Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Be a smarty...join my PARTY! It's SITStacular

OH MY WHERRRRD!  This can't possibly be happening, can it?  Is it REALLY my turn?  I umm, I hardly even know where to start.  What am I talking about? WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT?  Well none other than...

It's my SITS day y'all!  Don't know what SITS is?  Well go check it out HERE.  Really and truly, greatest site ever.  I have met some of my favorite and BEST bloggers there.

I believe the actual e-mail exchange went a little something like this.
SITS: We'd like to let you know that Sept. 1 is your featured blogger day.
ME:  I'm dying, I'm dying, I'm DYING!!! You can use whatever you want from my blog.  This is the greatest thing ever, and have I mentioned that I'm DYING!!!!!!

A little overboard?  Perhaps.  But, THAT is ME!  My Mom likes to say I have a flare for the Dramatic.  Which would explain why I majored in Music Theatre performance, and I met my husband looking like this:

I had him at Bali Hai

Welcome, welcome all of you to my humble little corner of the blogosphere.  Try not to be put off by my premade template and lack of buttons and such.  I promise I'm good times Charlie around here.  If you want to laugh, you want to enjoy good kid stories, hilarious pics and walks down memory lane, occassional deep thoughts...then stick around for awhile.

My name is Allyson, I'm married to Jer and we have 2 fabulously funny and cute kiddos that keep us hoppin.  I get the privilege of being a stay at home Mom, but also I teach voice lessons 2 days a week, I'm directing Oliver at the community college RIGHT NOW, watch my sisters daughter every day, and just in general try to keep my sanity. Of course there is MUCH more to ME.  Jer is a full time student, actor, teacher and Daddy.  I s'pose to some we can seem a little unconventional, but it works for us.

This is Maggie....she's the PRINCESS!

And this is Max....he's my Bubbers!

I write this blog to document the daily doings of life in my madhouse.  I want to remember my kids cuteness and silliness, and frustrating-ness.  I write to clear my head.  I write to make you laugh.  I write for FUN.  And hopefully you'll enjoy the ride with me.

They say I can only give you 3 of my favorites to look at. They SAY to be concise.  CLEARLY, I struggle at THAT (But in my defense...if my template was wider, my posts would not seem AS long).  Good hell, they may as well ask me to enjoy a poop pancake.  How to pick just 3.  So, after careful consideration and questioning of my peeps, here ya go.  Have fun, enjoy, get to know me a little better.

Keeping it REAL with Toddlers.
Observations at The GYM.
Happenings at Cullen Manor.

I hope you enjoy.  And if you do, please, pull up a chair and let's be friends.  I promise to get back to each of you for just making the effort to stop in.

Pssssst, hey, if it sweetens the deal at all. I'm a really GREAT commentor. 

Extra credit to those who click on the  Bali Hai link and comment on Jers blog.  He's new to all of this and wants more than 9 lil followers.

Parties and play dates,


Monday, August 30, 2010

These boots are made for walkin

As I walked through the door after my first rehearsal (it went fine thank you), I was greeted by happy voices yelling "Mommy."  And sweet little bodies already in their pj's.  Maggie was sporting a happy pair of stripey pants, a purse on her shoulder and her purple flip flops on.  Max was in his cute little blue shorts jammies with an airplane on the shirt.  After hugs and happy greetings, Maggie asked if we could go on a walk. I asked where she'd like to go, she said "Only a short walk, just to Gramma Dars."  I informed her that was a little too far for a "short" walk. Then I thought about it for a second, and then said, "sure, we can go for a quick walk, but just around the block."

Aren't these just happy little stripey pants?  I love them.

"Ok Mommy, let's go."

Max squeeled "shoes ON, I get my shoes ON." AS he put on maggies black Sunday shoes.  After putting more appropriate attire on his tootsies we set out the door.

With purse slung over her little shoulder and great confidence Maggie said...

"Follow me Mommy, I'm the leader. Just walk this way.  Follow me mo......and then she totally turfed it.  And just as quickly as she'd fallen, she jumped up, dusted off her knees yelled over her shoulder "It's ok Mommy, I'm alright.  Folow me."  And off we went on our neighborhood adventure.

Probably had to be there.  'Cause I promise, it was FUNNY crap.

We followed Maggie as she dictated our course, down the sidewalk, cross the street here, get back on the sidewalk, etc.  We saw our neighbor trying to nail gun up 2x4's to create light boxes on her porch, we saw another neighbor working on his car, we enjoyed an actually nice evening outside where no sweat was required.

I took a walk with my kids tonight, and I loved it.

I've missed these times.  These simple, sweet times to enjoy my children, to enjoy my neighborhood, to be in fresh air and watch my children, listen to them talk, discover the sites and sounds of our little world.

I needed this.   It rejuvinated me.

I took a walk with my kids tonight....and I loved it!

Little feet and light hearts,


Sunday, August 29, 2010

9th Grade - I'm a Teen Tone Trojan

9th Grade
Fall 1986
(Oh the discussions we could have.  One, I'm THIRTEEN here.  You read that right. 
 Two:  Was the photographer DRUNK?  Why am I cut off on the side? 
Could I have MORE makeup on?  My bangs are working their way to true mall bang glory,
and can you see the shoulder pads? YES!)

And now for an important comparison shot:

Me at 14, looking ummm, scrubby.                                       Me at 23....looking ummm "special"

Point here is...SAME hair 9 years later.  SAME HAIR.  AND, I don't look that much older.  Stuck in a time capsule people, STUCK.IN.A.TIME.CAPSULE.FOR.SURE!

But, enough comparing and contrasting.  Let's discuss the happenings of the rock and roll years of 1986 to 1987.  Good times to be sure.

