Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Stuck on You

Good news folks, GOOD NEWS!

When trying to read a little article about "Does pride keep us in debt, Reality show untrue, Mormons say" (cause I always gots to read about how we Mormons are portrayed in the media) I came upon this little gem.  No really, a gem I tell you. (I shall let you read it, and add my commentary, 'cause I'm good like that)

Did you know........

This October marks the 29th annual National Stamp Collecting Month in the United States. Who knew? We have a MONTH to celebrate this special little hobby. And is a month really necessary.  Couldn't we be satisfied with a week?  How about a day.  Rah rah, stamp collecting hooray!  Beginning in 1981 as a collaborative project between the United States Postal Service and the Council of Philatelic Organizations, stamp collecting is a popular hobby for people of all ages. You don't say?!  There is even a name for the collection and study of stamps: philately.WHAT?  Who came up with THAT?  That doesn't even have a remote resemblance to the sound of stamps.  Surely there must be a more clever name.  And WHO does this stamp collecting?

This seems appropriate...no?
I especially love his tongue sticking out.

The U.S. isn’t the only country to recognize stamp collecting.PHEW!  So we're not the only country of awesomeness.  This is a relief. Germany’s Stamp Day is celebrated every two years at least they have the good sense to give it a year in between.  Time to really work up a GOOD celebration with a special postage stamp,NO FAIR! They get their own special stamp. What gives? while the Philippines has an annual National Stamp Collecting Month held each November.

The American Philatelic Does this sound too close to fillatio to anyone else? Society suggests three essential tips for stamp collecting: proper soaking of stamps, choosing the right storage album, and using tongs. (Read more at stamps.org.) Excellent tips, thank you Philatelic society, THANK YOU!

And that's all they wrote.  I feel as if I was left hanging.  Isn't there anymore they could share with us, the American public about this exciting and important MONTH LONG celebration?  Such as, where to begin collecting, what to collect, proper water to stamp ratio, perhaps the right pair of tongs to get. Or, just WHAT is done to celebrate? Are there parades to attend? Conventions, large groups of people sticking stamps in books? My head is spinning with possibilities. Can you see, the options were limitless.

Hmm, guess I'll have to run off to stamps.org and get on this.

You all can thank me later for broadening your horizons.

Lickity yours,


As a final thought...I may or may not have just eaten WAY to much popcorn.  My stomach does NOT thank me.

Also, Jere is still SO sick, which is SO sucky!  Think he might have strep.  Going to the dr. in the morning.  Blech!


The Atomic Mom said...

I used to do stamps when I was a kid, I actually really liked it. Now I do coins.

jen said...

Stamps? That cracks me up.
I wanted an update on the Mormon article. Hope Jere's better soon.

Kristina P. said...

People still collect stamps?

Eve said...

Oh, you tricked me... I really wanted to know about the pride and debt connection! ;)
I guess I'll have to go and look that one up myself.

Oddly enough, I did know what the word for stamp collecting was... but only because it was used on that movie, "She's the Man". lol!

alison said...

okay....do you remember your post from the other day about change making you wonky? yeah, changing to red font just rocked my world. i was all, "what?? emergency?? bulls?? stop???? i'm scared" and then i was cool with it. ;) i couldn't see myself getting into the whole stamp collecting deal, but that was before i knew it was VIP enough for a WHOLE MONTH o'celebration. AND, i'm german.....so anything my fellow deutschlandians deem ubercool, i shall as well. bring on the leiderhosen, sauerkraut, and chicken dance and we'll just have us a rip roarin' stamp partay!!!

Mel said...

My dad has a stamp collection. I don't think he's added to it in years, but apparently it was all the rage at one time. You make me laugh.
If the thing that defines me is my love of stamps, shoot me now.