Tuesday, November 30, 2010


OH.MY.GOSH.......It's here.  It's done.  It's AMAZING!

Ladies and gentlemen I hereby give you "The Commercial" in which my Hot HUSBAND stars (that's him singing) with my adorable sister in law.  Also in which I sing backup but do not appear, though my bro, sis and several friends do appear.  Also, my amazing friend Sabe the Babe did the hair.

The creative genius that runs through my cousins, friends and family is just sort of, well, awesome!

So, please, pull up a chair (oh wait, you're already in a chair) and ENJOY!  Then, enjoy it again.  THEN, your job is to post it on your facebook and tell everyone how cool it is.  No really, I'm not asking too much here.  Just love my cousins and stuff.

Make sure to click on the picture, that way it'll go to a fuller screen version so you don't have to watch it cut off.  K?  Thanks.

Ok, and also...I'm just gonna ask it outright.  Leave a comment.  Please.  Let me know what you think.  Love it, hate it, MEH, whatever.  But, today, if you're here (and I know there are LOTS of you that are) then leave a little shout out.  'Cause I'm just reallllllllllly excited.  Oh, and Plus, we totally need to get Jere on Ellen.  What?  I'm not kidding.

Champagne wishes and cavier dreams,


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanks to the Giving 2010

You know what....I like tradition.  I like things to just always be the way they were.  I love having everyone show up at Mom and Dads house, stuffing it to the gills, sitting around in a giant circle and telling what we're thankful for.  I love knowing that I can count on Turkey made by Troy, perfect banana cream and coconut cream pies made by Jenny and my Mom, rolls by Dixie, Ham by Porter, Deviled eggs by Jody and divinely inspired pretzel jello and stuffing made by Dana (I bring mashed potatos and corn).  I enjoy knowing that there will be singing at some point after dinner.  And at around 5:30 the black Friday ads will be busted out and plans will be feverishly made.  I love knowing that Troy will ALWAYS be in front of the TV watching the game, and someone else will be asleep on another couch.  I love knowing that all the grandkids will run and play and laugh through the house and yards.  And sometimes, just sometimes I like when new traditions begin to be incorporated, such as the revealing of the Greer DVD, and some are let go, such as going to the movies (too many kids now).  I just LIKE that I can count on all these things, and they won't let me down. 

Thanksgiving has been my Moms side of the family thing my whole life.  I MISS not having Jill and Charlie and their family there anymore (we just got too many people), but I love that our family is all together.  This year was a continuation of tradition and it was wonderful.

We had a lot of extra visitors as well, since Lanas parents and brother were there, as well as Dixies in-laws and grandma in law, Jeres Mom and sister (they're always there) so it was nearly as full of in laws as just immediate family.  We had nearly 50 people there, crammed into my parents house (which was built in the 70's, therefore not built with wide open spaces) and it was GREAT! 

So, what I'm trying to say is....Thanksgiving 2010 was a rousing success!  And I am TRULY and incredibly grateful for the amazing family I'm blessed to be a part of.  I'm thankful for loving and caring parents who have taught us so much by example.  I'm thankful for brothers and sisters that are my best friends.  I'm thankful for my beautiful children and their health.  I'm thankful for Jere and all he is.  I'm thankful for the gifts and talents I've been blessed with. I'm thankful to be an American.  I'm thankful for my Faith.  I am blessed, in spite of my struggles, I am BLESSED.

So now...a brief run of pictures, and if you behave, a short video of me and my sisters and Mom singing. 

Lets just get one thing straight.  My Moms countertops are NOT yellow.  They just appear to be in pictures.
Turkey, ham, gravy and THREE crockpots full of mashed potatos.

Stuffing, sweet potatos, corn and the delicious deviled eggs

veggies, fruit salad, pretzel jello of the Gods. Not pictured...rolls.

As many as we could CRAM into the family room (and there are a bunch you can't see in this pic) to watch the Greer DVD.  53 minutes of pure bliss!
Genius work by Adam.

Maggie was in a mood to beat all moods and was pissed she had to be dressed, wear shoes or have anything to do with anything.  Therefore, no adorable pre Thanksgiving pic with both my kids showing off their specially bought Thanksgiving shirts.

However, she got over it and here she is in her cute shirt.

How cute is my Mom?  I just love her.
This is her adorable youngest brother Scott.  I lurve him so much.  We basically get to see him at Thanksgiving.

