Monday, September 21, 2009


Well, this post WAS just gonna have a funny picture of Maggie sleeping. But then, when I logged in, I noticed that it was to be my 200th post. Certainly that merited something more exciting than a Maggie shot and a mocking of her sleep style. Right? But what in the world could I possibly write that would be worthy of this monumental 200. I really have NOTHING of excitement or import to chat about. No really, it's true. I s'pose I could have FINALLY done the Greer entry, but honestly, everytime I think about that, I get a headache. There are just SO many pictures and things to comment on, it would take forever to do it. Hence we're nearing October and it still hasn't been posted. And frankly, we're so past the time, noone even cares anymore.

I could write about the ridiculous amount ot stress I feel in my life EVERYDAY, the worry and fear over having no money (which, being poor I could deal with, it's the not having prospects of any money coming in I can't), of Jere not having a job, of me not having enough students, of not having insurance, of not working out like I should, about eating too much, frustrations, etc. But NO ONE really wants to hear about THAT. It's depressing, and besides, it's MUCH easier to just ignore the problem and stress and pretend that everything is gonna be A-OK. Right? I know that I am truly blessed in so many ways, not the least of which is two beautiful and extraordinary children. A roof over our heads (for now anyway), cars that run, the students I DO have, an amazing and loving family, tremendously great friends, the Gospel, a FABULOUS new ward that I heart oh so much, running water, electricity, chocolate chips, pasta, etc. All I can do is trust in the Lord, and I'm trying, but it sure is hard sometimes when you don't see an end in sight. But alas, I shall trudge onward, persevere if you will, and with my Faith, all shall work out. RIGHT?

Here's hoping that at the next 200 there will be more hopeful things to write of. In the meantime, I'll just go back to posting cute pictures of my kids and funny stories about them, 'cause A: they're funny and B: they're cute and C: That is always more entertaining and safe to read.

Thanks to the tens of you that actually read this, for reading and occassionaly commenting and being friends and understanding that I'll get over myself in a minute.

Wah wah and patooeys,



Wendy said...

Seriously, you are too FUNNY!!! I have an offer on the table...I'll babysit for you if you want to go to the temple, do a session with one of my names, and plead for some money! Hey, it couldn't hurt right?!

I have a good post title: If only some of my blessings were money!

Here is a question:

If I could trade 200 blessed posts for 200 bucks, would I?

Answer: Maybe this week! :o)

Jessica Law said...

Can you teach long distance vocal lessons to my girls? I would give anything to have you get your hands on them. Mimi thinks she is a Popstar right now with all the slurs and fake vibrato I could die.

I enjoy reading your posts and look forward to the next 200 as well. You're my perfect little humorous reader's digest for the day.

Susan said...

Allison-I have to say I am a fan (sounds better than stalker). You are so real and the Queen of "make it work" Thanks for 200 interesting bits of diversion and entertainment. Keep up the good work.

Like me, you'd like to trade in some of your troubles-but when you look around and see what everyone else struggles with you decide you'd rather keep your own.


alison said...

Oh how I love my Allyson and her views of life! Many days I wish I could have your blessed mind! Thanks to this wonderful and inspiring 200th blog! It is really what "I" needed to read today! Amen Sista! My love is sent to you and your cute little family!
...and if I could ship her in a box, I would send you my little 6 year old who LOVES to sing anywhere, anytime...she needs to have this "talent" channeled in the right direction!

Maile said...

Good for you! My week is so rough I'm laying low on the blogging front - if there's nothing to say but "This sux!" I'd rather not say anything at all!

jen said...

I don't know what to say except--we ALL love you, and I'm doing my best to keep your studio full, and I recommend you to everyone I know, and I wish I could make this easier, and I know it will be worth it in the long run, and if you ever need a shoulder and a chocolate chip cookie fix, drop by unannounced any time.
Love to you and your humorous take on crappy times!

LanaBanana said...

Congratulations! 200 funny posts is quite an accomplishment. They've all been platinum quality for sure. :) As for the woes you expressed, I will answer your question with a resounding "YES" it will all work out!!! You are the most giving and thoughtful and loving person ever and the Lord is VERY aware of your worries and needs. And he is for sure keeping you in his care. I don't know how it will all work out, but it WILL work out. I don't know anyone that deserves a little mini-miracle more than you! Love you!

Jenn C. said...

I don't have anything profound to say ( as usual) I just want to thank you for your 200 posts. You are such a great writer and I love reading what you write. You are an example to me in your mothering skills, your insight, your determination and your humor. I hope everything works out. Keep up the great work!

Andrea said...

Like Jenn I have nothing profound to say. But I do love your posts! If I am having a not so good day I can go to your blog and count on a laugh, even when you are blogging about something crappy. I really enjoy they way you enjoy your kids. I tend to forget that mine are a gift from God and you always keep that into perspective. Love ya and just keep moving on. You know it will all work out sooner or later. That is what faith is all about...right?