Thursday, August 12, 2010

Activity Dayz

Ah me...Greer is still being covered.  Try not to dessert me...I'm almost over it.

Let's just say, if it weren't for Jenny, Jody, Dixie and Lana, our kids might have NOTHING to EVER do but play on deadly red swings, or roll around in rocks.  But alas, these ladies exist and their greatness does not go unnoticed.  They have taken it upon themselves to create activities for the children, and even for us growed up kids too.

This year there was a delightful little "flip flop" decorating day.

Don't anyone worry, the bedazzling didn't stick.  But, the girls had fun nonetheless.

Next there was a charming and intimate afternoon dance party, replete with swing dance tricks.

Jody, Lana, Tatum, Livy and Dane                                                           Lana flipping Oliva

Now I ask many little kids have Aunts that would stand about doing dance moves and shaking their groove things with you?  I just had to laugh.  'Cause there is NO WAY in hell any of my Aunts would have EVER done such a thing.  I just can't even begin to picture my Aunts boogying down with us at reunions.  Ok fine, to be fair, I would have never boogied down myself.  But that is beside the point.

However, the BIG event of the "season" was the KIDLYMPICS!  There are events and prizes and good times had by all.

Conner showing his mad potato balancing skills!

                                                         Teams prepping for the potato race  

My ridiculous daughter REFUSED to participate.  Therefore putting her team in peril for losing.  But, they were sweet about it, and speaking of "it."  She was dubbed "Cousin IT" taht day, for her refusal to do her hair and get it out of her face.

Jayce showin us how to GET ER DONE in  the potato sack race.

Maya rockin her red headband AND the potato sack.

NEXT UP.......

The first wave of runners/racers make their way across.  Always comical to watch this business go down.

Owen and Morgan

BY FAR the best moment of the day.  LOOK at Owens face here.  He is pained beyond belief that his sister is such en epic FAILURE at this race.  He is yelling at her the whole time.  "MORGAN." cry cry cry.  "MORGAN." 
And at the end, as he's sobbing and screaming he yells
"Morgan, you're just so slow."
And her in her infinite relaxed mode shrugs her shoulders/palms up..
"Sorry, I'm just not good at this."
She is such a funny little girl.  Not much gets to her.

Oh hey, just my totally anti social, I hate you all and won't play your stupid kidlympic games daughter.  Apparently someone had pee peed in her cheerios that day.

The grand finale of the Kidlympics is always the WATER BALLOON toss.  And all of us kids get to play along.  This is the first year I joined in, and let's just say, it's a good thing I did. 'Cause, if you must know...Jody and I sort of ROCKED it.  Oh, and we TOTALLY WON!

Lining up for the big balloon toss.

Check out my amazing form.  And clearly, Porter is in awe of my skillz.  I'm just so pleased to have been so successful.  And I didn't get wet at all.  Always a bonus.

If all those activities weren't enough...well then there is always the deliciousness of playing freely in the rain.  And wasp killing with spatulas.  WHAT?  Not everyone does this activity?  Totally missing out.

I came home from a drive, or awoke from a nap to find Maggie had re-dressed herself in her pj's and her boots.  If that wasn't cute enough...well then her informing me that she was playing in the rain with a giant smile on her face really did it.  THEN, look at her pleased face here as she's showing me she's just killed a wasp, and it's on the spatula.  AWESOME!!!

Yes sir, there were activities a plenty to keep these kids busy and happy.  Thanks again ladies for your good ideas and taking action to get it done.  Can't wait to see what you come up with for next year.

Ok, in unrelated GREER news...I've totally created a twitter account.  It's Natalies (at Mommyofamonster) fault.  She told me to, and PROMISED it would be fun.  So, I did it.  I took the plunge.  And because she's extra cool, and apparently "powerful" I already have 2 new followers here.  HOLLA!  And welcome ladies!  Anyway, if you're interested in my twittering, or is it tweeping, no, tweeting...whatever!  My name there is MVPofmesatown. more post about talent night and then I really promise to move on with life.  After all, auditions for Oliver are SATURDAY and this show is really gonna get goin.  Holy poopscicles batman,  life is a movin forward!

Three legs and tantrums,



Kristina P. said...

I haven't done any of those things in ages! And Twitter is evil. :)

The Maxsons said...

I love that you had organized activities! Looks so fun. I am jealous.

The Bipolar Diva said...

That looks like such a fabulous time!

jen said...

I WISH I could make myself get Lily or Ben over for that audition, but I just can't do another show right now. I hate to miss out, but . . .
As for me and twitter, so not "blog-cool" enough to do that ;)
And FYI, I tried to click on you know who's comment on my blog, and the profile was inaccessible. So we'll see what happens there.
Are ya laughing? Cuz I am!

Melanie said...

oh your blog is sweet and beautiful.

greeting from SITS :)

Minky {moo} said...

Pj's and boots. That Maggie is a girl after my own heart. Looks like the kids had so much fun!! I hope The Boss gets to do things like that. Even if I have to be out in nature. Ugh. LOL.

Together We Save said...

Looks like everyone had a wonderful time!!

Steph said...

Nothing better than going to the mountains in the summer! That's awesome how close all of your family is. Your kids are going to grow up with great memories (well, aside from being scarred for life by the red swing scare!)

classycareergirl said...

Looks like a blast! How fun for the kids! I love the water balloon toss!

See Mom Smile said...

So cute. So fun. So exhausting. So priceless.

Dana said...

No biggest loser post??

Mel said...

Looks like such a fantastic time. I love the picture of Maggie being antisocial. It just makes me laugh. Your comment about someone peeing in her cheerios almost made me choke on my granola bar.