Friday, August 27, 2010

Clever AND Cute

So the other morning the kids wanted toast for breakfast (as an aside, they generally refuse breakfast. I'm lucky if I get them to eat it 1 out of 5 mornings) and our rule is, NO eating anywhere but the kitchen.  This proves problematic only when 1. the TV is on with kid shows, and 2. when Mom, Dad and Auntie Julie are sitting in the family room eating.  Maggie is too smart for this and demands to know why it's ok for US and not her.  When we say it's because we're grown ups she says, "well I'M growing UP."  To which we reply "sucks to be you doesn't it."  (I'm KIDDING) But I digress.

Other morning....toast for breakfast.  Me cleaning up in kitchen, I turned around and couldn't see my kids at the table.  As I geared up to yell calmly repremand them for taking food into the family room I see this:

This is the perfect vantage point in which to EAT toast AND watch TV.
Silly kids
Try not to judge our white trash morning attire.  Max peed through his jammies and once he's only in a diaper Maggie feels it's imperative that SHE be "naked" too.  It's a tricky game we play with her, this "equality."

I'm sure it's just me, but this was just CUTE.  So after I took this picture, and they were on to me, they gave me a couple "awesome" smile shots.

At least they're happy and fed with nutritional white toast.
I so ROCK as a Mom.

Really?  What is NOT to love about that face?
He slays me.
AND, he's still asleep at 9:00 this morning.  WIERD

Yep, they're Clever AND Cute.

In other news...I randomly lost a follower yesterday.  Perhaps I was too religious in my post.  Ah well, life moves on.

Speaking of, I have VERY exciting'll have to wait.  (NO I'M NOT PREGNANT, it has to do with blog stuff)

Today are callbacks for Oliver.  I'm anxious.  We had a good turnout for auditions, MORE guys than girls, WIERD!  But, I can't wait to see what the callbacks show me.

I only went to the gym once this week.  Sort of hating myself for that.

Next week truly starts reality, rehearsals MWF, teaching lessons T - TH, preschool, life, etc.  I hope I can figure out how to be organized enough to do it all.  I'm sort of used to my laziness.  Time to knock that off.  If things become a bit more scarce around here, try to forgive me and love me through it.

Time to get ready for this day...list of things to accomplish before 2:30.

Butter and Diaper bums,



Natalie said...

Yes, that face is TOO CUTE!! It's hilarious that they figured out how to stay in the kitchen and still watch TV! Kids are slick, they are!

Kristina P. said...

I see you've already started implementing Go Topless day in your home. Excellent.

Jere the Hottie said...

I may be totally biased, but I agree one hundred percent on how cute they are!! I love you!

Dixiechick said...

Lost a follower!!!! WHAT?!?!?! What kind of jerk would abandon you like that? :) I like your Mother Teresa story (you know, the one where you completely compared yourself to her) and I'd like to note my kids figured out the same eating/TV watching situation as well. I have similar pics...white-trashy and all.

Sandra said...

I'm still laughing..."white trash morning attire"...classic!

the shoafs said...

so you're saying that diapers and topless kids are NOT appropriate for every day wear? shoot....i may have to reanalyze my kids' wardrobes. ;) and i love when my kids outsmart me (which isn't all too hard to do). it makes for fun stories and SUPER cute pics!

who in their right mind would spontaneously abandon you??? i'd click "follow" two or three times if i could!

and i think you SHOULD tell us you're pregnant because i think the world could use about 2 or 3 more max'es (exactly HOW does one pluralize the name max????) that face would take me down each and every day. he'd already have his own car, nine puppies, mounds of chocolate....whatever he wanted.

DianD said...

Aren't you glad that you have obedient problem solvers! :) Great combination....just hope it continues forever. And, hey, if I dared, I'd dress like they are every summer day in Arizona... Somehow I'm afraid the rest of the world wouldn't appreciate it, though. I remember when I was 5 and heading out the door to play in my undies and no top and my mom told me I was too big to do that anymore. I couldln't understand what the heck she was talking about! I could do it yesterday and it was okay but today it's not?!!!? Growing up did have its drawbacks!

Greg and Tammy said...

That is too cute. Following the rules, but still getting a little TV time in. Very nice work kiddos. Sorry we missed you last night. We did get to see darling Max and he and Emma jammed on the kiddie piano for a bit. He stood at the doorstep and yelled goodbye a dozen times. Darling.

Eve said...

Oh, poor, poor little adorable sickies! I love the photo of them enjoying the toast and watching tv - too cute!

If it makes you feel any better... at least it's crib sheets, not top-bunk sheets (those are a horrible pain)! ;)