Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Welcom to Watcky Wednesdays

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Just because I thought you should ALL appreciate what my Wednesdays entail, I've decided to give you a little looksy. A peak into my otherwise insane life for at least 2 hours of every Wed. See, I watch Lana's kids whilst she beautifies people at the Salon, and I watch Dixies kids whilst she goes off to practice her singing skillz, and I watch Brooklyn, well, whilst her Mom teaches young minds EVERY DAY, and I watch my own kids, ummm, because I have, no because I GET to! So, amidst the gleeful playing, the screaming tirades over who was playing with what toy, the LOUD but happy playing and running through the house, the bawling over who hit who and who took what, the madhouse that is feeding 6 little mouths; I decided I should document this "moment in time." Because in spite of the insanity, and there IS that...there are some really, really adorable moments that melt a persons heart. I know, I know, you're all so excited to see it aren't you?

Here they are, the entire Motley crew, except they're not motley at all. They're all adorable and funny and really cute. Never mind that Max looks absolutely enormous and practically as big as his three year old cousin. So yeah, front row L-R: Max, Dane, Owen, Crew. Back Row L-R: Maggie, Brooklyn, Morgan.

This morning, as soon as Dixie dropped off her kids, this is how I found the three girls. Maggie is quite a good follower, so whatever they do, she does. They had a great time for awhile there, just "reading" their stories to eachother.

It was soooo beautiful outside that the kids actually played out there for awhile, that was a nice reprieve. Here Owen and Dane were playing with a ball, but at this particular moment are discussing how Dane should NOT throw the ball at the giant black bumble bee buzzing in the tree. Good plan!

In a rare moment of "quiet" I looked in to find the kids all at Doctor Morgans office. Brooklyn was playing the sad "baby" doing her best baby cry imitation. Morgan was checking temperatures and giving shots. You can't see Owen, but that blue blanket is him, resting on the lower half of the coffee table. They have an obsession with getting all my blankets out and traipsing around in them, or pretending to be asleep or sick.

When the noise level had reached unbareable levels, I imposed a 5 minute quiet time. Whoever could do it; be quiet, not talk above a whisper, not cry, not screech and not fight would earn a candy after lunch. This is Owen, who LERVES himself some candy. Just say the word and he's on the quiet train. He wrapped himself up like a little cocoon and layed in wait for his quietly earned candy. You'll be pleased to know that all earned their candy, though Morgan earned extra for her exemplarary quietness.

Last Wednesday I found the girls like this. I wish i could say it was all lollipops and roses at the piano bench, but that would be lying. In the interest of proper documentation, it should be noted that they were actually screeching, pushing and fighting over who was where on the bench. In further clarification, I should say Brookklyn and MAGGIE were screeching and fighting, while Morgan blissfully played a tune.

This is Dane, perfectly noted. That's all. Oh, and don't be jealous of my neon yellow lawn chairs, you KNOW they're HOT! Wait til you see the next picture.

I was taking these pictures out the kitchen window, so they're a little blury. But, the kids had gone out to play with Louie, which usually consists of a lot of screaming, crying and "NO LOUIE, DOWN LOUIES." Poor Louie, he just wants to play. At least Maggie isn't a bawling, screeching maniac anymore when she's near him.

And finally...this was taken the first Wednesday I had them all. Dane had done something naughty and I yelled at him, which in turn forced him into a self imposed time out. I think Brooklyn had been reprimanded too, so she sat down. Well, then Maggie, not one to be left out sat right down and joined the time out. It was just really too cute to pass up. And frankly, if you know nothing else about Dane, know this face. He is a pro at this face, it's his go to look. But you should also know, he has some SWEET Dance moves that he is NOT afraid to share with anyone. MAN I have funny little people in my life. If they're not giving me a headache with their loud, LOUD neediness, they're making me laugh. And laughing is a good thing....RIGHT?
Screechers and tylenol,

As I was GONNA say...

First and foremost, I need to thank you all for you comments. I mean, we all know we're comment whores (some of us more than others) and we ALWAYS like to get comments. They're a source of validation and they're fun to get. But, I especially appreciate those of you who made comments on the last post. "profound" or not, they made my day, some made me a little misty, some made me laugh, all made me happy. So thanks.

