Saturday, October 30, 2010

And the Title Goes To.....

To all you ladies out there vying for that "Mother of the Year" crown....  Just give up the dream, let it go, it's NOT gonna happen for you.  Why?  'Cause I've sooo got it IN.THE.BAG!  I'm taking this title to new heights people.  NEWHEIGHTGS!

What makes me say this?  Well, let me show you.  Pictures, after all, ARE worth a thousand words.

**Disclaimer** In my defense...the kids were playing outside on the carport happily, which always makes my heart go pitter pat.  They were quiet, and that also makes me happy (though nervous).  In retrospect, I do recall Maggie saying something about wanting chips.  I was busily texting my entire cast reminding them to wear closed toed shoes for strike today (what?  This was IMPORTANT stuff).  So, I'm sure when she mentioned chips, I half muttered a response of "mm hmm, ok", or totally didn't answer at all (so Mother of the year qualities), which to her means, YES!  Anyway, all I knew was, they were quiet and happy.  Texting completed, I stood up to put my show binder away and I hear the sounds of a bag being dumped.  Max is REALLLLLLY good at dumping all things bagged.**

I peeked around the corner and this is what I saw........

Two happy kids.
A carport picnic. 
Entire bag of doritos ON the dirty carport.
At 8:30 in the morning.
Breakfast of champions.

And I just took a pic and walked away.
'Cause I am awesome like that.

A few minutes later I returned to find them "drunk" on doritos.  Look at Max's face. It's a little like Templeton the rat after he ate his "smorgasboard" at the fair.  When Max saw me he said "I make big mess".
Indeed you did you little pig pen, indeed you DID!
(Hey, at least Max's hair was totally stylin, still done from yesterday)

Note Maggie, delicately licking her fingers.

When they finally emerged from the chip/concrete coma they were foul.  Dorito shmutz covering their entire faces, hands, feet, legs, etc.

But, they were happy.

And therefore, I conclude.........


Because letting your kids eat a bag of doritos for breakfast, on the filthy ground is EXACTLY what good mothering is about. ::snort::

I mean...yes I'm awesome!

Motherly awesome yours,


Now, stop judging and just go look at the previous post and all my pics of my happy Halloween kids.  In which I really WAS a better Mom.

Friday, October 29, 2010

NOT Yo Average Preschool

So here's the deal....Maggie doesn't just go to preschool.  She goes to THE BEST preschool that ever there was preschool.  Miss Ranelle is the Queen of the Magic kingdom of happy and sweet.  Her ability to tame the beasts and sass and calm the weepy set is phenomenal.  THEN, on top of that, she puts on the msot AMAZING programs and events.  Her Halloween carnival is NO exception.  Seriously, she should be charging admission to this shebang, because it is UH-MAZING!!

Yesterday we ventured over to the Halloween goodness at Preschool land, and though it was hotter than the blazes of you know where, and I had actually huge drops of sweat dripping off my was so worth it to see the sheer joy on Max's face as he ran and played and won prizes, and to see Maggie toodle about in her mermaid costume, looking lovely and happy as she also played, created, ate and SWEATED! (quite possibly the longest and worst runon sentence ever created)

So, without further of the "Event."

First there was this super cool haunted castle thing.  It led into this long maze that had this flattened witch (she was my favorite), spider webs, grave yards, etc.  Totally cool.


What place would be complete without a little house of bounce?  None I tell you, NONE!

Nothing makes Max happier than some bounce time.

They created an entire pumpkin patch area.  The kids got to choose adorable little pumpkins and then take them and draw on and decorate them.  So cute!

For this day Maggie was a LOVELY Ariel, and Brooklyn was a beautiful balerina. While my Maximus was Bam Bam, or a caveman or tarzan, or whatever you want to call him, besides ADORABLE!  Seriously, I can't take it.

Max played and played and played.  Shoeless, in sand, and all the HOT.  But he was in heaven.  climbing, sliding, running and sweating.


Good thing there were sno-cones on hand.  Look closely at Brooklyn. She had red all over her face, it cracked me up.  But...she enjoyed her sno-cone!


Maggie worked quite intently on her cookie decorating and was pretty pleased with her results.

Fishing booth, game stations and a spin art table.  Max totally won the big prize his first try at Plinko.  he got a nerf football...AWESOME!  Funny side note.  This morning he wanted to play catch with Daddy and the football.  Jere was terrified.  He is NOT athletic, if you didn't know. hahaha

Oh, and each of the kids got their own plastic pumpkin bucket with their name attached when they walked in.  So amazing!

