Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lazy Day Shopping

With workshop officially over my "lazy" days of summer have officially begun. Monday found Maggs and I a little bored, if you will. So, we headed over to Target to pick a couple of necessities, and when you're bored, and shopping aimlessly, well, you tend to come home with a few "Un" necessities as well. However, as this picture will prove, the chair is just too cute, and it was only $4.50 or something like that. And then, what girl doesn't need a purple plaid sun hat? I ask you, who does NOT need this? hee hee

Yesterday Jere started school again, which means that every Tuesday night he goes to a ground campus straight from work and doesn't get home until10:30 p.m. Well, with that knowledge, I said, "no ways I'm hanging out here ALL day and night by myself, I am BORED!" So, Maggers and I headed over to Lana and Porters for an afternoon of hanging out. Tatum and I went and had ourselves some pedicures whilst Maggie napped at Lanas. It was a lovely way to spend an hour with a 5 year old. When we got home, Porter grilled up some amazingly delicious turkey burgers from Costco, and we had a yummy dinner of burgers, beans and tots. Maggie LOVED the turkey burger. Then, after we got over our food coma, 'cause MAN were we stuffed, Lana, the kids and I went swimming. Maggie adores the water. She and I have been swimming every morning this week, and she can not get enough. After swimming, it was bath time and then bed. I fell asleep on their couch and woke up at about 10:00 and hurried to get home before Jere did. We ended up pulling in at the same time. All in all, it was a LOVELY way to spend a summer day.
This morning I was out the door a little after seven, in all my rolled out of bed glory to get the sonata lubed and oiled so it would be ready for Jere to drive up to Greer later next week. Maggie and I meandered around Wal-mart while the car was getting done, and again, I made some non necessary purchases, but yet somewhat needed. I got some floor mats for the car, 'cause well, that WAS needed. Also, found some fabulous new towells for the bathroom, in a VERY random clearance aisle. They were only 3 bucks a piece. Then, I got Jere a new fan for beside the bed, since he sweats to death at night. All in all, a productive morning. Now, Maggie is awake from her nap, so we're off to Costco for a fatty shopping trip, prepping for the big Greer reunion. I'm in charge of two meals this year, it's a first. After shopping, I'm off to get my hair done, and Maggie gets to spend time with Grandpa Tony.
So, peace out for now.
By the way, anyone else totally stoked taht tonight is So you Think You Can Dance? Man I love the televised crack that this is!!

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Mel said...

Krys is gone every tuesday all day until around 10pm. lets get together.