Wednesday, December 17, 2008

To cute NOT to post

These were taken just before she paged Jeeves and told him to fetch the car, as she needed a ride to her play date with destiny.

Seriously, this sweater is the best. It's one of the many that Auntie Dana got for her at last years Gymboree blow out. This girl is dressed WAY to cute to just be sitting at home everyday. I almost feel bad to have her all dressed, done up and then never leave the house. Wish I had the stamina or mental fortitude to get them out and about. But really, where would I go? Anyway, just had to post, 'cause someone needed to see her in her fur finery. She was hilarious when I pulled that sweater out this morning. She made a big gasping sound of excitement, she was so in awe of her furry collar. I'm so grateful that she's such a good clothes wearer. She never fights me on putting clothes on and has never so much as attempted to remove any item of clothing. Thank goodness, 'cause I think I'm to uptight to deal with that all day long.

Not much is going on around here at all. Hence no posting. We're having a fairly quiet December season, which in all honesty is fine with me. Next Tuesday night we're going to Forgotten Carols, looks like that'll be our big excursion o' the season, haha.

Oh and Julie Jo, I beg to differ....I think Maggie gives Waverly a good run for her money. hahahaha


jen said...

Until today, I really didn't think your kids looked much alike. But the pics on these posts show how much he's looking like his sis. Maybe he'll smile easier than she does!

Dana said...

How funny...and cute! (I'd forgotten about that stinking cute sweater!) Anyway, when Jayce was all dressed and ready today--looking seriously studly--I was completely bummed that only I was getting to appreciate his cuteness!

Court & Julie and kids said...

Who says I was talking to you specifically???? :)

Mel said...

She looks adorable. This post makes me laugh. The only times I feel like going out is when I've managed to get O looking half-way decent and she hasn't destroyed her look within 30 seconds. On those days, I'm like "lets go out. Our kid is cute" Even in those moments, we get in the car and she manages to yank out her hair and pull off her shoes.
Unlike Maggie, Olivia has never NOT fought me putting on clothes. Now you watch, she'll either grow up to be a fashion designer or a nudist :)
Love the pictures of Max btw. I can't believe how much he has grown already!