Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trah to Treasure Tuesday....bunkbed edition

**YO!  You guys....MAKE SURE you take a moment and read yesterdays entry.  It's cool, so don't ignore it mmmmmkay?!**

Well, I don't know how much these were "trash", but I DID buy them on Craigslist.   And I MAY have stole them for a song.  Seriously....I'd been looking for quite some time, off and on, for bunkbeds.  It seems like the only crap people were always selling on Craigslist were those poopy metal beds.  WHO wants those, EVER?  And those were the ones that were "affordable."  Any wood beds I'd find were either solid boxes and ugly, or they wanted 300 dollars or more.  Anywho, the morning I got my tax return I decided I should probably just give a quick looksy at "the list" and see if there was anything at all.

There it was....just listed that day...a pair of solid wood bunkbeds, with personality even for only $185.00.  YES!!  I emailed them, and after some phonecalls I asked if they'd take $160.00.  They said yes.  I said.....I'm on my way!

ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY BUCKS?!  For real?  I can TOTALLY handle that for solid wood bunks.

Off my Daddy and I went in his miniature truck to Queen Creek to pick them up.

I was so happy when we got there to see that they were actually pretty short, totally perfect.  Just ugly yellow, knotty pine.  THAT had to go.

After a BUTT TON of work painting, and then letting them sit in my garage for nearly a week, they are FINALLY in the kids room and they're great.  The kids are beside themselves with excitement.

Right...so here we go:



WHAT?  I mean Puh-lease...you can't tell me the white isn't 4 million times better.  Even if it DID take me an ENTIRE day and more cans of spray paint than I ever care to tell you.  YIKES!!  And now...I have a lot of touching up to do.  You wouldn't believe how much you "miss" on those undersides. hahaha


Oh my gosh...did I mention the HUGE drawers underneath?  AWESOME!  I cleared out three of Maxs drawers into one of these.  Now I have 3 drawers for the babies clothes and diapers.  WOO HOO!!  The other drawer has all of Maxs trucks and toys. 

Don't ya just love it?  I'm happy.  And Max finally in a real big boy bed.  SO GREAT!  He feels so cool.

Maggie just HAD to "take pictures" of it, since I was.  It was cute.  She took a bunch of pics and then she and her friend went out back and made "videos" with this silly broken old 35mm camera.  I'd hear them say, "now do you want to watch my video?"  And they'd be looking at the camera like they were really watching something and giggle their heads off.  SO CUTE!

Anywhozywhatsit....that's my bunkbed story and I'm stickin to it.  Let me know what ya thinky.


I used rustoleum spray primer
Rustoleum Semi-Gloss White spray paint
Rustoleum matte clear finish
No sanding whatsoever

Monday, March 12, 2012

His Million Dollar "baby"......

Funny story....You know our friend Rob.  Or as I like to call him "THE Rob Gardner."

This guy:

Oh hey Rob, looking sexay here.  Thanks Google for giving me this pic.

Anyway...Rob is the composer of "Lamb of God" that awesome thing I got to be a part of the choir for and record.  Also the composer of many other things, including a little musical called "Twelve Princesses."

About 6 years ago or so he wrote a musical called Twelve Princesses.  They produced it at MCC and I kid you not when I say pretty much my ENTIRE family was in it.  He wrote the lead/narrator for Jere, he was Bob the Gardner, and my sis in law Lana was Franc the Fairy...hilarious!  Anywho, it was a cute show.  But, after it ran, he put it away and never touched it again.

That is until last year.  Suddenly, everyone is being called to come into the recording studio and record the show as a cartoon.  Rob decided to rework it a bit and submit it as cartoon storyboard to a new contest on Amazon for a new studio they were starting.

He submitted for December and WON as best picture for that month.  He won $100,000.00.  You read that right....ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND BONES. Plus he won another 10 grand for 2 other categories.  Then after some revamping of the script and reshooting and reworking he resubmitted the show and was then submitted as one of twelve finalists for the Grand, GRAND prize.  I'd post a link, but I'm not cool enough for that.  So, just go to Amazon.com, or Amazon studios or something and look up the contest, or 12 princesses or something.  You can watch the video and enjoy.

In the meantime, Jere and several others were nominated for "best actor" prizes.  Jere didn't win, but the romantic lead Michael, DID!  Thousand bucks.

THEN, THEN......last month Rob got the call.


Our friend Rob won ONE MILLION DOLLARS AND an opportunity to have his little cartoon made into a feature length movie.  How is that for cray cray? I know someone who actually won a million bucks.  I mean, I wasn't sure if a million dollars even really existed somewhere, but apparently....it does!

Needless to say....I really know some ridiculously talented people.  It's silly.

Then.....more good news.  Jere was RE-submitted for best actor (don't ask, we don't know the rules around there) and..........................

HE WON!  Jere won a thousand bucks.  SO HAPPY!

We seriously NEVER win anything, EVER!  So, this is big doins.  Perhaps I should really hit up the lottery......just sayin.

Yep, that's our story.

Millionaires and 100aires,


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sleep Oddities...

For whatever reason I've collected a random bunch of pics of my family sleeping in funny ways.  So, lucky you, I'm sharing.  I know, I can't help it, I'm a giver that way.

WAIT.......I interrupt this intended sleep pic post to first show you this gem of Maggie.  At some point in January I finally bought a curling iron.  This night was our first attempt, as we were heading out to two different wedding receptions and she needed to look saucy.  Also, she's sporting a totally adorable outfit brought to us by my shopaholic sister who has magic always with her and never pays more than 2 bucks for anything.  No really, I SWEAR!!!