Maggie chose these sunglasses when she won on Plinko.  Good thing, 'cause they came in handy in the blaze o the day.  That is my sweet Jayce sitting next to her.  He was a dapper buzz lightyear!

This is Maggies friend Navi.  We're so happy that she got to join the preschool this year.  Navi is so funny, she cracks me up.  She really wanted to be a dinosaur, but her Mom prevailed and something girly won out.
There was also a treat walk, where we won three times.
Good times people, good times!

I am telling you...if you are looking for a preschool in the Mesa area, this is THE place to go.  Her curriculum is amazing, her personality is amazing, and it's just the BEST!!

Ok, so some final pics.

The night before we went out to my sisters trunk or treat and Maggie got to sport a different costume.  Don't worry, she has a DIFFERENT one to wear to OUR neighborhood party on Saturday.  Ridiculous.

This night she was a ballerina, ice skater, dancer girl.  Oh whatever, she just looked pretty.  And she insisted on wearing tap shoes with no laces.  AWESOME!

Sitting in my sisters van, enjoying the "fruits" of their trunk or treating labors!

Hope your Halloween is fablous!

Off to my final two shows of Oliver. 

Trick or treats,


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Miz Maggie sees the Show...

Yesterday the day finally arrived for Maggie to come see Daddy in my show.  Well ok, I don't know if we had a plan so much and that it had finally arrived.  It was more like, I woke up and thought...Hmmm, maybe I'll let Maggie come to the show tonight.  So, Auntie Julie got to see it for the first time too, so Maggie had a chaperone during the performance.  Little Miss was soooo excited all day that she got to come see the show.  She kept repeating over and over all she had to do.  "Mommy, I have so lots to do.  First singing with Miss Jenee and then Daddys show, and then my field trip and school."  She was confusing Tuesday with Monday and it was so cute.  Mostly, I just kept reminding her that a GOOD nap would be in order.  Surprisingly...she didn't take a long nap.  Or NOT surprisingly.

BUT, before the performance, we wanted to give her the FULL experience of "life in the theatre."

After a quick drive thru at Taco Bell, we got to the theatre to enjoy a scarfing down o' the taco.

Arriving at the door of the theatre.  Apparently the sun was a leetle to bright.

Ok, that's better.

Maggie LOVES her Daddy so much.
Such nutritional dinner fare.

Standing in the doorway of the stage.


Maggie was absolutely rapt watching Daddy put on his makeup.  Honestly, I just could not get over how adorable she was and how completely absorbed she was in it all.

I Lurve this little face!  She felt so cool to be there and a part of all of it.


Looking over the pitt and taking a walk onstage.

The London Bridge set up and a shot of Fagins fireplace.

And finally a couple of shots of Jer in costume with Maggie.

Maggie kept asking if Daddy was in his "Mr. Bumblebee" outfit.  It cracked me up.  She loved seeing everyone else getting ready and running around with the kids.  Of course everyone was totally in love with her as well.  Especially if she actually talked to them.
I had to have a little chat with her the other day about how when people say hi to her, or ask her questions then she MUST answer.  It's the polite thing to do.  So, she's been doing better at actually responding to people.

But now.....possibly my FAVORITE picture EVER!

Could you just DIE?!  She wanted to match Mr. Bumble"bees" look.
Man I love that kid.

You will all be so pleased to know that she did a pretty dang good job getting through the show.  She INSISTED on sitting in literally the WORST seats in the house, BUT she sat watching that show in complete awe.  And she didn't yell out and talk to Daddy, which was a relief.  Never mind that we had a snafu or two as well.  A freaking compressor went off in the shop right in the middle of a song.  Lights bleeding onto the syke, backstage door not getting closed and hearing all the kids yelling off stage, light cues called at the wrong time, etc.  OY!  At least we had our biggest and best audience to counter act those things. Because of COURSE it got videoed last night.  Anyway.....It was only just at the very end that Maggie got super antsy and defiant.  She wanted to go ON the stage.  So, I ran down with her blanket and held her on my lap and she was great the rest of the time.  Now she's asking when she gets to come again.  Perhaps I'll let her try again on Saturday afternoon.

I don't know....I think we might have a little theatre lover on our hands.

Tomorrow, I'll have to tell you about the POO that this morning was.  OY!