I really do love my Uncle Scott.  I love that I grew up with a Down Syndrome Uncle.  He's hilarious and awesome.  And I could tell stories for days.

Partial view of the room telling what we're thankful for.  It's always such a tender moment.  I love hearing what people have to say.

Why are kiddos so drawn to the back of trucks?  They just thought this was so guh-reat!

Hey there.  Just a random shot of the Jerster and me.

What's this?  Well....Jere had said he would do the thanksgiving day tri.  But, he literally went to the gym 3 times, and trained not at all.  Plus, we couldn't afford the entrance fee, nor did I want to drive an hour away at 6 in the morning.  SO, he was fiercely determined that he would follow through and do his own tri.  He went to the gym and did it all, run, bike, swim and FINISHED in a good time.  NO training and he just did it.  I'm so proud of him.  And HE'S so proud of him. haha

And finally...a brief snippet of a random song we sang.  My sister playing the piano is singing the middle part and you can't really hear her.  And I'm, well, sort of loud, and a little sick therefore not loving my sound.  But whatevs. Wish I had some video of my nephews incredible 4 part harmonies they did.  They are an amazing "group" together.

All in all a picture perfect day.

Until next year......gobble gobble

Friday, November 26, 2010

Dear Black Friday

Let it be known that I have NEVER done Black Friday.  I haven't had the need, nor desire to subject myself to the crazy that is Mamas in search of a hot deal.  My sisters are seasoned vets, do it every year.  So this year I decided to take one for the team (aka Maggie and Max) and jump into the swamp infested waters.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I am happy to say I survived Black Friday 2010, but just barely.  However, my experience has inspired a need to write a few letters.  I'm sure you'll appreciate what I have to say.  But first, a couple of pics, because that's how I roll.

The evening began at 10:00 p.m. in what can only be described as the worlds LONGEST line outside of Toys R Us.  Essentially it double wrapped the building, then snaked through the parking lot and then along a dirt embankment next to the road and out to the freeway.  It was all kinds of "awesome."

Here are my sis Dana and I a mere hour and 1/2 in to our evening.
Another 1/2 hour and we were IN the store.
Jenny was catnapping in her car and charging her phone whilst we froze our bum bums OFF!

I realize it's not the best quality.  But I was trying to show just a teeny bit of what the line was doing.  At this point we were at the curve of the snake, coming around teh back side of the building. Little did we know what was awaiting us inside.  But honestly....overall experience 3 hours, got what we wanted, not SO horrible.

Dear Toys R Us:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving the very LAST sale trike in the entire store just for me.  Max will be a road warrior, and I appreciate your help.  Boo on you for NOT having the princess bike on sale and for making me settle for the Minnie Mouse bike, as it was the LAST on sale bike there.  I sincerely hope that Maggie will not suffer crushing depression over NOT getting Princess over minnie bike.  HOWEVER....I do have a greater bone to pick with your ridiculous line set up.  Really, was it necessary to have the lines snake through pretty much EVERY aisle, so those of us still trying to shop had to squeeze our ample sized arses past the waiting people to TRY and get our goods?  I ask you, WAS.THAT.NECESSARY?  Also, could you please have a bit of foresight to perhaps, i don't know, stock a few more carts, and or bags, or trolleys or ANYTHING for us poor fools trying to purchase items from your establishment.  Because really, kicking boxes and carrying trikes through the store, and the 40 minute checkout line was not so much fun.  Furthermore, next year could you implement a no dumbass policy, so the rest of us "cool" people don't have to be annoyed by the "dumbass" in front of us in line that NEVER shuts up?  Thank you in advance for that one.

Mildly satisfied in Mesa

Dear Idiot parents,

Now I realize that we all want to save a buck or two.  I get it, no really I DO!  However, sweet idiots, if you are unable to procure babysitting for your 3 month old child then PLEASE for the Love of ALL; STAY HOME!  Do not drag your wee infant out into the freezing cold with nothing but a little blanket over them to stand in line for hours.  Worse yet....your toddlers!  I do not understand the mindset that this is ok to drag small children out into the middle of the night.  They should be asleep, in their beds, WARM.  Nothing is more important, not even a 5 dollar barbie.

Judgementally yours,


Dear first people in line,

Can you please help me understand what on Gods green earth makes getting in line at 2 p.m. WORTH IT?  No family time, no real Thanksgiving....just camped out on a sidewalk waiting for EIGHT hours so you can possibly get something for 1/2 price.  I don't get this.  I just feel like my time and my family are worth more than the wasted hours in line.  So, I hope you got everything you dreamed of, 'cause really....you just gave up a lot for it.



