Friday, July 18, 2008

One year stats

Looks like our little Miss is really a growin. She gained 3 pounds and grew three inches since her 9 month visit. Go Maggie!
30 3/4 Inches 85%
21.6 lbs. 50%
And her head is in the 75th % which went up from the 25th. I don't quite get the "stats" because the percentiles don't ever seem to make a whole lot of sense. I mean really, look at those chubber legs, do THEY look like they're only in the 50th%? I thought not. Anyway, she got some of her shots yesterday as well, and as usual was a total champ. Only cried for a couple of minutes and then was over it. I'm telling you, this girl takes the "knocks" of life like a man. She's had more head banging falls, lip splitting, hand smashing moments and she usually only cries for a minute if she cries at all. Should I be worried? Maybe she's lacking some sort of nerve ending, or maybe she's just as cool as me and has a very high pain tolerance. Yeah, I vote for the latter.
Tomorrow is the "big party" haha. Should be fun. I just hope I order enough pizza, I gots a big family and all, and maybe you've noticed, we likes ourselves some food.
Looks like tonight we're gonna have to find a "real" babysitter for the first time, as G'mas and Aunties are all busy. What a wierd concept. Frankly, I'd rather just stay home and not deal with it all, but Jere is a bit determined to get out. We'll see what happens.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

One Year Ago

One year ago today, at 1:47 p.m. this perfect, beautiful, amazing little girl with a prominent nose, and bright alert eyes, came silently into our lives. I say silently, because it was very silent. They couldn't get her to cry or even make a peep. It was disconcerting at best. In fact, she didn't really make her first real cry until about 2 or 3 the next morning. She did however make horrifying choking and gagging noises, because she had a lot of crap in her lungs or throat or something. Apparently the Doctor and nurses were all rather alarmed that she was much earlier than they thought. So, she didn't score well on the apgar scores. However, she was tops in her class for the hearing. Anyway, it was worrysome that she was SO quiet, and she remained that way for quite some time. She was an amazing nurser though, latched on immediately, and never had a problem with suction. Unfortunately, I had a real problem with producing, so that was a challenge. I had QUITE an audience in the delivery sis in law Julie and my sister Dana were holding my legs and coaching me while Jere stood near my head. On the other side, my sister Jenny, my sis in law Lana and my mother in law Peggy were all observing the big event. It was certainly far more people than I'd ever planned on having in there, but in the end, it was fine. But, because there were so many people there, when Maggie made her debut, it was like paparazzi. It was funny, cameras and cell phone cams going off everywhere. These first two pics are from Jeres cell phone camera. Maggie looks big in the first one, but she wasn't really. She weighed in at 7 lbs. 11 oz. 21 1/2 in. long. By the time we left the hospital she'd lost nearly a pound, and it would take just over a month for her to gain that back. At that time they deemed her failure to thrive, and it was horrible. I was having to take her to the doctor every week to be weighed and make sure she was growing at all. I nursed, supplemented with formula, pumped, you name it. She genuinely had NO interest in eating. I had to force her to eat every few hours. On the one hand, it was nice, 'cause she was ALWAYS sleeping, and never crying for food, so from about 3 weeks on she's slept through the night. But, on the other, very disturbing because she wasn't gaining weight like she should.

This is Maggie at about 1 month. As you can see she had scrawny little legs and looked like a bag of skin. We were trying, but she just wasn't so much complying. But, look at her chubba now, she showed them!!

This is my all time favorite picture of Maggie. She is about 3 months old and had just started to figure out smiling. So, we were trying to capture a smile picture. Just as this was taken she had started to smile, and then all the sudden the most perfect frown ever appeared. This also was on Jeres cell phone camera. Her Daddy frowns exactly like that. I just think it's so freaking funny. Note the bib. Maggie was a ridiculous barfer. Until she was 6 months old, we went nowhere without at least 5 burp cloths and 10 bibs. She was soaked all the time. The moment she was done eating, or mid eating or whatever, she was spitting it all back up again. Gratefully, that ended at 6 months. I'm tellin ya, that was NOT the fun part. On the flip side, she has never pooped out a diaper or an outfit, so that's nice.

This is when she's 5 months old, on the airplane ride home from Chicago. I just thought it was a funny pic. She had discovered her tongue on the trip and could NOT leave it alone, or in her mouth.
In this pic, taken only a couple weeks ago, she had clearly enjoyed her morning banana a little too much. It was hilarious, all over her face.
Someone discovered m&m's in Greer. A little chocolate face mess!