Show stoppers and star struck,


P.S. Welcome to my newest follower, so glad to have you along.  Thanks so much to those of you stopping by and commenting.  Sorry I haven't been as good about getting back to you lately.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

So......highschool huh?


Seriously.......I don't know HOW this happened.  I am not kidding when I say it was YESTERDAY that I looked like this:

Lawdy....those bangs have a zipcode of their OWN. What?  You know you're mad jealous of my freaking AWESOME hair and all it's volume.  Man, what I wouldn't give to have SOME of that hair back.  And you also know that youre in love with the giant wicker chair I'm sitting in.  Or maybe it's the super sweet lace collar happening there.  Whatever the case...I was rockin the look of 1989/90.

Anyway, that was me, lo those 20 years ago.  And then I woke up and I looked like this:

I like to THINK age has actually been my friend.
C'mon.....just tell me it has and make me feel good.

Here's the deal.  Last night was my big 20th highschool reunion.  It was surreal to think that I was this old already.  What the what?  TWENTY YEARS? ALREADY?  Freakish!  I mean honestly, I vividly remember my parents 25th highschool reunion like it was yesterday.  And they WERE old!

However, the reunion was really fun to see some long lost acquaintances, and others that aren't so long lost, but that I still don't see all that often.  Of course my beloved besties Angie and Karen were along for the ride which always makes it easier to do these things.

As far as reunions go it was a simple, yet nice evening.  They wanted to keep it cheap, which I TOTALLY appreciate.  So, we did it in the cafeteria of our highschool.  I loved it.  I haven't been in there for probably 22 years (srsly, never went in there after my sophomore year) and they've gone all swanky on us there.  One of my former classmates catered all the food which was delish.  Then there was visiting and dessert, viewing of our class video (which I've never seen) followed by a short little program, a "Senior Varities" if you will.  HILARIOUS!  In my class there were at least five couples that were dating in highschool, or dated got married AFTER highschool.  One of them, Brent and AnnaJo did a full on Spartan Cheerleader routine that was genius.  I applaud their hutzpah, 'cause I would so never be that brave.  But, I LOVED it.  Another classmate played guitar and sang.  A group of six guys that did Grease Lightning in our original Sr. Varities 20 years ago got up and reenacted it, and I must say, I was rather impressed with their ability to pull that choreography out of their butts and do it well.  I found out that afternoon that I could perform, so I dusted off Alto's lament and sang.  Thing is, while I was in choir, and known to be a singer, I had no idea of my musical theatre abilities until I was 21.  So, none of these people have any idea what I've gone on to do/become.  It was fun to be able to perform for them.  Couple of other guitar songs and just a lot of laughing.  I was reminded that I really know a lot of quality people.

It was a decent turnout, but at the same time, I was a little disappointed that mroe people weren't there.  Ummmm Stephanie...WHERE were you and Dennon?  Heather...where were YOU?  Melia? Totally FIRED! Just sayin.

After a bit more mingling and some picture taking I made my exit to run back to the theatre so i'd be there when Oliver got over.  All in all, a quick yet delightful evening of walking down memory lane.

Ok, and let's just get it out there.  Of all that I saw, probably only 5 people looked as skinny or skinnier (not counting the couple that looked like maybe they've been a little too involved with a crack pipe or TWELVE) than they did in highschool.  The rest have, well, put on a FEW pounds.  tee hee hee.  Stupid age, and food...gets the best of everyone. (Oh you KNOW you wanted to hear the snark)

Anyway, just for kicks and giggles, I'm gonna give a little pictoral shoutout to my girls.  'Cause srsly, I love them, and we're cute.


Ten yr. reunion  and us at Twenty.
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say...20 is more our friend.
Also, click on the pics to see them bigger.

This is just to prove that RuthAnn DOES exist.
She's been off in chicago and New york for the last 12 years or more.
We never get to see her.  But this pic was taken after my mission on a rare visit from her.  Circa 1997.  SWEET!

This pic was taken on a visit from Angie.
I was about 6 months out of my gastric surgery.  Feeling oh so saucy.
About 4 1/2 years ago.

I had to throw these comparison shots up as well.  'Cause really...Angie looks HOT in this new pic.  She is on a great life quest, and making awesome changes.  And I'm totally over my spazzy hair and enjoying my "sleek" look. 

Meh, what am I cryin about.  Almost 40 never looked better!  I guess it's ok that I woke up OLD.