Dear Old Navy,

At least your lines are organized.  But that's the only nice thing I'll say.  Because the 24 zigs and zags that it took to get to the registar, WORSE than the line at pirates in Disneyland.  10 minutes to shop, 2 HOURS to check out.  LAME!  (for the record, I did not purchase there, but my sisters did).

No clothes for me,


Dear QT,
Thanks for being the classiest convenience store anywhere.  But mostly, thanks from the bottom of my calorie ridden heart for the delicious and free donuts you were handing out at 3 a.m.  You sort of rock the Black Friday spirit.  And I'm quite sure that mild rush of sugar and carbohydrates are the ONLY thing that made it possible for me to get through and not kill someone at Kohls.

Deliciously yours,


Dear Kohls,

You are the boil on retail shoppings Ass.  Quite possibly the WORST store set up ever known to man kind.  I mean really, going to Kohls is a dicey proposition on a Monday morning at 10 a.m. in AUGUST, much less Black Friday.  Seriously, your set up is so ass backwards and stupid taht I HAVE had to wait in ridiculously long lines, and or suffer the lack of a cart in the aforementioned monday in August.  So, getting my 30 dollar barbie kitchen and 15 dollar Tonka Truck were truly NOT worth the hellacious nightmare that the next 3 hours took on.  NO cart, NO NOTHING, and literally not ONE spare inch of space to walk around in.  Lines to checkout that lasted 3 hours.  Nothing says awesome quite like having to kick your merchandise, inch by painful inch through the store.  It was HELL and I will never, I repeat NEVER step foot in your store at Christmas time again.  So suck on that Kohls, suck on THAT!


Kickin Kohls to the Kurb (oh my cleverness knows no bounds)

Dear Sports Authority,

Thank you for being super the awesomest EVER!  Thank you for extremely helpful, friendly and plentiful sales crew.  Thank you for handing me TEN DOLLARS just for walking through your door, and then another 10 bucks just for purchasing something.  Thank you for having a smoking hot deal on the perfect trampoline and then having said trampoline when I got back there.  Thank you for loading my heavy as hell trampoline onto a dolly so I could get it to the registar, and then holding said jumpy so I could go back to the devils store and help my poor, nearly dead sister finally check out and get to the car.  Thank you for then giving yourselves a hernia as you lifted the two ton tramp into the car for me.  Just THANK YOU for being the best experience of the day by far!  I'm soooo excited for my kids to finally have a trampoline of their own.  I will gladly record the squee from Max that is sure to be heard 'round the world, and send it your way.

My love and devotion always,

M's Mom


The line for Sports Authority. 
So minimal. So nice.

I'm not mad, just tired
It's now 4:30 a.m. We've been at this for 6 hours at this point
Every part of my lower half HURT!

Wish I'd taken a picture of the back of my van with all the goods, but my brain was working on zero sleep in 24 hours at taht point.

Dear Wal-Mart and Target,

SUCKERS!  I didn't even attempt, nor bother to come your way.  Maybe next time you'll have some more enticing deals.  Or perhaps, there just won't even be a next time.

Sorry you missed me!

Dear Jenny and Dana,

Thanks for being such fantastic and amazing sisters and for coming along for the ride.  I love you both so much and could NOT have done this without you.



Yep, I rolled into my parentals house around 6:45 a.m., unloaded Santas workshop into my Dads office and then decided I'd just crash there for a few hours, since my kids were already awake at home.  I dropped into bed just before 7 a.m. and tried to sleep for as long as I could.  Sadly, not a lot of sleeping happened.  So, around 11:00 I put my shoes on and headed home.  After some clean up of my house, which looked a little like a Tsunami of trash had hit it, some loving on my kids, some talking to Jere and a good long, hot shower, I went back to bed for a nap.  I got an awesome 3 hours in, which was much needed.  Many thanks to Julie for making that possible.

I really did get all but 2 of the things I set out to get.  My kids are completely set, and getting even more than I thought.  I'm actually excited for them to see their presents, and hope they love them as much as I think they will.  I have to give a shout out to my parents, because without them, and their generous Christmas gift, my kids wouldn't be having Christmas.  So, thank you Mom and Dad.  We love you and appreciate you SO MUCH!

Tomorrow I shall return with Happy Thanksgiving pics and a GREAT story from Sports Authority (it involves a blog stalker).

