Tuesday, March 31, 2009


In the immortal words of one Pat Benetar..."Love is a Battlefield" and if this is true, well then today my sweet, sweet Max and I had a skirmish. In my deep love for him, I felt it necessary to do a little nail trimming, as I don't find daggers coming at my face and throat constantly a fun thing. Anyway, he has been so incredibly happy and sweet the last two days I can barely take it. It's a love so crazy deep it breaks my heart. His laughs and giggles just melt me like butter. We had just come back from shopping, he'd been in his car seat for 2 hours and was still smiling at me. I got him out of the seat and laid him on the changing table and began the task at hand. Meanwhile Maggie is now standing at my feet yelling up at me, "MOM, MOM HO me (hold me)." So, first few fingers go off without a hitch. Now I'm on to his thumb, Maggie is now SCREAMING and crying and Max is getting a little jumpy. All is ok though, I have it under control. I carefully put the clippers on his little nail and CLIP. Suddenly Max is totally crying and i don't know why. But then, I look down and I see the hideous truth. Somehow, somehow I had literally cut the whole tip of his thumb off, like a horrifying chunk GONE! I felt so horrible, I just kept telling him how sorry I was. Let it be known that I've done MANY a nail clipping on Maggie and Max and NEVER has this even come close to happening before. So, at first there wasn't much blood, so I carried him in to get a bandaid and some neosporin and then carried him back to the table. Well, somewhere between the table and bathroom he started spurting blood. I looked down and there was blood gushing out of his little hand. The blood was getting everywhere and I couldn't stop it. Max was screaming and crying, Maggie was screaming and crying and I was nearly screaming and crying. I grabbed a rag and started holding his little thumb as tight as I could. Then I had Brooklyn grab me the phone so I could do what any smart person would do....I called Dixie. The conversation went a little something like this.
"Dixie, are you home?"
"I'm having a crisis (explained the situation)." "I don't know what to do."
"I'll be right there."

And then she was there.

She picked up Maggie and calmed her. She looked up how to stop blood flow online, she got me an ice pack and paper towell for Max. She calmly helped me through as I was crying feeling so bad that I'd hurt my little guy so bad. Finally, after 20 minutes of applying pressure, applying ice, raising his little arm over his head the blood stopped gushing and we could get a bandaid on it. In this time we'd given him tylenol and a bottle and he was calm and happy.

Here we are showing off his battle scar/wound. All better with a Dora bandaid. He did manage to get 2 sets of bandaids off before I put more substantial bandaids on.

Just another shot of my little champ. He really did do pretty well considering I've maimed him for life.

There was blood, lots of blood. I don't have a shot of the paper towell or the ice pack smeared with blood.
I learned a couple of important things from this unfortunate situation.
1. Never cut your babies nails with ANY distractions. Or, just never cut your babies nails again.
2. Never attempt to mother without your sisters nearby. Seriously, where would I be without Dixie who calmly swooped in and saved poopgate '08 and now this fingergate '09. I thought I'd literally die when Lana moved away, 'cause she was my go to girl for all mom questions and quick fixes. Then Dixie came and filled the void so nicely. I will be so, so, sooooooo sad when I don't have a sister at my back door anymore. EVERYONE should get to be neighbors with their sisters and bestfriends, it really makes life so much more doable.
Ok, now, on to some other randomness.

Look who loves her some stuffed peppers! Yeah, she does, it's true. I have a great eater on my hands, and I'll enjoy it while I can, 'cause I realize that like tomorrow she could suddenly HATE everything I make.

Also, look who LERVES jicama. Yeah, she went to TOWN on this today. No matter that she thinks she's eating an apple.

In utter randomness, I'm conducting a little experiment this week, and it involves this:

Looks good huh? It's lemon pepper Sole and asparagus (doesn't asparagus make everything look swankier?). I recommitted hardcore to the gym (going every day), drinking my gallon of water a day and not eating after 7:00 p.m. for this whole week. Also part of my week committment is eating fish and asparagus for lunch every day. I know it's wierd, but I'm gonna do it, 'cause I'm SURE it'll bring me some results. I'll let you know.
Well, I guess that's enough for now. I really MUST get in bed, 'cause that alarm goes off VERY early.
Safety clippers and screaming babies,

P.S. American Idol sucked the big one tonight. Noone so far has done well, except my boyfriend Danny. But, that's another post, another day.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another Recipe

Apparently I'm a total wannabe food blogger. But, like I said, when you've got some great recipes and they're so super yum, AND easy, you just gotta share. So, this little gem is a combination of 2 recipes I came across. One was for a pork chop caserole. I know right? I found that in the paper and was so fascinated with the concept of a casserole, I clipped it and tried it. It was ok, but my way of making it is better. The second recipe is for sweet and sour chicken, found on Kitchen Cafe blog. It is GREAT, but it's a little more labor intensive, in the fact that you have to stir the chicken every 15 minutes for an hour. Who has time for that? So, I took the sauce from there and combined it with part of the pork chop recipe and voila, you have HEAVEN. Seriously, this has become a favorite meal of ours, and really, it's VERY simple (have I mentioned I don't do anything unless it's super easy), fairly quick and TASTY!!!

