Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Belated Birthday

2 whole years ago this sweet little angel baby came into our lives.

With barely a push, he made his arrival.
All 8 lbs. 11 oz. and 21 in. of him
And he has been charming the pants off of us ever since.

From the very beginning he was calm, serene and sweet.  My heart melted each time he'd look up at me with his big blue eyes and perfect cupey mouth.

And in the blink of an eye:

That first year passed faster than I EVER thought possible.  He grew into a solid tank of a boy with an absolutely perfectly round Charlie Brown head.

We had a new house to live in, room for his wobbly little legs to start walking and running around in.

He was great at making a mess, and continues to be a practical professional at turning a clean room into a hurricane ravaged mess within seconds.

This last year has flown even faster than the first.  And Max has grown like a weed.  He's a big solid chunk of all boy.  He loves to run, and run and throw and hit and wear tutus and tease his sister and kick and make silly faces, talk endlessly and just MELT me with all of his "MOM...I wuv you!(s)"

So, even though his actual birthday was on Oct. 20th and i was in the middle of Oliver techs and we sort of just passed over the day, he wasn't upset with me.

Last week, I decided it was time to make him some cupcakes, sing him Happy Birthday and invite Gramma Peg over to bring her birthday presents.

And you know what....he thought it was the greatest thing ever!  And so did Maggie, 'cause she got to help make the cupcakes (which was hysterical in and of itself).

Seriously, my heart bursts and overflows when I see this little face.
(judge not taht we used matches 'cause I couldn't find candles)

His blow out method is stellar.

He was very pleased with the song AND his blow out ability.

Now....bring on the gifts.

Gramma got a wild notion that a GIANT tub o' cheese puffs was the perfect gift for this bottomless pitt of a 2 year old.
He was very pleased.
And every day he sees them, he asks for some of his "Happ Birtday"

Then there was this sweet little (big) bear.  So soft and cuddly.  It's brought about a few fights between brother and sissy.

But oh the sweet loves.
And there were also some adorable new jammies which I wish i had a pic of, 'cause cute!
Thanks Gramma Peg for making this little boy happy.

And I told you....he enjoyed himself some cheese puffs for SURE!

Thank you Maximus for coming to OUR family.
Thank you for the contagious belly laughs
Thank you for the loves and kisses
Thank you for being the greatest gift of a boy there ever was.
We love you so much!

Happy Belated Birthday celebrations my little bubbernuts!



Some of my favorite things he says:

I not stink bug....I MAXI
I alllll wet, change my pants Mommy.
Mommy, MOM...I WUV YOU!
Tank you Mommy
I toooooted (followed by hysterical laughter)
Where we going?  Going store Mommy?
I wanna take a baff.
I want some nogurt (yogurt)  peeeease!
I not want go home.
We hooooome wahoo!
Gooutsideplaylouie. (which means, put Louie in a cage so I can go outside and play please)
I Go outsiiiiiiiiiide!?
I Helping You
(usually involved with the dishwasher...which for the record is NOT helping me at all, or taking the garbage out)

He loves:

hot dogs
Essentially all food
His big Sissy
His cousins
His Aunt Jenny (total crush on her)
Listening to music
Laughing his head off


Kristina P. said...

He's adorable! Love the giant tub of cheese puffs. Awesome.

azandersens said...

Wow, when you see the year-to-year shots next to each other you can see how he has turned into a little man! You guys make the cutest kids!

DianD said...

He is so cute... The smiles, dimples-- yep, he melts the heart! And he's just so darn polite (never misses a "Thank you" opportunity)
Belated Happy Birthday dear Maxi!

DianD said...

He is so cute... The smiles, dimples-- yep, he melts the heart! And he's just so darn polite (never misses a "Thank you" opportunity)
Belated Happy Birthday dear Maxi!

It's Something Beautiful said...

He is just the cutest thing! That cheese puff container is HUGE haha. Love it. Happy Belated Birthday little man :)

alison said...

happy belated birthday to maxalicious!!! cutest two-year-old boy that i ever laid eyes on :) and i love that a big ole barrel of cheesy poofs made him smile...that is MY kinda kid! you do realize though, that you need to embrace these years when you can celebrate a bday a month later and they don't notice nor do they mind. it won't be long before he'll be all, "i don't CARE if the world is ending around us....i. want. BIRTHDAY. cake!" and kudos on being all macguyver on the candle situation. that would have probably owned me for the entire day....and no one would have been able to have cupcakes until there was SOMETHING sitting on top of it that was on fire.

Dixiechick said...

Morgan was looking at this post with me and saw the last picture of Max and said, "Wait. Is that pee or cheetos?" ew. P.S. I do believe tubs of cheese balls bigger than you are should not be allowed.

WhisperingWriter said...

He is too cute.

I want a giant thing of cheese balls!

Greg and Tammy said...

WOW. He may start to look like an oompa loompa after eating all those cheese balls! :) What a doll of a little boy. Seriously so cute. Happy Belated 2nd Bday to the Max Man.

jen said...

There's just something about a mama and her boy. And you don't understand until you have one.
Wait until he's taller than you are and wraps you in hugs.
I love that. And now I have it in two!

Mel said...

He really is such a sweet boy. I love the picture of him with the cheeseballs. hahaha.
I hope he had a fabulous birthday.

Peggy Van Patten said...

Now how could I possibly have passed up those CHEESEBALLS, they had his name written all over them. And as you can see a picture is worth a thousand words.... And every little boy needs a big old bear to hug and tell his problems to...
Love ya Max