Sunday, October 17, 2010


***WARNING*** this post may contain a PLETHORA of pictures.  But writing is kept to a minimum.  Enter at your own risk.  Or just totally enter and enjoy. 

GUESS WHAT?  I/We survived this week, and somehow my kids did too.  That's not to say there weren't a few meltdowns, utter exhaustion and frustrations, and that I may have looked like this:

I seriously woke up with the GREATEST bed head EVER this morning.
It had been a particularly long and harrowing day/night before. And sadly
this picture doesn't fully capture "the awesome" that was my hair.

but overall.....we did it.  I think it's been a little confusing and hard on the kids to have me gone so much.  THANK GOODNESS for Auntie Julie being here with them every night. I don't know WHAT i'd do without her help. So, I thought I'd give you, my fabulous and faithful readers out there a little pictoral rundown of moments in the week. I know, i know, I'm just too kind.  But, I know how much you've MISSED me and my chaos and I want to keep you all happy.

We overcame Max's mild case of chicken pox with little to no issues.  Jere still won't believe it really was...but it WAS!  The pictures don't really show it well.

They were on his bum bum, his leg, his chest and back too. 
But it's difficult to get a shot without showing his "junk".
And I don't want to be accused of kiddy "you know what" around here.

The week consisted of several days where I was gone from 8 a.m. until 10:30 p.m. or later.  I was either working at the shop, running errands for the show or in rehearsals.  And I've been BURNIN UP the cell phone lines, FO SHO!  It is UH-MAZING how much crap you have to do to get a show done.

Working in the shop is actually pretty fun.  It's so cool to see pieces come together to create places and things that create the "reality" in the show.  So, I give you some shots from our workday yesterday.  We got A LOT accomplished.

Jer has been OBSESSED with his stick that he has as Mr. Bumble.
So, he made it his personal project to make JUST what he wanted.
The result makes a statement, that is for sure.
I'll be sure to get a picture of him all in costume with it.
At least he's happy now.

I never said I was a good painter, but at least I get it done.
And let's just discuss how NOT cute my pajama/workout shirts make me.
Word to the wise ladies....big, boxy t-shirts are NOT a good look....EVER!

All the LONG days building, painting and working are worth it when you get to be in rehearsals and see nearly finished product like this....

Scenes from Fagins house

I particularly love the handkerchief lines, and the fireplace, which will
eventually have a "glowing" fire and hanging pot among other things.

I also LOVE my kids here.  They're a good bunch.

Oh hey, just a little shot of me rockin the headset.
I sit in the back at my big table and deal with lights, take notes, yell at the cast.
You know, just generally rule over them like the evil dictator that I am.

It is really exciting to see things finally come together.  This is the point where it gets fun.  You start to really see how it's going to look, and move.  I can't wait for Monday when they'll finally all be in costumes and makeup.  FUN!!

But, while I HAVE been consumed and busy with all things Oliver.  I did get to have a brief break on Wednesday and go into the recording studio and do backup vocals for a commercial.  It was soooooo much fun.  We laughed and laughed and had the best time.  And the finished product is pretty dang awesome.  I can't wait until the commercial is done and they release it so I can post it here.  Jer is directing it and starring in it and it's gonna be cute.

We were totally rockin the 50's kind of doo wop girls.
What?  Not everyone does choreography while in the recording studio?
Whatever, we TOTALLY do!

My friend Jamie, sister Jenny and Moi!
Thanks Jer and Rob for "casting" us.
We sound awesome, it can't be denied.

Sometimes (read most times) I just have to laugh at the "wierdness" of my life.  It's not normal, that's for sure.  And while occasionally I crave total "normal" and set life schedules, for the most part I wouldn't trade what we have.  I mean, how many people get to be a SAHM that does occasional choral recordings with world famous orchestras, or commercial recordings (besides you Jenee the commercail queen) or direct musicals or teach college classes, or be out with their husbands that get recognized EVERYWHERE we go for shows he's done, OR have friends that star in commercials or star on Broadway?  I mean seriously.  Silly, crazy life...that I love.

Here is hoping that everything runs smoothly with dress rehearsals, costumes fit, make up looks good, we can finally get the lights to be better than they are, etc.  And that we have the BEST opening weekend ever!  PLEASE, if you live in AZ, come see the's gonna be good.

If I'm gone for another week, just know....we're in the final stretch friends, and I'll be back soon.  As it stands, it's now 8:30 a.m. and I have to change Maxs poopy diaper lest I asphyxiate and then clean my house before church, or I might explode. (or should I go meet my lighting designer and fixt what needs to be fixed because this is the ONLY day he can see me before the show starts...dilemmas)

Workdays and tired brains,



Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

What an awesome existence you lead, Allyson! I really do think it's super-cool.

I was just wishing this morning that I could do something in theater - recreationally, I mean - but I've never done anything like that and wouldn't have any idea where to start. I wish I lived closer and could tag along with you for a little while!

Just Cherish Today said...

glad he got over the chicken pox! yeeks! :) that sounds painful! :) I hated the chicken pox!!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Kristina P. said...

Keep on surviving! I've been exhausted this week, for some reason, but when I look at your schedule, it makes me want to sleep for 2 weeks!

The Atomic Mom said...

I love it when a Jenee Wright Prince commerical shows up here in New Mexico. I get to say, "Hey, I know her!"

As for the show....things look GREAT! Oh how I love The Theater Outback and MCC musicals. Good times! :)

Rocketgirl said...

You are so awesome!! Go you and your crazy awesome life, AND that incredible bed head!!

Together We Save said...

Wow - this is so cool!!

azandersens said...

Finn all of a sudden dejected his bottle yesterday. If he decides he'll take it again I'll try to come!

Kaitlynn Bluth said...

I love the pics!! Congrats on finishing such a hard week!!!

reasonably chubby said...

Loved the pictures! :) That's so neat that you get to do so much creative work...lucky girl!

Simoney said...

That hair is WILD!!!
I couldn't even tell it was YOU!>!

Minky {moo} said...

the set looks AMAZING! I wish we were closer, I would so come see your show!