Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wrappin the week up

I was thinking about it and I thought...hmmmm, there have been plenty of random "moments" I want to mention.  Not enough to make a post of, but you know, just bits that i think are cute, funny, interesting or whatnot.  So, here I go with what I like to call a wrap up, or just a lot of pictures and jumbled thoughts.  Whichever you prefer....I'm ok with it.

First and foremost there have been many calls for pictures of my "favorite" gym goer...Sir Flopsalot.  To which I have replied....HOW?  Well, one day I actually took my phone in with me.  And while I was NOT able to get a "full frontal" shot of Flopsy, I was able to at least get a side and back view.  I mean really...AWKWARD!  There I am, sitting at a machine, trying to look like I'm doing some exercise, whilst waiting for the perfect moment to "shoot" the offender.  There never was a great moment, and no way to not look totally obvi.  So, i did what I could.  At least now you will be able to know he DOES exist,  And see his replusively too short shorts, the headband, etc.  Also, the cute "100 year old man" was riding the bike down from me, and I took a pic of him too. 

That said....THIS WEEK when I wandered into the gym on Friday morning, I shoulda known I was in for a wierd day.  First of all there were 2 people SOUNDLY sleeping in the chairs up front.  Like, blankets over them, deep REM sleeping.  I would have supposed them homeless, if not for their i-pods plugged into the wall.  WHAT is up with that?  Who just pulls up a chair in gym and snoozes?  More importantly, Who allows that?  WHERE was the front desk worker?  Because I assure you, he was NOWHERE to be found.  The desk was completely abandoned. As in crickets chirping, tumbleweeds blowing through abandoned! I walked in without scanning my finger, just to spite the dumb A's!  Then as I rounded the corner into my warmup area, who should appear to me?  The freaking front desk worker DEAD ASLEEP on the sit up bench.  I kid you not.  His chin resting on the bar, mouth agape, eyes closed, deep breathing, sleeeeeeping!!  And he stayed that way for at least another 10 minutes while I stared at him in annoyed disbelief.  I was sort of bugged that I didn't have my phone to take a picture then.  He woke with a start, looked at his watch, jumped up and went back to the desk.  Maybe he could feel my laser beams boring a hole into his sleepy ass.  Would love to know how long he napped.  Anywayyyyyyy, wierd stuff!, that's what you want.

I love my 100 year old friend.
He's adorable.

There is really no reason for him to be stretching here
other than he enjoys showing his arse, and making sure we all see his calves, etc.

Oh Sir Flops.  You really are sometihng "special"

Also this week, I got off my duff and took the kiddos on a FUN play day to a fabulous place called Jumpstreet.  My friend Melissa has been trying to get us to go do something for awhile.  I'm so glad she persisted.  The kids had a blast, and it wore them out immensely.  It's an entire place of trampolines and bouncies where the kids can jump, bounce and run to their hearts content.  And WE can jump with them.  Let's just get right to an important point.  I am officially old and damaged.  I never understood "moms" when they had trouble jumping on trampolines.  You know, due to bladder issues.  Well, since I'm nothing if not full of in your face info.  Let it be known, I somehow turned into one of those Moms without even knowing it.  There I was trying to jump with the kids, and boom, I was gonna wet my pants.  I ddin't even need to pee, but yet, I did?  It was wierd.  Disconcerting and annoying.  But, I digress.

Totally stole this pic from Melissas blog
look at those fab, long trampolines.  SO FUN!
About 4 minutes into this adventure Maggie started saying that she was starving.
She wanted to eat NOW!
"I'm sooooo HUNGRY!"
Apparently jumping takes it right out of ya.

Would you LOOK at th size of that alligator.  It's like Macy's Day Parade size.
You climb up a scary A ladder thing under that alligator to get to the SUPER high slide and then fly down the slide.
The thing said 200 lb. weight limit.  Ummm, let's just say, I exceeded that limit.
Let's also just say...scarey, but fun.

1 hour and 15 minutes later we walked out the door.
Approximately 3 seconds upon reaching the sidewalk, the kids sat and opened
their gaping maws and squawked for food.
Good thing I had packed lunches.
I just think Max was so freaking ridiculously cute sitting there, sandwhich on each knee.

That little girl is Iris.  She is the cutest thing and best smiler ever.
All in all a morning WELL spent!

I got to sub for a couple of classes at MCC on Friday.  I seriously HEART teaching college classes.  It just makes me happy.
And I may or may NOT have gotten the giggles in one of the classes.
I could NOT pull it together, which made the whole class laugh.
I was clearly not mature enough to be there that day.
Luckily, most of the kids in the class were part of my Oliver cast, so we were tight.

Speaking of...did I ever mention we had our cast party for Oliver last week?  It was SO FUN!  Karaoke, dance dance revolution, HUGE spinning merry go round thing, fire pit, s'mores, food, rock band, etc.  It was good times!!!

Yesterday we made a random field trip to the Big Blue Box, aka IKEA.  Unbelievably...Jere has NEVER been there.  So, Jer, the kids, Gramma Peg, Auntie Julie and I all loaded up the van and headed for all things Swedish.  First we had a nice lunch up in the cafeteria/restraunt.  Then dropped Maggie at the kids play place (per her insistence) and began our trek around the maze.  Of course Jere was like a kid in a candy store.  Cheap prices, fun toys, cool furniture, his head was spinning.  Poor Max, we literally got there JUST at his naptime.  And for the most part he was a total trouper, but he was realllly tired.  So, a giant shark stuffed animal caught his eye.

At one point we found a few more big stuffed animals and filled the bottom of the cart.  He was completely decked out in comfort and rested nicely.

We also got a couple of Christmas presents for the kids.
So time WELL spent.

Then there was today.
My kids are so cute in their church clothes.
And Jer was adorable in his new sweater vest.
So what else would you do.....

C'mon.  Who wouldn't be proud to walk into church with these three.

We were going for silly face.
Instead, Max just looks cutesy poo and Jer is crazy.

I'm just gonna squish her in all her cuteness.

Nothing says a Happy Sabbath like a family that matches.

I guess that'll about do it for this week.
Sorry for the overload.
If you're still with me, you ROCK!!

Lettuce wraps and wrap ups,



Kristina P. said...

That little old exerciser is so cute!

I haven't been to Ikea in much too long. I need some meatballs.

The Bipolar Diva said...

You're posts are always so much fun! And the kids look adorable!

Dana said...

Dang Maxy has some cute clothes....and shoes! :-)

alison said...

okay...this is my ocd showing...but WHERE are the lettuce wraps?? i read TWICE and don't see no stinkin' lettuce wraps. i can't even concentrate enough to comment on your hilariosity ( word!) because i'm lost. forlorn. confused. I NEED LETTUCE WRAPS!! (this bit o crazy to start off your day was brought to you by the letters L and in Lettuce and Wrap).

Sarah said...

Seriously laughing out loud at your description at pics of the exercise man - OMG!! Hilarious and gross at the same time.

Love the family pic!

lexlocilori said...

love the family pic. oh and I am glad that you do not go to my gym ;)

Grace Adams said...

Awww, love the old guy. Flopsy -- not so much.

Greg and Tammy said...

I heart IKEA. 'cept you have to plan like 15 hours to shop there cause it is so ginormous. But, heck yes they have some great, cheap Christmas toy stuff. We're buying Emma some of their trains for her bday. Good thing she doesn't know generic vs. Thomas brand. tee hee.

jen said...

I rock.
Nuff said.