Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Unexpected Showers

Well, you may or may NOT remember that I live in the great DESERT Southwest.  The fabulous and ARID state of Arizona.

As a child I remember Monsoon season coming in July and rain pouring buckets full of hot water all over us.  We LOVED to go running out in the rain and spinning circles in the front yard.  The only time I really hated the Monsoon was during city championships for swimming.  It hit EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!!  No fail, we'd be trying to have an important swim meat and there would be 100 mph winds gusting through, massive lightning bolts setting the dark sky ablaze and big FAT rain drops drenching all involved.  Inevitably people would scurry to every little corner and we'd have to wait it out.  'Cause, also if you didn't know, monsoons come in and out within minutes.  So, as a child wanting to  just swim my freaking race, I was NOT a fan.

Anyway.....somewhere along the way, somewhere in all this "global warming" and greenhouse affect and what have you...Monsoon season seems to have disappeared.  This summer the sky got dark and it was humid as hell for like 6 weeks but never freaking rained.  We got to the very end of July before we finally got some rain.  Apparently there was a lot of rain while we were in Greer, and then nothing so much since we've been home. 

Evidently the monsoons have moved to August.

Last night...pretty much OUT.OF.NOWHERE the wind started blowing fiercely.  Things were flying through the air, tubs in my backyard went hurtling outward and then BOOYAH!!!!  The sky, she opened up and dumped her bounty upon us. 

Auntie Julie took the kids out front to play in it (cause she's good like that), and after a couple of minutes they came in and said "Mommy we want you to come play in the rain with us."  At the moment, I was "busily" reading about an armless Chinese pianist and watching him play some beautiful song with his toes.  I couldn't be bothered.  PLUS, PLUS....I HATE getting wet.  Nothing worse than getting wet.  So, I politely declined their invitation.  When they asked why, I said, "Mommy hates getting wet, and I'll melt."  they believed me (well Maggie giggled and told me I was wierd)and went back out and played.

Then I felt really guilty.  I felt like the worst mother ever.  My toddlers were playing in the rain, having so much fun, and I was too busy watching Chinese footman play his piano.  The guilt took over and soon I went out front to "play"; and by play I mean, I stood under the eaves so as to not get wet, but to watch my cute kids have the time of their life.

This was the first time they ever got to run and play in the rain.

They had so much fun.  The giggling and soaking wet hair was worth it.  I might add, it was at this point Maggie stopped, looked up and said..."I'm peeing."  and then stood there and peed.  Apparently she got confused, this was not like when we're swimming and she has to pee and we just have her go stand over some rocks by the pool deck and pee.  What?  At least she doesn't pee in the pool.  Anyway, she didn't enjoy the pee pee pants feeling so much afterward, but hey, that's what you get, you little urinator.

Max is looking up at the big drops coming off the eaves.  He was sooo happy.  He kept saying "RAIN, it's RAIIN, FaWING".

Running in the gutters.....nothin better (or dirtier, but who was checking that).  They were none to pleased with me when I finally called them in and insisted that rain play was over and bathtime was in order. 

Sometimes the unexpected showers bring the greatest joy.  Yay for late monsoons and little wet feet.

Raindrops and roses,



the shoafs said...

we get the monsoons round about 2 pm every singe day.....BUT, ours are usually accompanied by thunder and crazy cloud-to-ground lightning. this usually causes my wicked awesome mommy-sense to kick into gear and herd my kiddos inside. we don't get much playing in the rain time....mainly because i'd rather not have an extra-tasty-crispy offspring. looks like they had so much fun! and by the way.....i'll melt too, so this home skillet stays on the porch too :)

Cheeseboy said...

That looks like an incredibly fun storm to play in. Even I would venture into it.

Also, I do like a nice prime cut of swim meat. (Sorry, I couldn't help it.)

Steph said...

I totally remember playing in the gutters in the rain as a kid! Good for you for going out and watching. Someday you'll be glad you did stuff like that (whoa, I sound like some middle-aged mom--when did that happen?)

Agreed. Jeggings are just wrong. Even for little skinny people.

Mel said...

I love this. I had gone to Target to buy a rake, because our lawn is out of control. As I was checking out, it sounded like someone was banging on the roof. Holy crazy rain!
Playing in it was a blast..driving in it..not so much.
Hooray for you.

LanaBanana said...

We too were playing outside. Porter actually stood in it while I sat on the porch and enjoyed the mist that the wind blew on me. The kids rode their bikes and rolled around in watery gutters with the other neighborhood kids. They all made their way down to the park and explored the little lake that had formed down there. Loads of fun. Crew was just as much in heaven as they were. Adorable.

Kristina P. said...

That looks awesome. It is pretty much like The Notebook, without the naked sex scene. And the painful cliches.

jen said...

Only AZ people understand monsoon. Heidi was really hoping Sam would see a monsoon storm, so a beauty hits last night, we sit out on the back porch, and he was like, "MEH."
Don't get it.
Just reread your last few posts. I had the same red/yellow combo with a yellow flannel button-up shirt (brooch at the throat) underneath a red v-neck sweater. I was in 11th grade, but it was the same year!

Andrea said...

Glad you got lots of rain because we got about 5 minutes and it wasn't even very hard. I was a little disapointed because I love a good rain storm.!

Krystal Trapnell said...

We must have gotten that rain storm today. I dropped the kids at the front of the movie theater while I parked and the baby and I ran to meet them. We were literally soaked (and the baby was gasping for air) in the 30 seconds it took to run from the parking lot to the theater. I couldn't help but laugh at how silly we all looked. But I didn't pee.

Natalie said...

Yep, unexpected showers do sometimes bring the kids and adults alike!

Wow! That is all.

Jen West said...

hooray for rainstorms! makes me want to run in the gutter, too!

DianD said...

Where has the time gone?!?!? You were just Maggie's age, running in the rain and now, here you are documenting your kids doing it! Noting quite like it. So fun! And for the record, I remember doing the same thing as a kid... only we didn't have sidewalks and paved streets with gutters.... just lawn and mud! :) Still so fun!