Look at that sweet bum. And those chubby legs, failure to thrive HMPH!! She is truly a roly poly joy!

Apparently we have a little computer genious on our hands. haha She is REALLY fascinated by the computer and throws some pretty royal fits when she is not allowed to play on it.

I can't believe that an entire year has come and gone. Our lives have changed in so many ways, and so much for the better. Every day she brings us so much happiness and joy and laughter. I'm so grateful that we were entrusted with her sweet little spirit. I can't wait to see what the next year will bring us.

Some of her accomplishments:

She is nearly walking. She takes several steps and then realizes and gives up. She can sign "all done". She blows kisses, waves bye bye. Claps, plays peek a boo like a pro. She says mom, Dad, makes the noise that a doggy makes, and says dog. She won't drink out of a bottle, and won't drink milk for the most part. She prefers water and sippy cups. Well, she'd REALLY prefer a grown up cup, but I don't prefer the mess it makes. She has figured out how to unscrew things, and that has caused a mess or two. She's methodical and mechanical and will work at something until she gets it. She's obsessed with q-tips, and will pick them out of the garbage and try to clean her ears with them. She LOVES her silky/wooby and will happily carry it around or cuddle with it. She lights up when her Daddy walks in the room, or when she gets to go wake him up in the morning by pouncing on him. She LOVES her cousins, and gets especially giddy when she sees Dane, Brooklyn, Jayce or Tatum. Those are the times when we really get to see her laugh, which is always so fun. She has figured out how to get off the couch, or the bed without killing herself, she knows to turn around and let her feet go first. She is a fabulous shopper. She'll sit happily and quietly in a cart for a long time. She LOVES to read books, or have them read to her, and she loves cell phones. Overall, I'm pretty sure she's brilliant and funny. hahahaha I KID!

We're doing a little family birthday party on Saturday, so then I'll get the whole cake eating pictures and stuff. I'm taking pictures throughout today to document her ONE YEAR mark, and I'll post those later as well. For now, I must go...she's woken up from her nap, crying for Mom to rescue her. We have to get dressed and ready to go to her one year check up at the doctor. I can't wait to find out how much she weighs, 'cause I'm tellin ya, she's gettin HEAVY!

Later friends.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Greer '08 Part One

I'm sure this could be a really long entry, so I've decided to just post a few pics and call it a day for now. Suffice it to say, the weather was ridiculous and gorgeous! It never got over 60 degrees, it was cool, cold, rainy, GORGEOUS!!!! The air was clean, clear and smelled so yummy. The cabin we stayed in was huge, and had a freaking awesome porch that wrapped all the way around. The food was waaaaaay to plentiful and delicious. The only downside would be the plumbing problems that plagued us the whole time. There was flooding involved, and some serious stank, but other than that, it was WONDERFUL!! Coming home to the muggy, hot deathtrap known as Mesa was NOT so much fun. But, it is good to be home, and get back in the swing of things.

The ladies of the Shum. We included the sis in laws this year. Sorry the color is a bit dark here. Seriously, I just feel so freaking fat. This whole have 2 babies in a year thing really wreaks havoc on the ol' bod.

The Mens of the family. New this year is 4th from the Left, Shane, Dixie's new husband. He's a real good sport, and he's a nice addition to the fam.

Tony and Dian and all their grandkids. Well, actually, Breckyn is missing, as she's off to BYU, but other than that all are represented.

Here we are, the Jere VP's in our latest glory. It's a good thing Maggie is so cute, perhaps we can go unnoticed.

Finally, in all our patriotic glory, the entire Tony Shumway clan...Greer '08. It truly was a wonderful week of resting, relaxing, eating, playing games and hanging out. I'm so grateful to have such a fab family. Thanks Mom and Dad for another fantastic week.

And, just for funsies, I'm throwing this pic in. A true smiling pic of Maggie is as rare as a sighting of Big Foot. So, the fact that we have this, I need to publish it to the world. If you look closely, you can see her ginormous front teeth. If my baby got anything whatsoever that is Shumway, it would be her big teeth. Yea, I LOVE this girl!!

