Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kids, you can't trust 'em

Monday was a busy day, one where I never seemed to stop, from grocery shopping to cooking to family party, etc. I literally came home from the store and never left the kitchen until it was time to go to the bbq at P-dawgs. And the kids didn't care that I was working hard, they were demanding of my time and attention as well. It had been a VERY noisy morning/afternoon. We had visitors that came to play with the dog, there was much screaming, running around, laughing, screaming, playing and did I mention screaming. So, after they left and the kids were back in their room playing, you can imagine my relief to have some quiet. I went about my merry way, cooking and such. Then, I had to go to the pottay and as I was ummm, in there, I realized it was Much, MUCH to quiet. It was then that I called to Jere and told him that something HAD to be amiss and he needed to check on it STAT! He came back in and said, "you need to see this now." I asked it it was bad, and he said, "well it's bad AND adorable." So, I went to check it out. It seems that they had made their way into Julies room and found her Mary kay labels, and Max was Maggies box to label. I won't lie, it was adorable, even if their was a mess of labels and totally naughty of them. They were so happy and occupied. Before i burst out laughing, I told Jere he should take care of this problem and then I ran away and giggled. When I was done, I came out and found Max at the piano and took these pics.

At least he couldn't be lost. And for what it's worth, he wore those labels around for another couple of hours.

Naughty kids and blessed silence,



LanaBanana said...

This is the cutest ever and the picture reminds me of one I have of Dane where he has the tape from the YMCA daycare on his face. So, it says, "DANE" on his cheek and Tatum is sitting next to him smirking about her cleverness. :) So cute.

Wendy said...

I'd buy him in a minute!! Cute.

✩Molly✩ said...

silence always means one of two things.... sleep, or mischeif. In my case one of three things, we have to add, watching TV. :)

he looks VERY adorable with those labels on forehead. Be sure not to leave him by the mailbox, he might end up in Guam.