Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Patience is a Virture....."they" say.

Oh we've all heard it a bajillion times right?  Patience is a virtue.  Yeah yeah, blah blah,  I'm sure it is.  But it's a particular virture I have NOTHING of.
For real.....I am patience-less!  And frankly, this isn't a good thing.  BUT, sometimes it can work to my advantage....SOMETIMES.  And here is a wee example of what I'm talking about.

Yesterday morning as I was getting ready for the day, Jer stumbled out of bed and assumed his position on "the throne."  Oh what....let's not pretend like we don't ALL use the toilet.
      SIDENOTE:  I literally can NOT understand, nor comprehend those women who pretend like they never poop, pee, toot or do any other bodily function.  Therefore, they categorily REFUSE to EVER go to the bathroom in front of their spouse.  This just does NOT compute to me.  We ALL do it.  We're married.  For the love of all that's good and smelly, what are we hiding from?  Furthermore, when you have one bathroom (as we did for 8 years of our marriage) then sorry buddy, someones got to pee while someone showers, etc.  Furthermore, you do the whody who with your spouse, all naked and such.  Meaning, they SEE your body.  And well, let's be honest, sex, well, awkward things can happen, wierd noises have been known to crop up.  So, WHY the pretends of no bathrooming?  Poop happens, get over it.  UGH!  It's just ridic to me.   Plus, I grew up in a house where all of us sisters always hung out in the bathroom while someone was doing their business.  We were talking, laughing, doing our hair, whatever.  So, the bathroom has never been such a "sacred" place to me. Sidenote OVER.

So as he's sitting there he says to me; "You know, I've been thinking.  Why don't we get rid of that one towell bar and put a little shelf up there or something.  So you have somewhere to put your hairspray and stuff."

I nodded my head accordingly.  Why DON'T we do that?  Why have I lived with this retarded bathroom for well over a year and NOT put a shelf up.

Let me splain somethin....we rent this house.  And I could NOT adore any landlords more than I adore these people.  They are Gods gift to the universe.  I'm not exagerating either.  We had cart blanche to paint, do whatever.  BUT, I don't paint bathrooms.  There are creepy, icky crevicey corners and I refuse to get down and behind them to paint.  So, I left this room all white.  Also, for some unknown reason to me there were wierdly placed towell bars; as in one short one on top of a long one.  WHY?  AND, nothing but a piddly pedastal sink (don't get me started on my disdain for all things pedestal sinky).  So essentially ZERO storage of any kind.  I quickly bought a little rolly cart which has been great.  But still this dumb extra towell bar remained and NOWHERE to put my hairspray, etc.  So mostly, when doing my hair the flat iron lays on the towell, and the hairspray sits on the towell bar, but mostly it falls through and dings up the baseboard.  See, just stupid.

SO, moving on.  I go through my day.  Then at 3:30 I dropped Maggie off at singing group and called Jere to say I was gonna run by the D.I., Deseret Industries, the Mormon equivelant of Goodwill.  I was determined to find a shelf, something that would work for that space.  Wouldn't you know it, there was exactly ONE shelf in the store and it was all kinds of hideous.  It was wood color with three charming apples painted a lovely dusty rose and green, with a "sweet" little raffia bow attached to one of the pegs.  PERFECTION!  Get in my cart NOW!  So, for 3 bucks I was on my way.

I promptly came home (after picking up Maggie from singing, in the which she was doing absolutely NO singing, but mostly standing and staring at Miss Jenee) and cleaned that bad boy off, sprayed on some primer, waited exactly 5 minutes, ok fine MAYBE 10 and then spray painted it a shiny black.  Then, fighting every impulse in my body, I waited a 1/2 hour for it to dry. Gave it another quick spray and waited a little while longer.  Then, it was time to check it in the space.

Would you believe it is the EXACT perfect size.  I didn't even have to hang nails.  The hooks fit exactly on where the towell bar hangers are. Serendipity I tell you.

Here is where my non patience doesn't pay off.
I forgot to take any before pictures of said towell bar, OR of the shelf in it's pre-painted glory.  And there may or may not be a few wee spots where the primer dripped through, cause it was still wet.  Whatevs.