Sweet & Sour Porkchops

I use the thin cut boneless pork tenderloin chops, although the regular boneless pork tenderloin chops are just fine too. With the thin cut I just get to cut out one step. If you use the regular chops, you need to butterfly them (not hard, just hold one side and cut across the middle until you're almost to other side, when you lay it open it looks like a butterfly, sort of). ANWAY, this is also a cheap meal. I got 8 chops for $7.00, sometimes you can get them cheaper. The only thing with the thin cut is, if you have someone with a hearty appetite, they'll want to eat two.

8 boneless pork chops (or more, or less)

1/4 c. olive oil

3-4 cloves crushed or minced garlic (I use the stuff you buy in a jar, which comes out to 2 tsp.)

1 c. flour for dredging

Salt and Pepper to taste

Sweet & Sour sauce:

I ALWAYS double this recipe, because I prefer to have a good amount of sauce covering the chops and then to put on the rice afterward. Besides, it's super yummy sauce, so the more the better.

3/4 C. sugar

4 Tbl. Ketsup

1/2 C. white vinegar

1 Tbl. soy sauce

1 tsp. garlic salt

put all ingredients in a bowl and stir until sugar is dissolved.

Cut off any extra fat from chops (there is usually very little). Sprinkle salt and pepper over chops, then dredge in flour.

Sear the porkchops in the olive oil and garlic until brown, about a minute or two on each side. Don't let the garlic burn.

Place the browned chops in a casserole dish. Pour the sweet and sour sauce over the chops, and if you like, you can add a can of crushed pineapple as well. I've done it with the pineapple and it's good, it's just not the way we love it.

Bake at 350 for one hour,until chops are tender. See how easy? Throw it in and don't think of it again for an hour.

Serve over rice.

I PROMISE you'll enjoy this dinner! The chops are usually so tender you don't even need a knife. The sauce is tangy and sweet and it's filling.

Again, LET me know if you make it and what you think. Nothing makes me happier than people discovering something new and delicious.

Dinner time and divine eats,

Seriously so Blessed!

Sometimes I seriously wonder HOW we got so blessed and lucky. How can we look at it any other way than BLESSED when you look at those faces. God gave us two of the most beautiful, sweet, smart and wonderful babies, and it overwhelms me with gratitude every day.

Note: I put up 3 blogs today and more to come.

The time has come!!!

People, the TIME HAS COME.......a haircut is in order!!!

Would you look at this man, the crazy has taken over. The beard or attempt at a beard is for paegent. Pretty HAWT don't you think. hehe

I was trying to show the groove left in his hair after his nap with his cpap mask on. In any case, you see the growth is ridiculous. Thank heaven for Lana and her willingness to do a cutty poo on Saturday.

Scissors and clips,


My Boy is a growin...

Guess who started eating rice cereal this week?

Just want to plug here this delightful little spoony thing. It was a gift from Trixie(thanks Tams) and it's the best. You put your cereal or whatever baby food you want in the orange part and then the perfect amount squeezes out onto the spoon. It is so perfect.
Anyway, mixed the cereal with peaches this time and Maxy was QUITE pleased. In fact, so pleased that he was peeved when it ran out.

Maxy liked it! And really, when did he get soooo chubby? I swear I waited forever for his little bird legs to get any meat on them and then one day, booya they're fat and perfect. Now I leave you with this parting shot:

C'mon, THAT is a hilarious shot. I think he was about to cry, or trying to smile, or something, but it's just hideously funny.
Moral of the story, my baby is growing up so fast. Tomorrow he'll be eating pizza and burping out the alphabet.
Happy eats and smiley babies,

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Guess Who?

Jere was attempting to show how Max was sound asleep in this picture and his leg was straight up in the air. He went through a brief phase of crazy legs there.

Give up?

This beautiful, sleeping, stunning little angel is making his acting debut! He gets to portray, get ready for it....

