Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My little VIP

As I picked Maggie up from school last Tuesday, Ms. Ranelle reminded me that Maggie would be the VIP this week at school.  Oh the thrill of it all.  Maggie was beside herself with anticipation and excitement.  She was going to be the VIP!

What did this mean?  What was I s'posed to do?

Apparently, you fill the special VIP bag with some of the kids favorite things so they can share them with the class.  THEN, you create a poster.  Just a little something (3 or 4 pictures) that tells about the kid.

Ahem....I apparently have no edit button.  Have you MET me?  Ask me to make a poster, and I'm gonna make a POSTER!  I struggle to keep things "small."  3 or 4 pictures was NOT going to be enough to cover MY Maggie.

So, after hours (it may or may not have been 12:40 a.m.) of sorting, printing, choosing, cutting, arranging and applying, I was finally finished with Maggies VIP poster.  Let it be duly noted that Maggie DID actually help with quite a bit of this poster.  In fact, she somehow came up with every known malady possible last night.  She was in bed, but her stomach was hurting, she needed an ice pack.  She suddenly felt like she was gonna barf, she needed the red bowl.  Her leg was hurting, she needed a band aid.  She was "scared."  She had to go to the bathroom.  WHATEVER!  This went on for hours...as in, she didn't FINALLY go to bed and stay there until just before midnight.  Clearly the anticipation of her big VIP day was too much.  So, in the midst of all her "troubles" I gave up and just let her stay out with me and work on the poster.

"Mommy, are you making my post board?"
"Can I glue the letters on?  I'll just put it right here."

After I told her to calm down (she was being loud) and to sit quietly or get in bed.  She knelt down next to the table and watched me.  I was laying the letters out for her name.  When I finished, she looked up with her beautiful eyes and whispered excitedly...
"Mommy, it's just perfect."

It was so cute and sweet, I couldn't help but smile at her wonderment.

So here it is: (sadly..my camera battery is dead, so I only had my crappy cell phone camera)

See, nobody contains Maggie.
There is just too much story to tell.

How much do you love that her initials are MVP!
Her baby shower announcement stated that
Most Valuable Princess
was on her way.

This morning she willingly put on a dress AND boots (which I'm sad you can't see) and let me do her hair.  I had to play it up, about how this was her incredibly special day, and she needed to look her absolute best.  She fell for it.

Nothing like the water cooler and a garbage can for awesome backdrops.
She was so cute and excited she willingly gave me big pretty smiles.

Max was equally excited for her.
Or at least he was excited to stand next to her for a picture.
Tragically....he decapitated some of the princesses on the poster.
That sucked.

She is growing up so fast.
I can't believe the things she thinks, says and does sometimes.
It seems like yesterday she was my completely silent (as in almost never cried), sleeping baby that just took the world in around her.

I'm so thankful to have my Most Valuable Princess.
She's definitely VIP in our house.
Can't imagine one day without her drama, her silly songs, her crazy faces or her DRAMA.

Love you little Magger doodle doo.



Kristina P. said...

You rocked it! Suck it, Other Moms!

Mel said...

I'd have a hard time too capturing my child's life in 4 pictures. lol
You both did a great job :) She looks so proud

It's Something Beautiful said...

I love how it went from 3 to 4 picture to a master piece! Great poster! She looks adorable by the way :)

Dana said...

Really great poster!! Guess we must be sisters or something cause our posters ended up ridiculously awesome like that too....every square inch filled with the life and times of whatever child it was. I actually really loved doing it (once I got it done!) And as far as laminating and using it again....you just stick an updated picture or two over one and *poof* new poster ready to go. :-)

JoJo said...

Awww I used to love it when my mom did my school projects for me haha.

Awesome poster!

Sidenote: I love Max's hair style!

DianD said...

What an amazing poster and beautiful little MVP! :) Take Dana's advice and hang on to this because she'll be MVP several more times before she grows "too mature" to do such things!
I could just see her looking up at you and saying how perfect it was! A little heart melter. So sweet!

Sandra said...

You're my kind of mother! In our house, the motto is: If you ain't first, you're last!
So in other words, if you don't have the best damn poster, don't bother showing up!
Love you! Oh, and your little hypochondriac as well!

Sarah S. Foote said...

She's spot on. It is perfect... decapitated heads and all.
How could your really tell the story without the touch of a little brother.
She looks fabulous too. You'd never guess she shared your late night.

Greg and Tammy said...

Nice work on the poster! Glad there are "go all out" kinda Moms like you to make up for the "just get it done" Moms like me. Can you make Emma's poster when she gets to be VIP? Thanks.

alison said...

oh how i wish my initials spelled something cool like MVP. instead, my choices (after getting married) were ALS (which i'm pretty sure is an ailment) or ARS (which is basically how the irish pronounce ass. great.) soooooo, i am super jealous of anyone who gets the cool initials! and YAY for maggie getting to be a VIP!! that's pretty cool...i wish that hkay's school did something like that. do you know that she's NEVER even had a show and tell day?? seriously. i have been DYING to put together a show and tell speech for her but noooooooo. the school system is tragically failing me in that category. we did get to "disguise" a turkey using anything we had around the house. i pulled out my craft kit and we bedazzled that paper turkey within an inch of its life! kiddie projects are just fun. period.

Cookie Mama said...

Best poster ever! I am glad you like making the posters, by Jr. High you will be cussing out those poster loving teachers when you're on your 100th one. Love Maggies various illnesses (if that's a word). My 16 year old still pulls that crap. Mostly so he can dump the poster making on me!

Maxs face in the pictures is so stinkn' cute too. I bet you couldn't even be mad at his decapitating adventures with that sweet mug.