Saturday, July 5, 2008


About 4 years ago, my parents started renting a couple of cabins up in Greer, AZ for all of us to get together and enjoy a week together. The first year was fairly low key, but in subsequent years it has become a MUST DO thing. A "we'll die if we don't get to go" kind of thing. Greer is what we look forward to ALL year long. It's a week of glorious views, cool/cold weather, playing game after game after game, visiting with family and doing NOTHING. In one word, it is HEAVEN. We leave tomorrow morning for another glorious week. We're staying in new/different cabins this year, a little before you get into actual Greer. It will be interesting to see how we like them. Last year, I had a one week old baby, and my Greer was literally spent sitting on the bed trying to figure out nursing 90% of the time. Maggie was a really great baby from the start, but it was still not the funnest Greer trip. I'm so looking forward to this year, with a sweet one year old. I'm looking forward to the laughter, discussions, naps and adventures. The in-laws, plus Jenny have banded together to create an activities committee, which I think is adorable. They've come up with all kinds of plans and activities, should be fun. I'm most looking forward to "The Amazing Race' (which for the record is the single greatest reality tv show EVER created!). So, as it's nearly 12:45 a.m. and I have to be up soon enough with Maggie, and packing still isn't finished (waiting for clothes to dry) I thought I'd leave you with a few pics of last years Greer trip. When I get home next weekend, I'll be sure to update with this years pics.

By the way, Happy 4th. Hope it was a good one for all. Took some pictures of Maggie in her super cute 4th outfit. Will have to post those later. Had a lovely afternoon at Porter and Lanas, eating, swimming and hanging out. Too bad only Jenny's family and mine were there. Oh well, everyone elses loss!!

Here we are, the entire Tony Shumway fam in all our glory. There sure are a lot of us.

L-R. Eric, Dad (Tony), Porter
The mens of the family.

L-R: Dana, Jenny, Dixie, Mom (Dian) and Me Allyson

The ladies...apparently my Mom I totally missed the memo on the black shirt. Tragically, though I had JUST had a baby, I think I look better there than I do right now. Today I wore the same outfit I wore last July 4th, except last year I was 9 months pregnant, and this year I'm only 6. What is WRONG with this picture?

L-R: Adam (Dana), Jody (Eric), Jere(me), Troy (Jenny), Lana (Porter)

The infamous in-laws of Shumway land. They're a seriously funny bunch of people. They INSIST on having their own picture taken every year. And this year, they felt they'd be clever and give us their bums. So fun! We have a new in-law this year, Dixie's Shane. Hope he's amenable to the idea of butt grabbing. hehe

The grandkids galore. Don't you love how you can never get ALL of them to smile at one time. Tatum was having some sort of drama that day and pretty much cried through all the pictures. She's quite dramatical that one.

L-R: Olivia, Maya, Tatum

These are who we affectionately refer to as the three princesses. See, Breckyn was the first granddaughter, and the ONLY granddaughter for 14 lonely years. She swam amongst a sea of boys. Then in one year, along came these three ladies. All were born while my parents were on their mission. It was such an exciting time to FINALLY have girls born into the family. So, they are Olivia (belonging to Dixie and oldest of the three), Maya (belonging to Eric and youngest of the three) and Tatum (belonging to Porter). They're all such different girls, and so funny in their own right. We're glad that since them, three more princesses have joined the family.

Anyway, the hour is late, I must be off to bed. I'll try to update while we're there, when Jere comes up on Wed. and brings the computer. Until then, have a wonderful week, wherever you are.


Andrea said...

What a great family. It is fun to see who belongs to who. It's also fun to see your sibilings as adults. I don't know the last time I saw Eric and Porter.

Jamie & Gina Adams Family said...
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Jamie & Gina Adams Family said...

Holy Hannah! That is a big family. I remember a time when there were no grandkids, now look at y'all! I have known y'all A LONG TIME! Makes me feel kind of old! Hope you guys had fun in Greer.

(side-bar: I think only Shumway in-laws could grab booties. I don't think I would see Gina, Trixxx and Tara grabbing booties anytime soon.... Y'all are HILL-HAIRY-ASS!)

Greg and Tammy said...

So jealous! Looks like such fun times! And I hate missing out on fun times! BTW, LOVE the little blue chair you found at Target and love that last pic of her bathing in the sink. Could her eyes be any prettier? WOW!!!