Awkward hellos and aging gracefully,


Friday, October 22, 2010


Just a quicky to say.....what the hell?  I have gotten a REDONKULOUS and I do mean REE-DONK-U-LOUS amount of spam comments lately.  Like really, OUT.OF.CONTROL!  Everyday I have like 5 more spam comments, and it's just become too annoying.  SO, I have found it necessary to turn off the option where all can comment.  No more anonymous, ya big jerkwads!  I'm trying to avoid having to put word verification back on, but I might have to.

Is this happening to anyone else?  No?  Just me!  Hmmm

In other news....Opening night of Oliver was last night and it went very well.  Only one minor lighting mess up and one little set oopsy.  Other than that, smooth sailing.  I'm planning to do a photo call on Saturday so I can bore excite you all with pictures.  The show is being well received, which makes my heart happy.

In other, other news....have I mentioned that my TWENTY YEAR highschool reunion is this weekend.  WTF Mom?  How did THIS happen?  I'm pretty sure I'm still 21, so there MUST be some sort of time continuum snafu.  I will be attending with 2 of my besties (whilst my show goes on without me) and hope for the best.  However, I feel EXTRA fat, and I have literally NOTHING of worth to wear.  Need to shop today and find a miracle!  Don't worry, I WILL return and report of the reunion evening.  'Cause I KNOW you're all dying to hear. most darlingest, belovedest, cutest, sweetest Maximus Prime turned TWO on Wednesday.  In the midst of my utter chaos, he went and had a birthday.  Needless to say, he didn't really have a birthday, if ya know what i'm sayin.  I hugged him extra hard and loved all over him and told him happy birthday.  We opened up his birthday card from my parents, which he LOVED because there were balloons on the front, and put his 25 dollar windfall in the piggy bank.  Then, later while I was totally in my pj's with NO makeup on (cause I had to drop the girls at an unexpected field trip and had no time to get ready) I stopped into ghetto central, I mean Wal-mart where I was fitting in PERFECTLY to get him a balloon.  RUDELY, they had NO balloons.  So, I bought some makeup and baby shampoo instead.  Oh, and some really cute new jammies for Max.  Then, AFTER i got ready, we went to Peter Piper for a little lunch and play time.  I forgot to even SING Happy Birthday to him (BUT he did get a couple balloons at Peter Piper, so that's good right?).  But frankly folks, that was about all I could muster on that day.  Thankfully my beloved Jenee P. dropped by a little bag of presents for him so he had SOMETHING new to play with.  WHAT would I do without her in my life?  Needless to say, I think we'll attempt a little birthday cake and "celebration" sometime NEXT week and call it good.  This is the nice thing about him only being TWO, he's none the worse for the wear.  I however feel like failure Mom and may have cried a little.

Crap, this was s'posed to be short!

I'm outy!

And to you butt head anonymous, spam commentors....SUCK IT!!!

Random blurbs and super cute boys,


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Snapshots in time.....

Brooklyn came back this week, after a week of October break.
I was sitting at the kitchen table paying bills and I happened to look up.
Imagine my shock, dismay and "awwwww how sweet" feelings
when I saw the girls in this position.

I tell you, if they're not screaming their faces off at eachother,
kicking, fighting, scratching or crying.
They're just adorable best friends.

Thank goodness for these happy little moments of love to remind us
that happy can prevail.

I gots my hair did today....and that always makes me feel better and happier.  Fresh dark color, smooth look, hooray!  I'll feel good for at least 2 days, that should tide me over until opening night.  Speaking of, we added costumes and makeup last night...HOORAY!  It is AMAZING how much that adds to a show.  The cast came alive, and most everything looked really beautiful.  Now, if ONLY my set would be finished.  I won't lie when I say I'm a bit terrified.  But, I fully expect a theatre miracle, 'cause they ALWAYS happen.

And I leave you with this charmer of Maggie.  This is how I found her the other morning watching her "kids shows"(note the rubberbands on her wrist.  They're her hair ties, but she calls them her silly bands and is literally never without a couple on her arm).  This girl is nothing if not "FULL OF IT."

Peace and love,


Sunday, October 17, 2010


***WARNING*** this post may contain a PLETHORA of pictures.  But writing is kept to a minimum.  Enter at your own risk.  Or just totally enter and enjoy. 