Let us take a moment and die a little at her cuteness with curly hair.  UGH!  Too bad she won't let me do that very often.  You know, we're still in a massive hair battle on the daily.

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled sleep pics.

Went in to check on them just before I went to bed and found them like this.  They really are best of friends, in spite of their fighting at times.  Clearly, Max was in need of some Maggie on this night.

Maggie had woken up screaming and crying about her leg hurting.  It happens a lot, she insists on ice packs and usually can be consoled quickly and put back to bed.  But, for whatever reason, this night she was SUPER unconsolable, screaming, crying, complaining.  As we all know, I don't deal well with her in that condition.  So, Daddy took it upon himself (it should be noted it was like 9:30 or 10:00 and we were out watching TV) to take her back to our room and lay with her.  When he never returned, I checked.  This is how I found them.  She really, REALLY wishes we'd let her snuggle in our bed all the time and sleep with us. Maybe this was her sneaky way.

And finally.........

Then there is this guy.  One afternoon while I was getting ready for lessons, or cleaning, or eating bon bons in my bedroom, whatever....he was out watching cartoons and apparently the day had just got the best of him.  He slept HARD like that for a couple of hours.  Sure love that boy!

Now, if only I could actually get some sort of sleep, it'd be awesome.  Ah well, s'pose I should just get used to it, there is a baby coming rather soon.  OY!

Sleep and Sound,


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So, I went and turned 39....

Right, so like I said....there really has been PLENTY goin on round here for me to fill you in on.  Not the least of which was my unwelcome Birthday.  But, I just seriously can't seem to get anything more than maintaining my house and my sanity from day to day done.


Anywho......on January 30th, OVER a month ago I turned another freaking year older.  People, I am NOT ok with it.  I don't accept it.  I can't possibly be THIS close to 40.  It depresses me to no end.  It really does.  I don't LIKE getting older.  I don't LIKE the realities of our bodies breaking down and facing the future in it's scarey state.  UGH!

However, I try not to be TOTAL Debbie Downer, so I put on a smile and invited my adorable Daddy to lunch.  I mean, we DO share a birthday.  I was his 30th birthday present and I really DO love sharing the day with him.

There are several places that offer free meals to you on your Birthday, so we took advantage of Liberty Market in downtown Gilbert.  Joining us were my Mom, my brother, my children and then my friend Karen stopped by too.  All in all it was a lovely lunch and time had by all.

I do so love my Daddio.  Can't believe he's 69 years old.  That is just crazy talk.

The rest of the day was pretty low key.  Jere had given me some beautiful flowers and a sweet card and maybe some chocolate, I can't remember now.  Oh, he gave me the birthday girl ribbon I was forced to wear around for the day. haha

That night we went to dinner with our delightful and beloved neighbor friends Blaine and Noelle.  Really, they're so fun.  And Julie came along too, while one of Jeres cast members babysat our kids for us.   Thanks Britanee! 

We decided on Cheesecake Factory....man I love that place.  It may or may not have overwhelmed Noelle with all the choices, but somehow she persevered.

Our dinner group.  I REFUSE to even acknowledge or discuss how huge I look.

My pretty, pretty bouqet from Jere.  It seriously lasted for a MONTH!

All in all....it was a nice day. I got some nice cards, a couple lovely gifts, and there was of course all the facebook lovin.  MAN I love Facebook Birthdays, that really is fun to get all those greetings.  Anywho.... I'm moving on, learning to accept that age happens.  But, it doesn't mean I have to be happy about it.  Next year, I'm just telling you now, I will be hiding in a closet somewhere.  I REFUSE to turn 40, simply REFUSE!!

Stuffing your face to tune out the old age,


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Trash to Treasure Tuesday...REDO edition

Yo, yo, YO!  So many things to tell you and so little desire to ever do it.  However, I do have a new redo to show you, and well, that's always fun.  It may have nearly put me in labor doing this (no for real....contractions alllll day long) but that's not gonna stop THIS girl from getting a project done once the desire is there.  Shoot, the desire is rarely there these days, so when i felt the urge, I went with it.

Alright, so remember many months ago when I took this table:

And then I did THIS to it:

It was cute, it worked.  However, I didn't seal it, and pretty quickly, due to Jeres big feet with shoes on that he always likes to put on said table, and grubby children with no cares for furniture...it soon became THIS:

You can see which side Jere sits on, no?  All paint rubbed off there.  And look at all the chips and the grubby black marks and such.  Clearly something needed to be done.  Sooooo.....I stripped off the paint from the top, then I sanded the top 'til it was smooth as a babys butt.  Listen people, I actually finally bought my own sander.  SO HAPPY!  I had a good time sanding it down, and it was easy squeezy.

Ready for some stain.  And I actually followed the rules and did one layer, waited 12 hours and did the second round of stain.  Then, I put a wax all over the top to protect it.  I must say, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome.  It looks clean and neat and I no longer worry about Jeres big feet all over it, or the kids climbing on it.  It was a good long afternoon of work, but well worth it.  Even if it DID give me those contractions.

So, I'm very happy with the final result.   What do you think?

Interesting tid bit.  This is the same stain I used on my kitchen table AND my island.  It looks different on all 3.  The Island we did one layer and it's rather light.  The table I used a rag on and it's much darker and deeper.  This is probably the most even of the  three.

Table painted in Swiss Coffee
Tob stained in Minwax gel stain Cherry
Knobs from Hobby Lobby