Here is where my non patience TOTALLY pays off.
I now have a fantastical little black shelf in my bathroom that houses my hairspray and Jeres GIANT tub o' gel like a champ, and makes me smile every time I walk in the room.
And it took me like an hour total of time and a whole THREE bucks.
PLUS, I'm now on a quest to finish this bathroom, without painting.  I'm gonna go with black and white.  I see a valance in my future, new towells and maybe, just maybe a stencil.  The possibilities are exciting.  Ewwww, I just LOVE an opportunity to decorate.

Strictly for function people.  STRICTLY FUNCTION.
No decorative, cutesy for this shelf.
But doesn't she look pretty up there anyway?
And I ask you...why would there be a second towell bar right there?
Wierd, right?

In the which you can see the apples of it's former life.
Thought I could pry them off....not so much.
Don't judge on the tub o' gel.
Used to buy a more demure bottle, that would be hidden in the cabinet.
Apparently the world conspired against me and they do NOT make it anymore.
Literally HAD to buy the TUB.  So obnoxious.
On the upside, said tub works reallllllly well in Maxs hair.

The best part of this whole thing.  You would think Jere built, painted and hung the shelf himself. He is SO proud of HIMSELF for thinking of it.  It's cute really.  So, if it gives him that much pleasure, then by all means....the credit is his.

Now, just so you know...I'm on a quest to redo my bedroom.  It's been the same for 9 years and it is TIME for change.  I'm gonna sell a crap ton of stuff on Craigslist so I can buy new stuff.  I'm so excited for the vision in my head.  Look for actual before and after pictures coming someday.

In the meantime, I've got an adorable cheagle puppy for sale (parents are letting me sale their new one) $100.00 to the first taker.  And a whole lot of Paris, Eiffel Tower artwork, clocks, etc.  Just sayin.

Patience is for sissies,



Kristina P. said...

Oooh, I need to do something like that. We could use more storage. It looks great!

And I am so with you on the bodily function thing. I have a friend who has been married like 6 or 7 years, who has never passed gas in front of her husband. How is that even possible?!?

Eve said...

Love it!

I really can't imagine why there would be a second towel bar right there... strange.

lexlocilori said...

I love all things thrift. YAY! lol at the thought of discussing decor in such close quarters : )

alison said...

okay...let me just say that you and i are twinsies on the whole "no patience" stuff. i ruin MORE projects because i flat out can't wait for the stinkin paint to dry. if anyone invents instantly drying paint...i am ALL over it. i wouldn't care if it cost a million dollars a can (well...maybe not a MILLION...but you get the idea!)

and that is some serious hair gel!! no wonder max's hair is perfectly coiffed at all times ;) and p.s.....hannah's hair bows and flowers are stored in the exact same way....a ribbon hanging on the wall! maggie's collection looks just like hkay's.

p.p.s...in our first house, we only had one bathroom. we had to do the whole "someone in the shower....someone on the toilet" situation many times. and it would really tick me off when austin would lock the bathroom door when he was taking a shower because that would mean that i had to get all macguyver on the door lock if hannah or i had to pee!

Greg and Tammy said...

I'm sans patience as well. Sometimes a great thing, sometimes not. :)

Cute shelf.

erin said...

totally good call on the shelf! don't you love projects that only take a measly hour & not days upon days?

Zach "Sunshine" Anderson said...

The sidenote alone should have been its own post. I died. Literally. I'm posting from the after-life.

The Atomic Mom said...

HAHAHAH! We have only one bathroom, so we are all sorts of in and out with each other. The only time I insist on privacy is that time o' the month. Otherwise, it's a regular drive thru lane.

As for the painting of the bathrooms....Joseph just sanded down our little mold hallow and we're going to paint it all up tomorrow. With acutal bathroom paint, not the powerdy cheepo stuff someone did once upon a time.

Grace Adams said...

I've got a daughter who doesn't want to live in a dorm because of the bodily function thing. Hoping for grandchildren SOMEDAY, I didn't tell her that the process of giving birth somehow relieves a woman of any notion of privacy forever.

Tucker said...

Hmmmm Maggie not doing any singing at voice lessons..... hmmmmmmmmmmm remind you of anyone? =)