Baby Jesus

He's in the ol' Easter Paegent and he's the man. He even had "rehearsal" last week. Tonight we had to be down there for the first of 4 dress rehearsals before the show starts for realsies next week. Last week he screamed and cried. Tonight, he fell asleep just before he went on, and amazingly stayed soundly asleep through handoffs, being put in the manger, taken out of the manger, shown to the shepherds, back in the manger, spun by Mary, etc. When it was all done, they handed him back to me, still asleep. I unwrapped him from his blanket, took him down the oh so painful staircase (kills my knees) and he promptly woke up and barfed. Such a good BOY!!!

Anyway, thought you'd like to know, my baby is a STAR! hehehehehe So please, feel free to come on down any night next week and check it out. He'll be the one wrapped in a blue blanky.

So Easy it should be a Sin!

Taco Soup

I am totally not a food blogger, I know (and clearly not a food photgrapher for that matter). But darnit, I have some realllly good recipes that need to be shared. This particular recipe I got from Dixie. But once I made it, I realize I've been making the exact thing, minus the water and beans, for like EVER as something else. But, that's beside the point. The point is...this soup is so ridiculously easy and so good that ALL people should have the recipe on hand. It takes like 2.5 seconds to make and feeds a ton and is tastey. I mean, large families, like say the Dentons, they should make this, eat this and love this, it's fast, cheap and easy, oh and fairly low in fat/calories. So, with no further ado, i give you my modified recipe for Taco Soup. Which I might add is heartily endorsed by my Daddio, who apprarently has NEVER liked a taco soup in his life. I had to force him to eat it and wouldn't you know, Mikey liked it.

Taco Soup

1 to 1 1/2 lb. ground turkey (I much prefer this, but beef is fine, if you like that sort of thing)

1 green pepper chopped

1/8 C. dried onion (more if you like, or 1/2 c. real onion chopped)

1/3 C. Taco Seasoning Mix

5 C. Water

2 cans Kidney Beans

2 cans Diced Tomatos

1 Can Corn

2 Cans Tomato sauce

Brown the meat with the pepper and onions. Drain any fat off then add the taco seasoning and one cup water. Let that simmer for about 8 minutes, then add all canned ingredients, and the remaining 4 cups of water. You can add as little or as much water as you like, depends on how thick you want it to be, or how far you want it to go. I also added a little salt to taste. When I added 5 cups of water it easily fed 8 - 10 people. Probably more, sometimes I make big portions. Let it simmer 'til it's warmed all the way through.

Garnish with some cheese and a little sour cream. This would be where the calories come in, so you know, do whatev. I like to crush the tortilla chips into it, others like to dip them. That's all just up to your personal preference.

Hope you all try this and enjoy it. I promise it really is DELISH!!! Then, I promise that I'll post my chicken corn chowder recipe, 'cause it's pretty awesome too.

Happy eats,


There's this thing...

Ok, so I must come clean....I have not worked out for 4 days. I mean, Saturday and Sunday, ok, but then Monday and Tuesday I didn't go. Maggie was sick, Max has discovered rolling over which in turns severely impedes his sleep. I imagine his mind goes like this..."sleep, mmmm sleep....what the?" "How did I get this way, ohhhhh bears, lights, my FEET." So, he either plays or screams 'cause he WANTS to be asleep and WANTS his binky, but apparently is binky retarded and still can't keep it in his mouth without help. UGH! So, I get up, put the binky in, turn him over and we're good for another 1/2 hour or so. So annoying. Plus, I was suffering some issues of my own and I just didn't get up and go. And well, when it comes down to it, those are all just excuses. The point is, i didn't go. And, I felt poopy for not going. I MISS working out. I miss getting up and being awake and ready for the day at an early hour. My day just doesn't function the same if I don't get up and go. Which brings us to today...

The alarm rang at a hideously early 5:05 a.m. and I was TIRED! Max had done his waking up between 11 and 2 a.m., Maggie had been up once and I was just tired. But, I forced myself up, got dressed and got over to Dixies. When we got to the gym I asked her what we were doing. She said she didn't know. I had to give her a hard time, because she says you must ALWAYS go with a plan. So, we did some discussing and she got an idea in her head and said, "ok, we're doing 30 minutes on the bike, 15 on the treadmill." I blythely said Ok, unaware what was in store for me. She got all trainer on me and forced me to do.....