Anyway, what I was GONNA write about on that touted 200th entry was this...
Sometime last week, or the week before, whenever Maggie was up and at'em at 4:30 a.m. for 2 days in a row...we were taking Brooklyn to pre-school, or perhaps we were just running an errand, now my memory fails me. However, it was early in the day, sometime around 11:30 or 12:00 and it had become suspiciously quiet behind me. As I lowered the rearview mirror for a peaksy at Miss Thang, this is what I saw:

HA Sucker! It'll always come around to bite ya in the bum. And if you're wondering, this is EXACTLY how she posed for EVER ultrasound pic (and there were several) so there was never a moment doubt about the girl we were gettin. Also, she appears to have some hyper flexible hip joints, and for her first year of life, she never was out of a position like this. I mean, she was like one of those little dollies that only their legs move at the "hip" and to sit them they're legs are wide apart. That was Maggie. She didn't bend, you picked her up, her legs were out, you put her down, her legs were out. Quite fascinating really. We'll work to teach her the importance of keepin it together later. hehehehe Anyway, upon arriving home....

Brooklyn did her best to wake her up, but Maggie was OUT! Of course, she woke up when I took her inside and then pretty much refused to nap that afternoon. Whatever....pretty sure she went to bed early that night.

And in other sleepy news...


And THIS have awoken us all on more than one occassion as Max screams because his foot is stuck in the bars. Really, before the bumper arrived it was multiple times a night. There was even a time or two where I seriously wondered if I'd be able to remove his chubby little leg at all, it was REALLY stuck. So, the bumper has helped, but as you can tell, it's still a risk we run. Little's a good thing I'm so in love with him, 'cause his crappy sleep might drive another to drink.
Chubby legs, little bars,

Monday, September 21, 2009


Well, this post WAS just gonna have a funny picture of Maggie sleeping. But then, when I logged in, I noticed that it was to be my 200th post. Certainly that merited something more exciting than a Maggie shot and a mocking of her sleep style. Right? But what in the world could I possibly write that would be worthy of this monumental 200. I really have NOTHING of excitement or import to chat about. No really, it's true. I s'pose I could have FINALLY done the Greer entry, but honestly, everytime I think about that, I get a headache. There are just SO many pictures and things to comment on, it would take forever to do it. Hence we're nearing October and it still hasn't been posted. And frankly, we're so past the time, noone even cares anymore.

I could write about the ridiculous amount ot stress I feel in my life EVERYDAY, the worry and fear over having no money (which, being poor I could deal with, it's the not having prospects of any money coming in I can't), of Jere not having a job, of me not having enough students, of not having insurance, of not working out like I should, about eating too much, frustrations, etc. But NO ONE really wants to hear about THAT. It's depressing, and besides, it's MUCH easier to just ignore the problem and stress and pretend that everything is gonna be A-OK. Right? I know that I am truly blessed in so many ways, not the least of which is two beautiful and extraordinary children. A roof over our heads (for now anyway), cars that run, the students I DO have, an amazing and loving family, tremendously great friends, the Gospel, a FABULOUS new ward that I heart oh so much, running water, electricity, chocolate chips, pasta, etc. All I can do is trust in the Lord, and I'm trying, but it sure is hard sometimes when you don't see an end in sight. But alas, I shall trudge onward, persevere if you will, and with my Faith, all shall work out. RIGHT?

Here's hoping that at the next 200 there will be more hopeful things to write of. In the meantime, I'll just go back to posting cute pictures of my kids and funny stories about them, 'cause A: they're funny and B: they're cute and C: That is always more entertaining and safe to read.

Thanks to the tens of you that actually read this, for reading and occassionaly commenting and being friends and understanding that I'll get over myself in a minute.

