Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Light up my life....

Lamps are a bear.  Let's just get that out there.  Finding the "perfect" lamp is hard.  Finding a lamp that doesn't cost a bajillion dollars and the promise of my first born child is nigh unto impossible.  I mean, for the love....the other day I googled CHEAP lamps.  They had the gall to show me lamps that cost at the lowest $25.00 and right on up to $3000.00.  THREE THOUSAND dollars.  I am SO SURE!

But, in all my internet lamp shopping there was just NOTHING that appealed to me.  And sorry, but I insist on not paying more than 10 bucks for lamp, shade and all.  I know, ridiculous, but I was sure it was possible.  In fact, it HAD to be possible, cause I be poor YO!

I kept checking Goodwill for that ellusive lamp, everytime I'd go in.  I search, and frankly...it's mostly tragic.  The lamp offerings are not so much.

But today, TODAY....I meandered in for a little looksy around at the furniture.  I wanted very specifically a storage shelf that I saw last week.  Lo's and behold, said shelf was still there AND for half off.  AWESOME!!  I paid 3.99 for the perfect answer to my laundry room solutions.  But, I totally digress.  As I was looking through the broken down furniture selection there it was....across the room, this beautiful and lovely lampy sang out to me.

The heavens parted, the sun shone down and I knew I'd found MY lamp.  And, she was ONLY ten buckaroos.  TEN DOLLARS, lamp, shade and all.  All she required was a little vacuuming and a wipe down and she sparkled like new.  Shoot, even the lightbulb was included.  SCORE!

She looks so fabulous on my nightstand, and makes me smile every time I see her.  Oh, and here is the best part....I schlepped said lamp over to Kalli's to show her my find.  She opened the door, I held up my lamp and she literally almost choked.  Apparently, she has the EXACT SAME LAMP in her bedroom that she paid FIFTY dollars for.  Oh yeah, I'm feeling realllllll gooooood.

Say hello to my little beauty:

Oh Goodwill....you're just TOO good to me!!

Lighting up my life and giving me "hope"  (oh my song reference slays me),



The Wizzle said...

OK, now I am jealous. I have a house full of Goodwill lamps that I have spray painted and gotten new shades for, and it's about $25 a lamp when it's all said and done, which is still a good deal. But a lot more work than just finding one ready to go, as is! You lucky dog.

Hello! I'm Kate. said...

That's an awesome lamp! It's really pretty!

I remember shopping for lamps forever & just being shocked at their prices!

Tucker said...

Does anyone else feel like this lamp is gonna come to life and serve you dinner with all the other household objects? Seriously, Look at it. It's got arms and everything,

LanaBanana said...

that is the perfect lamp! I love it. :)

DianD said...

Perfect find for that room! I'm amazed at your persistance as a bargain hunter! Good work!