Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Catching up

It's not like I have anything profound to talk about here, but I'm just feeling the need for an update.  I mean really....we can only look at my pretty room for so long, right?  RIGHT!

However, before going on...MANY thanks for all the comments and lovin you sent my way.  Makes my heart happy to know you approve.

My projects continue, as I'm still on the lookout for finishing touches.  Which brings me to today.  I found the cutest chair for 4 bucks.  FOUR BUCKS at the Goodwill.

It looks like this:

Love the lines.  LOVE that price.

 Isn't THAT a fun little detail?
I can't wait to paint it all pretty and recover the seat.  Yeah, I just said re-cover the seat.  As IF I've EVER done that before.  But c'mon, it can't be that hard.  I've watched HGTV enough to be able to figure it out.  So, look for that reveal in another week or so.

I also went to Mesa Thrift for my first time today.  Aside from Max totally dropping and breaking a glass object, and then some store worker making an announcement over the loudspeaker encouraging "parents" to watch their freaking children (thank you I picked up what you were puttin down there) it was great.  I found an AWESOME couch, I mean awesome.  I loved the lines of it soooo much, and it was in GREAT condition and ti was cute, just needed a ltitle cleaning.  And it was only 35 bucks.  But, I didn't have a truck and I live a life of utter indecision.  So, I didn't get it.  DUMB!

Probably the BEST moment of my day was at Goodwill.  The girls were off on a field trip learning about dinosaurs, so Max and I got to spend quality time together.  He kept wanting me to hold him, which frankly, is getting harder to do since he weighs nearly 40 lbs.  So, I picked him up, and because he's so FREAKING cute, I nuzzled into his neck  and said, "I love you so much, you know that?"  To which he replied..."mmm hmmm.  You're my BEST girl."
Me:  "Awwww, you're my BEST boy."
Max:  "You're my best Allyson(but said Alwyson)"
Me:  "You're my best Max."
Max:  "You're my best BEST Mommy."

Man I love that kid!!!

In other news......Valentines happened.

Don't worry, I went "all" out.  Our day looked a little like this:

We spent some excellent "quality" time in the car as we rushed, straight from bed into said car to take Daddy to work.  Oh wait, have I mentioned that Jeres car is broken AGAIN!?  Yeah, it is!
But, conversations such as the one we witnessed between Brooklyn and Maggie are so priceless that it's all worth it.

Brooklyn:  I hope I don't get BOY trapped again today.
Maggie:  Why do boys trap you?
Brooklyn:  I don't know....they just LIKE me.
Maggie:  Only the girls trap me.
Brooklyn:  That's because you're a baby. That's just baby traps.
Maggie:  Well, why do just YOU get boy trapped, and I just get BABY trapped?"

We MAY have been wetting our pants a little up there in front.  These girls are hysterical when they're happy together.

I "made" him breakfast.
I know, I am SUCH a model wife.
But don't fret...I bought him a big bag of dove chocolate and a card to make up for it.  I rule.

All in was a good day.
Well, except the part where I FORGOT to have my kids wear their adorable VALENTINES shirts that I'd bought for them.

Good news....Maggie had a Valentines party at preschool the NEXT day, so she got to wear said cute shirt.  This meant Max got to wear his too, 'cause you know, we wanted to extend the love.
Maggie apparently had the BEST party ever, 'cause she has never been happier or cuter than when i picked her up.  So, we stopped for Sonic and then headed to the park.  Mostly because EVERYDAY Max says "can i pway at the park?" "Pweease!"  Couldn't deny him one more day.

All ready to give out her Valentines to her friends.

Practicing some kung fu moves, after the party.

Gots myself a rockin Valentine.

She just sat under that slide pushing the sand with her feet, staring and eating her corndog. 

Then, after naps they wanted to play on the trampoline.  And as Maggie was heading out there, with baby doll in hand she informed me that she was Mary, and Max's name was Joseph, and the babydoll was Jesus.  Alrighty then.

Best friends.  Though I think Max is FAR MORE attached to his "big" sissy than she to him.

I was just informed that my picture space is full, and I just had to purchase 20GB of space for 5 bucks a year?  I realize that isn't that much, but it's ANNOYING as all get out. 

Anyway..........I shall shut my trap now.  This is long enough!

Look for continued reno(vations) and the like.


The Wizzle said...

Reupholstering is super easy. It really, really is. I wouldn't lie to you! Not even I am intimidated by it (and it only took once to feel that way) and I am pretty easily intimidated by stuff like that...

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

I need to start thrifting and being all crafty! Let me know how it goes for you, and then I'll consider it. You can be my trailblazer. :)

I laughed SO HARD at the public-loudspeaker-reprimand-at-Mesa-Thrift-thing. OMG! So funny!

Cameron begs to play at the park every single day, too. EVERY SINGLE DAY. It's all cold and sludgy here right now, so we can't, and I always feel bad for telling him no.

Kristina P. said...

My little nephew loves to be girl trapped. I have no idea when this trapping thing came to be.

The Bipolar Diva said...

I love that chair, and as always love your pictures!

The Bipolar Diva said...

I love that chair, and as always love your pictures!