Wah wah and patooeys,


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Someone done pissed off the Gods of Sleeping

I don't know what the hooty hoo is going on, but for the last two nights (MORNINGS) Maggie, I repeat Maggie, my sleepy sleep sleeper who never stirs at all has woken up at 4:30 or 5 a.m. and come busting in to our room, climbed into bed and wanted to partay. Apparently on Monday morning it was 4:30 and Aunti Julie got the wake up. There she was at Julies bedside, whispering Joooodlie, ake up Joooodlie. And once Julie put her on the bed with her, which I warn any of you, NEVER invite Maggie into your bed. She is one wild son of a gun with the draping, kicking, standing, moving, punching, tossing. Anyway, there she lay and in a sweet little whisper she would say "cockadoodledoo Jooodlie, cockadoddledoo, wake up." Yeah, somewhere along the line, she figured out that roosters were for waking and she uses that same line on me ANY time my eyes are closed. I am NOT allowed to EVER sleep on her watch. But, i digress. Point is, Julie finally kicked her out and then there I was, sleeping and suddenly I felt a "presence" in the room. There she was, setting her sippy on the night stand, throwing her blanket up on me and climbing up. What the? Who IS this kid? Needless to say, there was NO MORE sleeping that day. THEN, Tuesday morning, 5:00 comes along and Max is awake. I sneak him out of the room to try and let Maggie sleep. No mas! At about 5:45 there she was, at the bedside ready for a good time. So, between Max and his random night screams and maggie deciding less is more, I feel a little like this:

Ok, is that NOT the funniest picture ever? I found it on Google, but it totally captures how I feel. I am sooooo FREAKING tired and a bit grumpy about it. I haven't been able to work out, which is never a good thing people, NEVER a good thing. These thunderous thighs need their cycling, err, or whatever it is.
And due to my tiredness, I haven't been on to write the blog I meant to about my glorious Saturday morning. It consisted of seeing things like this:

I got up, rather DRAGGED myself out of bed at 4:40 a.m. and drove over to Guadalupe and Greenfield to meet up with my homies for a morning bike ride along the canals. It's been a LONG time since i've done a real bike ride. Well, since the triathlon actually. So, I was a little apprehensive about what this might do to the chooch, if you know what I mean. So, around 5:25 Dana, Dixie and I set off for a ride, while jenny and Breckyn went for a run. It was like, well, it was like riding a bike. Got on, went my merry way and nary a problem in sight. It was so GRAND to be riding along (on Jenny's glorious bike I might add) and feeling the morning breeze, and smelling the disgusting canal and watching the most beautiful sunrise. Seriously, moments like that remind me of what beauty I'm surrounded by. It was so theraputic, just me, my bike, my i-pod and nothing else. And you know what, the she she was all good until about the last 4 miles, then it was hurtin, but still nothing like the original ride. So, 13.1 miles later I was done and I'd burned a GRAND 622 calories and felt like I'd accomplished something. Don't anyone think for one second that Jenny didn't RUN 13 miles. WOW!!! She is so impressive. And don't worry, Dixie rode 20 miles, it's all good. ANYWAY, it was so great, and i was just so happy to be back on the so called saddle.

In other news, Max is dangerously close to walking. He stands all the time by himself, he's just not really aware of his accomplishment. Jere says he took two steps today, which if it's true, I'm so sad to have missed it. However, I'm actually excited for him to walk, 'cause if you MUST know, my little tank weighs a whopping 27 lbs. Yeah, you got that right, TWENTY SEVEN pounds. let's put this in to perspective...Maggie, who is 2+ weighs 30 lbs. Max who is 11 months weighs 27 lbs. YIKES! So alls I'm sayin is, his meaty little thighs are A LOT to carry around. Good thing I freaking love him and he's adorable!

And with that said, I'm outy.

