Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Bond that can't be broken

One Saturday, not long ago we set out to Arizona Mills to find Jere some new school clothes. The rarity of the event can not be measured. You must understand that we almost NEVER are together as a whole family unit. I mostly feel like a single parent with an occasional sighting of the Daddy. The kids see him in passing in the mornings, sometimes for a minute in the afternoon, or just before bed. If it wasn't work, then it was a show, and now, it's homework, school, etc. Maggie usually gets so excited when Daddy is ACTUALLY home. The first thing she asks each morning is, "where's daddy?" "He not here?" When I tell her he IS home, she is so happy and makes a run for the bedroom. Anyway, as I was saying...we went as a whole family on this shopping excursion and it was quite delightful. After procurring some delightful new duds for Jer we headed to the food court for some healthful (snort) and delicious foody fare. While Jere at a hamburger, I ate Panda and the kids shared some corndog bites. We were seated right next to the carousel and Maggie was DYING for her turn to ride it. I snapped these pictures while they were waiting to ride. I can not even begin to tell you how much he LOVES this girl and how much she loves her Daddy. It is amazing the control she has of his heart.

Waiting their turn to get on the ride and pick their horse.

I LOVE this picture so much. I'm pretty sure, no I KNOW that he would move heaven and earth for this girl if he needed to. I just thought it was such a sweet moment in time. I'm so thankful for little moments like this, AND for digital cameras to capture said moments. 'Cause, truth me told, with my memory the way it is, I would probably have forgotten this even happened. HA!

Carousels and corndogs,



Jere Van Patten said...

I do love this little muffin top! She's the schweetest girl in the whole world!


Thanks for making great kids with me babe! =) So far, two for two!!

✩Molly✩ said...

What a sweet heart melting bond, that of Daddy and Daughter. I love to watch Joe with Scarlett. It is magic, and really difficult to put into words. That picture is beatiful, and one that she will probably cherish her life long. I would print it out and frame it for her....

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