Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tale As Old as Time

Beauty and the Beast wrapped up it's ETERNAL run a couple of weeks ago. Jere had a grand time playing Cogsworth the Clock. I went to closing night and took a few pics to comemorate the show. We sure love Hale Theatre and their love for Jere.

Beauty, Beast and Cogsworth...Linsey, Tyler and Jere.

The ever adorable Thomas Brower and Jere.

This is Jere's show girlfriend Amanda (she played the wardrobe).

Our dahlink friend Tregoney who happened to direct this particular production. Please note, NO CHINS Treg. hahahahahahaha She might have a slight obsession with not having "chins" in pictures. She's so funny.

The ever famous Dave and Corrin Deitline, owners of Hale Center Theatre. They're such a cute couple and like I said, so good to Jere. Maybe someday I'll finally do a show there, who knows.
Beauty and Beasts,


Jenn C. said...

I loved the show. Jere was so good!

LanaBanana said...

Perhaps you and I can do a show there together one day...

Wendy said...

Jere could not look happier! Great pics, great friends, amazing talent.

As Jere would say, "Love It!"

Andrea said...

It was a fun show and Jere did a wonderful job. I took my girls and Kymber kept droping his name like she was some big person because she knew Jere personally. It does not matter that her mom knows his wife and he has no idea who she is, it is all about who she knows and what it can get her. Anyway her friends were pretty impressed.

✩Molly✩ said...

It really looks like it was a fun show :)

Love Jere. Love him on stage. He is one of my favorite actors.

Cathie said...

It was such a great production! I went on a blind date, and still had a great time, that's how good it was.