Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happiness is Taking a Baath

Nothing makes Maggie happier than getting a bath, or playing in water of some kind. Sadly we are bathtubless at our little casa, so she gets to bathe in the sink. But, no worries, it's all good for her. Love this girl!!

Intently watching the water flow, all that brings her joy.

We were working out and awesome new mohawk style. Pretty hot huh?

Now THAT is a happy baby. I just wish I could EVER get her to smile like that on a more frequent basis. She is so freaking stingey with her smiles. But, when you get them, it's all so worth it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Late Nights = TIRED mornings

So, our friend Lies'l came over last night around 9:45. We were soo glad to have her come over, and it was so good to visit with her and hang out. She's such a fun girl and we don't get to see her often enough. Somewhere in the course of the conversation she mentioned our other friend Taylor, whom we ADORE! We thought he'd already moved away on his big "Barage" adventure never to be seen again. As it turns out, he's still in town until Sunday. So, at 11:00 p.m. Jere called him and told him to get over to our house STAT! He obliged and it was SO GREAT to see him. Seriously, I LOVE this kid, he's one of the nicest, sweetest, coolest, best people I've ever known. We had a wonderful time chatting, catching up and laughing. Unfortunately, it was LATE! I'm usually in bed by 9:30 to 10:00 every night. I really can't remember the last time I was up until Midnight. It was KILLING me, I was soo tired, even though I was enjoying myself. Finally, just after Midnight, I just went and washed my face and then walked out into the living room, proclaimed my love to all, and hit the bed. I don't remember anything after that until 6:20 this morning when Maggie was screaming from her bed. Apparently she'd lost her binky and that never makes for a good wake up. I forgot the other part of our routine. I have to put blankets over her windows at night (I know, it's so white trashy of me) because it is seriously brighter than the noon day sun in her room from sunrise until about 8:30 a.m. I was sick of her waking at 5:00, so the blankets have been wonderful. But, this week, starting on Monday, she has insisted that SHE get to pull the blankets off the window, it's cute. So anyway, we pulled the blankets off, changed her pants and meandered out to the living room. I had to pay a couple of bills, and she's now sitting next to me on the couch playing with the blinds. Anywho, my point is, I'm soooo tired I can barely see straight, AND I have a super sore neck to boot. Man, staying up to play with friends, while fun, is just not worth it. I know Jer is gonna be complaining when he gets up, he's almost worse than me these days in his fuddy duddyness need for sleep.

Oh, for the record, the parentals made it home in one tired piece and they're lookin great. My Dad was even lifting the luggage and the babies. He's feeling a whole lot better I'd say. It sure is nice to have them home though...I missed them.

And finally, just because I can, I'm adding some more pics of Maggie. She really is just standing on her own all over the place, and she's taken a step or two, but she's not completely sure she trusts such action yet. Anyway in one of the pics, she's standing in the middle of the room in her new dress, and she seriously looks like a little midget child.

Note to Mel...I would love to have a swim play date with our girls. Let me get through this counfounded month and workshop and my July is soooo open, it's all yours girl.

My pretty miss in her newest little Sunday dress. I actually bought this a year ago with some shower money. She seriously has the cutest "Sunday" wardrobe, I just wish she had more places to wear all her dresses, 'cause she has so many.

Just one day I blinked and she was all grown up. But she really does look like a Munchkin. I think it's her tragic lack of neck, haha.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Morning Routines

Usually every morning, Maggie and I have our routine, and then Daddy and Maggie have a routine. She wakes up anywhere from 6:30 to 7:15, I go get her out of bed, we snuggle for a minute, I change her diaper and then make her a bottle. These days, she may or may not drink much of said bottle. Then, she (if in a good mood) will play around with toys, or creep her way around the rooms. Until at some point she lets me know she's ready for her waffle, egg, banana, or whatever breakfast entails that day. She sits in her chair, happily eating while I do some cleanup, or check blogs, or whatever. When she's done, I clean her up, let her down to play and usually Daddy comes out for his shower. After his shower he usually takes her into the bedroom with him so she can "help him pick out what to wear". Mostly this means she plays in the bedroom and makes happy noises. He can get her to always blow kisses, and say bybe bye. For me, she pretty much will not be a little performer monkey. Anyway, this morning, Daddy took her into the bathroom, well, she takes herself in there and we all know bathrooms are scarey places for babies to roam free. So, in order to save her from teh floor, he put her in the sink while he brushed his teeth. It was really just too cute, since she LOVES to see the pretty girl in the mirror. I had to take a few pictures. The following was Maggie helping Daddy brush his teeth, or just Maggie admiring herself in the mirror, whatever.

She really likes brushing her 4 teeth. I wish I was better at remembering to do it for her. It just seems like I always run out of time and forget. Good thing she's not a real bottle drinker, and never has juice, huh?