Fartlick training. Yeah, that IS someones last name, it IS a true training method. Go ahead.....giggle....it's ok. If you don't laugh, well then apparently you're far more mature than me or my sisters are. And good for you. I guess I'll always just be a 10 year old at heart. I'll admit, the first training meeting we had and Dixie whipped this name out, my sisters and I were immature enough to giggle and laugh. And, every time the word is said, we chuckle. N-E-WAY I started out at an easy little 8 on the bike, did that for 5 minutes and then every moved it up to a 12, every time I'd go up, it'd be for 3 minutes, then move the intensity down 2 notches and ride for 2 minutes, then up 4, ride 3 minutes. Needless to say, at one point it was all the way up to 20. Any idea how hard it is to peddle through a 20? Well, it's no walk in the park. So, I made it through that, and I realize that I can do harder intensity. Then we wandered over to the treadmill. She wanted me to just start right out at a 4. Ummmm no, I need to work into this torture. So, I did a 3 for a minute and then up to 4. Ok, to make a long story short, I had to run at 5.5 for 2 minutes, then I ran at 6 for 1 1/2 minutes, 'cause I wussed out, and the HARDEST was the last minute. I ran at a 7 for a minute. I know, you runners are laughing at me. But let me tell you something, that is freaking HARD for me. I finally made it to the point of almost puking. I jumped off and just doubled over trying not to puke and trying to breathe. My knee is killing me, but I did it. Dixie was proud of me which always makes me happiest. So yeah, there's this thing.

In other news....we've re-weaned Maggie from the ol' binky. She only gets it at nap time and bed time. For the most part she does really well with this arrangement. When we go to get her out of the crib we make a game of her throwing the binky down in the crib, so she leaves happy. Like I said, MOST of the time she's happy and ok without the binky. However, occassionally she just neeeeeeeds it or she'll die. She gets totally unconsollable and begs for her nummy. Distraction works sometimes, but there are others where NOTHING works. So, when she starts asking to go to bed, you know she is in need of a fix. She usually totally crys, but I explained to her that if she wants her binky, that it is only for bed. So, IF she wants it, she'll have to sit in bed and have binky time. She totally does it. On Sunday I put her in there before church and she cried for awhile, but then totally just sat in her bed sucking on the binky, pondering the meaning of life I guess. After awhile she yelled out, "I'm ready." So I went in, took the binky and she happily came out and played. Today is another need the binky kind of day. So, she's in her crib sucking on the binky while Brooklyn and Morgan play around her. She's perfectly happy to have them in there, as long as SHE can have that binky. Oh well, at least I'm being consistent about the bed right?

And finally....apparently my name is preferred over mommy these days. The other morning Maggie woke up and called for Mommy, then DADDY, then, MOOOMMMMY! And when she could see that this was not getting the desired results, she busted out Allyson, Alllllysooon, ALLYSON. When I realized that she was calling my actual name, I just busted out laughing. When Jere went in to get her, he decided to check out her skills. He asked her to say Allyson, which she obliged. Then he said, "say Jere" and she promptly said "Daddy." Guess she knows who we really are. Love that girl.

Fartlicks and guffaws,


Saturday, March 21, 2009

An Early Start?

One morning, about a month ago, I was sitting in my bathroom getting ready for the day. Brooklyn was standing next to me watching intently as I got ready. Every piece of makeup I'd pull out she'd ask what it was and why I was putting it on. Just beyond Brooklyn was Maggie, watching as well. About halfway through my "process" Brooklyn informed me she needed to go potty. So, I lifted her up over me and she went about her business. All the while she was pottying she was discussing with me how Maggie doesn't potty 'cause she's not a big girl. I told Brooklyn that when she was about Maggies age she started telling us she wanted to go potty. So, we let her try a few times, but she didn't really get fully potty trained until just after she was 2. So, that was the exchange, she finished her business, washed her hands and went off to play. Well apparently Maggie was listening and taking this all in, a little while later, while I was standing doing my hair, Maggie came in and stood next to the toilet and kept exclaiming loudly..."potty". I ignored her for a minute, or just politely said, "mm hmm, that's the potty." But she had other things in mind. She was saying "I GO POTTY." Which I still ignored, UNTIL she was lifting her shirt up, pulling her pants down and insisting that she wanted a turn. So, what's a Mom to do? I obliged her.

DON'T judge me by the hideous rust stains in my toilet. I DO clean it and it won't come out.

As you can tell, her intentions were serious. However, she was unsuccessful in accomplishing any form of potty. She mostly just sat there, staring at me. She did however work a few toots out, if that counts for anything. But I ask you, is there anything more freaking adorable than a kid 10X to small for the toilet? I will always love this picture!!!

