Friday, October 29, 2010

NOT Yo Average Preschool

So here's the deal....Maggie doesn't just go to preschool.  She goes to THE BEST preschool that ever there was preschool.  Miss Ranelle is the Queen of the Magic kingdom of happy and sweet.  Her ability to tame the beasts and sass and calm the weepy set is phenomenal.  THEN, on top of that, she puts on the msot AMAZING programs and events.  Her Halloween carnival is NO exception.  Seriously, she should be charging admission to this shebang, because it is UH-MAZING!!

Yesterday we ventured over to the Halloween goodness at Preschool land, and though it was hotter than the blazes of you know where, and I had actually huge drops of sweat dripping off my was so worth it to see the sheer joy on Max's face as he ran and played and won prizes, and to see Maggie toodle about in her mermaid costume, looking lovely and happy as she also played, created, ate and SWEATED! (quite possibly the longest and worst runon sentence ever created)

So, without further of the "Event."

First there was this super cool haunted castle thing.  It led into this long maze that had this flattened witch (she was my favorite), spider webs, grave yards, etc.  Totally cool.


What place would be complete without a little house of bounce?  None I tell you, NONE!

Nothing makes Max happier than some bounce time.

They created an entire pumpkin patch area.  The kids got to choose adorable little pumpkins and then take them and draw on and decorate them.  So cute!

For this day Maggie was a LOVELY Ariel, and Brooklyn was a beautiful balerina. While my Maximus was Bam Bam, or a caveman or tarzan, or whatever you want to call him, besides ADORABLE!  Seriously, I can't take it.

Max played and played and played.  Shoeless, in sand, and all the HOT.  But he was in heaven.  climbing, sliding, running and sweating.


Good thing there were sno-cones on hand.  Look closely at Brooklyn. She had red all over her face, it cracked me up.  But...she enjoyed her sno-cone!


Maggie worked quite intently on her cookie decorating and was pretty pleased with her results.

Fishing booth, game stations and a spin art table.  Max totally won the big prize his first try at Plinko.  he got a nerf football...AWESOME!  Funny side note.  This morning he wanted to play catch with Daddy and the football.  Jere was terrified.  He is NOT athletic, if you didn't know. hahaha

Oh, and each of the kids got their own plastic pumpkin bucket with their name attached when they walked in.  So amazing!

Maggie chose these sunglasses when she won on Plinko.  Good thing, 'cause they came in handy in the blaze o the day.  That is my sweet Jayce sitting next to her.  He was a dapper buzz lightyear!

This is Maggies friend Navi.  We're so happy that she got to join the preschool this year.  Navi is so funny, she cracks me up.  She really wanted to be a dinosaur, but her Mom prevailed and something girly won out.
There was also a treat walk, where we won three times.
Good times people, good times!

I am telling you...if you are looking for a preschool in the Mesa area, this is THE place to go.  Her curriculum is amazing, her personality is amazing, and it's just the BEST!!

Ok, so some final pics.

The night before we went out to my sisters trunk or treat and Maggie got to sport a different costume.  Don't worry, she has a DIFFERENT one to wear to OUR neighborhood party on Saturday.  Ridiculous.

This night she was a ballerina, ice skater, dancer girl.  Oh whatever, she just looked pretty.  And she insisted on wearing tap shoes with no laces.  AWESOME!

Sitting in my sisters van, enjoying the "fruits" of their trunk or treating labors!

Hope your Halloween is fablous!

Off to my final two shows of Oliver. 

Trick or treats,



Kristina P. said...

Wow, they went all out!

The kids look adorable. I was expecting something more trampy, like Miley Cyrus.

azandersens said...

Miss Ranelle is AMAZING. She makes my former teaching days look like a joke. I didn't take a single photo, but I'm so glad Izzy made a cameo appearance on your blog!

Mel said...

Love this post. Looks like tons of fun. Olivia chose Ariel too. Her costume is too big for her, but she insisted on it.
Love Max as Bam Bam. It suits him well :)

✩Molly✩ said...

Maggie was just a beautiful Ariel. Seriously, she presents herself with such grace. Scarlett thought she wanted to be a mermaid, but changed her mind and wanted to be a flutterfly instead. She refused to wear her pretty skirt that her Grandma bought for the costume, but at least I was able to convince her to let me do her hair and wear the wings and the big t-shirt I found for .50 cents at the thrift store.