Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Saturday stats

I'm just saying.....

Saturday we did a 12 mile bike ride. From Gilbert to Power and back.

Bike ride was a success. I came in second (but only because Jenny's sugar was low, so she was struggling to stay upright).

12 miles in 50 minutes.


"She she" is intact, after adding a gel seat cover and a towell in my pants. The towell was Shanes suggestion. It backfired a bit, but nonetheless I prevailed. The good news is, while still painful, not NEARLY as painful. I'm encouraged to note that healing is under way and I'm sure the next time I mount up on that bikey the pain will be even more diminished.

I actually enjoy the bike riding, whoda thunk? Still don't like the walk/running. Swimming is a given.

Here's to another 2 months of training, may my coochie coo be completely cured and my body nearly like steel. hahahahahahahahahaha

Sun rises and bike rides,


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