Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas part Deux

Christmas morning dawned bright and earl....well, actually...Maggie chose that day to change her whole sleeping pattern and slept until 8:30. She has never slept so late, but wouldn't you know, she is now sleeping that late almost every day. Anyway, it gave us time to get up, get the fire started and for Jere, the Christmas music playing in the background. The scene was set, NOW we could let Maggie experience her Christmas morning.

I sort of forgot to take many pictures, though I did take a bunch of video, so we're covered. But, this is Jere showing off his i-home. It's his best present and he was quite pleased with it. Phew!

Yes, you ARE looking at a CAT keyboard. Me, of all people who hates ALL things cats and cat related bought my child a cat keyboard. So shoot me, I couldn't help it. It's a really cute keyboard and it does some neato things. Everyday she plays a little on her mialmo (piano).

Christmas days are spent at my sister Danas house. It's a truly fun day, eating, and eating and playing games, and hanging out and eating, and playing and eating. Here Max got a wee bit too sleepy and just conked out in the midst of it all.

Oh you're seeing correctly, that is totally my Mom kickin it on the bike. My bro and sis in law got themselves "cruisers" for Christmas. We all took a turn, and somewhere there is photographic evidence of me on the bike too (I'm sure it's scary). Anyway, my Mom was adorable out there riding around.

Maggie LOVES her Uncle Troy. Every morning when he drops Brooklyn off, Maggie INSISTS on loves and hugs from Troy. I just love this shot of them, she's sharing her phone conversation with him.

Max enjoyed a bit of the Suns game with Uncle Eric. He really sat there for quite some time taking it all in. To bad the Suns went and lost it. BOO!

SOME people like to do puzzles, I would NOT be one of them. Dixie and Shane brought over this behemoth of a puzzle and it took 2 days to do. Please see her entry regarding this puzzle, it's quite funny. I did sit at the table for some time and attempted to match a few pieces. It was HARD!

Maggie always likes to make sure she's right in the middle of it all, especially where the 3 princesses are concerned.

My Daddio and Jenny playing some Sequence. Danas house isn't very big, but somehow it all works out. Even if you have to put game tables up in the doorway and couches in front of the bookshelves.

At the end of a LONG day Gramma and my kiddies just resting on the chair. Maggie had absolutely REFUSED to nap. So I was SURE that she'd be zonked out the instant we got in the car for home. NOPE, she stayed awake the whole way home, taking her shoes and socks off and studying her feet very intently. But, we had her in bed by 7:00 and then we settled in to watch a movie. We ended up watching "Mama Mia", it was ok, mindless I guess. Anyway, all in all it was a very lovely day. There is never anything better than spending time with family.
Hope you all had a fantastical Christmas and that you have a great New Year.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was an extremely busy, crazy day, and yet lovely. We had A LOT of last minute things to get, do, etc. So, we ran around all day like crazies, and then literally rushed in to Jeres Moms house for dinner. We had a lovely dinner and then literally packed up Maggie and his sister Julie and rushed over to the Temple to see the lights and listen to our good friend Jordan put on a concert. Oh, let me backtrack a moment and say...we went to Forgotten Carols on Tuesday night and HOLY CRAP it was awesome. I know, you may think...but it's Michael McClean and he's so totally cheesy, but I promise you, this show was GREAT! Jordan was the main singer and he was retarded (meaning AMAZING). If this show comes again next year, and Jordan is in it, I HIGHLY reccommend you attend. Just go ahead and leave before the actual, embarrassingly cheesy part where he sings "we can be together forever someday" and has the audience join in. Could SO do without that. But, back to the night...we wandered around looking at lights, which surprisingly Maggie seemed none to impressed with. However, she sure looked cute. haha
**please note that all pictures can be clicked on to view larger**

Jere and Jordan after the concert. Maggie was AWFUL throughout, so I had to just keep walking her around. At one point she actually tried to strip her clothes off, which she has never done. UGH! After the concert we headed back to Grandma Pegs for our presents. We have the privilege of spending Christmas Eve with Jeres Mom and Sister and Christmas day with my family.

The kids got new Christmas jammies, but Maggie refused to pose. Max was so freaking sweet the whole night just sitting and taking it all in.

THIS is how Maggie likes to spend her time..."loving" or what is commonly known as LAYING on her brother. You can just sort of see her adorable jammies in the pics.

She got a cabbage patch doll and another baby too. Gramma Peg really loves to spoil Maggie and this night was no exception. She spoiled us too, as did Julie. Thanks so much you two.