Ok, I must be off to the airport to pick up my parentals. They've been gone for two LONG weeks, and we're so excited to have them home again.

The LaRue's House

This is the LaRue's house. It burned down two Saturdays ago. It makes me sad.
Now, I hardly think it matters that "the LaRue's" moved out of this house 21 years ago. It will ALWAYS be "the LaRue's" house to me. See, Andrea and Tara were two of my best friends growing up. More Andrea, as she was my age, but Tara was also my friend. They lived in this house, on the corner of Vine, almost directly behind my house. I have such fond memories of this house, of my friends who lived there, etc. I mean, this house was cool, under Tara and Andreas bunkbed (I believe their Dad built them) there was a secret compartment. You could totally move the little door and hide down in there. I'm fairly sure it was built to put like food storage or something, but none the less, no one had a built in hiding place under their bed like this. Their younger sister also had bunk beds in her room, and that was always fascinating to me. In their older sisters room, there was a bathroom IN the room. People, that was unheard of then, noone but like parents rooms had bathrooms in the room. They also had a really cool utility room in the back that was their laundry, but also had a place for their mom to do hair, and off from that was a little office, and their Dad always had TONS of the old fashioned computer paper in there. This was the house that 2 days before school pictures in 3rd grade, I was swinging on their swing and I flipped off and face planted in teh dirt. I have a pretty awesome shiner in my pics to prove it. When they built their pool, Andrea and I decided one HOT summer day to slather ourselves in baby oil and basically crisp ourselves in teh sun. For the record, we were quite successful at the crisping. OUCH! In this house, their oldest sisters water broke, right at the kitchen table. Also, in their kitchen, they had a totally cool "old fashioned" phone, and a slammin vinyl green dinette set. In that kitchen, Tara taught me the greatness that is sour cream in chile beans. In this house, I learned the "value" of CBS soaps. I mean, the LaRue's got me hooked in Guiding Light and As the Wrold Turns for goodness sake. hahahaha I also remember a funky shaped bathtub in the hall bath, and it was green. I remember the great re-decoration of 1980something. Sharon always had a lovely home, and when dusty rose and country blue were in, you better believe her whole house was done up in it. It wasn't too long after they did all this lovely redecorating that they decided to move. They designed their own home and moved out to East Mesa, with all the smart people and took my friends with them. We've always stayed in touch, and remain friends to this day, but I still miss "the LaRue's" and their house. So, sad days, goodbye forever you old house. Thanks for the good times and the good memories, may they last forever.

And thus ends my entry of the house that burned down.

Maggie is awake and mad at me for not getting there sooner.

My Fair Lady

Ok, I have about 20 minutes before Maggie is sure to wake up and all hope of blogging is lost. So, I'll try to spit one out really quickly.

So, for Fathers Day I surprised Jere, and by surprised, I mean SURPRISED!!! Jere with two tickets to see My Fair Lady at Gammage. If you know me at all you know that I'm rather "tight" or cheap if you will with the cash when it comes to anything I deem frivolous or expensive, such as $100.00 show tickets, movies, whatever. So, it was mighty huge that I went ahead and did this. But, we s'posedly have a nice chunk coming our way for sending a referrall to the guy we bought our car from. We haven't seen the check yet, but they promise it's coming. Anywho, so Saturday (last) comes and it's time to go see the show. I'd already arranged with G'ma Peg for Maggie to spend the whole afternoon with her. But, fate intervened in a not so kind way. Friday night Jere started feeling a bit yuckers. His intestines were having a mighty war and winning it. So, all night Jere was in and out of the bathroom, and all morning was more of the same. He was downing the immodium, but feeling really bad. He was determined to go to the show though, so he took one for the team and off we went. We dropped Maggie at Grammas and rushed over to Gammage. We had seperate seats (had to do that in order to get good ones). Jere was 8th row center and I was 14th row, close to center. We settled in for the show, and I'm not gonna lie, it didn't disappoint. Holy freaking amazing sets!! For the sets alone it was worth seeing this show. I have truly never seen anything more beautiful or glorious than Professor Higgins study. It was mind boggling, and I can't even begin to imagine how it all works. I really enjoyed the guy playing Higgins, and apparently we had the understudy for Eliza. She was really good, though I thought her Cockney was not good enough. The costumes were stunning as well. There was a really fun "stomp" number that was very entertaining. So, the first act was really great, and I even fell asleep in a few parts. Let's face it, I'm pregnant, it was 4 million degrees outside, and I'm a bit sleep deprived. And, I've also come to the sad realization, I just don't have much of an attention span or love to sit through shows anymore. I know, go figure. Anyway, intermission comes, and Jere makes his way over to me and I can tell he is MISERABLE! He's trying so hard to hold it together, but he feels awful, and his stomach is ready to revolt at any second. So, after a brief little discussion, I told him we could leave. He felt bad, but honestly, between us and the internet world, I was ready to go anyway. I mean, I would really liked to have seen the "Get me to the church on time" number, 'cause Bryson said it's amazing. But, I felt like i'd already seen the whole set, all the good costumes, and I knew how the show ended. So, I was ok with leaving, and I knew it was the right thing to do. We trudged our way back to the car in the blazing hell that is AZ in summer and made our way to Grammas. Maggie was having a grand time when we got there. She was standing at the sliding glass door, watching the birds, and the leaves blow around and "singing" at the top of her lungs. She really does cute things with Gramma that she doesn't ever do with me. We stayed for a little while and then headed home. All in all, it was a good experience, even if we didn't get to see the whole show.