Empire of the Sun, one of the best movies of all time came out this year.
Full House had the audacity to start puking on our televisions (I hate that show)
That's What Friends are For was the "song of the year." Hahahahahahaha
Regan was still President
And MOST importantly...Prozac was introduced to the American public for the first time.  Suhweet!

Oh the sweet innocence of it all.

This is the year my Mom started teaching at Taylor Jr. High, and I was lucky ducky enough to move along with her.  I had to leave my besty Karen, my boy crush Roger, and my familiar, comfortable surroundings and go to a new school.  The only upside here was, THIS is the school Andrea had moved to, so I'd at least have her as a friend.    I was now a Taylor Trojan, and I was in a school that was "rich" in comparison to po po Powell.

My mom taught 7th grade and I would have to pass her classroom anytime I was walking between classes, or who knows why.  All I do know is, I HATED passing her room.  I HATE recognition, it's so embarassing.  So when her kids would say, Mrs. Shumway their goes your daughter, I would duck my head and walk by as fast as I could.  My Mom never understood that.  Well hey, I'm shy underneath all this bravada, ever think of THAT one?

I was put in the tippy top choir...the Taylor Teen Tones, and I felt pretty super awesome for that.  We wore these most excellent, giant puffy sleeved red dresses made of some totally wierd material.  BUT, I loved the dress, 'cause it accentuated my waist and covered the hips...all good tihngs.  AND, because the poof of the sleeve totally matched the POOF of our hair. 

I auditioned for the Regional Choir that year, and wouldn't you know it...I made it.  I had a whopping 7 out of 40 on sightreading, and a 59 out of 60 on my solo and somehow I made it.  I was 25th out of 25 altos, but I MADE IT!  That was a really cool experience, getting to sing with 75 other great singers and put on a fabulous concert.  I went on to audition for All State, but alas, my utter lack of sight reading ability did me in, and it was a no go for me.  Don't worry though, that "damn" Helena Nielson and her perfect sight reading helped her get right on in that choir. hee hee

I found a little piece of "me" that year.  I discovered I had a true ability to sing.  Not that I hadn't sung before, but I'd never been in choir.  I hadn't really seen my ability.  I had always been Danas little sister.  I'd spent my short life being asked if I was "gonna sing like my sister."  I didn't know.  I didn't think I could.  I hated that question.  But, I got in choir and I got to sing solos and I FOUND something I loved.  I continued to develop that and nurture that through highschool, but it wouldn't be until I was TWENTY ONE that I TRULY connected with my ability and musical calling.  However, I can say, it was 9th Grade, Mrs. Garrett and being a Teen Tone that started me on that path.

I got to go to seminary for the first time, and that year happened to be a Book of Mormon study year.  We had the BEST teacher there ever was.  His name was Clate Mask, and seriously, he was awesome.  As he sat at the front, eating his wads of bread (he was one some random eat only bread diet) and discussed the games from the day before, he had a way of teaching us about the Book of Mormon without us knowing we were being taught.  It was genius.  He is now a general Authority for the church, which makes my heart happy, 'cause I was taught by the best.

You may recall my love of "the typing" and my desire to be the bestest at it.  So, of course I took typing, and totes rocked the IBM selectric. 

Really, are you surprised that I have a picture with me and my "lover" Selecty?  Thought not.

I topped out at 94 WPM that year, which was ALMOST good enough to be "BEST TYPIST".  BUT, as in my marked post there....Helena beat me out.  The scars still run deep. hahahahhaah  She had to be perfect at piano playing, singing, sight reading AND MY TYPING?  C'mon Helena, save something for the common people.

And then there were the "BOYS".  There was just this whole new crop of cute, "wonderful" boys for me to crush on and wish secretly that any would love me back.

Hello cutest boys of Taylor Jr. High, how are you?
They were so skaterific.  The whole skater thing was making its debut.
Let's be honest.  I'm showing this picture because of their shirts and hair.  The 80's so rocked!
I of course completely missed the skater style, 'cause that's how I role.....behind the times.
I honestly have NO idea where any of these guys are, or what their lives have turned out to be.
Writing this makes me curious.  Here I come Face Book.

I wrote a HUGE report on Joan of Arc, like HUUUUUGE and you betcha yer sweet bippy I still have that report, in a box, in a closet, somewhere.  I mean, I rocked it.  I got an A+.  I wasn't always so great at going gangbusters on homework.  So, I'm proud of this bit.

We studied Romeo and Juliet in English.  I HATED it.  I still don't like it.  But I DO like Shakespeare, lest you think otherwise.

Oh my gosh, I almost totally forgot.  We went on a choir field trip to Tucson.  Tucson is ugly.  We were near the University and the bus driver was making a Right hand turn, except he didn't gauge it well, and he TOTALLY ran partially OVER a car.  It was AWESOME!  He ran OVER a car.  I'm sure he died a little/LOT inside.  But we as punky 9th graders thought it was the funniest thing ever.  We ate at the Mall, we had a blast laughing in the bus and just being with eachother.  I have no idea what we were doing in Tucson, but hey, at least I witnessed a busover.

Other than that, my memories are very few and scattered of this year.  I remember small bits, walking to seminary, concerts, sitting in English, my creepy math teacher, lunch time and my grape juice, pool party at Helenas.  I'm sure there was PLENTY more angst and drama in my diary, I mean, I was still "thick".  But my journal is currently in my sick kids bedroom.  I don't dare chance it to go in there.

It's safe to say, Taylor was a good move for me.  I made new friends (one who i saw tonight for like the first time SINCE 9th grade), I learned, I grew, I almost beat Helena in typing (hee hee) and I loved it.  Mostly I just HATED my school picture.  WORST school picture of them all.  I cringe every time I see it.  And strangely enough, my Mom loves this one.  EWWWWW!

Next up...HIGH to the SCHOOL!

