Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Trash to Treasure Tuesday...REDO edition

Yo, yo, YO!  So many things to tell you and so little desire to ever do it.  However, I do have a new redo to show you, and well, that's always fun.  It may have nearly put me in labor doing this (no for real....contractions alllll day long) but that's not gonna stop THIS girl from getting a project done once the desire is there.  Shoot, the desire is rarely there these days, so when i felt the urge, I went with it.

Alright, so remember many months ago when I took this table:

And then I did THIS to it:

It was cute, it worked.  However, I didn't seal it, and pretty quickly, due to Jeres big feet with shoes on that he always likes to put on said table, and grubby children with no cares for furniture...it soon became THIS:

You can see which side Jere sits on, no?  All paint rubbed off there.  And look at all the chips and the grubby black marks and such.  Clearly something needed to be done.  Sooooo.....I stripped off the paint from the top, then I sanded the top 'til it was smooth as a babys butt.  Listen people, I actually finally bought my own sander.  SO HAPPY!  I had a good time sanding it down, and it was easy squeezy.

Ready for some stain.  And I actually followed the rules and did one layer, waited 12 hours and did the second round of stain.  Then, I put a wax all over the top to protect it.  I must say, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome.  It looks clean and neat and I no longer worry about Jeres big feet all over it, or the kids climbing on it.  It was a good long afternoon of work, but well worth it.  Even if it DID give me those contractions.

So, I'm very happy with the final result.   What do you think?

Interesting tid bit.  This is the same stain I used on my kitchen table AND my island.  It looks different on all 3.  The Island we did one layer and it's rather light.  The table I used a rag on and it's much darker and deeper.  This is probably the most even of the  three.

Table painted in Swiss Coffee
Tob stained in Minwax gel stain Cherry
Knobs from Hobby Lobby


jen said...

Hello, hello, hello? You're still over there? Glad to hear it.
And I'm impressed. Someday I need to venture into stain, but for some reason it scares me. Stupid, no?
Looks great! Counting down to baby!

LanaBanana said...

This makes me want to sand my table down (using your sander of course) and stain it a deeper brown. What wax top did you use? It looks super awesome!

Darlene Bond said...

Oh I like it with the stained top.

The Atomic Mom said...

I like the new top....

And really...get your feet off the furniture Jere!

LadyCarma said...

Nice finish work. Really, people, it isn't that hard to rework a fine piece of wood. There is a deep satisfaction when you have finished sanding, scraping, staining, top coating and seeing the finished product. Just saying: you did a fine piece of finishing!

Kristina P. said...

It looks great! I actually like it better.