Thanks friends for your comments on the last Greer post and for your concern for my G'pas passing. I do appreciate the comments, I think they're my favorite part of blogging.

My Grandpa Shumway

One week ago yesterday, Sunday July 6th at 10:15 p.m. my sweet, beloved Grandpa Jerry Shumway passed away in his sleep. We were gone to Greer and didn't even find out until Wednesday that he'd passed. He was 92 yrs. old and very ready to go. He had cancer, pretty much throughout his body, and he'd declined rapidly in the last few weeks. So, though I am sad, because I loved him so; I'm also very happy for him. I'm happy that he's free of pain, free of a failing body and mind, and that he's home where he belongs.

My Grandpa was the ONLY of all my grandparents that I really had a relationship with or cared a lot about. He's the only one who ever made a strong effort to ALWAYS be involved somehow in his grandkids life. He lived in Pennsylvania my whole life, until 2 years ago when his kids brought him back to AZ to take care of him. But, even though he lived thousands of miles away, I NEVER felt like I didn't know him, or he didn't care. He sent a birthday card to every single one of his 36 grandkids, and even many of his great grandkids, never missing. I could always count on that card and $1.00, until you turn 8 or 10, then you got $5.00 until you were 18. He sent money for my mission, he came out for my wedding, because I insisted. He was in his mid-80's, and it was hard, but he did it. He was also a writer, he spent most of his days writing and corresponding with his many, many grandchildren, in-laws, friends, etc. His letters were hysterical, he had such a dry wit ahd humor. He never thought he was anything special, but he was so wrong. He was a wonderful, funny, warm, brilliant, loving man.

He was born in PA, raised a devout Methodist. Just before my Dad was born, he and my G'ma joined the church. It was very difficult, their families disowned them for a time. But, they persevered, eventually moving out to AZ to work on the dairy farm of the young missionary who baptized them. My Grandpa was a very hard working man. He was a dairy farmer his whole life, and on that piddly monetary existence, he raised 8 children, lived the gospel, and succeeded in having a great family. He and my "crazy" G'ma divorced when my Dad came home from his mission. In about 1970 or something, he decided to move back to PA and work on his families dairy farm until retirement. But, he still made it out to AZ at least once a year to visit his family and love us grandkids. He could spell any word backward, he was fabulous at Scrabble. He started writing in a journal and never missed even one day for over 30 years. I will miss his sweet little smile, his twinkling eyes and his wry sense of humor. But, I'm so grateful for the 35 years I had to spend with him, to know him and to love him. I'm thankful for his bravery in joining the church, in spite of the obstacles. I'm grateful for his life and example, that I could be where I am today. I'm grateful to be able to call him Grandpa.

Goodbye Grandpa...we'll see you on the other side. Play with Max for me, give him loves and send him down when it's his time.

Love you,

Saturday, July 5, 2008


About 4 years ago, my parents started renting a couple of cabins up in Greer, AZ for all of us to get together and enjoy a week together. The first year was fairly low key, but in subsequent years it has become a MUST DO thing. A "we'll die if we don't get to go" kind of thing. Greer is what we look forward to ALL year long. It's a week of glorious views, cool/cold weather, playing game after game after game, visiting with family and doing NOTHING. In one word, it is HEAVEN. We leave tomorrow morning for another glorious week. We're staying in new/different cabins this year, a little before you get into actual Greer. It will be interesting to see how we like them. Last year, I had a one week old baby, and my Greer was literally spent sitting on the bed trying to figure out nursing 90% of the time. Maggie was a really great baby from the start, but it was still not the funnest Greer trip. I'm so looking forward to this year, with a sweet one year old. I'm looking forward to the laughter, discussions, naps and adventures. The in-laws, plus Jenny have banded together to create an activities committee, which I think is adorable. They've come up with all kinds of plans and activities, should be fun. I'm most looking forward to "The Amazing Race' (which for the record is the single greatest reality tv show EVER created!). So, as it's nearly 12:45 a.m. and I have to be up soon enough with Maggie, and packing still isn't finished (waiting for clothes to dry) I thought I'd leave you with a few pics of last years Greer trip. When I get home next weekend, I'll be sure to update with this years pics.

By the way, Happy 4th. Hope it was a good one for all. Took some pictures of Maggie in her super cute 4th outfit. Will have to post those later. Had a lovely afternoon at Porter and Lanas, eating, swimming and hanging out. Too bad only Jenny's family and mine were there. Oh well, everyone elses loss!!