Teens and Tones,


Something "Buggy"

I suppose my alarm should have sounded when Max took a FOUR HOUR nap two days in a row, and when he slept in until 9 a.m.  Yes, upon further review...my alarm should most DEFINITELY have sounded.  Instead, I just marveled at sir sleepy head and reveled in the peace and quiet.  My bad.

It was nearing 9 a.m. yesterday and not a stir from Maximus' bed.  Jere was wandering past his door, getting ready to leave and stuck his head in.  Next I heard "UH ALLYSON, you better get in here NOW."  This was NOT a good sign.

I made my way to the bedroom, stepped inside the door and what can only be described as the smell of putrescent death greeted me.  After catching my breath, I looked down to see Max, laying perfectly still in a mosaic of what was clearly the last nights dinner.  Yes, his entire crib, his bumper, his clothes, everything was covered in the stank of barf, and the chunks of leftover dinner.  He must have done it at some point early in the morning.  He was laying on top of it, in it around it.  It was truly GROSS!  And all he could do was look up at me and say, "hi Mommy".  So, I extracted him from the filth, took off his clothes (to which he excitedly exclaimed, "TAKE A BAFF") and discovered some "excitement" from the other end, if you're pickin up what I'm puttin down.  Yep, we were off to a GREAT start. 

He and Maggie enjoyed a delightful, cleansing bath while I peeled the sheets and blankets from his crib, took them out and shook them on the lawn (filthy) and then put everything in to wash.  I won't lie...I could totally deal with the barf.  It's the freaking bed changing that I can't stand.  I HATE, loathe and despise changing sheets on daybeds and cribs.  Guess who has both.  BINGO!

Anyway, after the bath, I dressed the kids, and you would never have known that Max had been sick in the night.  Well, other than there was literal liquid coming from his bum bum.  A bit of time would pass and then that umistakable smell would waft past my nose and sure enough, he was just "wet" with poops.  Again, you'd never know he was sick.  He was happy and playful all day.  In fact, we ended up going to hang out with Porter and Lana that night and the kids had a great time playing.  I thought perhaps we had made it through, dodged the bullet if you will.

Nay verily.

This morning, while Max woke up clean of any ungodly bodily fluid issues, Maggie began to complain that her tummy hurt.  After awhile she said that she was gonna barf.  She would lay around a bit, play a bit, then complain again.  Finally, just as I was on the phone working out our first rehearsal schedule, I hear a little moan and a cough and look over to see Maggie daintily barfing in the garbage can.  She was NOT pleased.

After resting a bit with her Daddy (who himself is not feeling well) she came in to see me.  Then once again...run and barf.  Thank goodness she is the quietiest, daintiest barfer.  But apparently, it just wore her out, because she finished it, walked in to the family room, layed down on the floor and promptly fell asleep.

No regard to anything, just fell down with the cord and the shoe and slept.

She woke up and in a whisper said she wanted to sit on my lap.  So I took her up on my lap and after just a minute she got that unmistakable, swallow, swallow,  hand to her mouth.  I said, are you gonna barf, she nodded yes.  I set her down and said, run for the garbage can.  She took two steps, barfed on the floor and stood frozen.  I grabbed her up, took her to the garbage where she barfed a little more and expressed her disgust.  Then, after that, she came to the couch, and, promptly fell asleep.

Apparently this puking business is exhausting.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Max has been in bed for 2 hours, sleeping, which tells me he's not all better either.  And the Dad is asleep too.

I blame...well I don't know WHAT I blame.  But, there must be someone, SOMETHING I can pin this on.  Right?  Especially because I am NOT a barfer, I don't understand the process of it all.

The good thing is, my kids usually are over these random "situations" within 24 hours.  Fevers are generally not involved and medication is never necessary.  So, there is a bright side.

Umm, Maggie just woke up, took a drink of her sippy and promptly barfed 2 more times.  LIFE.IS.GRAND!

Yep, something "buggy" is definitely going on.

Germies and febreeze,


P.S. This makes church going, and or accomplishing any of the VERY IMPORTANT show work I need to do, nigh unto impossible. WOO HOO!  Off to shower, so i can go to nursery for 10 minutes and teach a lesson, to kids who don't care or understand.

ADDENDUM:  The bug is NOT nice.  My tummy has been attacked.  There has been a breach.  No barf, but another joy (ifyaknowwhati'msayin)!  And I"m a little achey.  However, I refuse to acknowledge such ridiculousness. I don't have time for it.  Singing tonight at a fireside, AND first big day of rehearsal tomorrow. HELLO!  Maggie has continued to throw up all afternoon, with awesome ability to get the floor, the couch, Auntie Julie, Moms garbage can, etc.  On the upside, she is SO sweet and calm and lovey.  And Max's butt faucet has been turned on full force!  YES!  Best Sunday EVER!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Clever AND Cute

So the other morning the kids wanted toast for breakfast (as an aside, they generally refuse breakfast. I'm lucky if I get them to eat it 1 out of 5 mornings) and our rule is, NO eating anywhere but the kitchen.  This proves problematic only when 1. the TV is on with kid shows, and 2. when Mom, Dad and Auntie Julie are sitting in the family room eating.  Maggie is too smart for this and demands to know why it's ok for US and not her.  When we say it's because we're grown ups she says, "well I'M growing UP."  To which we reply "sucks to be you doesn't it."  (I'm KIDDING) But I digress.

Other morning....toast for breakfast.  Me cleaning up in kitchen, I turned around and couldn't see my kids at the table.  As I geared up to yell calmly repremand them for taking food into the family room I see this:

This is the perfect vantage point in which to EAT toast AND watch TV.
Silly kids
Try not to judge our white trash morning attire.  Max peed through his jammies and once he's only in a diaper Maggie feels it's imperative that SHE be "naked" too.  It's a tricky game we play with her, this "equality."