Sleepless nights and chunky thighs,


Friday, September 11, 2009

So.....Jury Duty

This morning, this September 11th morning I was summoned to Jury Duty. How patriotic and stuff. However, I have a confession to make, one in which you will learn I am a wholly BAD citizen of this the United States. I have been summoned to Jury Duty 4 other times in the last few years, and THIS is the first time I've ever shown up. The first time I wrote in and let them know I was a full time student, in a show, blah, blah, blah and I was excused. The next few times, well, not so much. Once I never got the summons, and once I MEANT to write in, I had just had Maggie, I was nursing and being a new Mom and well, I forgot to write in and then I FORGOT all about it. The last time, I think i got it just after Max was born, and I won't lie, i stuck it in a pile never to be seen or heard from again. Mind you, I had NO idea that there were actually penalties that went with not showing up. Apparently i could have warrants out for my arrest, or just owe a lot of fines. When i found this out, I made sure to drive a little safer and more lawfully, so as to not be pulled over. Could you just imagine...I'm driving down the road with my kiddies, minding my own business and get pulled over for speeding. Next thing I know I'm being pulled from my car and being handcuffed and taken away for my neglect of American Duties. Not cool. So anyway, this latest summons came and I said to myself..."SELF you WILL go to this jury duty, no questions asked." I arranged for babysitting, made sure there was nothing else in my way and prepared to do my duty. I won't lie, I was a bit bitter when I called in last night and they told me I indeed HAD to show up at 8 freaking a.m. Apparently they have NO idea what it takes to get me and 2 kids ready by 7:30 so they could be taken to Grammas for sitting. None the less, I arose to the occassion, I was showered, ready, kids ready, diaper bag packed, out the door by 7:30. I got to the court by 7:50....Holla!

I had no idea what to expect of this experience. How does it all work, I knew not. I waited outside in a line with other prospective jurors until they opened the doors. We then walked up to a counter with our summons, a lady took down our info, then handed us something to fill out and a questionaire sheet of possible questions the judge would ask us. Ummmmm, WIERD stuff. One of the questions was, If you had a billboard, what would it say, or what would be on it? How the heck am I s'posed to answer that. Other than, I don't want a billboard, never have, and I don't know what I'd put on it. Other questions included, what kind of animal would you be, do you prefer sailboat or powerboat, what is your favorite kind of book, what is your favorite TV show, who is the most influential person of te last 50 years. There were more, but I can't remember them all now. Ok, so, filled out the form, sat and waited and waited and waited and waited. FINALLY we were all called into the courtroom. Don't be fooled people, this was a weency little place, with nothing even close to as grand as the picture above entails. We were told to stand in two lines and then the judge started calling off names. We then filed into pews and sat in that order. Next he asked if anyone had physical hardship that would prohibit them from sitting in a trial for several hours. A few people raised their hands and expressed their problems, and of course they were excused. Then the judge had the plaintiff and his lawyer stand, they were introduced as was the case. After that the judge asked if anyone recognized the lawyer or plaintiff. I boldly and happily raised my hand and said....

"Well your honor, the plaintiff is my cousin and the lawyer is my friend." After a smirky and stunned silence, the judge replied "I s'pose we can excuse you then." And that my friends is how I got to leave without having to answer what kind of billboard I would have and what would be on it. End scene with my happily skipping out of the courtroom singing tra la la.

No really, that DID happen. The plaintiff is my Mom's first cousin and he was suing a home owners association over damages. The lawyer is our friend Mark, we know him from Easter Pageant AND he's our friend Ivan's uncle. I pose the question, what are the odds, the ASTRONOMICAL odds that I would be called to jury duty on the ONE day that not only I know the lawyer, but I'm related to the plaintiff. WIERD!!! And yet so, so fabulous at the same time! All I'm saying is, I have now fulfilled my civic duty by showing up and I can go back to speeding with abandon. hahaha, ok I'm kidding about that last part.

Jury pools and cousins excuse,


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just be prepared!

Sometimes life just hands you a big ol' zitty day, and that is how mine has felt for awhile now. So, in an effort to get over myself...I just sort of barfed out about 20 (6) new entries. I promise that they're all really short, mostly just about some pictures and blurbs about them. I have been SOOOOO bad about updating, for many reasons, but I'm trying to make my way back to the blogging world.

So please, read away, enjoy the cute pics, make some comments and let's all be friends again. Oh, and be sure to hit older posts, 'cause there is one new one that got moved to that page, due to my large volume of entries. It's a cute one of the girls, I promise.

Comebacks and cramped fingers,


A date night, WHA?