Here we are, the entire Tony Shumway fam in all our glory. There sure are a lot of us.

L-R. Eric, Dad (Tony), Porter
The mens of the family.

L-R: Dana, Jenny, Dixie, Mom (Dian) and Me Allyson

The ladies...apparently my Mom I totally missed the memo on the black shirt. Tragically, though I had JUST had a baby, I think I look better there than I do right now. Today I wore the same outfit I wore last July 4th, except last year I was 9 months pregnant, and this year I'm only 6. What is WRONG with this picture?

L-R: Adam (Dana), Jody (Eric), Jere(me), Troy (Jenny), Lana (Porter)

The infamous in-laws of Shumway land. They're a seriously funny bunch of people. They INSIST on having their own picture taken every year. And this year, they felt they'd be clever and give us their bums. So fun! We have a new in-law this year, Dixie's Shane. Hope he's amenable to the idea of butt grabbing. hehe

The grandkids galore. Don't you love how you can never get ALL of them to smile at one time. Tatum was having some sort of drama that day and pretty much cried through all the pictures. She's quite dramatical that one.

L-R: Olivia, Maya, Tatum

These are who we affectionately refer to as the three princesses. See, Breckyn was the first granddaughter, and the ONLY granddaughter for 14 lonely years. She swam amongst a sea of boys. Then in one year, along came these three ladies. All were born while my parents were on their mission. It was such an exciting time to FINALLY have girls born into the family. So, they are Olivia (belonging to Dixie and oldest of the three), Maya (belonging to Eric and youngest of the three) and Tatum (belonging to Porter). They're all such different girls, and so funny in their own right. We're glad that since them, three more princesses have joined the family.

Anyway, the hour is late, I must be off to bed. I'll try to update while we're there, when Jere comes up on Wed. and brings the computer. Until then, have a wonderful week, wherever you are.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lazy Day Shopping

With workshop officially over my "lazy" days of summer have officially begun. Monday found Maggs and I a little bored, if you will. So, we headed over to Target to pick a couple of necessities, and when you're bored, and shopping aimlessly, well, you tend to come home with a few "Un" necessities as well. However, as this picture will prove, the chair is just too cute, and it was only $4.50 or something like that. And then, what girl doesn't need a purple plaid sun hat? I ask you, who does NOT need this? hee hee

Yesterday Jere started school again, which means that every Tuesday night he goes to a ground campus straight from work and doesn't get home until10:30 p.m. Well, with that knowledge, I said, "no ways I'm hanging out here ALL day and night by myself, I am BORED!" So, Maggers and I headed over to Lana and Porters for an afternoon of hanging out. Tatum and I went and had ourselves some pedicures whilst Maggie napped at Lanas. It was a lovely way to spend an hour with a 5 year old. When we got home, Porter grilled up some amazingly delicious turkey burgers from Costco, and we had a yummy dinner of burgers, beans and tots. Maggie LOVED the turkey burger. Then, after we got over our food coma, 'cause MAN were we stuffed, Lana, the kids and I went swimming. Maggie adores the water. She and I have been swimming every morning this week, and she can not get enough. After swimming, it was bath time and then bed. I fell asleep on their couch and woke up at about 10:00 and hurried to get home before Jere did. We ended up pulling in at the same time. All in all, it was a LOVELY way to spend a summer day.
This morning I was out the door a little after seven, in all my rolled out of bed glory to get the sonata lubed and oiled so it would be ready for Jere to drive up to Greer later next week. Maggie and I meandered around Wal-mart while the car was getting done, and again, I made some non necessary purchases, but yet somewhat needed. I got some floor mats for the car, 'cause well, that WAS needed. Also, found some fabulous new towells for the bathroom, in a VERY random clearance aisle. They were only 3 bucks a piece. Then, I got Jere a new fan for beside the bed, since he sweats to death at night. All in all, a productive morning. Now, Maggie is awake from her nap, so we're off to Costco for a fatty shopping trip, prepping for the big Greer reunion. I'm in charge of two meals this year, it's a first. After shopping, I'm off to get my hair done, and Maggie gets to spend time with Grandpa Tony.
So, peace out for now.
By the way, anyone else totally stoked taht tonight is So you Think You Can Dance? Man I love the televised crack that this is!!