Sleepless and sloppy,


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Patience is a Virture....."they" say.

Oh we've all heard it a bajillion times right?  Patience is a virtue.  Yeah yeah, blah blah,  I'm sure it is.  But it's a particular virture I have NOTHING of.
For real.....I am patience-less!  And frankly, this isn't a good thing.  BUT, sometimes it can work to my advantage....SOMETIMES.  And here is a wee example of what I'm talking about.

Yesterday morning as I was getting ready for the day, Jer stumbled out of bed and assumed his position on "the throne."  Oh what....let's not pretend like we don't ALL use the toilet.
      SIDENOTE:  I literally can NOT understand, nor comprehend those women who pretend like they never poop, pee, toot or do any other bodily function.  Therefore, they categorily REFUSE to EVER go to the bathroom in front of their spouse.  This just does NOT compute to me.  We ALL do it.  We're married.  For the love of all that's good and smelly, what are we hiding from?  Furthermore, when you have one bathroom (as we did for 8 years of our marriage) then sorry buddy, someones got to pee while someone showers, etc.  Furthermore, you do the whody who with your spouse, all naked and such.  Meaning, they SEE your body.  And well, let's be honest, sex, well, awkward things can happen, wierd noises have been known to crop up.  So, WHY the pretends of no bathrooming?  Poop happens, get over it.  UGH!  It's just ridic to me.   Plus, I grew up in a house where all of us sisters always hung out in the bathroom while someone was doing their business.  We were talking, laughing, doing our hair, whatever.  So, the bathroom has never been such a "sacred" place to me. Sidenote OVER.

So as he's sitting there he says to me; "You know, I've been thinking.  Why don't we get rid of that one towell bar and put a little shelf up there or something.  So you have somewhere to put your hairspray and stuff."

I nodded my head accordingly.  Why DON'T we do that?  Why have I lived with this retarded bathroom for well over a year and NOT put a shelf up.

Let me splain somethin....we rent this house.  And I could NOT adore any landlords more than I adore these people.  They are Gods gift to the universe.  I'm not exagerating either.  We had cart blanche to paint, do whatever.  BUT, I don't paint bathrooms.  There are creepy, icky crevicey corners and I refuse to get down and behind them to paint.  So, I left this room all white.  Also, for some unknown reason to me there were wierdly placed towell bars; as in one short one on top of a long one.  WHY?  AND, nothing but a piddly pedastal sink (don't get me started on my disdain for all things pedestal sinky).  So essentially ZERO storage of any kind.  I quickly bought a little rolly cart which has been great.  But still this dumb extra towell bar remained and NOWHERE to put my hairspray, etc.  So mostly, when doing my hair the flat iron lays on the towell, and the hairspray sits on the towell bar, but mostly it falls through and dings up the baseboard.  See, just stupid.

SO, moving on.  I go through my day.  Then at 3:30 I dropped Maggie off at singing group and called Jere to say I was gonna run by the D.I., Deseret Industries, the Mormon equivelant of Goodwill.  I was determined to find a shelf, something that would work for that space.  Wouldn't you know it, there was exactly ONE shelf in the store and it was all kinds of hideous.  It was wood color with three charming apples painted a lovely dusty rose and green, with a "sweet" little raffia bow attached to one of the pegs.  PERFECTION!  Get in my cart NOW!  So, for 3 bucks I was on my way.

I promptly came home (after picking up Maggie from singing, in the which she was doing absolutely NO singing, but mostly standing and staring at Miss Jenee) and cleaned that bad boy off, sprayed on some primer, waited exactly 5 minutes, ok fine MAYBE 10 and then spray painted it a shiny black.  Then, fighting every impulse in my body, I waited a 1/2 hour for it to dry. Gave it another quick spray and waited a little while longer.  Then, it was time to check it in the space.

Would you believe it is the EXACT perfect size.  I didn't even have to hang nails.  The hooks fit exactly on where the towell bar hangers are. Serendipity I tell you.

Here is where my non patience doesn't pay off.
I forgot to take any before pictures of said towell bar, OR of the shelf in it's pre-painted glory.  And there may or may not be a few wee spots where the primer dripped through, cause it was still wet.  Whatevs.