August 7th was Jeres 32nd birthday, sheesh he's getting old! Anyway, for his Fathers Day, Birthday, lost a 100 lbs. day gift I got us tickets to Diana Krall. This was HUGE for me, 'cause well, I'm a tightwad and I don't EVER spend money on things like this. However, she is his favorite, favorite, favorite, and I figured since it was covering THREE occassions with one present I might as well go for it. It happened to hit just a couple days before his birthday, in between his performances, so it was perfecto. I may have mentioned that we never get to go out together on dates, so this was a big deal. We decided to take the light rail to avoid parking, etc. I dare say the light rail is rather enjoyable.

Here we are on the rail, taking pictures of ourselves again. All I see in this picture is two old people. Seriously, when did I turn into such an old lady. UGH!

Showing off his rail pass. He was seriously like a kid in a candy store, knowing that he would soon be seeing Diana.

Here is the uber fan, holding his program, waiting backstage for any chance to see Diana. Of course she never came out, but he had a good time hoping. All in all it was a very enjoyable evening. She put on a great concert, cute and whitty repartay with the audience, great singing, amazing piano playing, etc. And, it really was nice to have a solid evening out, just the two of us. We really should try and make that happen more often, I hear it's good for ya.

Giddy fans and sultry singers,


Tale As Old as Time

Beauty and the Beast wrapped up it's ETERNAL run a couple of weeks ago. Jere had a grand time playing Cogsworth the Clock. I went to closing night and took a few pics to comemorate the show. We sure love Hale Theatre and their love for Jere.

Beauty, Beast and Cogsworth...Linsey, Tyler and Jere.

The ever adorable Thomas Brower and Jere.

This is Jere's show girlfriend Amanda (she played the wardrobe).

Our dahlink friend Tregoney who happened to direct this particular production. Please note, NO CHINS Treg. hahahahahahaha She might have a slight obsession with not having "chins" in pictures. She's so funny.

The ever famous Dave and Corrin Deitline, owners of Hale Center Theatre. They're such a cute couple and like I said, so good to Jere. Maybe someday I'll finally do a show there, who knows.
Beauty and Beasts,

Kids, you can't trust 'em

Monday was a busy day, one where I never seemed to stop, from grocery shopping to cooking to family party, etc. I literally came home from the store and never left the kitchen until it was time to go to the bbq at P-dawgs. And the kids didn't care that I was working hard, they were demanding of my time and attention as well. It had been a VERY noisy morning/afternoon. We had visitors that came to play with the dog, there was much screaming, running around, laughing, screaming, playing and did I mention screaming. So, after they left and the kids were back in their room playing, you can imagine my relief to have some quiet. I went about my merry way, cooking and such. Then, I had to go to the pottay and as I was ummm, in there, I realized it was Much, MUCH to quiet. It was then that I called to Jere and told him that something HAD to be amiss and he needed to check on it STAT! He came back in and said, "you need to see this now." I asked it it was bad, and he said, "well it's bad AND adorable." So, I went to check it out. It seems that they had made their way into Julies room and found her Mary kay labels, and Max was Maggies box to label. I won't lie, it was adorable, even if their was a mess of labels and totally naughty of them. They were so happy and occupied. Before i burst out laughing, I told Jere he should take care of this problem and then I ran away and giggled. When I was done, I came out and found Max at the piano and took these pics.

At least he couldn't be lost. And for what it's worth, he wore those labels around for another couple of hours.

Naughty kids and blessed silence,


A Bond that can't be broken

One Saturday, not long ago we set out to Arizona Mills to find Jere some new school clothes. The rarity of the event can not be measured. You must understand that we almost NEVER are together as a whole family unit. I mostly feel like a single parent with an occasional sighting of the Daddy. The kids see him in passing in the mornings, sometimes for a minute in the afternoon, or just before bed. If it wasn't work, then it was a show, and now, it's homework, school, etc. Maggie usually gets so excited when Daddy is ACTUALLY home. The first thing she asks each morning is, "where's daddy?" "He not here?" When I tell her he IS home, she is so happy and makes a run for the bedroom. Anyway, as I was saying...we went as a whole family on this shopping excursion and it was quite delightful. After procurring some delightful new duds for Jer we headed to the food court for some healthful (snort) and delicious foody fare. While Jere at a hamburger, I ate Panda and the kids shared some corndog bites. We were seated right next to the carousel and Maggie was DYING for her turn to ride it. I snapped these pictures while they were waiting to ride. I can not even begin to tell you how much he LOVES this girl and how much she loves her Daddy. It is amazing the control she has of his heart.

