Sunday, August 29, 2010

9th Grade - I'm a Teen Tone Trojan

9th Grade
Fall 1986
(Oh the discussions we could have.  One, I'm THIRTEEN here.  You read that right. 
 Two:  Was the photographer DRUNK?  Why am I cut off on the side? 
Could I have MORE makeup on?  My bangs are working their way to true mall bang glory,
and can you see the shoulder pads? YES!)

And now for an important comparison shot:

Me at 14, looking ummm, scrubby.                                       Me at 23....looking ummm "special"

Point here is...SAME hair 9 years later.  SAME HAIR.  AND, I don't look that much older.  Stuck in a time capsule people, STUCK.IN.A.TIME.CAPSULE.FOR.SURE!

But, enough comparing and contrasting.  Let's discuss the happenings of the rock and roll years of 1986 to 1987.  Good times to be sure.

Empire of the Sun, one of the best movies of all time came out this year.
Full House had the audacity to start puking on our televisions (I hate that show)
That's What Friends are For was the "song of the year." Hahahahahahaha
Regan was still President
And MOST importantly...Prozac was introduced to the American public for the first time.  Suhweet!

Oh the sweet innocence of it all.

This is the year my Mom started teaching at Taylor Jr. High, and I was lucky ducky enough to move along with her.  I had to leave my besty Karen, my boy crush Roger, and my familiar, comfortable surroundings and go to a new school.  The only upside here was, THIS is the school Andrea had moved to, so I'd at least have her as a friend.    I was now a Taylor Trojan, and I was in a school that was "rich" in comparison to po po Powell.

My mom taught 7th grade and I would have to pass her classroom anytime I was walking between classes, or who knows why.  All I do know is, I HATED passing her room.  I HATE recognition, it's so embarassing.  So when her kids would say, Mrs. Shumway their goes your daughter, I would duck my head and walk by as fast as I could.  My Mom never understood that.  Well hey, I'm shy underneath all this bravada, ever think of THAT one?

I was put in the tippy top choir...the Taylor Teen Tones, and I felt pretty super awesome for that.  We wore these most excellent, giant puffy sleeved red dresses made of some totally wierd material.  BUT, I loved the dress, 'cause it accentuated my waist and covered the hips...all good tihngs.  AND, because the poof of the sleeve totally matched the POOF of our hair. 

I auditioned for the Regional Choir that year, and wouldn't you know it...I made it.  I had a whopping 7 out of 40 on sightreading, and a 59 out of 60 on my solo and somehow I made it.  I was 25th out of 25 altos, but I MADE IT!  That was a really cool experience, getting to sing with 75 other great singers and put on a fabulous concert.  I went on to audition for All State, but alas, my utter lack of sight reading ability did me in, and it was a no go for me.  Don't worry though, that "damn" Helena Nielson and her perfect sight reading helped her get right on in that choir. hee hee

I found a little piece of "me" that year.  I discovered I had a true ability to sing.  Not that I hadn't sung before, but I'd never been in choir.  I hadn't really seen my ability.  I had always been Danas little sister.  I'd spent my short life being asked if I was "gonna sing like my sister."  I didn't know.  I didn't think I could.  I hated that question.  But, I got in choir and I got to sing solos and I FOUND something I loved.  I continued to develop that and nurture that through highschool, but it wouldn't be until I was TWENTY ONE that I TRULY connected with my ability and musical calling.  However, I can say, it was 9th Grade, Mrs. Garrett and being a Teen Tone that started me on that path.

I got to go to seminary for the first time, and that year happened to be a Book of Mormon study year.  We had the BEST teacher there ever was.  His name was Clate Mask, and seriously, he was awesome.  As he sat at the front, eating his wads of bread (he was one some random eat only bread diet) and discussed the games from the day before, he had a way of teaching us about the Book of Mormon without us knowing we were being taught.  It was genius.  He is now a general Authority for the church, which makes my heart happy, 'cause I was taught by the best.

You may recall my love of "the typing" and my desire to be the bestest at it.  So, of course I took typing, and totes rocked the IBM selectric. 

Really, are you surprised that I have a picture with me and my "lover" Selecty?  Thought not.

I topped out at 94 WPM that year, which was ALMOST good enough to be "BEST TYPIST".  BUT, as in my marked post there....Helena beat me out.  The scars still run deep. hahahahhaah  She had to be perfect at piano playing, singing, sight reading AND MY TYPING?  C'mon Helena, save something for the common people.

