Saturday, October 2, 2010

Me so "Versatile"

So recently, like last week or so, I had a little awardsy bestowed upon moi.  I was especially pleased with this award, because it was given to me by someone who I don't know at all.  She had JUST been the featured blogger on SITS and I started following her, and commented, and apparently, she decided she loved me.  I realize it's hard NOT to, I mean what's NOT to love...but still.  So, thanks to Vee at Every Day Kings for this awesomeness.  She thinks I'm......Versatile.

I'm honored, really, I am.
Okay, this is how it works: I tell you a few things about myself and award some new blogs I'm following.

7 new things about me? I don't know if I can come up with that many. I mean really, I've been pretty forthcoming, if you will, in all my bloggedness.  But, I shall try.  Because I'm all honored and crap.
Here goes...........
1. I hate animals(ducking for cover).  Like really do NOT like them, most especially to EVER be in my house.  And cats are my LEAST favorite EVER!  I know, I know, I've just crushed some of you.  I'm sorry.  I can't help it.  They make me feel like everything is dirty and hair covered if they're around.  Please know, we can still be friends. And then remind me to tell you a horrifying cat story from my mission.
2. I have been "trying" to get pregnant for a year.  No such luck.  Now, I'm getting selfish, and realizing I'm in a good place with kids being able to do things themselves.  No helpless babies around.  Either this happens pronto, or I may be OUT!
3. I love, LOVE and adore all things that are mocha or coffee flavored (candy, ice cream, etc.), or anything that smells like coffee(I will just walk down the coffee aisle in the grocery store to take a sniff).  And, I have literally NEVER tasted actual coffee one time in my life. (This tidbit is what I like to call a twofer)
4. I have never tasted alcohol in any form, EVER.
5. I have dream roles that I would give anything to play....someday.  I WILL play Miss Hannigan in Annie (I rock Little Girls) and Queen Agrivane in Once upon a Mattress. I wished to be Martha in Secret Garden, but that ship sailed about 10 years ago, hehehe. (shutup Melissa, just shutup)
6. Hair, in any form, once it has left your head makes me literally gag and wretch.  It's ridiculous, but I have a SERIOUS fear of hairballs, and rogue hairs being places where they shouldn't be.
7. My Mom REALLLLLY wanted to name me Veronica, or Monique.  Either way, I shutter at the thought.  NOT that there is anything wrong with those names, they're just so wrong for ME.   So, instead, she named me Allyson, after the actress June Allyson.
Oh hey, I did it.  Yay me!  Ok, so now I need to bestow this upon some people. Blech. Everyone I read and love, I've pretty much given awards to already.  OR, they're bloggy rockstars and have a million of these already.  The pressure.
Ok, I've got it.
Random Pockets of Chaos Because she is like my BEST "I don't know her in real life" blog friend. AND, she really is oh so versatile.  She has great photography posts, and makes fabulous party hats and cake toppers, AND, she's quite witty.  I loves me some wit!
Funny or Snot Oh Poppy, how she makes me laugh.  You really must give her a looky loo.  Plus, I will love her forever, because we're the same age, but once she totally complimented me and said she was sure I must be much younger than her, 'cause I look younger than her.  SWEET!  Totally made my day.
Now, in some other news...I totally busted out my inner power tool diva and rocked the scene shop today.  I got to use this big mamber jamber power saw and cut pieces of wood.  I measured, I cut, I wore the safety goggles, I did it ALL.  Then, THEN I totally made 7 little crates that will house fake vegies for the street scenes of Oliver.  I felt so super cool.  And, it was really fun.  Power saw, nail gun, safety goggles.  Hotness all the way around.
Speaking of Oliver....the show is now completely blocked.  I have 2 weeks to clean, clean, clean and make this show GREAT!  I'm excited about that. And goodness knows, we NEED the time to fix and clean.
And then there is this:
Look at that little stinker boy.  He's such an adorable little mess maker.
He really does look/listen to the stories, sometimes.

A DELIGHTFUL byproduct of Jers newfound free time in the evenings.
He brought home all his great kids books
Each night he picks one out to read to the kids.
Maggie has been completely enraptured by it all.
She loves each new book so much, she usually asks to take it to bed.
Then she "reads" it to whoever will listen the next day.
It has been so fun to see them have this Daddy time.
And he really is amazing at story time.

Guess that's enough for now.

Stories and truths,


P.S. Many thanks for the kind comments and compliments on my "slutty" dress. I really appreciate all input there!
Guess me and my big boobies ain't goin nowhere. Though I do believe a cami is in order for future wearings.