But let's talk some truth here. I am so NOT looking forward to potty training. I think it's got to be about the worst part of early parenting. I mean, I wasn't even full time on the Brooklyn front, and she was pretty impressive with her abilities. However, there WAS the great poopgate of '08 with her. That would be the time at Lanas that she started to poo and I ran her to the bathroom, but apparently she was already done and poo went flying. Literally it was on the wall, the floor the toilet, her legs, I stepped in it. She was crying, I was yelling, it was disastrous. Thank goodness for Dixie and all her experience with poo. She totally came in, and calmly saved the day. It was at that moment that I realized I was in no way prepared to be a good parent on this issue. I hate messes. I can't stand the thought of peed on pants, puddles on my floors, poop messes, etc. How do I get over this? Where do I even begin with the potty training? What's the best method? Oh bother! So, while I AM looking forward to not having to buy diapers for Maggie anymore, I am NOT looking forward to the battle that will soon be on our hands.

Wish me luck!!

Pee pee and poopers,


Please note that this is one of THREE new posts I did today. Make sure to scroll down and read them all. And then, COMMENT, 'cause I'm needy today and NEED comments. Ok, thanks!

Miss O

We have these friends...Krys and Melissa. Several years ago I was directing a little show called "Secret Garden" at MCC. This girl that noone had ever seen before showed up to audition for the part of Martha. Jere was watching the auditions and when they were done he told me I MUST cast her. Well, I had already fully come to that conclusion without his help. So, Melissa and her fabulous voice was cast as Martha. She did a great job and the show was a success. In the course of the show Melissa and I became "tentative friends." Jere of course was in love with her because she is so snarky and funny. Anyway, after a few starts and stops we got this friendship rolling. They are a really fun, funny and kind couple and we've enjoyed getting to know them better. Anyway, as it turns out, they had their first little girl just a couple of months after Maggie. So, we had babies in common, except their little Miss O is soooooooooo spunky. She is just hilarious to watch and be around. But, back to my story, we had these two beautiful girls and then booya, wouldn't you know, we both got knocked up AGAIN so soon. So, Max was born in Oct. and their sweet baby I was born in January. We totally love to just chill with our kiddies and talk cha cha.

A couple Fridays ago Melissa came over for a playdate. I mean, Miss O came over to play with Maggie and Melissa and I got to hold our babies and gab. I had made cupcakes for Brooklyns birthday the day before, so I let O have one. And, after having taken a picture, I told Melissa that my blog was sorely lacking any acknowledgement of Miss O and her spunk.

Here she is world......Miss O and all her cupcakey glory. Would you just LOOK at that face? What is not to love? Her little eyes just glitter and dance and you know there is so much mischief going on behind them. She makes hysterical faces and has such tude you can't beat it. For all the calm that is Maggie, Miss O has all the storm. I love her, she makes me happy.

Here is a shot of Maggie and O on their first play date just over a year ago. Holy Crap how they've grown.

Here they are that day. There was no keeping O out of the swing, she clearly doesn't care about weight limits. They were having a grand time, pushing and playing. When Melissa first brought O in she sort of freaked out, 'cause Melissa had to go out and get I. So, I was holding her and as soon as I turned her and she could see Maggie (who was in her highchair) she calmed down and realized she was in a safe place.
I can't wait to see these girls as they continue to grow and develop their distinct personalities. It'll be so great when they're both past the "MINE" phase and their playing can be a bit more "civil". Here's to many more playdates and friendship in the future.
We love you Miss O and your Mom and Dad too.
Dollies and screaming,


So, it was about 4:00 yesterday afternoon and Jenny had stopped by to show me Brooklyns adorable hair she'd done. I might mention here that any and all of you who ever compliment me on my "skillz" should know that I have none. Jenny really DOES things with Brooklyns hair. I wish I'd taken a picture of the intricacy of this do. I mean, I'm ok with my ponies and my little fluffy buns, don't get me wrong. I'm just saying....I'm not all that great, in comparison. But, I digress. Jenny and I were just lollygagging around, sitting on my couches passing the time. I got on facebook to check something out and noticed my friend Taras status. She also happened to be online at the time, so I im'd her and we struck up a little conversation. Oh, you don't know who Tara is? Well, TARA is Andreas older sister. Andrea was highlighted in my post awhile back about "old friends are the best friends." They grew up around the corner from me. N-E-WAY, we start chatting and she says Andrea wants to know what I was doing that night. As it happened, I was doing a big fat nothing. Jere was working late and then going straight to paegent rehearsal, and I was looking at another boring evening of me and the kids and my calustriphobia inducing walls. So, Tara then says, well, five of Andreas SEVEN kids are gone with their Dad, so we're going to dinner, wanna come? And here is where my clever title comes in. I totally went on an "impromptu" dinner date with my old pals Andrea and Tara and Andreas oldest and youngest daughters. Jenny came along with Brooklyn and I had my two kiddies. We met up at Euro Cafe in Gilbert and a delightful time was had by all.