My favorite present Maggie got from Gramma, a BOX of 7 purses. If you didn't know, Maggie LOVES her a purse. She generally likes to have one on her arm whenever we leave the house. So, a box of them was really the BEST. They're all so cute and stylish too, and they come with matching jewelry. All night she insisted on having ALL SEVEN on her arm at one time.

Julie was trying to put together her puzzle, telling her we're taking her to Disneyland, but Maggie felt SHE needed to sit. This is also SO Maggie, if it has any form of a flat surface, she will sit on it.

This was the other hi-tech dolly she got. She would give it a drink, then take a drink for herself, then repeat. This went on for some time, and frankly, it was cute.

This is Jere "being a Dad" by putting together her doll toy. He feels so cool when he gets to do things like this.

After a very long day and a very nice evening where I repeat, we were spoiled...the hour was late and we had to get the kids home. After tucking them in bed, we wrapped their presents, and ours to eachother, cleaned up the house and set everything in place so it'd be ready for the morning.
I will make a second post to talk about Christmas Day.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hello??? Is anybody out there?

Ok, SERIOUSLY...what is UP with this ridiculous prolonged silence in the blogosphere. NoONE has updated in forever. What do you people expect me to read to fill up my endlessly free days? Good grief! Ok fine, so we had Christmas, that was like THREE days ago. I'm just saying, it's time to update. You might be feeling overwhelmed with ALL you could blog about, or ALL the pictures that you need to put on, I feel you, I really do. So, I decided that I'd be the first to break this silence, this undue quietude in blogland. There I've done it for you, now you can all feel free to write away.

With that said, I'm TOTALLY disappointed in the lack of voices to opine on which picture I should use. I see on my counter that PLENTY of people have been by to have a looksy, but only 10 real votes. I mean, for heavens sake, my mom got herself a google account just so she could pipe up and vote, how cute is that. Many of my regular commentors (I have like 5) haven't even said anything. Sadness, really, a tear, strreaming down my cheek. But, I guess it looks like # 5 was the most popular, so I'll see what I can do to make it presentable and get it sent out to you.

I'm very much planning on doing a Christmas post, 'cause I have pictures that must be shared, and we had a lovely Christmas. But, that'll have to be another time, as Max is stirring and he needs to be fed.

I'm leaving you with these pics.....guess who came to church last Sunday?? None other than Maggies boyfriend Nixon. It was really cute, 'cause she was ALL about putting her arm around him and touching him and playing. He...not so much. But, we did manage to get one quick pic in there, and the other one you can sort of see Nixon's arm as he was making is getaway from Maggie. I also think I'll throw in their Easter shot, just to compare how much they've grown up. Their wedding video is so gonna be the cutest. hehhehahahhahahahah, oh I slay myself. By the way it was also quite grand to see Nixon's parents, 'cause we love them so much too.

Maggie and Nixon sittin in a tree, K-I-S-S-I ok fine, not right now.

They appear to be much happier in their younger days.

Oh how he used to love her so. hehehe But seriously, how cute are they?

But I JUST wanted to love him and pet him.

Anywho, that's all for now. Hopefully you feel spanked enough to get on it and WRITE something. I'm in need of a fix people, and it's all about ME!!!
Happy Sabbath.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Are there ANY pictures worth using?

Ok, here's the deal...we stopped by Jere's Moms on Sunday after church so she could see Maggie in her Christmas finery. We just busted out the camera and said, "ok, it's now or never, let's take some pics." So, my question to peeps is this. Is there even ONE picture amongst these that is worth using for our "Christmas letter"? Your job is to click on each pic, give them a looksy and then vote. They are 1 - whatever, going down to the bottom. I'm not kidding here, I NEED votes on this matter. I don't foresee anytime coming again where we'll get it together enough to take a picture. I'm not entirely pleased with the fact that I'm shiny, I didn't even powder before the pics, THAT is how impromptu it was. And then, any of you know how to photoshop? I mean, if we could just get ONE good shot of Max to go along with some good ones of the rest of us. Anywho, vote away, I'm counting on you people! Lurkers, my lovely "stalkers" you need to get on the stick and vote too! I NEED HELP! With that said, Have a lovely day. I'll post some pics tomorrow of Maggie and her betrothed, 'cause it's sweet. (You CAN click on each pic and make it big.)