Here is where my non patience TOTALLY pays off.
I now have a fantastical little black shelf in my bathroom that houses my hairspray and Jeres GIANT tub o' gel like a champ, and makes me smile every time I walk in the room.
And it took me like an hour total of time and a whole THREE bucks.
PLUS, I'm now on a quest to finish this bathroom, without painting.  I'm gonna go with black and white.  I see a valance in my future, new towells and maybe, just maybe a stencil.  The possibilities are exciting.  Ewwww, I just LOVE an opportunity to decorate.

Strictly for function people.  STRICTLY FUNCTION.
No decorative, cutesy for this shelf.
But doesn't she look pretty up there anyway?
And I ask you...why would there be a second towell bar right there?
Wierd, right?

In the which you can see the apples of it's former life.
Thought I could pry them off....not so much.
Don't judge on the tub o' gel.
Used to buy a more demure bottle, that would be hidden in the cabinet.
Apparently the world conspired against me and they do NOT make it anymore.
Literally HAD to buy the TUB.  So obnoxious.
On the upside, said tub works reallllllly well in Maxs hair.

The best part of this whole thing.  You would think Jere built, painted and hung the shelf himself. He is SO proud of HIMSELF for thinking of it.  It's cute really.  So, if it gives him that much pleasure, then by all means....the credit is his.

Now, just so you know...I'm on a quest to redo my bedroom.  It's been the same for 9 years and it is TIME for change.  I'm gonna sell a crap ton of stuff on Craigslist so I can buy new stuff.  I'm so excited for the vision in my head.  Look for actual before and after pictures coming someday.

In the meantime, I've got an adorable cheagle puppy for sale (parents are letting me sale their new one) $100.00 to the first taker.  And a whole lot of Paris, Eiffel Tower artwork, clocks, etc.  Just sayin.

Patience is for sissies,


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wrappin the week up

I was thinking about it and I thought...hmmmm, there have been plenty of random "moments" I want to mention.  Not enough to make a post of, but you know, just bits that i think are cute, funny, interesting or whatnot.  So, here I go with what I like to call a wrap up, or just a lot of pictures and jumbled thoughts.  Whichever you prefer....I'm ok with it.

First and foremost there have been many calls for pictures of my "favorite" gym goer...Sir Flopsalot.  To which I have replied....HOW?  Well, one day I actually took my phone in with me.  And while I was NOT able to get a "full frontal" shot of Flopsy, I was able to at least get a side and back view.  I mean really...AWKWARD!  There I am, sitting at a machine, trying to look like I'm doing some exercise, whilst waiting for the perfect moment to "shoot" the offender.  There never was a great moment, and no way to not look totally obvi.  So, i did what I could.  At least now you will be able to know he DOES exist,  And see his replusively too short shorts, the headband, etc.  Also, the cute "100 year old man" was riding the bike down from me, and I took a pic of him too. 

That said....THIS WEEK when I wandered into the gym on Friday morning, I shoulda known I was in for a wierd day.  First of all there were 2 people SOUNDLY sleeping in the chairs up front.  Like, blankets over them, deep REM sleeping.  I would have supposed them homeless, if not for their i-pods plugged into the wall.  WHAT is up with that?  Who just pulls up a chair in gym and snoozes?  More importantly, Who allows that?  WHERE was the front desk worker?  Because I assure you, he was NOWHERE to be found.  The desk was completely abandoned. As in crickets chirping, tumbleweeds blowing through abandoned! I walked in without scanning my finger, just to spite the dumb A's!  Then as I rounded the corner into my warmup area, who should appear to me?  The freaking front desk worker DEAD ASLEEP on the sit up bench.  I kid you not.  His chin resting on the bar, mouth agape, eyes closed, deep breathing, sleeeeeeping!!  And he stayed that way for at least another 10 minutes while I stared at him in annoyed disbelief.  I was sort of bugged that I didn't have my phone to take a picture then.  He woke with a start, looked at his watch, jumped up and went back to the desk.  Maybe he could feel my laser beams boring a hole into his sleepy ass.  Would love to know how long he napped.  Anywayyyyyyy, wierd stuff!  But...pictures, that's what you want.

I love my 100 year old friend.
He's adorable.

There is really no reason for him to be stretching here
other than he enjoys showing his arse, and making sure we all see his calves, etc.

