Saturday, March 21, 2009


So, it was about 4:00 yesterday afternoon and Jenny had stopped by to show me Brooklyns adorable hair she'd done. I might mention here that any and all of you who ever compliment me on my "skillz" should know that I have none. Jenny really DOES things with Brooklyns hair. I wish I'd taken a picture of the intricacy of this do. I mean, I'm ok with my ponies and my little fluffy buns, don't get me wrong. I'm just saying....I'm not all that great, in comparison. But, I digress. Jenny and I were just lollygagging around, sitting on my couches passing the time. I got on facebook to check something out and noticed my friend Taras status. She also happened to be online at the time, so I im'd her and we struck up a little conversation. Oh, you don't know who Tara is? Well, TARA is Andreas older sister. Andrea was highlighted in my post awhile back about "old friends are the best friends." They grew up around the corner from me. N-E-WAY, we start chatting and she says Andrea wants to know what I was doing that night. As it happened, I was doing a big fat nothing. Jere was working late and then going straight to paegent rehearsal, and I was looking at another boring evening of me and the kids and my calustriphobia inducing walls. So, Tara then says, well, five of Andreas SEVEN kids are gone with their Dad, so we're going to dinner, wanna come? And here is where my clever title comes in. I totally went on an "impromptu" dinner date with my old pals Andrea and Tara and Andreas oldest and youngest daughters. Jenny came along with Brooklyn and I had my two kiddies. We met up at Euro Cafe in Gilbert and a delightful time was had by all.

Me, Jenny, Tara and Andrea. Andrea is holding her youngest Taralee who apparently was having some trouble keeping her eyes open with the flash. I do not EVEN want to discuss how enormous I look in this picture. What the Hell? Have I not been working out? Is my sore hooty hoo just a figment of my imagination? Jenny on the other hand looks HOT, at least that's what some guys on the light rail told her yesterday.

Here they is, Tara and Andrea. Tara and I always had a music connection. She's some strange anomaly in their family. She sings, and she plays the piano, while noone else in her family is musical at all. Who knows how these things happen. But, I'll never forget when she got the music to "Joanie Loves Chachi", she and I totally sat around singing that. We totally rocked it with our 12 and 15 year old selves, I'm sure of it. She also got a cool book of all these TV songs, which I was always so impressed by. I might also add that Tara is the one who taught me that sour cream was totally delicious in chili. It's the little things that make the impressions.

In this shot they're looking on as Brooklyn is going through Taras lipstick purse. You read it right...Tara had an entire little makeup bag FULL of lipsticks and glosses. And as we all know, Brooklyn is Obseeeessseeed (please read with a trilly opera tone) with lippy (which apparently Tara is too). Tara kindly allowed her to go through it and she proceeded to put on every single item in the purse.

You can't really get the full effect of just how lucious her lips (and teeth) were looking after such lippy gluttony. But hey, she was happy, which in turn made us all happy.
It was so fun to meet Andreas baby Taralee for the first time. She's a few months younger than Maggie and she seems to have a lot of spunk. The wierd thing was, her oldest daughter Bryndee was there and she's 15. The last time I probably saw Bryndee she was just older than Taralee is now. Yeah, we're awesome at getting US together, just not ever seeing the kids. This was Tara and Andreas first time meeting Maggie as well.
By the way, Maggie is apparently a little Feta fiend. She lerrrrved my feta dressing on my salad, and she quite enjoyed the turkey feta pita I got as well.
I'm so glad for fun impromptu dinner dates. Let's do it again sometime.
Pitas and parties,


jen said...

This is one thing I miss living so far from everything I grew up with. Enjoy it as often as you can. And it was fun to see you for a minute at pageant. Did you find sandals?

Andrea said...

It was a fun impromptu night! Maggie is even more cute in real life! I am amazed at how well she ate. Thanks for comming it was a fun night!

Mel said...

two things..
you don't look huge
i love, love, LOVE euro cafe!

Dana said...

Okay...I'll comment. Your picture is VERY VERY deceiving! You look larger in the picture (a lot)) than you really are. Promise! I'm NOT just trying to be nice. You really are looking more and more like your pre-baby self. Next, my favorite is Tara's "sure, have a look at all my lip no, go ahead try it on...auuugh,I'm going to die" face. I actually laughed out loud. How nice of her!! Good friends are the BEST. And I count all of those LaRue girls among my friends too! :-)

LanaBanana said...

No, your "hooty hoo pain" is definitely simply have a 5 month old baby. That's not very old! I didn't get back to a good size until Dane was a couple of months past 1. I think second child boys make baby weight loss much more difficult for some reason. But I think you look great every time I see you, so don't give up hope just yet. All is not lost.

Sounds like a really fun night! Glad you and the ladies had such a fun time. :)

Crandell Fam said...

I'm so glad I got invited on this little impromptu dinner date extravaganza! I thoroughly enjoyed the food and the company, and Brooklyn was in heaven! Don't you think the picture of Andrea and Tara is so funny where they are sitting the same and making the exact same face?? Cute!

Tara LaRue said...

Um, holy clevage batman! Geez...

Loved this night and loved visiting with you and Jenny and your lovely children. I can't believe we don't see each other more often.

And Dana, I promise, I didn't mind at all having Brooklyn going through my lipstick. That way I just become another favorite Aunt Tara to yet another darling little girl! (smile)

I love the entire Shumway Family and I miss our sing-a-longs, though we haven't done them in years...