I'm sure it's just me, but this was just CUTE.  So after I took this picture, and they were on to me, they gave me a couple "awesome" smile shots.

At least they're happy and fed with nutritional white toast.
I so ROCK as a Mom.

Really?  What is NOT to love about that face?
He slays me.
AND, he's still asleep at 9:00 this morning.  WIERD

Yep, they're Clever AND Cute.

In other news...I randomly lost a follower yesterday.  Perhaps I was too religious in my post.  Ah well, life moves on.

Speaking of, I have VERY exciting news...it'll have to wait.  (NO I'M NOT PREGNANT, it has to do with blog stuff)

Today are callbacks for Oliver.  I'm anxious.  We had a good turnout for auditions, MORE guys than girls, WIERD!  But, I can't wait to see what the callbacks show me.

I only went to the gym once this week.  Sort of hating myself for that.

Next week truly starts reality, rehearsals MWF, teaching lessons T - TH, preschool, life, etc.  I hope I can figure out how to be organized enough to do it all.  I'm sort of used to my laziness.  Time to knock that off.  If things become a bit more scarce around here, try to forgive me and love me through it.

Time to get ready for this day...list of things to accomplish before 2:30.

Butter and Diaper bums,


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the Least of these...

(I am in NO way suggesting I am ANYTHING like Mother Teresa, just so you know, 'cause I'm NOT)

People who beg for money or food make me uncomfortable.  When I see someone approaching me, I instantly get nervous.  And I have of course been approached, many, MANY times.  Usually it's in a parking lot, and some guy or sometimes woman will give me a sob story about why they need some money.  It's been anything from, just moved here and only need 10 more dollars for.... or I need some money to help me get back home....my kid is hungry, my car just broke down, need some gas, whatever.  And it always makes me want to run away or cry.  I am the kind of person that would literally NOT answer the door if I knew it was a salesperson of any kind because I HATE saying no.  It KILLS me to say no.  I HATE making people feel bad.  So, being approached, face to face, given a sob story, I just don't do well with.  Now, you're wondering...do you just give them money.  The answer is no.  I can honestly say I NEVER have cash on me, so it is easier to say sorry, I don't have any.  But sometimes, they won't leave you alone.  AWKWARD!  I have on occasion, IF I had some cash, given some money to people.  Like I said, my heart hurts, even if they're lying and they're crackheads.

But as I mentioned in a post a while back...I have this irrational fear of becoming homeless someday, and I do realize that there are so many people out there who do NOT have amazing family networks like mine.  There are good people that have lost everything and are trying to make it in the world with no one to help them.  Aww man, that gets me all misty just typing it. Sometimes, people really just NEED some compassion and help. So anyway, I had something happen a couple of months ago that I just never wrote about.  I think I needed some time to process it.

(My apologies if this comes across as preachy, just take it for what it is...my random experience)

The scriptures are full of Christs teachings to "Do unto others as you would have them do."  We're taught to take care of, be kind to, serve, etc.  And Matthew 25 (thank you Jenny for being my scriptorian friend) vs. 34 - 40 explains how the Lord will treat those that looked after his "sheep."  Vs. 35 "For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in:"  That was his answer to those asking him, WHEN did we see you hungry or sick?  And he tells them..."Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the Least of these my brethren, ye have dont it unto ME."

I've heard that scripture a million times in my life.  I've been taught MANY lessons regarding it.  I have NOT been perfect at living/fulfilling it.

So, couple months ago, I walked into the grocery store, the kids were being loud and hanging on the cart as usual.  I was off in my own thoughts, rushing through the deli area.  For some reason I stopped the cart to deal with the kids/think about something, look at something..I don't know. But it was JUST long enough for this very sad and pathetic looking man to talk to me.  He approached me, very downtrodden and said, "excuse me ma'am, I was wondering if you could help me out."  Immediately my defenses are up.  I'm feeling awkward, he's gonna ask me for money. UGH!  I HATE this.  He then says..."My welfare check won't come in until tomorrow and I have NO food for me or my dog.  I was wondering if you could maybe buy me a roasted chicken that he and I could share for the day.  I'm not asking you for any money, just something to eat."  Ummmmm, what could I say to that.  he wasn't asking for money.  He JUST wanted to eat.  Now I may have a lot of struggles, money may be very tight, but AT LEAST I have a roof over my head, and could go to the grocery store and feed my kids.  So, I did something I have never done...I said SURE.  I turned the cart around and walked over to the display of chickens with him.  He picked one out and then we headed over to the deli counter to buy it. As we were waiting for someone to help us, he timidly asked if maybe he could get a drink too.  I said ok.  This still all felt so wierd to me, but there I was, doing it.  As we were waiting he said "My name is Bruce, and my dogs name is Johnny Cash."  "I appreciate this so much."  And because I'm nerdy and awkward..all i could do was nod my head.  He also complimented me on my cute kids, and I thanked him.  Finally, the bill was paid and he thanked me profusely once again and walked out the door.

I went about my regular shopping, sort of bewildered at what had just happened...but my heart felt different.  I was so greatful to be able to help him out.  Greatful for family, food, jobs, etc.  He was in a horrible, and humbling position.  He had to ASK/beg someone, a stranger to feed him.  He was hungry, he was alone and my heart hurts for him.  What is his story I wonder? 

I may never know.  But I can rest easier knowing that he didn't go hungry that day...and

I was able to help one of the "least of these". 

Helping and hopeful,


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Did you say Par-TAY?

So today was Cuh-RAY-ZEEEE!  I didn't go to the gym AGAIN (boo), but that was because I'm a loser and stayed up until nearly 1 a.m. and when Maggie came in at 5:45, I was like WHATEVER!  Then, I had to get 3 kids ready, plus myself and get out the door by 10:30.  Which is better than T and TH when we all have to be out the door by 8:40 a.m.  HOLY CRAP!  But, that is not the point.  We got out the door slightly behind schedule and flew down the freeway toward our destination.


