Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My First Time....

When you're holding that brand new tiny little bundle of pink goodness in your arms and your basking in their perfection and the fact that you just pushed it out of an area roughly the size of a doughnut, you just don't think or believe that they will grow up SO fast. You have NO WAY of knowing what is in store for you.  You're so caught up in that moment (especially when it is your FIRST child) that you can't begin to comprehend that teeny weeny wiggling "buglet" will get big and sass back to you and tell you NO.  You don't understand that they will fill your life with so much JOY, LOVE, laughter and so much frustration.  And you certainly don't believe that in a literal blink of your eye they'll be traipsing off to preschool.

WHAT?  Preschool is a milestone.  I realize it's not kindegarten yet...but STILL.  My little girl, so full of sugar and SPICE had her first day of school, and she could NOT have been more thrilled.

Miz Maggie D....all Three years and 3 feet of her.  Posin for her first big day at the P-School.

There was only a mild skirmish on the clothes front.  I wanted her to wear something else, she INSISTED on this shirt.  Ok fine.  So I chose some cute denim shorts.  She DECLINED.  Fine, brown it is.  I wanted her to wear these super cute brown wedge sandals.  NOPE!  So, brown loafers it was.  She was pleased as punch to have me do her hair.  She asked for a braid and a pony, so it's braided down the side and into a pony.  What you can't see is the super "awesome" polka dot bow that came from a store bought boxed present that she DEMANDED to wear.  Oh well, she sure is cute.

SIDE NOTE:  In my defense of yesterdays outfit.  Many comments said they tought the outfit was fine.  Well, what you can't see in the picture are the VERY clashing natures of the reds involved.  And the other colors in the shirt that didn't match. I promise it looked worse in person. But I do also get that it could certainly have been worse.  I mean, i ran into one friend in Costco one time and her 2 year old was wearing the rattiest old tu tuish dance costume.  I laughed and said, "only thing she'll wear?"  She smiled an exasperated smile and said, "Yep, I've just decided it is NOT worth the battle."  So, at least my kid isn't wearing THAT in public.

Back to today, LOVE her adorable little pose.  I'm so grateful that this new Maggie is emerging and kicking the "i hate your camera and your ass face" Maggie to the curb.

We had to get her there by 9:00, which frankly is a feat.  Today was even more so, 'cause I was watching my neighbors little boy while she was at the doctor.  He was struggling there in the beginning, but after awhile he calmed down and played, and even smiled.  Phew!

So, we were a touch late dropping her off.  But she felt so SUPER cool 'cause she got to sit in the back of the van with Brooklyn, AND...she was GOING.TO.SCHOOL!!

Here she is, ready to jump out and hit the school road.

She looked back to make sure I was following her to the door.

This is Ms. Ranelle...quite possibly one of the GREATEST, kindest, most AMAZING and Geniusy preschool teachers EVER to exist.  All of my siblings kids have gone to her.  I'm So excited that Maggie will get the opportunity to learn from her.  And I promise, Maggie was happy.  She was mostly bugged that she cuoldn't just go in and do her thing.  I was insisting on this picture...so ridiculous.

It was a little wierd to turn around and walk away from Maggie.  There was this part of me that couldn't believe it was really happening.  But she basically walked in, gave me a look and was off.

When I picked her up a few hours later she was pleased as punch.  When we were driving down the road, she said "Mom, I need to tell you something."  So I turned the radio down and she proceeded to tell me everything she did in SCHOOL.  Which included a snack, play time, painting, a snack at school, etc.  Apparently the snack really stuck out.  Then I asked her if she met some new kids in her class.  To which she replied  "mmm hmmm, I met lots of kids.  Their names are....(pause for thought)... ALL.  And they're ALL my BEST FRIENDS."

Nothin better than that.

My heart was happy, because she was happy.

So, for my FIRST TIME, it wasn't too bad.

Ok, now I would be so remiss if I did NOT share this tid bit:

Max is obsessed to levels beyond recognition OBSESSED with The Beiber.  Ever since that fateful day Beibs was played in our car for the first time (the one where I vidoed maggie singing/dancing) Max can NOT get enough.  It's rather ridiculous really.  If he even THINKS we're going to the car, or catches a glimpse of our car he immediately yells out "Babuh OH".  The moment we get in the car he is demanding to hear "Baby Oh."  I'm all good obliging this, 'cause really, it's adorable.  However, now that track number 17 is on constant repeat, I fear I may lose my ever lovin mind.  The INSTANT the song ends he yells "GEN" (again) to which I or Brooklyn replies, it will start again Max, just wait.  And then, there it is  once more....Baby, baby, baby OH, Babuh, babuh, babuh O.......
Needless to say, I'm hoping his Beiber fever burns out much sooner than later.
But i won't lie, it's SUPER adorable to watch him try to sing along.  He's getting better and better at that chorus.  And more adorable than that is listening to a 4 year old do the rap in the background.  "When I was 13, I had my FIRST LUV."  So freaking funny.

Productive day....sent my baby off for the first time to school.  Grocery shopped, started dinner, picked my kid off, dropped Brooklyn off, went to another store and got birthday present for my niece, made lunch, picked up the house AND blogged.  Yay me!  All this while having an extra kid in tow.  Good thing he's super adorable, and my friend was in need.  It makes me happy to be able to help someone out, it really does.  Now, here's hoping dinner turns out delish, since I'm planning on taking some over to said friend.

And finally...today my sister Dana is driving her two sons up to BYU.  I'm just a little sad that I'm not along for the ride, because the first two years that she drove Bryson up there, I came along.  I love those trips, seeing friends, helping decorate dorm rooms, and just getting away.  BOO on Oliver auditions so I couldn't go.  Good luck J and B on your BYU adventures!

Guess I should go work some more on this dinner and make some phonecalls!!

Cherries and sweat drops,


P.S.  SUPER excited 'cause I'm just ONE person away from 100 followers.  HOORAY!


Brit @ Ebse Chic said...

hey girl...i became follower 100 :)

I thought I was a follower, just had you on my google reader


Katie said...

She looks adorable!!!!! I love the pink/brown combo. It's so cute! Girly - yet sophisticated is what one friend calls it.


jen said...

Love this post. That's about all.

And cheers on your productive day.

See you Thursday?!

Cookie Mama said...

She is so cute! I love how you documented her first day with pictures, even if she didn't want you to take the one with her teacher you will never regret having that sweet moment to look back at. Enjoy!

Dixiechick said...

My kids never EVER told me anything about school. I always had to try to pry something, anything out of them. I never knew what songs they were singing, what they were working on, what they did, who was there....nothing. From all 3. Glad Maggie gets to go to preschool like a big girl. :)

DianD said...

Oh! She looks so grown up! She is darling and I love the names of her friends... All! :)

Cheeseboy said...

I've heard a few times from mothers about how they were embarrassed about what their daughters wore to my first grade class. Of course, I didn't even notice. I'm a guy, of course, so maybe I don't really pay attention to that stuff. But I bet most teachers don't even notice.

Dorkys Ramos said...

She looks so happy and cute. Glad to hear her first day was so memorable - even if she forgot everyone's names. She really sounds like she keeps you on your toes though :p

Ari said...

Please tell your kiddos the BEST line in Baby is "She woke me up daily. Don't need no StaaarrBUCK!" The rap is my fav. PS: Maggie looks like she's in 3rd grade...how is she only in preschool?!

reasonably chubby said...

hahaha! I'm still laughing,,'so glad she's kickin the I hate your camera and your ass face'--I've seen that face myself puh-lenty of times from my own 3 daughters...and their in college! What a cutie patootie Maggie is--preschool rocks!