GUESS WHAT?  I/We survived this week, and somehow my kids did too.  That's not to say there weren't a few meltdowns, utter exhaustion and frustrations, and that I may have looked like this:

I seriously woke up with the GREATEST bed head EVER this morning.
It had been a particularly long and harrowing day/night before. And sadly
this picture doesn't fully capture "the awesome" that was my hair.

but overall.....we did it.  I think it's been a little confusing and hard on the kids to have me gone so much.  THANK GOODNESS for Auntie Julie being here with them every night. I don't know WHAT i'd do without her help. So, I thought I'd give you, my fabulous and faithful readers out there a little pictoral rundown of moments in the week. I know, i know, I'm just too kind.  But, I know how much you've MISSED me and my chaos and I want to keep you all happy.

We overcame Max's mild case of chicken pox with little to no issues.  Jere still won't believe it really was...but it WAS!  The pictures don't really show it well.

They were on his bum bum, his leg, his chest and back too. 
But it's difficult to get a shot without showing his "junk".
And I don't want to be accused of kiddy "you know what" around here.

The week consisted of several days where I was gone from 8 a.m. until 10:30 p.m. or later.  I was either working at the shop, running errands for the show or in rehearsals.  And I've been BURNIN UP the cell phone lines, FO SHO!  It is UH-MAZING how much crap you have to do to get a show done.

Working in the shop is actually pretty fun.  It's so cool to see pieces come together to create places and things that create the "reality" in the show.  So, I give you some shots from our workday yesterday.  We got A LOT accomplished.

Jer has been OBSESSED with his stick that he has as Mr. Bumble.
So, he made it his personal project to make JUST what he wanted.
The result makes a statement, that is for sure.
I'll be sure to get a picture of him all in costume with it.
At least he's happy now.

I never said I was a good painter, but at least I get it done.
And let's just discuss how NOT cute my pajama/workout shirts make me.
Word to the wise ladies....big, boxy t-shirts are NOT a good look....EVER!

All the LONG days building, painting and working are worth it when you get to be in rehearsals and see nearly finished product like this....

Scenes from Fagins house

I particularly love the handkerchief lines, and the fireplace, which will
eventually have a "glowing" fire and hanging pot among other things.

I also LOVE my kids here.  They're a good bunch.

Oh hey, just a little shot of me rockin the headset.
I sit in the back at my big table and deal with lights, take notes, yell at the cast.
You know, just generally rule over them like the evil dictator that I am.

It is really exciting to see things finally come together.  This is the point where it gets fun.  You start to really see how it's going to look, and move.  I can't wait for Monday when they'll finally all be in costumes and makeup.  FUN!!

But, while I HAVE been consumed and busy with all things Oliver.  I did get to have a brief break on Wednesday and go into the recording studio and do backup vocals for a commercial.  It was soooooo much fun.  We laughed and laughed and had the best time.  And the finished product is pretty dang awesome.  I can't wait until the commercial is done and they release it so I can post it here.  Jer is directing it and starring in it and it's gonna be cute.

We were totally rockin the 50's kind of doo wop girls.
What?  Not everyone does choreography while in the recording studio?
Whatever, we TOTALLY do!

My friend Jamie, sister Jenny and Moi!
Thanks Jer and Rob for "casting" us.
We sound awesome, it can't be denied.

Sometimes (read most times) I just have to laugh at the "wierdness" of my life.  It's not normal, that's for sure.  And while occasionally I crave total "normal" and set life schedules, for the most part I wouldn't trade what we have.  I mean, how many people get to be a SAHM that does occasional choral recordings with world famous orchestras, or commercial recordings (besides you Jenee the commercail queen) or direct musicals or teach college classes, or be out with their husbands that get recognized EVERYWHERE we go for shows he's done, OR have friends that star in commercials or star on Broadway?  I mean seriously.  Silly, crazy life...that I love.

Here is hoping that everything runs smoothly with dress rehearsals, costumes fit, make up looks good, we can finally get the lights to be better than they are, etc.  And that we have the BEST opening weekend ever!  PLEASE, if you live in AZ, come see the's gonna be good.

If I'm gone for another week, just know....we're in the final stretch friends, and I'll be back soon.  As it stands, it's now 8:30 a.m. and I have to change Maxs poopy diaper lest I asphyxiate and then clean my house before church, or I might explode. (or should I go meet my lighting designer and fixt what needs to be fixed because this is the ONLY day he can see me before the show starts...dilemmas)

Workdays and tired brains,