This is my niece Morgan...she turned 4.
And my sister Dixie (her Mom) threw a kickin party for the five 3 and 4 year olds of our family.
It was Jungle themed (cause Morgan lurves her some animals)

Maggie was given the elephant.  Hmmmm

The four 4 year olds were all born within 6 months of eachother. 
Maggie just tags along a year later.
Five out of my six siblings are represented here (too bad ERIC missed out)
These kids are all such good friends with eachother and generally have so much fun playing together.

First there was delicious PIZZA for lunch.

Then there was some pin the tail on the Tiger.  Maggie ALMOST won that round.

A little bounce the alligator, which they LOVED!

A super awesome freeze dance game to........
The BEIBS of course!

Followed by CAKE.  Ummm HELLO, my sister is amazing! 
She made individual cakes for EACH of them.
Matching their animal character.
How utterly ADORABLE are these?
Their OWN cake....I can't take it!

Maggie was soooo pleased with her cakey. She atey it right uppy!  I'm retarded, just accept me.

And Morgan liked her cake too.  She's a bit savage, as she ate the BUTT right off him.

Then they got super cute little gift bags (with  matching animal stickers OF COURSE)

Dixie did such a GREAT job.  It was a perfect party for this little bunch of cousin/friends.

Oh, and then there was THIS guy. 
He came, he wanted the balloons.
He ate and played and PAR-TAYED!

Thanks for being the funny, imaginative, mellow, "sloppy" little girl that you are!

We sure love you!

In other news...I rushed home, put them to bed and then hurried over to auditions.  Had a good turnout.  Strangely enough...MORE men than women.  Ummm that NEVER happens, EVER!  Callbacks will be Friday.  I feel pretty good about things.

So much to do in the next few days.  As for now, off to bed, 'cause I MUST go to the gym tomorrow, and then you know, 8:45 drop maggie at school, then off to an Institute class, taught by my beloved Jenny at the Denton Sanitorium.  YAY!

Animal crackers and cake butts,


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My First Time....

When you're holding that brand new tiny little bundle of pink goodness in your arms and your basking in their perfection and the fact that you just pushed it out of an area roughly the size of a doughnut, you just don't think or believe that they will grow up SO fast. You have NO WAY of knowing what is in store for you.  You're so caught up in that moment (especially when it is your FIRST child) that you can't begin to comprehend that teeny weeny wiggling "buglet" will get big and sass back to you and tell you NO.  You don't understand that they will fill your life with so much JOY, LOVE, laughter and so much frustration.  And you certainly don't believe that in a literal blink of your eye they'll be traipsing off to preschool.

WHAT?  Preschool is a milestone.  I realize it's not kindegarten yet...but STILL.  My little girl, so full of sugar and SPICE had her first day of school, and she could NOT have been more thrilled.

Miz Maggie D....all Three years and 3 feet of her.  Posin for her first big day at the P-School.

There was only a mild skirmish on the clothes front.  I wanted her to wear something else, she INSISTED on this shirt.  Ok fine.  So I chose some cute denim shorts.  She DECLINED.  Fine, brown it is.  I wanted her to wear these super cute brown wedge sandals.  NOPE!  So, brown loafers it was.  She was pleased as punch to have me do her hair.  She asked for a braid and a pony, so it's braided down the side and into a pony.  What you can't see is the super "awesome" polka dot bow that came from a store bought boxed present that she DEMANDED to wear.  Oh well, she sure is cute.

SIDE NOTE:  In my defense of yesterdays outfit.  Many comments said they tought the outfit was fine.  Well, what you can't see in the picture are the VERY clashing natures of the reds involved.  And the other colors in the shirt that didn't match. I promise it looked worse in person. But I do also get that it could certainly have been worse.  I mean, i ran into one friend in Costco one time and her 2 year old was wearing the rattiest old tu tuish dance costume.  I laughed and said, "only thing she'll wear?"  She smiled an exasperated smile and said, "Yep, I've just decided it is NOT worth the battle."  So, at least my kid isn't wearing THAT in public.

Back to today, LOVE her adorable little pose.  I'm so grateful that this new Maggie is emerging and kicking the "i hate your camera and your ass face" Maggie to the curb.

We had to get her there by 9:00, which frankly is a feat.  Today was even more so, 'cause I was watching my neighbors little boy while she was at the doctor.  He was struggling there in the beginning, but after awhile he calmed down and played, and even smiled.  Phew!

So, we were a touch late dropping her off.  But she felt so SUPER cool 'cause she got to sit in the back of the van with Brooklyn, AND...she was GOING.TO.SCHOOL!!

Here she is, ready to jump out and hit the school road.

She looked back to make sure I was following her to the door.

This is Ms. Ranelle...quite possibly one of the GREATEST, kindest, most AMAZING and Geniusy preschool teachers EVER to exist.  All of my siblings kids have gone to her.  I'm So excited that Maggie will get the opportunity to learn from her.  And I promise, Maggie was happy.  She was mostly bugged that she cuoldn't just go in and do her thing.  I was insisting on this picture...so ridiculous.

It was a little wierd to turn around and walk away from Maggie.  There was this part of me that couldn't believe it was really happening.  But she basically walked in, gave me a look and was off.

When I picked her up a few hours later she was pleased as punch.  When we were driving down the road, she said "Mom, I need to tell you something."  So I turned the radio down and she proceeded to tell me everything she did in SCHOOL.  Which included a snack, play time, painting, a snack at school, etc.  Apparently the snack really stuck out.  Then I asked her if she met some new kids in her class.  To which she replied  "mmm hmmm, I met lots of kids.  Their names are....(pause for thought)... ALL.  And they're ALL my BEST FRIENDS."

