Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sprinkler Time!

So a couple of weeks ago I was getting ready one morning when Brooklyn came in and asked: "are we going swimming?" This question perplexed me, as I had NOT even implied such things. I said no and asked why she was asking. She then said, "well, why Maggie got her swimsuit on?" And sure enough, in marched Maggie fully suited up in her "swim soup". Somehow she had managed to take off her pajamas and put her swimsuit on, correctly I might add. It must be said that she is NOT a child who has ever undressed, much less dressed herself. So, for being so ingenious, I had to reward her efforts. What could I do? As I pondered the possibilities (goodness knows I was NOT about to take them swimming anywhere) it hit me..."Hey, I have a big yard and a super cool little sprinkler thingy." Ta DA!! So, with that said, we stripped Brooklyn down to her undies (as she was woefully unprepared for any water activities) and set them on their way.

After some initial reserve, they jumped in for some delightful water playing.

I mean, how cute is this shot of my girls. They played for a whopping 20 minutes and then were done. How I wish these fickle kids could be entertained for longer, Oy!

The next morning, this is how I was sent off to the chiropractor. The girls found my goggles and wandered around the house wearing them, or slinging them over their shoulder like purses. I love these nut jobs!
Water sports and goggly eyes,


Jenn C. said...

They are so cute!

Dana said...

Good mom!! Good, good mom! (and aunt)

✩Molly✩ said...

great pictures. Wonderful memories, to have and keep for always.