Oh Sir Flops.  You really are sometihng "special"

Also this week, I got off my duff and took the kiddos on a FUN play day to a fabulous place called Jumpstreet.  My friend Melissa has been trying to get us to go do something for awhile.  I'm so glad she persisted.  The kids had a blast, and it wore them out immensely.  It's an entire place of trampolines and bouncies where the kids can jump, bounce and run to their hearts content.  And WE can jump with them.  Let's just get right to an important point.  I am officially old and damaged.  I never understood "moms" when they had trouble jumping on trampolines.  You know, due to bladder issues.  Well, since I'm nothing if not full of in your face info.  Let it be known, I somehow turned into one of those Moms without even knowing it.  There I was trying to jump with the kids, and boom, I was gonna wet my pants.  I ddin't even need to pee, but yet, I did?  It was wierd.  Disconcerting and annoying.  But, I digress.

Totally stole this pic from Melissas blog
look at those fab, long trampolines.  SO FUN!
About 4 minutes into this adventure Maggie started saying that she was starving.
She wanted to eat NOW!
"I'm sooooo HUNGRY!"
Apparently jumping takes it right out of ya.

Would you LOOK at th size of that alligator.  It's like Macy's Day Parade size.
You climb up a scary A ladder thing under that alligator to get to the SUPER high slide and then fly down the slide.
The thing said 200 lb. weight limit.  Ummm, let's just say, I exceeded that limit.
Let's also just say...scarey, but fun.

1 hour and 15 minutes later we walked out the door.
Approximately 3 seconds upon reaching the sidewalk, the kids sat and opened
their gaping maws and squawked for food.
Good thing I had packed lunches.
I just think Max was so freaking ridiculously cute sitting there, sandwhich on each knee.

That little girl is Iris.  She is the cutest thing and best smiler ever.
All in all a morning WELL spent!

I got to sub for a couple of classes at MCC on Friday.  I seriously HEART teaching college classes.  It just makes me happy.
And I may or may NOT have gotten the giggles in one of the classes.
I could NOT pull it together, which made the whole class laugh.
I was clearly not mature enough to be there that day.
Luckily, most of the kids in the class were part of my Oliver cast, so we were tight.

Speaking of...did I ever mention we had our cast party for Oliver last week?  It was SO FUN!  Karaoke, dance dance revolution, HUGE spinning merry go round thing, fire pit, s'mores, food, rock band, etc.  It was good times!!!

Yesterday we made a random field trip to the Big Blue Box, aka IKEA.  Unbelievably...Jere has NEVER been there.  So, Jer, the kids, Gramma Peg, Auntie Julie and I all loaded up the van and headed for all things Swedish.  First we had a nice lunch up in the cafeteria/restraunt.  Then dropped Maggie at the kids play place (per her insistence) and began our trek around the maze.  Of course Jere was like a kid in a candy store.  Cheap prices, fun toys, cool furniture, his head was spinning.  Poor Max, we literally got there JUST at his naptime.  And for the most part he was a total trouper, but he was realllly tired.  So, a giant shark stuffed animal caught his eye.

At one point we found a few more big stuffed animals and filled the bottom of the cart.  He was completely decked out in comfort and rested nicely.

We also got a couple of Christmas presents for the kids.
So time WELL spent.

Then there was today.
My kids are so cute in their church clothes.
And Jer was adorable in his new sweater vest.
So what else would you do.....

C'mon.  Who wouldn't be proud to walk into church with these three.

We were going for silly face.
Instead, Max just looks cutesy poo and Jer is crazy.

I'm just gonna squish her in all her cuteness.

Nothing says a Happy Sabbath like a family that matches.

I guess that'll about do it for this week.
Sorry for the overload.
If you're still with me, you ROCK!!

Lettuce wraps and wrap ups,


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let's Get Ready to Rummmmmmmbllllllllllleeee!!

A couple of weeks ago we got a very unexpected invitation from some good friends who had just moved back into town. 

As it turns out...our friends Dad has some pretty fabulous seats to the Suns games, and Jordan was the lucky recipient of four tickets for that nights game.  Would we like to come along?

Ummmm, YEAH!

What you may not know about moi is....I was a rabid, out of control, crazy Suns basketball fan for a long time.  It all started with Sir charles.  Oh how I love me some Charles Barkley.  He awakened my basketball love.  The days of Dan Marjele, Dannie Ainge, Kevin Johnson, etc.  Anyway, I even had a freaking shrine to them that I put up in every new apartment on my mission.  It was a little ridiculous, I will admit.  ANYWAY....as the years have passed and I got consumed with other things in life, I just haven't paid as much attention.  But, girl still loves basketball. 

So, Jordan and Kaitlynn came and picked us up that evening and off we went for an utterly delightful, scream filled, laughing, FUN night.