And then there were the "BOYS".  There was just this whole new crop of cute, "wonderful" boys for me to crush on and wish secretly that any would love me back.

Hello cutest boys of Taylor Jr. High, how are you?
They were so skaterific.  The whole skater thing was making its debut.
Let's be honest.  I'm showing this picture because of their shirts and hair.  The 80's so rocked!
I of course completely missed the skater style, 'cause that's how I role.....behind the times.
I honestly have NO idea where any of these guys are, or what their lives have turned out to be.
Writing this makes me curious.  Here I come Face Book.

I wrote a HUGE report on Joan of Arc, like HUUUUUGE and you betcha yer sweet bippy I still have that report, in a box, in a closet, somewhere.  I mean, I rocked it.  I got an A+.  I wasn't always so great at going gangbusters on homework.  So, I'm proud of this bit.

We studied Romeo and Juliet in English.  I HATED it.  I still don't like it.  But I DO like Shakespeare, lest you think otherwise.

Oh my gosh, I almost totally forgot.  We went on a choir field trip to Tucson.  Tucson is ugly.  We were near the University and the bus driver was making a Right hand turn, except he didn't gauge it well, and he TOTALLY ran partially OVER a car.  It was AWESOME!  He ran OVER a car.  I'm sure he died a little/LOT inside.  But we as punky 9th graders thought it was the funniest thing ever.  We ate at the Mall, we had a blast laughing in the bus and just being with eachother.  I have no idea what we were doing in Tucson, but hey, at least I witnessed a busover.

Other than that, my memories are very few and scattered of this year.  I remember small bits, walking to seminary, concerts, sitting in English, my creepy math teacher, lunch time and my grape juice, pool party at Helenas.  I'm sure there was PLENTY more angst and drama in my diary, I mean, I was still "thick".  But my journal is currently in my sick kids bedroom.  I don't dare chance it to go in there.

It's safe to say, Taylor was a good move for me.  I made new friends (one who i saw tonight for like the first time SINCE 9th grade), I learned, I grew, I almost beat Helena in typing (hee hee) and I loved it.  Mostly I just HATED my school picture.  WORST school picture of them all.  I cringe every time I see it.  And strangely enough, my Mom loves this one.  EWWWWW!

Next up...HIGH to the SCHOOL!

Teens and Tones,



JerBear said...

Forcing Romeo & Juliet on nineth graders in English is just sick and wrong!! Shakespeare should be taught by THEATRE teachers as the man wrote PLAYS!! Just sayin. I'm glad you redeemed yourself with the, "I DO like Shakespeare," comment or there would be some serious problems between us. =)

Babe, your hair is AWESOME and the fact that you totally rocked that look for nine years makes you a rockstar in my book! And, THANK YOU to Stephanie Swann for opening your eyes to a new (HOT) look!!! I'm forever grateful to you Steph for that just BTW...

The Atomic Mom said...

When I saw the title, I immediately knew you were taking about Taylor. The Teen Tones were our hugest rival over at The Poston. We hated them. I had no idea you switched out to Taylor though, no idea!

As for the hair, and everything, again we had that same hair-doo, the same geometric design on our shirts and the same ammount of snowcone pink lipstick!

As for Brother Mask, he was my bishop too. He is a great guy!

Kristina P. said...

Didn't we all have that hairstyle? I know I did.

Laraine Eddington said...

I tried to have that hairstyle. I was never very good at it. I too loved the IBM selectric. Who knew how fast we would eventually be on a computer keyboard? It feels like cheating.

The Brinkerhoff's said...

WOOT WOOT!!!! Taylor Jr High!!!!

Jenn C. said...

Not a word about me...I am hurt! lol! That post brought back lots of memories!

Minky {moo} said...

Oh my gah. Those earrings! I am so grateful my pictures are hidden away... Where did you go on your mission?

Emma said...

Loving the pictures!!! I realised about 2 years ago that I'd had exactly the same hair do for about 20 years and so had it all chopped off!!! Loving the wander through the 80's!!!

Simoney said...

I was right. You ARE funny.
Loving those photos.
Loving that hair.

Staci said...

You are one brave soul to put your pix up from high school....I don't think I'd be that strong!
I'm so happy for your SITS Day. Finding great blogs like yours is the whole reason I joined.
Thanks for your humor, it made me laugh a little harder this morning than I planned! Might have spit on the big screen of the monitor...that's not good.