Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sleep Oddities...

For whatever reason I've collected a random bunch of pics of my family sleeping in funny ways.  So, lucky you, I'm sharing.  I know, I can't help it, I'm a giver that way.

WAIT.......I interrupt this intended sleep pic post to first show you this gem of Maggie.  At some point in January I finally bought a curling iron.  This night was our first attempt, as we were heading out to two different wedding receptions and she needed to look saucy.  Also, she's sporting a totally adorable outfit brought to us by my shopaholic sister who has magic always with her and never pays more than 2 bucks for anything.  No really, I SWEAR!!!

Let us take a moment and die a little at her cuteness with curly hair.  UGH!  Too bad she won't let me do that very often.  You know, we're still in a massive hair battle on the daily.

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled sleep pics.

Went in to check on them just before I went to bed and found them like this.  They really are best of friends, in spite of their fighting at times.  Clearly, Max was in need of some Maggie on this night.

Maggie had woken up screaming and crying about her leg hurting.  It happens a lot, she insists on ice packs and usually can be consoled quickly and put back to bed.  But, for whatever reason, this night she was SUPER unconsolable, screaming, crying, complaining.  As we all know, I don't deal well with her in that condition.  So, Daddy took it upon himself (it should be noted it was like 9:30 or 10:00 and we were out watching TV) to take her back to our room and lay with her.  When he never returned, I checked.  This is how I found them.  She really, REALLY wishes we'd let her snuggle in our bed all the time and sleep with us. Maybe this was her sneaky way.

And finally.........

Then there is this guy.  One afternoon while I was getting ready for lessons, or cleaning, or eating bon bons in my bedroom, whatever....he was out watching cartoons and apparently the day had just got the best of him.  He slept HARD like that for a couple of hours.  Sure love that boy!

Now, if only I could actually get some sort of sleep, it'd be awesome.  Ah well, s'pose I should just get used to it, there is a baby coming rather soon.  OY!

Sleep and Sound,


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