There is nothing like the feel of the energy of a sports crowd.  It was so fun to walk through the arena and get to our seats.  Especially fun to get to our seats, because ummmm, they were UH-MAY-ZING!

We sat THIRD row, right behind the hoop, right next to the visitor tunnell.  And we were playing the Spurs.  When I pointed out Tony Parker and told Jere he was Eva Longorias husband, that was like Christmas for him.  Jer loves him some Desperate Housewives. hahaha  For me, the fact that I could see Grant Hill so up close and personally he practically asked me out, total DREAM!  I have loved him since, get this, 1994 when he joined the league.  HOW is he still playing?  He's just adorable!

So yeah, there we were:

I even put my glasses on, since I didn't want to miss a thing.
And my face looks remarkably clear.  I name this picture a success.

Defense.  Defense.
I don't even know how to describe how DIFFERENT it is seeing a game from that perspective.

Happy halftime ya weenies!
Jordan even high fived some players.
He's down like that.

I really, REALLY love this picture.  What is happening here?
These are our cute friends that let us stay with them in Vegas.
We're so happy to have them back here.  And NOT just because they took us to a Suns game for free.

Oh hi Steve.  What's that?
You love me too?
Seriously, close enough to see his pores.
And really, he is so amazing!

I'm sort of proud of this shot.  Total action shot and all.
Not to mention...MONEY shot of my boyfriend Grant!
Ol' Nashy nearly won the game single handedly.
Sadly....we lost, by 2 points.
Unsadly...it was an intense and super fun game!

Yep, practically on the court.
Too bad I don't have pics of the redonkulous "costumes" the Suns hookers Dancers were wearing.
Jere kept asking..."is it a prerequisite for them to make porn faces?"
Apparently, yes, yes it is!

So, what I'm trying to say is:
SUNS game + fun friends = AWESOME!

Thanks again guys for one unforgetable evening.

Free Throws and Bricks,


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Overheard....toddler addition

So, this morning as I was busily and hurridly picking up the kids room (due to hurricane Max and the book shelf destruction of 2010) the girls were looking at a book and  giggling and talking.

The book...."I know an old lady who swallowed a fly...perhaps she'll die."

They would ask eachother, "Why would she swallow that?"

Well, they got to the next to the last page, in which the woman has now swallowed the horse.  And she is looking enormous, ROTUND if you will.

(my apologies...best I could do was copy it and scan it)
As they perused this picture and giggled at how ridiculous she looked; 

Maggie said:  She's fat like a Mommy.
Brooklyn:  Mommies aren't fat like that!
Maggie:  I know, they're just fat like THAT

As she turned and pointed straight at ME!!

Kids are AWESOME!

Fat mommily yours,


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My little VIP

As I picked Maggie up from school last Tuesday, Ms. Ranelle reminded me that Maggie would be the VIP this week at school.  Oh the thrill of it all.  Maggie was beside herself with anticipation and excitement.  She was going to be the VIP!

What did this mean?  What was I s'posed to do?

Apparently, you fill the special VIP bag with some of the kids favorite things so they can share them with the class.  THEN, you create a poster.  Just a little something (3 or 4 pictures) that tells about the kid.

Ahem....I apparently have no edit button.  Have you MET me?  Ask me to make a poster, and I'm gonna make a POSTER!  I struggle to keep things "small."  3 or 4 pictures was NOT going to be enough to cover MY Maggie.

So, after hours (it may or may not have been 12:40 a.m.) of sorting, printing, choosing, cutting, arranging and applying, I was finally finished with Maggies VIP poster.  Let it be duly noted that Maggie DID actually help with quite a bit of this poster.  In fact, she somehow came up with every known malady possible last night.  She was in bed, but her stomach was hurting, she needed an ice pack.  She suddenly felt like she was gonna barf, she needed the red bowl.  Her leg was hurting, she needed a band aid.  She was "scared."  She had to go to the bathroom.  WHATEVER!  This went on for hours...as in, she didn't FINALLY go to bed and stay there until just before midnight.  Clearly the anticipation of her big VIP day was too much.  So, in the midst of all her "troubles" I gave up and just let her stay out with me and work on the poster.

"Mommy, are you making my post board?"
"Can I glue the letters on?  I'll just put it right here."

After I told her to calm down (she was being loud) and to sit quietly or get in bed.  She knelt down next to the table and watched me.  I was laying the letters out for her name.  When I finished, she looked up with her beautiful eyes and whispered excitedly...
"Mommy, it's just perfect."