Nothin better than that.

My heart was happy, because she was happy.

So, for my FIRST TIME, it wasn't too bad.

Ok, now I would be so remiss if I did NOT share this tid bit:

Max is obsessed to levels beyond recognition OBSESSED with The Beiber.  Ever since that fateful day Beibs was played in our car for the first time (the one where I vidoed maggie singing/dancing) Max can NOT get enough.  It's rather ridiculous really.  If he even THINKS we're going to the car, or catches a glimpse of our car he immediately yells out "Babuh OH".  The moment we get in the car he is demanding to hear "Baby Oh."  I'm all good obliging this, 'cause really, it's adorable.  However, now that track number 17 is on constant repeat, I fear I may lose my ever lovin mind.  The INSTANT the song ends he yells "GEN" (again) to which I or Brooklyn replies, it will start again Max, just wait.  And then, there it is  once more....Baby, baby, baby OH, Babuh, babuh, babuh O.......
Needless to say, I'm hoping his Beiber fever burns out much sooner than later.
But i won't lie, it's SUPER adorable to watch him try to sing along.  He's getting better and better at that chorus.  And more adorable than that is listening to a 4 year old do the rap in the background.  "When I was 13, I had my FIRST LUV."  So freaking funny.

Productive day....sent my baby off for the first time to school.  Grocery shopped, started dinner, picked my kid off, dropped Brooklyn off, went to another store and got birthday present for my niece, made lunch, picked up the house AND blogged.  Yay me!  All this while having an extra kid in tow.  Good thing he's super adorable, and my friend was in need.  It makes me happy to be able to help someone out, it really does.  Now, here's hoping dinner turns out delish, since I'm planning on taking some over to said friend.

And finally...today my sister Dana is driving her two sons up to BYU.  I'm just a little sad that I'm not along for the ride, because the first two years that she drove Bryson up there, I came along.  I love those trips, seeing friends, helping decorate dorm rooms, and just getting away.  BOO on Oliver auditions so I couldn't go.  Good luck J and B on your BYU adventures!

Guess I should go work some more on this dinner and make some phonecalls!!

Cherries and sweat drops,


P.S.  SUPER excited 'cause I'm just ONE person away from 100 followers.  HOORAY!

Your taste is suspect at best....

This girl.....

This outfit...

What can I say?

This morning(well EVERY morning) Maggie INSISTED on dressing herself.  She is very proud of herself for MATCHING colors.  So, no matter what, if their is pink, then ANY other pink is fair game, blue with blue, purple with purple, etc.  So her first choice was the shirt, and when I calmly offered up a variety of denim shorts, she resoundingly said NO!  Then she spotted the plaid shorts and Voila! a marriage made in clashing heaven.  And then, THEN next thing I know she is informing me that she WILL be wearing tennis shoes.  People, this is a girl who I could NOT pay to even put socks on, much less wear closed toed shoes.  So please note the ruffle socks and the pink tennis shoes.  When she was complete (hey at least she let me do her hair; which these days is dictated to be a BIG ponytail in the back, LONG) I could NOT turn down the opportunity to take a picture.  So I said, "Oh Maggie, I really need to take your picture."  She said "ok" and then popped this pose out. 


Ah me, I remember the days when I got to dress her like my little doll.  She always looked like a million bucks in her well matched clothes and cute hair and bows.  But alas, she turned into a sniveling, snarling, white hot ball of terror and no longer am I allowed to help her look presentable.  Good thing her face is so cute.

What in the world will tomorrow bring. 

Her FIRST day of preschool.
My baby is growing up too fast.
There will be a battle, 'cause I WILL throw down and insist on a well matched outfit to meet her classmates in.
I'm ridiculous like that.

But, I do love her.  Even when she gets mad (which really is at ANYTHING) and yells out "FINE, then Mommy I'm NOT your best friend." (she thinks this is a gutt punch)

Her current idea of super mean, this is the WORST thing she can say is....
Mommy, you're a dangit!
This show is a dangit!
Maxi is a dangit!


Mommy, you're WIERD.
This lunch is WIERD.

She thinks she is soooo insulting me BAD.

She also likes to use this charming manipulative tactic.
After being disciplined, or told NO, or sent to her room...
I hear..."Mommy you are mean. Shame on you Mommy. When you put me in my room, it hurts my heart."
"When you tell me I am sassy to you, it hurts my heart Mommy."
Ocassionally this tactical maneuver works, and I feel bad....for a minute.  But then I tell her that her bad behaviour hurts my heart MORE.

Last night I made dinner.  It was a chicken and rice number.  So, I called the kids over to eat.  Max was excitedly sitting in his chair when Maggie said. 

"I will NOT eat this lunch, EVER NEVER."  "I'm NOT even hungry, I'm NOT eating this EVER." 
So now Max is along for the ride.  Suddenly he's not interested in his dinner.  He watches EVERY.SINGLE.THING she does and copies it.
Anyway, she proceeds on this ridiculous tirade for a good 3 minutes.  Saying that she HATES this dinner, it's WIERD and it's GROSS, and she ONLY likes cheesy rollups and noodles macaroni.  And I kid you not, she's  raging on, yelling that this is disgusting (mind you I have not reacted at all.  I've just said, that's ok, then you don't have to eat it and I continued to eat mine calmly, AND she's been holding her fork the whole time)so picture it...crazy rage talk then  ::stick fork in rice:: this is wierd, I will ever never eat it ::put fork in mouth:: and "I LOVE THIS DINNER, it is soooo YUMMY."  ::eat, eat, snort, munch, chew, moan.::  No, not kidding.  Julie witnessed it too. She completely changed her mind MID sentence.   I seriously nearly fell off my chair.

I think she gets possessed by random angry demons, 'cause nothing else makes sense.

