to extend the love.
Maggie apparently had the BEST party ever, 'cause she has never been happier or cuter than when i picked her up.  So, we stopped for Sonic and then headed to the park.  Mostly because EVERYDAY Max says "can i pway at the park?" "Pweease!"  Couldn't deny him one more day.

All ready to give out her Valentines to her friends.

Practicing some kung fu moves, after the party.

Gots myself a rockin Valentine.

She just sat under that slide pushing the sand with her feet, staring and eating her corndog. 

Then, after naps they wanted to play on the trampoline.  And as Maggie was heading out there, with baby doll in hand she informed me that she was Mary, and Max's name was Joseph, and the babydoll was Jesus.  Alrighty then.

Best friends.  Though I think Max is FAR MORE attached to his "big" sissy than she to him.

I was just informed that my picture space is full, and I just had to purchase 20GB of space for 5 bucks a year?  I realize that isn't that much, but it's ANNOYING as all get out. 

Anyway..........I shall shut my trap now.  This is long enough!

Look for continued reno(vations) and the like.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A room to VIEW

Ladies and Gentleman may I have your attention please!!!  May I HAVE your ATTENTION PLEASE!!  The moment we've all been waiting for is HERE!  My bedroom is done.  It is DONE!  I hesitated a moment on whether or not to actually post this yet.  There are still a few little finishing touches that need to be done, like lamps, a mirror and some wall decore. But, it's mostly done, and I know my public is RABID for the reveal. HAHAHAHAHAHA

I shall not lie here when I say that it was one HELL of a week.  I have never been so exhausted in my entire life (which may be a slight over exageration.  I HAVE had babies afterall).  My body hurts in ways I didn't know possible, my hands can barely grip, my feet are throbbing, my eyeballs sting and my low back is whimpering in a corner somewhere.  And truth be told, I'm fairly sure CPS could have been called during this week for the neglect my children experienced.  They ate a lot of cereal and yogurt and fast food for meals.  They also had to entertain themselves A LOT.  Because let's face it....I am nothing if not completely obsessive over a project once I start it.  Once this show was in motion I HAD to finish it.  I may or may not have been up until 3 a.m. on Saturday painting the wainscoting.  Just sayin.d

I painted 1 bookstand, 2 nightstands, 2 dressers, 4 walls, countless frames and a mirror.  I feel safe in saying...I'm A OK not painting any furniture for a good long time.  OY!  However, the end result is so GREAT, that I could not be happier.

I'm gonna post the two dresser makeovers first.  Because PEOPLE, as it turns out....when glazing the furniture, you should use a WET washcloth.  This would have been NICE to know when I did the nightstands.  I totally blame Kalli, and she knows it.  Anyway, I figured it out and my dressers are so amazing I could die.

Dresser # 1:


I LOVE this dresser.  It was handmade by Jeres Grandfather for Jeres Dad.  It's nearly 70 years old, and it's got the coolest lines!  Speaking of on the pic, note those little yellow vertical lines up the left side of the drawers?  Those are from masking tape that my Jere put on those drawers as a kid, labeling his drawers. Hahahaha.  Needless to say, his Mom was NOT pleased.
Note the cool lines on the side, and the curved detail on the front.  It just needed a little lovin.

BOO YA!  After.  I love her in all her distressy glory.
For the record, I sanded it lightly, cleaned it, spray painted primer and then...spray painted the entire dresser with rustoleum heirloom white.  It was AWESOME! 
Then I glazed it with Ralph Lauren faux glaze.

I chose to keep the top clean and white, and leave the glazing to the fronts.  Plus, I kept the original hardware.  Talk about VINTAGE.  It was/is the coolest hardware, and it excites me that it's got such history.

Dresser # 2:

Well, aside from the utter lack of dusting going on here....
This is the dresser my Mumsy and Daddy bought me when I was 15.
She needed a change.

Full frontal view is the glorious after:

Sanded, spray primed and then rolled it with Behr Swiss Coffee, followed by the glaze.

And I MUST bare testimony of the amazingness of Better After and the glory it has bestowed on my life.  Don't know it?  Well get over there NOW!  Once you've gone, you can't ever leave.  fMNot only is Lindsey ridiculously funny (which is most of the reason I go to the site), BUT, I have totally learned clever projects like my jewelry display.

I woke up the other morning and looked at these frames and thought....THOSE are gonna be my new jewelry holders.  So, off to Home Depot (which totally owns my ass these days) I went and got two pieces of ply cut to fit the frames.  Then, I hot glued this adorable fabric straight to the ply and hammered in a few nails.  Oh, and Kalli whipped up those two fabric flowers in about 4 seconds.

Cute!  Right?

It makes me happy to look over and see my limited bling sparkling at me.

Ok, OK now onto the room.  When will i ever learn I should do 3 different posts?


See, the deal is, 9 years ago when I decorated my bedroom in this theme and these really was pretty.  I loved this tapestry.

Clearly I took these pics at Christmas time.  Because I promise, I don't usually have garland and balls hanging above my window.

This corner = HOT MESS!

You shall all appreciate me for the 360 degree views.

Are you ready?
Oh this stresses me out.
Picutres just do NOT convey the beauty of the color that is going on.


I am forever indebted to my amazing friends Tim and Chris for making this "wainscoting" happen.  Chris in Oklahoma just graphed it out and whipped this design up in 10 minutes and Tim implemented it.
This is just a couple of base boards and some trim moulding.  Total cost for materials was about $65.00

Color on the wall is Benjamin Moore  Coventry Gray.
Bedspread  IKEA. gift from 9 years ago that has been rolled up inside a trunk.

Just missing a wedding pic of my parents. 
Look closely, there is a little handprint in plaster on the wall.  That is Jeres DADS from when he was three.  So COOl!
Far left is a painted plate that his Great Grandma painted.
The history mixed with some funky art elemants makes this wall so cool to me.
All the frames I painted white were either ones I had already in the house, or found at Goodwill for 99 cents.

So, I got tired of painting and didn't finish the big 3 fold mirror that goes on the dresser.  Jere has convinced me to just get a big mirror and hang it on the wall.  Look out Goodwill....I'm on the prowell.
The "Dream" is a wall decal I found on clearance at Target for $3.50.  THREE FIFTY!!!

Something about this little vignette just makes me so HAPPY!
Did I mention that the mirror and nightstand color is called Almost Aqua and is a Glidden color.

Overall, I just really couldn't be more thrilled.  Even though I painted the room Gray and it's "darker" than the other color.  The entire space just feels SO MUCH BRIGHTER and lighter and relaxing.  I'm excited to go in there.  And mostly, I'm EXCITED to be done.  And perhaps the best thing that happened in this re-do....all the clean up that happened.  We threw away so much CRAP and put away and organized.  Happy, happy JOY JOY!!!

Now, I'm just on the look out for a mirror, a cool vinyl to go over on my side and a pillow, and whatever else might grab my attention.

I haven't added up everything, but in the running total going in my head...I would say that this room redo was done for around $350.00.

Not to bad.