It was so cute and sweet, I couldn't help but smile at her wonderment.

So here it is: (sadly..my camera battery is dead, so I only had my crappy cell phone camera)

See, nobody contains Maggie.
There is just too much story to tell.

How much do you love that her initials are MVP!
Her baby shower announcement stated that
Most Valuable Princess
was on her way.

This morning she willingly put on a dress AND boots (which I'm sad you can't see) and let me do her hair.  I had to play it up, about how this was her incredibly special day, and she needed to look her absolute best.  She fell for it.

Nothing like the water cooler and a garbage can for awesome backdrops.
She was so cute and excited she willingly gave me big pretty smiles.

Max was equally excited for her.
Or at least he was excited to stand next to her for a picture.
Tragically....he decapitated some of the princesses on the poster.
That sucked.

She is growing up so fast.
I can't believe the things she thinks, says and does sometimes.
It seems like yesterday she was my completely silent (as in almost never cried), sleeping baby that just took the world in around her.

I'm so thankful to have my Most Valuable Princess.
She's definitely VIP in our house.
Can't imagine one day without her drama, her silly songs, her crazy faces or her DRAMA.

Love you little Magger doodle doo.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Belated Birthday

2 whole years ago this sweet little angel baby came into our lives.

With barely a push, he made his arrival.
All 8 lbs. 11 oz. and 21 in. of him
And he has been charming the pants off of us ever since.

From the very beginning he was calm, serene and sweet.  My heart melted each time he'd look up at me with his big blue eyes and perfect cupey mouth.

And in the blink of an eye:

That first year passed faster than I EVER thought possible.  He grew into a solid tank of a boy with an absolutely perfectly round Charlie Brown head.

We had a new house to live in, room for his wobbly little legs to start walking and running around in.

He was great at making a mess, and continues to be a practical professional at turning a clean room into a hurricane ravaged mess within seconds.

This last year has flown even faster than the first.  And Max has grown like a weed.  He's a big solid chunk of all boy.  He loves to run, and run and throw and hit and wear tutus and tease his sister and kick and make silly faces, talk endlessly and just MELT me with all of his "MOM...I wuv you!(s)"

So, even though his actual birthday was on Oct. 20th and i was in the middle of Oliver techs and we sort of just passed over the day, he wasn't upset with me.

Last week, I decided it was time to make him some cupcakes, sing him Happy Birthday and invite Gramma Peg over to bring her birthday presents.

And you know what....he thought it was the greatest thing ever!  And so did Maggie, 'cause she got to help make the cupcakes (which was hysterical in and of itself).

Seriously, my heart bursts and overflows when I see this little face.
(judge not taht we used matches 'cause I couldn't find candles)

His blow out method is stellar.

He was very pleased with the song AND his blow out ability.

Now....bring on the gifts.

Gramma got a wild notion that a GIANT tub o' cheese puffs was the perfect gift for this bottomless pitt of a 2 year old.
He was very pleased.
And every day he sees them, he asks for some of his "Happ Birtday"

Then there was this sweet little (big) bear.  So soft and cuddly.  It's brought about a few fights between brother and sissy.

But oh the sweet loves.
And there were also some adorable new jammies which I wish i had a pic of, 'cause really.....so cute!
Thanks Gramma Peg for making this little boy happy.

And I told you....he enjoyed himself some cheese puffs for SURE!

Thank you Maximus for coming to OUR family.
Thank you for the contagious belly laughs
Thank you for the loves and kisses
Thank you for being the greatest gift of a boy there ever was.
We love you so much!

Happy Belated Birthday celebrations my little bubbernuts!



Some of my favorite things he says:

I not stink bug....I MAXI
I alllll wet, change my pants Mommy.
Mommy, MOM...I WUV YOU!
Tank you Mommy
I toooooted (followed by hysterical laughter)
Where we going?  Going store Mommy?
I wanna take a baff.
I want some nogurt (yogurt)  peeeease!
I not want go home.
We hooooome wahoo!
Gooutsideplaylouie. (which means, put Louie in a cage so I can go outside and play please)
I Go outsiiiiiiiiiide!?
I Helping You
(usually involved with the dishwasher...which for the record is NOT helping me at all, or taking the garbage out)

He loves:

hot dogs
Essentially all food
His big Sissy
His cousins
His Aunt Jenny (total crush on her)
Listening to music
Laughing his head off