Friday, October 22, 2010


Just a quicky to say.....what the hell?  I have gotten a REDONKULOUS and I do mean REE-DONK-U-LOUS amount of spam comments lately.  Like really, OUT.OF.CONTROL!  Everyday I have like 5 more spam comments, and it's just become too annoying.  SO, I have found it necessary to turn off the option where all can comment.  No more anonymous, ya big jerkwads!  I'm trying to avoid having to put word verification back on, but I might have to.

Is this happening to anyone else?  No?  Just me!  Hmmm

In other news....Opening night of Oliver was last night and it went very well.  Only one minor lighting mess up and one little set oopsy.  Other than that, smooth sailing.  I'm planning to do a photo call on Saturday so I can bore excite you all with pictures.  The show is being well received, which makes my heart happy.

In other, other news....have I mentioned that my TWENTY YEAR highschool reunion is this weekend.  WTF Mom?  How did THIS happen?  I'm pretty sure I'm still 21, so there MUST be some sort of time continuum snafu.  I will be attending with 2 of my besties (whilst my show goes on without me) and hope for the best.  However, I feel EXTRA fat, and I have literally NOTHING of worth to wear.  Need to shop today and find a miracle!  Don't worry, I WILL return and report of the reunion evening.  'Cause I KNOW you're all dying to hear. most darlingest, belovedest, cutest, sweetest Maximus Prime turned TWO on Wednesday.  In the midst of my utter chaos, he went and had a birthday.  Needless to say, he didn't really have a birthday, if ya know what i'm sayin.  I hugged him extra hard and loved all over him and told him happy birthday.  We opened up his birthday card from my parents, which he LOVED because there were balloons on the front, and put his 25 dollar windfall in the piggy bank.  Then, later while I was totally in my pj's with NO makeup on (cause I had to drop the girls at an unexpected field trip and had no time to get ready) I stopped into ghetto central, I mean Wal-mart where I was fitting in PERFECTLY to get him a balloon.  RUDELY, they had NO balloons.  So, I bought some makeup and baby shampoo instead.  Oh, and some really cute new jammies for Max.  Then, AFTER i got ready, we went to Peter Piper for a little lunch and play time.  I forgot to even SING Happy Birthday to him (BUT he did get a couple balloons at Peter Piper, so that's good right?).  But frankly folks, that was about all I could muster on that day.  Thankfully my beloved Jenee P. dropped by a little bag of presents for him so he had SOMETHING new to play with.  WHAT would I do without her in my life?  Needless to say, I think we'll attempt a little birthday cake and "celebration" sometime NEXT week and call it good.  This is the nice thing about him only being TWO, he's none the worse for the wear.  I however feel like failure Mom and may have cried a little.

Crap, this was s'posed to be short!

I'm outy!

And to you butt head anonymous, spam commentors....SUCK IT!!!

Random blurbs and super cute boys,



Kristina P. said...

20th? You are SO MUCH older than me!! :)

WhisperingWriter said...

Dang Spam comments.

What I find annoying is that I have to sign into my blogger account each time I go on it. It used to just keep my signed in.

I call my kitty Maximus Prime: The Furry Transformer.

Jen West said...

Oh, little boys are soooo wonderful! I know you know that :) I hear from an insider you are doing an amazing job with the show!

Mel said...

Happy Birthday Max! He really is such a sweet, adorable boy. Time is flying by too quickly and I'm really not okay with it. Hope you enjoy your 20th. Craziness.

jen said...

20th? Shoot, that's the rear-view mirror for me!
And don't cry over 2-year-old bdays. I once forgot to get treats for Ben's birthday for school. And he was 8!

alison said...

leave it up to walmart to be all stocked up on crackheaded yardsale items like tupperware container lids....but not have balloons. good GRIEF i hate that place. but....on the positive side you CAN wear pretty much anything and not have anyone even consider blinking.

The Atomic Mom said...

Happy Birthday Maxi! And Allyson, you need to finish memory monday. We're still stuck in the 10 grade! :) I'm glad Oliver opened well. I wish I could come and see it! :)

Zach "Sunshine" Anderson said...

I can see no one else has really addressed this issue. But it is TOTES happening to me. And my email is connected to my phone so I get a freaking buttload of e-mails from spammers. It makes me want to punch someone in the face. Namely, the annoying lady who says "uh huh" in all of my classes while taking notes.

Kellie said...

I can't spam you anymore? Dang-it!! Now what am I supposed to do with all my free time?

I can't wait to hear about your reunion. I love hs reunions- I love seeing how washed up the mean girls have become. I'm evil, I know.

Saije Wright said...

So glad you found my blog, now maybe we can be neighbors through communication via bloggin. You know since we NEVER see eachother! haha So yeah just come on over n I'll show you the thing with the pics. So glad to hear your show is going great, and that you go to freaking ghetto wal mart too.

Saije Wright said...
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✩Molly✩ said...

I had to take off the anonymous feature on my blog, which is what keeps it public. I hate spam!