Sunday, August 29, 2010

Something "Buggy"

I suppose my alarm should have sounded when Max took a FOUR HOUR nap two days in a row, and when he slept in until 9 a.m.  Yes, upon further alarm should most DEFINITELY have sounded.  Instead, I just marveled at sir sleepy head and reveled in the peace and quiet.  My bad.

It was nearing 9 a.m. yesterday and not a stir from Maximus' bed.  Jere was wandering past his door, getting ready to leave and stuck his head in.  Next I heard "UH ALLYSON, you better get in here NOW."  This was NOT a good sign.

I made my way to the bedroom, stepped inside the door and what can only be described as the smell of putrescent death greeted me.  After catching my breath, I looked down to see Max, laying perfectly still in a mosaic of what was clearly the last nights dinner.  Yes, his entire crib, his bumper, his clothes, everything was covered in the stank of barf, and the chunks of leftover dinner.  He must have done it at some point early in the morning.  He was laying on top of it, in it around it.  It was truly GROSS!  And all he could do was look up at me and say, "hi Mommy".  So, I extracted him from the filth, took off his clothes (to which he excitedly exclaimed, "TAKE A BAFF") and discovered some "excitement" from the other end, if you're pickin up what I'm puttin down.  Yep, we were off to a GREAT start. 

He and Maggie enjoyed a delightful, cleansing bath while I peeled the sheets and blankets from his crib, took them out and shook them on the lawn (filthy) and then put everything in to wash.  I won't lie...I could totally deal with the barf.  It's the freaking bed changing that I can't stand.  I HATE, loathe and despise changing sheets on daybeds and cribs.  Guess who has both.  BINGO!

Anyway, after the bath, I dressed the kids, and you would never have known that Max had been sick in the night.  Well, other than there was literal liquid coming from his bum bum.  A bit of time would pass and then that umistakable smell would waft past my nose and sure enough, he was just "wet" with poops.  Again, you'd never know he was sick.  He was happy and playful all day.  In fact, we ended up going to hang out with Porter and Lana that night and the kids had a great time playing.  I thought perhaps we had made it through, dodged the bullet if you will.

Nay verily.

This morning, while Max woke up clean of any ungodly bodily fluid issues, Maggie began to complain that her tummy hurt.  After awhile she said that she was gonna barf.  She would lay around a bit, play a bit, then complain again.  Finally, just as I was on the phone working out our first rehearsal schedule, I hear a little moan and a cough and look over to see Maggie daintily barfing in the garbage can.  She was NOT pleased.

After resting a bit with her Daddy (who himself is not feeling well) she came in to see me.  Then once and barf.  Thank goodness she is the quietiest, daintiest barfer.  But apparently, it just wore her out, because she finished it, walked in to the family room, layed down on the floor and promptly fell asleep.

No regard to anything, just fell down with the cord and the shoe and slept.

She woke up and in a whisper said she wanted to sit on my lap.  So I took her up on my lap and after just a minute she got that unmistakable, swallow, swallow,  hand to her mouth.  I said, are you gonna barf, she nodded yes.  I set her down and said, run for the garbage can.  She took two steps, barfed on the floor and stood frozen.  I grabbed her up, took her to the garbage where she barfed a little more and expressed her disgust.  Then, after that, she came to the couch, and, promptly fell asleep.

Apparently this puking business is exhausting.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Max has been in bed for 2 hours, sleeping, which tells me he's not all better either.  And the Dad is asleep too.

I blame...well I don't know WHAT I blame.  But, there must be someone, SOMETHING I can pin this on.  Right?  Especially because I am NOT a barfer, I don't understand the process of it all.

The good thing is, my kids usually are over these random "situations" within 24 hours.  Fevers are generally not involved and medication is never necessary.  So, there is a bright side.

Umm, Maggie just woke up, took a drink of her sippy and promptly barfed 2 more times.  LIFE.IS.GRAND!

Yep, something "buggy" is definitely going on.

Germies and febreeze,


P.S. This makes church going, and or accomplishing any of the VERY IMPORTANT show work I need to do, nigh unto impossible. WOO HOO!  Off to shower, so i can go to nursery for 10 minutes and teach a lesson, to kids who don't care or understand.

ADDENDUM:  The bug is NOT nice.  My tummy has been attacked.  There has been a breach.  No barf, but another joy (ifyaknowwhati'msayin)!  And I"m a little achey.  However, I refuse to acknowledge such ridiculousness. I don't have time for it.  Singing tonight at a fireside, AND first big day of rehearsal tomorrow. HELLO!  Maggie has continued to throw up all afternoon, with awesome ability to get the floor, the couch, Auntie Julie, Moms garbage can, etc.  On the upside, she is SO sweet and calm and lovey.  And Max's butt faucet has been turned on full force!  YES!  Best Sunday EVER!


Kristina P. said...

Oh, no! Poor kids. Hope your family gets less pukey soon.

Sandra said...

I feel for you! It's a stomach bug, and guess what, you're probably next on its despicable list! Good luck and hope all returns to normal soon!

Kellie said...

Oh, that's sad! I hope they have a quick recovery- and you stay healthy.

the shoafs said...

"are you pickin up what i'm puttin down" and "nay verily" are two examples of the phrases you throw down on that keep me coming back for more and more. the barfing? i could do without.....but it DOES make me feel a little better about the fact that ava has copious amounts of snot and goo flowing forth from her nostrils...but no puke. i count my blessings no after reading your adventure. verily and verily ;)

LanaBanana said...

Oh dear. So what you're saying is, I should expect some barfing out of my kids in a few hours. Uh oh. If so, a pox on your house. Curse you.

TornadoTwos said...

Oh no, your poor family! Yuck, I can't imagine waking up to a mess like that! Sounds like your kids are real troopers though. Hope everyone feels better soon!

jen said...


Court and Julie said...

Oh man! I am so sorry. Nothin worse than puking kiddies! There seem to be some slightly 'familiar' phrases in your post... Ü

✩Molly✩ said...

Are they ingesting milk products? If so, stop that... stomach sick children cannot digest dairy... you've gotta wait until they start to come back around and then you can give them the dairy back. You can do pedialyte and water (with a tiny bit of juice if necessary. This will stop the shits and puking too for the most parts. BRAT- Bananas, Rice, Apple sauce, and Toast... good foods for calming the stomach and digestive tract.

I was worried when I heard you had bathed Maggie in that puke water with Max, and then continued to read on that it spread to her... I remember when we got sick as kids, we were like quarantined to our room, and nobody would even talk to us. I am impressed she ran for the garbage can. Scarlett would never think of such things.

Love ya, this too shall pass.... eventually.

Greg and Tammy said...

YUCKA MAGUCKA (as Emma would say). Sick children are the absolute worst. It's so hard to see them so miserable and then having to "clean up" their mess makes it so much worse. I hope they get over it quick and I hope you and Jere don't get worse.

deveney said...

After I read this post, I think you are even more amazing! Hope it passes soon!

DianD said...

And don't you just wonder how the lady with 19 does it! SURELY, SURELY she's had more than one sick at a time with barf & poo all over cribs, beds, floors, etc.! If not... I'd just have to guess they're not human... some sort of aliens or something. However, if they are human and they have had episodes like this... HOW HAS SHE SURVIVED?!? Glad your kids are on the mend and you didn't get worse!

Pini Family said...

Only you could make the day from puke-us/poop-us hell, sound funny! Oh, how I love your posts...miss you...we need to get together sometime! Stay well!