Me, Jenny, Tara and Andrea. Andrea is holding her youngest Taralee who apparently was having some trouble keeping her eyes open with the flash. I do not EVEN want to discuss how enormous I look in this picture. What the Hell? Have I not been working out? Is my sore hooty hoo just a figment of my imagination? Jenny on the other hand looks HOT, at least that's what some guys on the light rail told her yesterday.

Here they is, Tara and Andrea. Tara and I always had a music connection. She's some strange anomaly in their family. She sings, and she plays the piano, while noone else in her family is musical at all. Who knows how these things happen. But, I'll never forget when she got the music to "Joanie Loves Chachi", she and I totally sat around singing that. We totally rocked it with our 12 and 15 year old selves, I'm sure of it. She also got a cool book of all these TV songs, which I was always so impressed by. I might also add that Tara is the one who taught me that sour cream was totally delicious in chili. It's the little things that make the impressions.

In this shot they're looking on as Brooklyn is going through Taras lipstick purse. You read it right...Tara had an entire little makeup bag FULL of lipsticks and glosses. And as we all know, Brooklyn is Obseeeessseeed (please read with a trilly opera tone) with lippy (which apparently Tara is too). Tara kindly allowed her to go through it and she proceeded to put on every single item in the purse.

You can't really get the full effect of just how lucious her lips (and teeth) were looking after such lippy gluttony. But hey, she was happy, which in turn made us all happy.
It was so fun to meet Andreas baby Taralee for the first time. She's a few months younger than Maggie and she seems to have a lot of spunk. The wierd thing was, her oldest daughter Bryndee was there and she's 15. The last time I probably saw Bryndee she was just older than Taralee is now. Yeah, we're awesome at getting US together, just not ever seeing the kids. This was Tara and Andreas first time meeting Maggie as well.
By the way, Maggie is apparently a little Feta fiend. She lerrrrved my feta dressing on my salad, and she quite enjoyed the turkey feta pita I got as well.
I'm so glad for fun impromptu dinner dates. Let's do it again sometime.
Pitas and parties,

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Manz

This is a post about my Man....Jere. He is a many faceted man, he has a zany sense of humor, a great ability to make friends and make you feel like you are IT. He's funny, loud, emotionally volatile, silly, crude, extremely over sensitive, hard working, frustrating, talented, FUNNY, exasperating, loving, SMART and most of all, totally HOT! Seriously, just look at his headshot.

I want to tell a little story. I don't know how many people know that Jere has auditioned for Biggest Loser 5 times. The first couple of times were pretty much throw aways. However, the third time he auditioned with our friend Tracie. The producers loved them. They were up until 2 a.m. the morning of the audition making t-shirts, umbrellas and something else. They were matchy and hysterical. They made it to the on camera interview round, and then the video round. However, Betty Sue and Ally were in line in front of them, and as you know, THEY made it and Ally won it all. The next year Jere auditioned with his sister Julie. Again, the producers LOVED them. In fact, this time around they made it ALL the way to the end. They got through all rounds and were officially "on the wall" which means that it was now up to the heads of NBC. Sadly, they didn't make it. The reason being, that season they decided to go with all married couples or parent/child teams. SO, the next season came around (the one that is airing right now). The producers called Jere and asked he and Julie to come down, no waiting in line, just come down. So, they did, they did an interview. However, the timing was awful. Jere had Blackbeard AND Max was due, and filming began in September. So, he said "yes" he wanted to do it, but he didn't really, and they picked up on that. So instead, you got Sione and Filipe AND Blaine and Dane. Both of those teams were in line with Jere the season before. He came home that first time in line talking about the hysterical Tongans. Apparently Blaine and Dane weren't so nice, but whatev. So, the point is....he's been soooooo close at least 3 times. When these last auditions came around, he just didn't have the heart, plus, he has something else coming up. See, he WANTS to lose the weight, he was willing to go and "kill" himself on TV to do it. It just didn't seem to be in the cards. So, a couple of months ago he decided to seriously look into Gastric Bypass and see if his insurance would cover it. Would you believe that the insurance covers it 100%? Talk about meant to be.

A few years ago he was there for me when I got to have gastric. He was so happy for me and a little jealous that he couldn't get it too.

