Monday, March 12, 2012

His Million Dollar "baby"......

Funny story....You know our friend Rob.  Or as I like to call him "THE Rob Gardner."

This guy:

Oh hey Rob, looking sexay here.  Thanks Google for giving me this pic.

Anyway...Rob is the composer of "Lamb of God" that awesome thing I got to be a part of the choir for and record.  Also the composer of many other things, including a little musical called "Twelve Princesses."

About 6 years ago or so he wrote a musical called Twelve Princesses.  They produced it at MCC and I kid you not when I say pretty much my ENTIRE family was in it.  He wrote the lead/narrator for Jere, he was Bob the Gardner, and my sis in law Lana was Franc the Fairy...hilarious!  Anywho, it was a cute show.  But, after it ran, he put it away and never touched it again.

That is until last year.  Suddenly, everyone is being called to come into the recording studio and record the show as a cartoon.  Rob decided to rework it a bit and submit it as cartoon storyboard to a new contest on Amazon for a new studio they were starting.

He submitted for December and WON as best picture for that month.  He won $100,000.00.  You read that right....ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND BONES. Plus he won another 10 grand for 2 other categories.  Then after some revamping of the script and reshooting and reworking he resubmitted the show and was then submitted as one of twelve finalists for the Grand, GRAND prize.  I'd post a link, but I'm not cool enough for that.  So, just go to, or Amazon studios or something and look up the contest, or 12 princesses or something.  You can watch the video and enjoy.

In the meantime, Jere and several others were nominated for "best actor" prizes.  Jere didn't win, but the romantic lead Michael, DID!  Thousand bucks.

THEN, THEN......last month Rob got the call.


Our friend Rob won ONE MILLION DOLLARS AND an opportunity to have his little cartoon made into a feature length movie.  How is that for cray cray? I know someone who actually won a million bucks.  I mean, I wasn't sure if a million dollars even really existed somewhere, but does!

Needless to say....I really know some ridiculously talented people.  It's silly.

Then.....more good news.  Jere was RE-submitted for best actor (don't ask, we don't know the rules around there) and..........................

HE WON!  Jere won a thousand bucks.  SO HAPPY!

We seriously NEVER win anything, EVER!  So, this is big doins.  Perhaps I should really hit up the lottery......just sayin.

Yep, that's our story.

Millionaires and 100aires,



jen said...

I know someone who knows someone who won a million bucks! Wow.

I actually know someone who one a thou--that makes me cool, right?
Yay, Jere!

Jeri Jack said...


StevenE. said...

SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!! And for Rob! I watched 12 princesses, and think it would make an amazing movie! Especially if they cast Jere as Bob the Gardner!:) Best of luck to you guys!

deveney said...

Rob is amazing. Congrats to Jere, too! :)

The Coolest Allen Family said...

I clearly hang out with the wrong people. You and your family and friends are amazing! Hopefully just by knowing you, that will rub off a bit? A girl can dream. Congratulations!

Steph said...

Wow, that is so exciting! Congrats!

Eve Stein said...

FANTASTIC!! Yup... time to run out and buy a ticket - Just buy one though, cause obviously that's all you'll need (oozing in good fortune around there)! :D