Saturday night was fab, 'cause I finally got to tackle my hideous bathroom and give it a good scrubbin. I also got the kitchen floor swept and mopped and some good clean up done. I just love nothing more than to clean and then enjoy the clean house. On Monday I actually dusted teh living room. Go me! Really, if there is one thing I hate it is dusting. What an annoying tedious task. Most especially because 5 seconds after you've dusted, it's already dusty again. UGH!!

This morning I took Mags for a swim at my Mom and Dads house. I bought her a little floatation device thingy yesterday at Target. She sits in it and is perfectly content to float around. We had a lovely time, just the two of us, kickin around the pool. She LOVES the water, and i can tell I'm really gonna have to watch her, 'cause she is fearless. I got her halfway in and she was just diving so she could splash. Wish I had my camera out there, 'cause she was giving me some great smiles and her big fat teeth were very visible. Ahhh dang, she is just so great, how could anyone not just love her?

Ok, maybe I'll have time to do another post. Gotta upload a picture.


Thursday, June 19, 2008


Ok, the thing is, I have so many things I want to talk about, and pictures to show, and life is just insane. The month of June is always a crazy one, since I'm doing workshop everyday, but it just got crazier when you add a child into the mix. When I have to work around her schedule, AND be somewhere on time, it makes it tricky. I wouldn't trade it for the world, but it has just made having time to blog, or do laundry, or whatever, harder. I won't even discuss the state of my bathroom, because let me just say, it's a health hazard in there right now. Anywho, I finally was able to upload some pictures this morning, and Maggie is napping right now, so I'm gonna put them up. I SHOULD be going over my blocking for my number, 'cause I totally want to change it, but eh, that'll happen another time.

So, this adorable little Gap outfit was given to me by one of my darling students last year. It finally fit Maggie, so I put it on, and I felt it required two little ponies in her hair. I realize she has little hair, but I had to go for it. It was a pretty cute/funny look, but she pulled it off. The next set of pics is the morning after look that Maggie sported. It was pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

Someone I know is into opening all the cupboards and exploring. UGH!

Seriously, the best devil horns ever. They were so matching her little drama queen attitude too.

Umm yeah, I accidently got this picture on here, and I don't know how to delete single pictures. Anyone with some knowhow, PLEASE let me in on the secret. But, it is our van, and we do love it.

Miss Thang has graduated to a big girl seat. G'ma Peg gave it to us for Father's Day. Woo hoo, that was a big savings for us, Thanks G'ma Peg. Maggie is pretty sure she's the coolest thing ever, and there is a whole new world of car riding going on.

And finally....Maggie Loooooves her some food. On this evening, she was enjoying a delicious baked ziti. Yeah, that's right, I don't mess around. Nothing but the best gourmet for my child. She was just cracking me up in all her filth.

Ok, when I have time, there is much to discuss, not the least of which is...So You Think You Can Dance. Holy Crap I love that show. But, if you don't know me yet, you will soon understand I have a fiery hot passion for reality TV, and I get ridiculously passionate and opinionated about certain contestants. I can't wait to discuss. Also, up for a future post, Father's Day, My Fair Lady, my friends house burning down, Workshop and much more.

Peace out peeps! Maggie is awake, time to eat and run.

Monday, June 9, 2008

A Photo Essay

This morning I need to be studying some important video so I can block my two specialty numbers in workshop. However, I thought it would be MUCH more fun to import some latest pics of Maggie and share them with you, my internet loving friends. Oh how I do love some modern technology. As I type, Maggs sits on the floor on the other side of the coffee table, having abandoned her morning bottle for a bag of fishies she found ON the table. She's happy as a clam, shoving them by the fist full into her mouth. I'm not gonna lie here when I say, I've got a bit of a piggy on my hands. For a baby who was labeled "failure to thrive" due to her extreme teeny skinniness at one month, I'd say shes' doing JUST fine these days.