Waiting their turn to get on the ride and pick their horse.

I LOVE this picture so much. I'm pretty sure, no I KNOW that he would move heaven and earth for this girl if he needed to. I just thought it was such a sweet moment in time. I'm so thankful for little moments like this, AND for digital cameras to capture said moments. 'Cause, truth me told, with my memory the way it is, I would probably have forgotten this even happened. HA!

Carousels and corndogs,


120 and counting

It's time for a little jere update, I know you're all breathlessly awaiting this. I mean for REALS I admit that I've been ridiculously remiss in my updating. But it's just Jere that you're dying to see, isn't it. ISN'T IT?! Well, he is doing amazingly well! He looks HAWWWWWWT if I do say so myself. He has lost a whopping 120 lbs. with no end in sight. I was able to go to a "normal" store and buy him a simple 2x shirt. I'm sorry, let me repeat that.....a TWO X. When I was having to try and find 5x, you can understand how utterly amazing it is to be able to buy an itty bitty 2x. And are you EVEN aware how much CHEAPER it is to buy clothes at your local JcPenny, as opposed to Omar the tent maker. Well TRUST me, it is REDONKULOUSLY cheaper! So, here he is, modeling one of his new outfits. Try and hold on to yourselves, 'cause I know you're gonna want to jump his hotness. hehehehehehe

I mean, for real, WHO IS that skinny guy? It's so fun to watch the transition. The only tragedy is, he is WAYYYY to close to my size (weight) now and THAT is MOST uncool. Time to get my booty in gear. OY!

Skinny pants and hawt looks,

That's what Aunts are for.

The other day when Julie was leaving for work, Maggie asked if she could go with her. Julie told her she WISHED she could go with her. Maggie kept repeating "you going to work?" Julie told her she had to go make pizzas. "You go make pizzas?" "I want to go work with you." Then Julie sadly walked away, sans Maggie. But, in her head she hatched a plan. She would bring home the goods to make pizzas with the little princess. Since she was watching the kids for the evening, they made an night of it. And I must admit, Maggies first pizza making, cooking in the kitchen experience was adorable and a huge success.

First she spread the sauce, and I do mean, SHE spread the sauce, all of it, all by herself! Such genius in the kitchen.

She is her mothers daughter...must taste as you cook. She ate herself lots of peperonis.

She very thoughtfully placed each pepperoni, I like to call her our "pizza artiste."

Next came the sausage, which were randomly bunched, but placed none the less.

Don't mind her totally crazy look, she really did have a grand time and enjoyed herself immensely. And rest assured the finished product was delicious!
We're so grateful to have Auntie Julie living with us. She is such a good Aunt and loves these kids like her own. And who else would have the patience to make pizza with a 2 year old? Thanks Julie, we sure love you!
Pepperoni and pizzaz,

Sprinkler Time!

So a couple of weeks ago I was getting ready one morning when Brooklyn came in and asked: "are we going swimming?" This question perplexed me, as I had NOT even implied such things. I said no and asked why she was asking. She then said, "well, why Maggie got her swimsuit on?" And sure enough, in marched Maggie fully suited up in her "swim soup". Somehow she had managed to take off her pajamas and put her swimsuit on, correctly I might add. It must be said that she is NOT a child who has ever undressed, much less dressed herself. So, for being so ingenious, I had to reward her efforts. What could I do? As I pondered the possibilities (goodness knows I was NOT about to take them swimming anywhere) it hit me..."Hey, I have a big yard and a super cool little sprinkler thingy." Ta DA!! So, with that said, we stripped Brooklyn down to her undies (as she was woefully unprepared for any water activities) and set them on their way.

After some initial reserve, they jumped in for some delightful water playing.

I mean, how cute is this shot of my girls. They played for a whopping 20 minutes and then were done. How I wish these fickle kids could be entertained for longer, Oy!

The next morning, this is how I was sent off to the chiropractor. The girls found my goggles and wandered around the house wearing them, or slinging them over their shoulder like purses. I love these nut jobs!
Water sports and goggly eyes,