This picture was taken a couple of weeks before I had surgery. He looks so much younger and thinner there. But, I guess it's my turn to be there for him...Jeres turn has come. Jere is getting Gastric Bypass! He got approved rather quickly and he's finished all his testing, classes, etc. He is scheduled for his surgery on Monday April 13th. He is so excited and so scared. I'm so excited for him. I'm excited for him to experience the rebirth that is gastric bypass. Excited for him to feel the amazing weight be lifted off (literally) and to start enjoying life in a whole new way. I'm excited to be able to exercise and have a healthy lifestyle WITH him. I'm excited for the joy that this brings! I'm excited for him to be able to get clothes ANYWHERE other than the fat man store (which is legal rape).And I won't lie, I'm totally excited for how even more amazingly HOT he will be. Seriously, have you SEEN his eyes and his hair? He's a looker! Yes, it is painful at first, it is difficult for a little while, but it passes so quickly and the end result is the GREATEST GIFT there is! So, I just went through all our pics on this computer and found a random sampling of Jere.

Jere is a man who either loves or hates deeply. He LOVES/D his Gramma with ALL his heart and soul. We must had a million pictures of him in this position, either sitting next to or kissing her on the cheek. She is very missed. She would be sooo happy to see him getting this opportunity to get thin.

I'm not sure there is any man who was EVER so smitten with his child. He loved Maggie from the moment we knew she was coming. The MOMENT he saw her in the hospital she wrapped him tightly around her little finger and there has been no going back. She makes him happy when he's sad and lifts him when he's mad. She has mellowed him in ways I didn't even know possible.

This picture was taken almost a year ago at Dixies wedding. Hard to believe how much Maggie has changed in that time.

Jere is a brilliant actor and he LOVES performing with every other fiber of his being. Here he is in Blackbeard the first time around. So pretty with his makeup, hahahaha.

I HAD to include this because seriously....how retarded is this? They had western day at work, or something weird. Or maybe this was a last minute Halloween costume, I can't remember. None the less, he even wore my Dads cowboy boots. I told you, he's a nut.

Did I mention how much he loves Maggie. He's always wanting to "eat" her for lunch. hee hee She really does have delicious, chubby thighs.

He's taking a turn with Maggies pretty little birthday crown.

This was one of the most precious and joyous moments of my life. Maggie was meeting Max for the first time and Jere was so sweet and gentle with both of them. He was so overwhelmed at having a second child, but he's done a great job at working it out and loving them both.

Halloween this year. He will always be the fun Daddy that dresses up with the kids, whilst I'll be the boring, mean Mommy who doesn't believe in Halloween. haha

Having fun on the lawn at Thanksgiving.

We were out shopping the day before Christmas. I mean seriously, how sweet is this shot?

Jere loves his friends, and his friends love him. This is a good thing, since he can be so offensive at times (unintentionally). They just accept him so wholly for who he is and constantly love and lift him. I'm so grateful for the good friends and people in our life.

Showing off his sexy new glasses. He can rock 'em.

This is one of the most recent pics I have of him. He's getting on the bus to Disneyland. Can't wait to start showing pics of his ever amazing shrinkyness. Speaking of, please feel free to go check out HIS blog, there is a link on my sidebar. He's decided to actually update it regularly as his "fat blog". So, show him some love and go check it out!!

There is this thing called love languages, ever heard of it? Mine is service, having stuff done for me, his is TOUCH and being told. Let's just say, we have a little problem filling eachothers love language bank. We are so opposite in our needs and it can certainly make for some issues at times. The good news is, these are things we can work on to make eacother happier. And the better news is, even though there are skirmishes, there is love and we can get through all things with that.
I love you Jere and I'm so excited for you and this grand new adventure you're about to embark on.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Allyson School

I think I've mentioned here before that every Wednesday I watch Morgan while Dixie goes to voice lessons. Brooklyn LOVES this day, and misses Morgan every other day if she doesn't get to see her. Anyway, Dixie told Morgan that she was going to Allyson school, because she REALLY wanted to go to school like Livy and Owen. So, it's a good ruse, she comes over with her backpack and all are happy. I must admit, I do feel a LITTLE guilty, like I should perhaps at least run the alphabet by them once or something. Perhaps read a book, anything. Instead, I leave them to their own devices, which include, but are not limited to....going to "sleep" in my bed, putting babies to bed in Max's pac-n-play, "going to school" (this simply means walking back and forth from the fireplace to the bedroom, with occasional stops in the bedroom for reading or playing), going to the doctor (same as school), emptying the book box, standing on the table or playing outside with the strollers. Anyway........

On this particular day Morgan happened to come wearing a dress, and Maggie was wearing a dress. It was conincidental really, but it made quite an impression on Brooklyn. She did not appreciate being the only one without a dress. The next week she wore a dress 3 days in a row to make SURE she was properly girly represented. Check Dixies blog for the pic of all three in their dresses and do's. I might also add, this is probably one of the cutest pictures of Morgan ever. She's so clean and put together.

