Friday, November 12, 2010

Is Chrismuth Noooow?

A couple of months ago Jere came home and said sheepishly "I might have just bought you your Christmas present."  So, there was this random note on the with Jere on November 5th.

November 5th finally arrived.  I truly had NO idea WHAT in the world we were going to see.  I mean, I figured it was a concert, show of some kind.  But what, i didn't know.

He didn't want me to know.  Surprises, gifts, giving me things make Jere giddy.  So, I didn't want to crush his spirits (not this time, though I'm REAL good at doing that a lot).  I was actually looking forward to finding out.

And the truth is, THIS surprise was PERFECT.  And it could NOT have come at a better time.  I'm pretty sure I was in the worst emotional place of my life that day.  A true depression day, AWFUL.

So, I got myself gussied up. Picked up the babysitter and off we went.

Super NOT a fan of this pic, but what ya gonna do.

We arrived at the Mesa Arts Center and the crowd was large and excited.  I still didn't know what I was in for.  But we were headed into the theatre, I saw a sign.  We were going to see these guys:

Woo HOO!!!!
Well now I'm excited.

After reading up on the fellas, and waiting for awhile the show FINALLY began.


There are no words for the AWESOME that was this concert.
And, might I mention...all of these guys were adorable.
No, as in super cute.

See that guy right in front, center.  TOTALLY my newest boyfriend.
He is 1000 shades of sexy, and a delish voice to boot!
Though I'm also sort of in love with Chuck, the base.  LURVE!

Here's the deal...these guys are AMAZING!  They're funny, cute, engaging and just phenomenally talented!  They have the cutest choreography and they just made me

Best thing they said:
They joked about being discovered on the "you tubes."
And then they encouraged us to video all we wanted, take pics, do whatever.  As long as we share them.
So, i'm happy to oblige.
They did a freaking fantastic Lady Gaga medley.  It was so hilarious, and I'm only sad that I didn't get the end of it for you, 'cause it was the best part.
But, hope you enjoy this little gem.

After the concert, we ran into our friend Charisma and had a grand time laughing and story telling in line, as we waited to meet the cuties that are Straight No Chaser.

Oh the stories Char-eesma can tell.  One of the most fascinating and funny women I've EVER met.

Thanks so much babe for this wonderful and perfect surprise.
It was the BEST gift ever and just what I needed.

Straight No Chaser....
you tube them
LOVE them

Christmas surprises,



alison said...

they seems six ways of fabulous!! doncha love when your hunny makes the right choice for surprise gifts?? doesn't happen often (at least in my world) but when it does..major brownie points :)

erin said...

oh how fun! chad can never keep a secret about this sort of stuff. he gets too excited! we miss you guys :(

Sarah said...

Wanna hear something cool? I work with Michaels Dad... no kidding! :-)

Krystal Trapnell said...

Must not let Jeff and the boys see this, lest they get any ideas about a 259 comeback. I'm not sure the world is ready for any more of their "choreography."

Jen West said...

that little video treat was awesome! i will surely have to find more of them :)

Tractor Mom said...

What a great surprise!

jen said...

You two. So cute. From the title I expected a kid story.

WhisperingWriter said...

Awesome! How fun :)

Jenny said...

I love their version of 12 days of Christmas, one of mine and my 7 year olds favorites!