Good thing she gobbled up her delicious dinner.  But the damage was done...Max still would have NOTHING to do with it.

THEN...later on.

Max had carried a full cup of water over to the sink and dumped it in.  Apparently he did some dropping of H2O on his way.

Maggie is spouting off about something again, and suddenly she's on the floor and totally bawling.  I look over and she's sprawled out, all "ass up in the neighbors yard".  I ask what happened and she said she slipped, between screams and tears.  And THEN she says..."I'm NOT wearing these panties, EVER NEVER, they're wet."  She stands up in all her consternation, takes a big step and seriously slips in the water again, virutally doing the splits and ending up in the same aforementioned position.  At that point I was crying I was laughing sooo hard.  I might have also been doing the cross and clench (I needed to pee) as I giggled uncontrollably.  Yes, I AM that mean of a Mom.  But c'mon...she deserved it.  All that needless raging and yelling.

In the end, she got her new panties, notihng was broken and she went to bed and slept soundly.

In spite of the random psychotic breaks, she really has some sweet moments and funny thoughts.  I appreciate her random spoutings of "I Love Yous".   And this phrase..."I should better."  As in  "I should better go get that." "I should better go tell Daddy." etc.  It just cracks me up.

She's really into needing to tell me "secrets."  "Mommy, MOMMY I NEEEED to tell you a secret, IN.YOUR.EAR"  So, I'll lean down and most of the time it will literally be a "silent" mouth moving saying nothing, which I'm meant to just "respond" to.  OR, she will whisper.."Mommy, ummm, I LOVE YOU."

Now Max is insisting on telling me secrets.  Except he says..."SECRET"  "IN EAR".  I put my ear down by his mouth and he says "SECRET...EARRRRR."  Silly boy.

Maggie continues to sing and play piano and make up songs.  Yesterday was about an angry troll, and today was all about the stars.  She's pretty proud of her work too.

She's in my friends singing group on MOnday afternoons.  It makes me so happy to drop her off and know that she gets to sing and dance and play for an hour, and she loves it.  She came home today and sang me some of her songs. And by sing I mean, ONE LINE.  But, it's cute none the less.

She's getting so big, so fast.  It scares me and thrills me all at the same time.

I sure love my silly, beautiful, exhausting, frustrating and FUNNY girl!

Even if her taste IS suspect!

Plaids and polkadots,


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Did I just get Pimped?

We interupt our regularly scheduled Memory Monday 9th grade post to bring you this OTHER Memory. (mostly because I can't get to my journal to recall 9th grade, AND my UH-MAZING pics aren't scanned yet...so it'll have to wait).

The year was 1997, I had shed the "BOB" and was living back home and working as a receptionist/secretary for my Daddio.  And this is where the story begins.

As a receptionist I answered the phones...OBVI.  I was a phone answering rockstar.  I loved doing it, and the people loved me.  I was "friends" with the customers that called in, some more than others.

Clark (not his reall name) was a buyer for a MAJOR exercise equipment company.  They were one of our biggest customers and he called a lot.  Clark LURVED (and by lurve I mean, he just enjoyed chatting with me and I him) me.  He would call and we would generally have a 15 to 20 minute conversation BEFORE I'd ever patch him through to my brother (it was his account). 

Well the time finally came that Clark was going to come to Arizona for a visit to our company.  Yay, we'd finally get to meet face to face.

At the time I was attending college part time and working part time, sharing the job with my cousin.  So, on the day of Clarks arrival I was at school.  I remember VERY clearly that I was in a Biology Lab.  I HATE Biology, so how could I forget?

There I sat, bored out of my mind, counting down the hour when suddenly appearing in my doorway were TWO of my cousins.  They presented a note to my teacher (yeah, I totally rocked the junior high moment there) and I was excused from class.  Apparently my one cousin, Danielle that worked with me had been sent to retrieve me; serendipity hit and she ran into another of our cousins on campus and she helped her find my class. 

What was going on?  Why were my cousins retrieving me from school?  This was all so odd!  This WAS the days before cell phones, so manual retrieval was necessary. 

As it turns out, I was being SUMMONED by my Father, or more accurately by Clark.  Clark the customer had requested MY presence and my Dad totally obliged.  He tracked me down and pulled me out of school to go and essentially be Clarks "friend" for the day.

I remember thinking it was a little wierd, but sort of fun at the same time.  My company was wanted, AND hey, free food was involved.

Please keep in mind that Clark was a wee little Filipino man, while I am a 5' 10" girl of "stature."  And there we were..traipsing around the greater Phoenix area.

First we went to the Heard Museum, my one and only time visiting there. We meandered around the place checking out the exhibits and making awkward small talk (why is it that once you have to talk face to face all the ease of conversation disappears).  After that we went and got hot chocolates or something random at a little stand, which was followed by a return to his hotel so he could change, or get something and then we concluded our day with dinner at a Mexican Restraunt.

It was the one and only time I ever saw Clark.  He came, we hung, he left and that was it.

I never thought too much about it until recently.  For some reason this "memory" popped into my head and all i could think was......that was wierd right?  That wasn't normal. That really happened didn't it.  And where the hell was my brother...this was HIS client.  Really Eric, where were you?  Man, my life has some RANDOM moments in it.

But the most important question the I have to ask is......

Hey, did my Dad totally pimp me out?

Bitches and Ho's,


Friday, August 20, 2010

Small and Simple Things

I'm a bit emotional these days.  I'm feeling this way for a lot of reasons, and mostly they don't need to be talked about here.  But, suffice it to say....tears have been shed for the stresses of life, and also for the goodness of others.  We are BLESSED, so blessed in our life.

BUT, the real reason I wanted to write was for the joy that really small and simple things bring me. 

Simple things like:

Holly pressing the follow buttong and bringing me up to 97 followers. Yes Holly, that DID make me really happy.