Love you all, thanks for your help.
Merry Merry

Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie

So, I make sugar cookies...that's "my thing" for Christmas. I make them once a year, and I do a pretty fine job of it. I spent much of Sunday afternoon rolling, cutting, baking, etc. I got a few frosted before we had to leave to drop some off and visit some friends. (Jenny D. don't you worry, I haven't written you off completely, we'll be bringing some by tomorrow) Those that I'd frosted, but didn't take, I put on a plate and covered with foil. So, this morning I was watching P&L's kids and they really wanted a cookie. So, I gave them a cookie and Maggie was all about getting her own cookie. Lana came back, she enjoyed a couple and the kids each had another. I won't lie, I ate a few throughout the day as well. Anyway, it's now early evening, I'm working on dinner, so my back is to the plate (on the table) when I catch a little crinkle sound out of the corner. I turned around to see this....

Hmmm, clearly someone had just grabbed a cookie for their own. I then turned around to the family room where I see Maggie standing over Max in his bouncy, munching on a cookie. I sucked my breath in in surprise, and she jumped about a mile into the air. I tried not to giggle, 'cause she's just so cute and funny. I then "sternly" chastised her for totally skyfing a cookie. And then I took a picture.

I mean really, what can you do to a face like that? I s'pose I should say...she DID steal a second cookie, but I was ON HER for that one. hehe

Then, she commenced to do her own "cooking" while I was finishing dinner. She enjoys getting out the pots and spoons and working on dinner. I wish I had a picture of her "feeding" Max her great concoction, it was sweet.

With taht said, I must post another quick post and then get to frosting those pesky cookies. I've got peeps waiting for their fix. haha

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Because I feel like I NEVER really show pictures of Max, I've decided to do this brief little pictorial. He really is the SWEETEST little boy, and I'm proud to announce that he has now slept through the night for 4 straight nights. Thank you Max, your Mommy really appreciates it! He has the calmest demeanor and I just love him tons. I didn't think I could get so lucky 2 babies in a row, but apparently I can. However, they do turn into little naughtykins, as Maggie has proven, so I don't know if it's all so great. Wait, let me think about that, um yeah, having a sleeping, calm baby is TOTALLY worth it!! haha

This is that totally cute outfit that I mentioined. I just love the fall colors, and the fact that I didn't need a blanket when he wore this, 'cause it's a whoel sweater wrapped around him. Love it!

These were taken today. I was trying to get clever and it really wasn't working. Plus, he was really tired and would rather have been asleep. So, I got what I could. He's sooo strong, he's great at holding himself up.
Finally, a short story. The other evening I was shredding some chicken in the kitchen and Maggie was quietly and happily playing. Max was in his bouncy chair, and all I could hear was him breathing. Well, then I listened again, and it was really more of him grunting. So, I turned around to see what was up, and there sat Maggie, RIGHT ON TOP of him in the bouncy chair. She clearly was trying to share the chair and love on him, but instead, he was being suffocated. He never made a peep, no crying, and when I pulled her off, he just looked around like nothing had happened. Ahhh, ya just gotta love those older siblings and their death wishes for the babies.
Gingerbread and diapers,

What do you do to use up their energy?

Have you and your kids been going stir crazy with all the wet and rain, being cooped up in the house? Well, to let off some steam today, we just meandered out to our awesome mud patch we like to call our yard. It's a "delightful" place to let the children run free.
First, you let them work on their bicep curls, build those muscles. Maggie really likes to believe that she is capable of lifting and moving heavy objects.

Then you let them run, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. And you just hooray them along, encouraging them to believe that this is the FUNNEST time ever! Note the picture of Maggie. It took every bit of her energy and effort to heft her girthiness across the yard. She was "running" with all her might and it really could be categorized as a semmi-brisk walk. Then, apparently she's recently discovered "jumping". This is one of my favorite stages of kids. You know what it is, when they concentrate sooooo hard and they work and work to get those feet off the ground. They give it their best effort, and really nothing happens, their knees just bend and unbend. But, they really feel like they've accomplished something. It's so darn cute. Maggie is totally "jumping" and was giving me a great show of her talents. This went on for some time, and they had a grand time. Only when Maggie decided to sit in the mud, because I mistakenly told her NOT to, did we wrap it up and come inside. And, let it be said, they both played with their dollies for a few minutes and then went right to bed. Ok, I'll admit it, I have 2 of the BEST nappers EVER! I'm lucky, and I appreciate that.
In unrelated news, I'm mildly saddened that I only have 11 "followers" over there on the right. Seriously, only 11. I feel totally unpopular and unloved right now! Get on it people, FOLLOW me! The end.
The first noel,