Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Miz Maggie sees the Show...

Yesterday the day finally arrived for Maggie to come see Daddy in my show.  Well ok, I don't know if we had a plan so much and that it had finally arrived.  It was more like, I woke up and thought...Hmmm, maybe I'll let Maggie come to the show tonight.  So, Auntie Julie got to see it for the first time too, so Maggie had a chaperone during the performance.  Little Miss was soooo excited all day that she got to come see the show.  She kept repeating over and over all she had to do.  "Mommy, I have so lots to do.  First singing with Miss Jenee and then Daddys show, and then my field trip and school."  She was confusing Tuesday with Monday and it was so cute.  Mostly, I just kept reminding her that a GOOD nap would be in order.  Surprisingly...she didn't take a long nap.  Or NOT surprisingly.

BUT, before the performance, we wanted to give her the FULL experience of "life in the theatre."

After a quick drive thru at Taco Bell, we got to the theatre to enjoy a scarfing down o' the taco.

Arriving at the door of the theatre.  Apparently the sun was a leetle to bright.

Ok, that's better.

Maggie LOVES her Daddy so much.
Such nutritional dinner fare.

Standing in the doorway of the stage.


Maggie was absolutely rapt watching Daddy put on his makeup.  Honestly, I just could not get over how adorable she was and how completely absorbed she was in it all.

I Lurve this little face!  She felt so cool to be there and a part of all of it.


Looking over the pitt and taking a walk onstage.

The London Bridge set up and a shot of Fagins fireplace.

And finally a couple of shots of Jer in costume with Maggie.

Maggie kept asking if Daddy was in his "Mr. Bumblebee" outfit.  It cracked me up.  She loved seeing everyone else getting ready and running around with the kids.  Of course everyone was totally in love with her as well.  Especially if she actually talked to them.
I had to have a little chat with her the other day about how when people say hi to her, or ask her questions then she MUST answer.  It's the polite thing to do.  So, she's been doing better at actually responding to people.

But now.....possibly my FAVORITE picture EVER!

Could you just DIE?!  She wanted to match Mr. Bumble"bees" look.
Man I love that kid.

You will all be so pleased to know that she did a pretty dang good job getting through the show.  She INSISTED on sitting in literally the WORST seats in the house, BUT she sat watching that show in complete awe.  And she didn't yell out and talk to Daddy, which was a relief.  Never mind that we had a snafu or two as well.  A freaking compressor went off in the shop right in the middle of a song.  Lights bleeding onto the syke, backstage door not getting closed and hearing all the kids yelling off stage, light cues called at the wrong time, etc.  OY!  At least we had our biggest and best audience to counter act those things. Because of COURSE it got videoed last night.  Anyway.....It was only just at the very end that Maggie got super antsy and defiant.  She wanted to go ON the stage.  So, I ran down with her blanket and held her on my lap and she was great the rest of the time.  Now she's asking when she gets to come again.  Perhaps I'll let her try again on Saturday afternoon.

I don't know....I think we might have a little theatre lover on our hands.

Tomorrow, I'll have to tell you about the POO that this morning was.  OY!

Show stoppers and star struck,


P.S. Welcome to my newest follower, so glad to have you along.  Thanks so much to those of you stopping by and commenting.  Sorry I haven't been as good about getting back to you lately.


The Bipolar Diva said...

She's so flippin' cute!!!

Aimee said...

Ok that is too cute. I love the face in the last picture. Cutie. Yay for another theater lover

Kristina P. said...

She looks just like you. And looks like she got your sass! You better watch out!

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

I just about DIED from total cuteness overload when I saw these pictures of Miss Maggie ... especially the ones where she's watching Daddy put his makeup on. OMG! Why don't I have any girls?! Why why WHYYYYY?!


She looks just - JUST - like you, by the way. :)

Rocketgirl said...

Um yes, that IS the greatest picture of all time!! Thanks for bringing us along, I so wish I could have been there in person. Go you!!

Eve said...

Which theater, which show, and how long does it run? I'm in the Phoenix area for the week - the costume looks fantastic and I'm totally intrigued! :D

WhisperingWriter said...

So very cute!

And I love me some Taco Bell.

Eve said...

NEAT! Thanks for the info! :D
The Friday show might work for us, although I may have to wait until the 'day of' before I know for sure. Hopefully for you guys it will be a sold out show, but hopefully for us there will be a couple tickets left if we find we can make it!
The show sounds fantastic.
I'll give you a call if we go - it would be fun to pull you aside for a moment to say hi!

The Atomic Mom said...

I love that MCC still has the orange counters in the make-up room! Somethings never change!

Natalie said...

It looks and sounds like a good time was had by all! And I can't believe how much Maggie looks like you...she's your mini-me!

Greg and Tammy said...

Well, no doy she LOVES the theater!! HELLO! It's in her blood. Those pics are so freakin' adorable. I can hardly stand it!! What a little doll. Glad she enjoyed the show. We were trying to make it this weekend, but Greg's Dad passed away this morning, so all plans have come to a screeching halt. So sorry to miss it.

Brittany said...

Love the shot of Jere and Maggie making the "face". And of course she is a theatre lover, how could she not be?

✩Molly✩ said...

loved looking at these pics on FB... What a fun daddy she has!

Laraine Eddington said...

She'll never forget it. What a night.

Mel said...

I'm just getting around to commenting on this, but Love it! What a special night for both of them.
I think that picture of the two of them at the end is amazing.
Taco Bell is totally part of the theatre experience hahaha