Mel said...

Hooray a shout out. A snarky one, but I'll take it :) Congrats on the award. For the record, I think you would have been fantastic as Martha. I would love to see you as all those parts, and throw in some Madame Thenardier too.
I hate all things coffee. I get so bitter if someone tries to throw in some mocha/coffee to anything. Sick.

Cute pictures of Jere with the kids. :)

Kristina P. said...

I hate cats too.

And I've never tasted alcohol on purpose. I'll have to tell you that story sometime.

Rocketgirl said...

I'm totally there with Kristina P. - I think I had wine at a church once for communion. I jsut assumed it was grape juice but then it was totally nas-tay. Congrats on the award! I want to read Random Pockets but it seems the link isn't all on the up and up... can you fix it puulleeeezzeeee? (and tell Jere he looks absolutely adorable as the daddy-type:)

TornadoTwos said...

~I'm not into animals either. I'm right with you on that one!
~I REALLY hope you get pg soon!!!!!
~I can't believe that you love the smell of coffe that much, and yet you've managed to never drink the stuff. What willpower!

Andrea said...

I am with you on most of these things.
I love love love coffee smell also.

I am not an animal lover. we do have a cat but she is outdoor and she keeps us free from mice and rats.

I also have never tasted alcohol I don't think I could ever get past smell even if I wanted to taste it.

Lastly I have no desire to ever be prego again. 7 times is enough for me. This one we differ on. But I do hope you get to experience it again. Good luck!

Silky Smooth and the Night Rangers said...

So sorry about the HUUUUUUUUGE interval between my streaks of comments. this whole living in two places and not having a computer half the time really is not conducive to healthy bloggy comments. That being said...I do believe I'm all caught up with your posts, and can leave a comment or two.....

Ditch the Camisole idea, just rock the dress like the DIVA I know is inside you. Jazz it up with a fun pair of fish nets or those cool lace motif tights and the most sassifrass pair of black heels you can find.

LEts produce Once Upon a Mattress....No really........Let's do it. You'd be aces as the queen and I'd kill to be dauntless. (Though I think you and Jer would make a great Fred and Dauntless)

JOBS...I know that ACS s hiring....I can forward you the info if you or Jere is interested. (I think it's similar to what he did at UoP). Also, if he's still certified to teach, there are some elementary teacher aides positions available at MPS.

I honestly believe you could still play Martha. as far as I know there's no reference to her age in the show, AND you are still very young. Hell, let's do that one too.

Some of my fondest memories from my childhood are when my mom read to us, we heard the ZVoyages of Dr. Dolittle, and The Space Hut, and Professor Diggin's Dragons, and Ride Like an Indian, Stuck with Luck, and Piper, Pipe that song again. Story time with parents is something M^2 will remember for a long time.

Totally excited about the show. Can't wait til Wednesday.

Let me know if you need anything. I'm not a sister, but I can babysit you know. :-)

Poppy said...

Congratulations Ms. Versatility. I think going your whole life without tasting alcohol deserves a HUGE reward. It would seriously take a whole bottle of wine to post my yearbook photos.

I love that you aren't an an animal love either though you would probably be grossed out by my bathroom, as my hair seeems to be falling out. I think God is mad at me for teasing my bald husband.

Poppy said...

I almost forgot to thank you for passing the award along to me!

alison said...

gimme a V! gimme an E! gimme a.... shoot never mind. it's too long of a word and i'm running off of 4 minutes of sleep. but that doesn't dampen my excitement and appreciation for the award!! i'll get right on my "assignment" as soon as i stave off the sleep deprivation from last night's kiddie pukefest. right now, it would just be ramblings and incoherent mumbling (which, i know...isn't a far cry from the norm coming from me!). and if your mom had named you "veronica" you'd have probably spelled it some crackhead way like "vuraniqua" just like you did with "alison"!! i won't comment on the coffee part because i think i'm going to use that piece of info in my "little known facts" segment. you'll just have to wait. you'd freak out at my house because i shed like a freakin' long haired chihuahua and i'm a little more excited than i should be at the knowledge that there may one day be an extra maggie or max running around because your kids are adorable and the world would benefit from some extras!!!

The Coolest Allen Family said...

First I want/need to hear the story of the cat from the mission. I dont' think any of my comps liked animals. So whenever we were visting or teaching someone with pets I would have to make sure the pet never came near them. I was always covered in some kind of hair.

I have always dreamed of being the Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat narrator. Sadly I don't really have the pipes for it.

Ok....just my two cents. Congrats on the award!