Monday, August 30, 2010

These boots are made for walkin

As I walked through the door after my first rehearsal (it went fine thank you), I was greeted by happy voices yelling "Mommy."  And sweet little bodies already in their pj's.  Maggie was sporting a happy pair of stripey pants, a purse on her shoulder and her purple flip flops on.  Max was in his cute little blue shorts jammies with an airplane on the shirt.  After hugs and happy greetings, Maggie asked if we could go on a walk. I asked where she'd like to go, she said "Only a short walk, just to Gramma Dars."  I informed her that was a little too far for a "short" walk. Then I thought about it for a second, and then said, "sure, we can go for a quick walk, but just around the block."

Aren't these just happy little stripey pants?  I love them.

"Ok Mommy, let's go."

Max squeeled "shoes ON, I get my shoes ON." AS he put on maggies black Sunday shoes.  After putting more appropriate attire on his tootsies we set out the door.

With purse slung over her little shoulder and great confidence Maggie said...

"Follow me Mommy, I'm the leader. Just walk this way.  Follow me mo......and then she totally turfed it.  And just as quickly as she'd fallen, she jumped up, dusted off her knees yelled over her shoulder "It's ok Mommy, I'm alright.  Folow me."  And off we went on our neighborhood adventure.

Probably had to be there.  'Cause I promise, it was FUNNY crap.

We followed Maggie as she dictated our course, down the sidewalk, cross the street here, get back on the sidewalk, etc.  We saw our neighbor trying to nail gun up 2x4's to create light boxes on her porch, we saw another neighbor working on his car, we enjoyed an actually nice evening outside where no sweat was required.

I took a walk with my kids tonight, and I loved it.

I've missed these times.  These simple, sweet times to enjoy my children, to enjoy my neighborhood, to be in fresh air and watch my children, listen to them talk, discover the sites and sounds of our little world.

I needed this.   It rejuvinated me.

I took a walk with my kids tonight....and I loved it!

Little feet and light hearts,



Rocketgirl said...

I would move back to Arizona, just so I could walk with your little ones. And mine too, of course. Seriously, this is so adorable it makes my uterus clench jsut a wee bit :)

the shoafs said...

how sweet! we went on a little walk this past sunday and it was fabulous. made me wonder why in the world we don't do that all the time. and hkay, also known as "grace", basically falls any time she's standing up. it's so funny because she'll jump up and say, "i'm okay!" every single time. she's like that chick on the saturday night live skit ;) i'm just waiting for her to leap up and yell, "superstahhhhhhh"!

Wendy said...

Love this story and the joy of the little things. It was probably the highlight of her week to dictate the path you walked.

Lincoln just had to run so I dropped him off 1 house from ours and let him run home. He was SO thrilled. These are the best of times.

Aimee said...

Awww that is too cute!! Maggie sounds like such a sweetie (usually, except when you recap her stubborn fits). Walks are fun. I need to remember to take those more often. By the time I get home from work I just want to lay down on the couch and go to bed.. my dog would rather me walk him of course

Jen West said...

The cool night was a tease of Fall. I can hardly wait. It is much too stale inside and then the babes all stink if you let them outside. I did open my back door and window while I ironed this morning. I think it was in the 70's! I am glad you enjoyed the weather and your babes.

Natalie said...

We walked today, too. And I loved it. You're right - it's certainly the little things in life that make life worth it!

nmaha said...

What a lovely post. I'm going to take my toddler on a walk tonight.

LBDDiaries said...

So many would have said, "Not now, hon, I just got it" and lost a precious moment. Great posting!

AZLB said...

great post..those walks are for the memories! We try to do it once a week as well. Arizona nights can be perfect for it...especially after August!

From Tracie said...

What a precious time.

(and those pjs are super cute! My daughter loves wearing only "the cutest pajamas")

Eve said...

Haha... that is adorable! Only in AZ can you go for an evening walk in stripy pj's and sunglasses... and not look even remotely out of place! ;)