Note Maggie looking at the girls. This is so indicative of her as she applies to them. They run the show, they do everything and most of the time she just follows along behind. If she isn't following along, she's smacking them or doing something to ruin their imaginary game. But, all in all they're patient with her and let her play along.

Also, on this day, Brooklyn was not pleased that she was the only one without TWO ponytails. What can I say, by the time I got to her, I was two ponied out (I did Morgans hair too). Sheesh, can't get anything past this girl. I think she's quite lovely with her side pony, but that's just me. I just love these three girls and how completely different they all are! They all look a lot like their Daddy's and have a lot of their Mommies temperaments.
So, Brooklyn has been MIA from our house since last Friday and Maggie is MISSING her! On Friday, about midway through the day, I was working in the kitchen and Maggie came out of her bedroom with a purse on her arm and announced..."School. BYE." I said, "you're off to school huh?" And she said..."JEP" (yes). Then, she did the obligatory lap between the fireplace and her bedroom, announcing at least three more times..."School." She amazes me with all that she understands and says. Anyway, everyday since she asks for Brookie and then makes me sing "Brookies song" (a retarded little song I made up for her when she was a baby) over and over and over. Sigh, this summer is gonna be a toughy.
Pigtails and party dresses,

Saturday stats

I'm just saying.....

Saturday we did a 12 mile bike ride. From Gilbert to Power and back.

Bike ride was a success. I came in second (but only because Jenny's sugar was low, so she was struggling to stay upright).

12 miles in 50 minutes.


"She she" is intact, after adding a gel seat cover and a towell in my pants. The towell was Shanes suggestion. It backfired a bit, but nonetheless I prevailed. The good news is, while still painful, not NEARLY as painful. I'm encouraged to note that healing is under way and I'm sure the next time I mount up on that bikey the pain will be even more diminished.

I actually enjoy the bike riding, whoda thunk? Still don't like the walk/running. Swimming is a given.

Here's to another 2 months of training, may my coochie coo be completely cured and my body nearly like steel. hahahahahahahahahaha

Sun rises and bike rides,


Happy Green Day

Well, Happy Freaking St. Patricks Day! Luck o' the Irish to ye! Or WHATEVER!

Dear Julie this one was for you:

I know, I know, I totally said (and believe) that this is the gayest and most unnecessary of holidays. But, we the Van Pattens dutifully did our green wearing, Irish loving best and put on the best green we could find. I mean hey, I'm all for keeping pinchers at bay. Aint noone gonna be pinching any part of my lucious flesh. Good thing we went to Target for our one outing of the day so my A for adorable children could be seen in their finery. So, without further ado, I give you our pictoral proof.

What's up with them both chewing their fingers? I know not.

Maggie is all kinds of peeved here 'cause I took her away from what was happening in the picture below. But holy crap, Max is cuter than any leprachaun out there.

I had to include this because really, there isn't much that Maggie loves more than a bath. Morgan was ridiculously dirty, therefore getting a "tubby", Maggie was looking on in pure jealousy. Dane was getting a ghetto scrubbing from his mama. And you'll be pleased to note that Maggie did indeed get her own tubby, in that real tub later. No sink for HER tonight!

Upon my FINE suggestion (see I AM getting into this holiday) Dixie died the pancake batter green. That's right, they were having pancakes and bacon for dinner. At the Dixon house, that happens at least once a week.

Dixie looking every so saucy as she flips the cakes. AND, she's proving her total rebelness, as she's the ONLY one in all the land not wearing green. And not only is she NOT wearing green, shes' wearing black, the very absence of color. Way to make a statement Dix.

My little Tater puff showing off the goods. I don't know when she grew into a freaking adult, but somehow it happened. She's 6, only two years away from her "ideal" age. Or so that is what she told me at age three when she showed up on my doorstep to lament the fact that she was totally done being 3, and wanted to be like 8 and grown up. Funny story, I'll share it another time in detail.

All the kiddos stuffed around Dixies wee table, in her wee kitchen. We were playing a little game of "how many people can be in Dixies kitchen at once." For the record, this time it was 4 adults and 7 children. AWESOME!!! Also, let it be written that Maggie had just eaten some corn beef and cabbage (courtesy of Julie), but apparently was in need of pancakes and bacon as well. She really is never happier than when she is with all her cousins. Even though the youngest there, she LOVES to think she's one of them.

All in all it was a fine day. If only I'd had some lucky charms this morning.
Leprechauns and pots of gold,