Yesterday afternoon was a lovely one spent visiting with family and friends. First we stopped by my parents to say goodbye, since they're leaving today for 2 weeks in PA. Just my Dad was home, and it was a delightful little chat with the Tonester. He was having his best day so far since the surgery. In fact, it was so good, he even went to church. He looked good, walking around with a little pep in his step. I wish I'd taken a picture of him though, 'cause only my Dad would be such a rebel. See, he's grown out his full man beard (totally gray) since he's been confined to his house for so long. While there is nothing wrong with that, he IS the Bishop, and it's certainly frowned upon to have a beard. So, yesterday, there he was, all dressed up in his suit, with his big fatty beard, prancing around the halls of church. I love this man. He just decided he didn't feel like shaving, especially since he was leaving for 2 weeks anyway. But, I digress. We had a nice visit, and it's SO good to see him finally feeling better. After that, we decided to go visit Dar, 'cause we haven't been to her house for literally a year. It was the nicest afternoon/evening spent. She got to see Maggie for the first time since birth, spend some time with her, etc. Maggs had a GREAT time playing with the plethora of toys available there. All in all, a lovely Sunday.

Ok, pictures, I get it.

The point of this picture, though she does look wierd is, I'm showing that she had a "pony" in her hair for the very first time. She really did look cute, but she was also standing on her own for the first time, and she was a little freaked out.

Maggies first time wearing her swimsuit, and FIRST time going swimming. We were at Porter and Lanas house, swimming in their new pool. It was a BIT freezing, and she was not the biggest fan of it at first. But, she did better once her Daddy (who looks real cute in these pics I might add) got in with her. Sorry, but NOTHING is cuter than a little chubby baby in a skirted swimming suit.

One of my favorite dresses she has. I had to get a pic of it before she outgrew it.

And finally....she can go from zero to DRAMA in about .05 seconds flat. All should see Maggies SAD face. I should take video of the tantrum she's throwing right this second because I had the nerve to take a picture away from her. Oh I love this girl!!!!
Peace out.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Drum roll Please......

Well folks, we had the big ultrasound yesterday, and the results are in. But before I give you the news, I first need to say...I MISS Betty. Betty was our ultrasound tech with Maggie, and she was freaking awesome!! When we walked away from an ultrasound with her, we had butloads of pictures, and they were clear and they were on a cd too. Sadly, this ultrasound was a HUGE disappointment to me. Well, the actual ultrasound was fine, I saw lots of great stuff on the screen. However, when all was said and done, we walked away with four crappy, fuzzy pictures of the babies face, and one unseeable picture of it's "privates". It was a letdown to say the least. On the upside, the new doctor I'm seeing is about 1000% better than the last, totally cool and that is what really matters right? I'm just a little sad that I don't have a fun ultrasound pic to share with you. But, I know you're all just dying to know, so without further ado, here is the answer.


Can you stand it? We're having a boy? I just really wasn't totally prepared for that, I was believing in my heart I'd have another girl. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy, and we'll love him so much, but I just thought having another girl would be much easier. I mean, they'll only be 15 months apart, so I already have all the stuff, and they could grow up to be such pals, etc. But, God had something else in mind, and I'm excited to see what this new adventure will bring. Jere however was a bit more than devestated by the news. He thinks he can only be a good girl Dad. But I've assured him that he will be just great at a boy as well. On another "bright side" note, he will at least get to have a friend. Our good pals Jamie and Gina are having a "baby Blueberry" in September, so hooray. Never mind that they live in Austin, that is only a minor inconvenience. haha

I have no idea what we're gonna name him, 'cause we have a few that we like. We've been a fan of Davis or Gavin, and then I decided I liked Max, 'cause really, how cute is Max and Maggie. I mean, I'm so sure, that's adorable. But, then I realized there are 4 bajillion Max's in the world right now, and my sister Dixie informed me that there are apparently 4 bajillion and 1 Gavins, so now what do I do? I guess only time will tell.

In other news, workshop is on it's last day of the first week, and I'm so far behind (and apathetic) it's frightening. How do I get this way? I just don't know. We have a lovely bunch of kids, and they're doing a great job, it's just me that is mostly sucking. I have no creative inspiration at all. UGH!

Maggie gets to go spend her afternoons with Brooklyn and Jenny, and she's loving it. I think she's been missing her "sister" cousin, and a bit confused as to where Brooklyn went so abruptly one day. I love that she gets to spend some time in a different environment and play with Jenny. It's a good thing she's such a good baby and doesn't 'cause any trouble, haha. Speaking of, have I mentioned she has 4 huge teeth? She does, and they're pretty cute too. She's also moving around like a little demon, I think we'll see some walking in the next month or so. She still won't crawl like a "normal" person on her knees, but that certainly doesn't stop her.

Well, she's crying in her crib, time to get up and have her morning bottle. Besides, I should think about workshop, and how to block three new numbers.

Peace out peeps. This boy mama is off to a new day.