A comment from a new and or unexpected reader.

Hearing Max say "Tank you mama" all on his own.  I get him something, or pick him up and he'll just say, in his super sweet, high pitched (or well, sometimes super low and growelly) voice..."Tanks" or "Tank you mama".  Something about the "Mama" just GETS to me.

Walking in the door from the gym and having Maggie or Max or both come RUNNING with pure glee screaming my name.

When announcing that dinner is ready...having Max yell at the top of his lungs. "MAGGGGGGGIEEEEE et's EAT!"  "Eat dinner!"

Or the fact that Max can NOT do anything without wanting to share with Maggie.  If he asks for a sucker, and I hand him one, he then says in a question tone "Maggie?" "Maggie want one." He ALWAYS wants to share with her.

Watching Max "fold" his arms for prayer.  It's this half held, fold thing and he tries so hard.  It's adorable.

A morning spent with my sister Dixie, just visiting and laughing.  That doesn't happen enough.

Do NOT hate me Dixie.  This was a silly shot from a game night in Greer.

Listening to Maggie tell me "secrets."

Having max say "I DO IT.  I DO IT!"  He's nearly 2 and has hit that stage where he's gonna do it all himself dangit.  Sometimes frustrating, but mostly, SO melts my heart.

Seeing Maggie walk around with her backpack for school, and how PROUD and excited she is to be the "older sister" and going to school.

Impromptu movie parties on a Friday night with our kids.

Tonight we decided to have an impromptu movie party with the kids.  I told them that we would have a special party, popping popcorn and watching a movie.  Maggie was so excited about this, and so was Max, though he didn't really get it.  I can not tell you how adorable it was, and how happy it made me to have Maggie snuggled up next to me, eating her popcorn and giggling at the movie.  Max did a pretty good job watching for awhile and throwing eating his popcorn.  We watched "Monsters Vs. Aliens"  which is ADORABLE!!!!  I laughed so many times at this movie.  At the end we were waiting to see who the voices were and Jere said the General was the same voice as in Toy Story.  Maggie threw her arms up in the air and in total glee said "TOY STORY...THAT'S MY FAVORITE."  So great.  Then, she promptly said, "I'm really tired, I'm going to bed."  Then as we were standing by her door my three year old says "I'm super WAY tired."  It all made my heart happy.

Surprise visits at 9:30 p.m. from our cute friends that are away at college and or traveling violin rockstars. So fun and unexpected. (we love you Lies'l and Taylor)

Just a random shot of Tay tay after his recital the other night.  Sorry, no pics of lovely Lies'l

Yep....sometimes it's the small and simple things that bring the greatest joy.

Thank goodness for all these things, so that the CRAP of life doesn't get you completely down.

Sweet babies and popcorn messes,


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Throwback Thursday

I have some friends who do throwback Thursday or something on Fridays, etc.   And today, I got a very random thought bubble and decided to look up the archives of my old, OLD Diaryland account. Oh what?  YOU used to do Diaryland?  If you DID, please stand up and be noted.  Hi Reva, Hi Joyce.  Anyone else?   Never heard of it?  Well, it was my first try at "blogging" though it really was more diary like at times, and somewhat more private.  Anyway, it goes from 2002 to 2006, and reading some of it makes me sad, others were funny.  AND, it covers some rather important events in my life, such as gastric AND announcing my pregnancy with Maggie.

ANYWAY....randomly reading entries (sidenote: some of my titles were way funnier than actual entries) and decided this was an easy way to 1) get an entry and 2) share some interesting bits of my "former" life.

So, read on friends, this one is short and sweet.  I KNOW RIGHT?  Who WAS I?

August 10, 2006

4:12 p.m.

<- That DID happen! ->

You see that? Do you? Huh? Are you thoroughly grossed out yet? No? Well, let me tell you a little story.

It's Tuesday morning, 2 a.m. I'm SOUNDLY sleeping when suddenly, I wake up, freaking out. I don't know why, I have no idea. All I know is, something is wrong. My ear is hurting, something is WRONG. I start thrashing about, and screaming. Jer wakes up scared to death. I'm yelling something is wrong, shaking my head around. It feels like water is gushing out of my ear or something, but no it's not. Then I realize, there is a BUG inside my ear. I can hear it on my eardrum. I freak out even harder. I shake and pound my head harder, and yell some more. Then, I FEEL it come out of my ear. I scream "It WAS A BUG, IT WAS A BUG IN MY EAR." Jer turns on the light, and sure enough, there was that hideous bug crawling on the covers. I jumped up, got a papertowell, picked it up, squished it to death and threw it away. Then, I went to the bathroom where I was so freaked out I could barely function. I found some cotton and put a piece firmly in each ear. Ain't NO WAY some nasty ass will EVER take up residence in MY ear again. Holy SHIT! It was sick and horrible. Anyone else ever experience that? Let me know.

So, there's my "excitement."

This whole week I've been watching my sisters kids while she's been doing the back to school getting ready stuff. I'll be watching her little girl (I'm talking about Brooklyn here, who is now 4 practically 16. So strange to go back in time BEFORE Brooklyn) for the whole school year. Oh, what's taht you say? You thought I was teaching school? Yeah, so that was my big news. I QUIT!!!(Did you know I taught school?  Yeah well, I wasn't so great at it) I will NOT be returning to the evil spawn of satan school. I will NOT be teaching. I'm so happy. It was the BIGGEST relief in the world to give them my resignation letter. They're dumbasses and wholly evil and corrupt! May they rot in a fiery hell forever! I'm FREE!!!

Well, must run!!


There ya have it.  Consider yourself "Thrown back".  Now the girls and I are off to make some cookies and then perhaps I'll think about dinner.  I'm cool like that.

Remembering and Cookie calories,