Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Allyson School

I think I've mentioned here before that every Wednesday I watch Morgan while Dixie goes to voice lessons. Brooklyn LOVES this day, and misses Morgan every other day if she doesn't get to see her. Anyway, Dixie told Morgan that she was going to Allyson school, because she REALLY wanted to go to school like Livy and Owen. So, it's a good ruse, she comes over with her backpack and all are happy. I must admit, I do feel a LITTLE guilty, like I should perhaps at least run the alphabet by them once or something. Perhaps read a book, anything. Instead, I leave them to their own devices, which include, but are not limited to....going to "sleep" in my bed, putting babies to bed in Max's pac-n-play, "going to school" (this simply means walking back and forth from the fireplace to the bedroom, with occasional stops in the bedroom for reading or playing), going to the doctor (same as school), emptying the book box, standing on the table or playing outside with the strollers. Anyway........

On this particular day Morgan happened to come wearing a dress, and Maggie was wearing a dress. It was conincidental really, but it made quite an impression on Brooklyn. She did not appreciate being the only one without a dress. The next week she wore a dress 3 days in a row to make SURE she was properly girly represented. Check Dixies blog for the pic of all three in their dresses and do's. I might also add, this is probably one of the cutest pictures of Morgan ever. She's so clean and put together.

Note Maggie looking at the girls. This is so indicative of her as she applies to them. They run the show, they do everything and most of the time she just follows along behind. If she isn't following along, she's smacking them or doing something to ruin their imaginary game. But, all in all they're patient with her and let her play along.

Also, on this day, Brooklyn was not pleased that she was the only one without TWO ponytails. What can I say, by the time I got to her, I was two ponied out (I did Morgans hair too). Sheesh, can't get anything past this girl. I think she's quite lovely with her side pony, but that's just me. I just love these three girls and how completely different they all are! They all look a lot like their Daddy's and have a lot of their Mommies temperaments.
So, Brooklyn has been MIA from our house since last Friday and Maggie is MISSING her! On Friday, about midway through the day, I was working in the kitchen and Maggie came out of her bedroom with a purse on her arm and announced..."School. BYE." I said, "you're off to school huh?" And she said..."JEP" (yes). Then, she did the obligatory lap between the fireplace and her bedroom, announcing at least three more times..."School." She amazes me with all that she understands and says. Anyway, everyday since she asks for Brookie and then makes me sing "Brookies song" (a retarded little song I made up for her when she was a baby) over and over and over. Sigh, this summer is gonna be a toughy.
Pigtails and party dresses,


LadyCarma said...

On your little walks through your apartment for "school", I am sure you include a stop by the piano for a little music lesson. When my oldest was a baby, a music professor told me that I could teach my children to have relative pitch by playing and singing "C" on the piano often, or whenever we went by it, each day. We didn't do it everyday, but a lot. My children have a great ear for pitch.
You could teach them the proper vowels for singing - which a lot of people don't know.

Crandell Fam said...

How stinking adorable are those 3 girls?? And your description of their activities is so funny. I love the school walking back and forth, and esp. that Maggie does it on her own (with purse on, of course!) So fun.

Dixiechick said...

I think it's funny that Brooklyn always notices when she's not "in the crowd". She'll be sure to be up on all the latest fashions. Maybe she'll even have Jimmy Z shirts and skirts when she's in 9th grade. :)

Mel said...

I love that Maggie uses the hitting tactic to be included. I have one of those at my house too. :)
They really are adorable :)

Andersonland said...

But do they play primary? I totally remember playing primary when I was that age. We always fought over who got to be song leader and sunbeam teacher,