Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Manz

This is a post about my Man....Jere. He is a many faceted man, he has a zany sense of humor, a great ability to make friends and make you feel like you are IT. He's funny, loud, emotionally volatile, silly, crude, extremely over sensitive, hard working, frustrating, talented, FUNNY, exasperating, loving, SMART and most of all, totally HOT! Seriously, just look at his headshot.

I want to tell a little story. I don't know how many people know that Jere has auditioned for Biggest Loser 5 times. The first couple of times were pretty much throw aways. However, the third time he auditioned with our friend Tracie. The producers loved them. They were up until 2 a.m. the morning of the audition making t-shirts, umbrellas and something else. They were matchy and hysterical. They made it to the on camera interview round, and then the video round. However, Betty Sue and Ally were in line in front of them, and as you know, THEY made it and Ally won it all. The next year Jere auditioned with his sister Julie. Again, the producers LOVED them. In fact, this time around they made it ALL the way to the end. They got through all rounds and were officially "on the wall" which means that it was now up to the heads of NBC. Sadly, they didn't make it. The reason being, that season they decided to go with all married couples or parent/child teams. SO, the next season came around (the one that is airing right now). The producers called Jere and asked he and Julie to come down, no waiting in line, just come down. So, they did, they did an interview. However, the timing was awful. Jere had Blackbeard AND Max was due, and filming began in September. So, he said "yes" he wanted to do it, but he didn't really, and they picked up on that. So instead, you got Sione and Filipe AND Blaine and Dane. Both of those teams were in line with Jere the season before. He came home that first time in line talking about the hysterical Tongans. Apparently Blaine and Dane weren't so nice, but whatev. So, the point is....he's been soooooo close at least 3 times. When these last auditions came around, he just didn't have the heart, plus, he has something else coming up. See, he WANTS to lose the weight, he was willing to go and "kill" himself on TV to do it. It just didn't seem to be in the cards. So, a couple of months ago he decided to seriously look into Gastric Bypass and see if his insurance would cover it. Would you believe that the insurance covers it 100%? Talk about meant to be.

A few years ago he was there for me when I got to have gastric. He was so happy for me and a little jealous that he couldn't get it too.

This picture was taken a couple of weeks before I had surgery. He looks so much younger and thinner there. But, I guess it's my turn to be there for him...Jeres turn has come. Jere is getting Gastric Bypass! He got approved rather quickly and he's finished all his testing, classes, etc. He is scheduled for his surgery on Monday April 13th. He is so excited and so scared. I'm so excited for him. I'm excited for him to experience the rebirth that is gastric bypass. Excited for him to feel the amazing weight be lifted off (literally) and to start enjoying life in a whole new way. I'm excited to be able to exercise and have a healthy lifestyle WITH him. I'm excited for the joy that this brings! I'm excited for him to be able to get clothes ANYWHERE other than the fat man store (which is legal rape).And I won't lie, I'm totally excited for how even more amazingly HOT he will be. Seriously, have you SEEN his eyes and his hair? He's a looker! Yes, it is painful at first, it is difficult for a little while, but it passes so quickly and the end result is the GREATEST GIFT there is! So, I just went through all our pics on this computer and found a random sampling of Jere.

Jere is a man who either loves or hates deeply. He LOVES/D his Gramma with ALL his heart and soul. We must had a million pictures of him in this position, either sitting next to or kissing her on the cheek. She is very missed. She would be sooo happy to see him getting this opportunity to get thin.

I'm not sure there is any man who was EVER so smitten with his child. He loved Maggie from the moment we knew she was coming. The MOMENT he saw her in the hospital she wrapped him tightly around her little finger and there has been no going back. She makes him happy when he's sad and lifts him when he's mad. She has mellowed him in ways I didn't even know possible.

This picture was taken almost a year ago at Dixies wedding. Hard to believe how much Maggie has changed in that time.

Jere is a brilliant actor and he LOVES performing with every other fiber of his being. Here he is in Blackbeard the first time around. So pretty with his makeup, hahahaha.

I HAD to include this because retarded is this? They had western day at work, or something weird. Or maybe this was a last minute Halloween costume, I can't remember. None the less, he even wore my Dads cowboy boots. I told you, he's a nut.

Did I mention how much he loves Maggie. He's always wanting to "eat" her for lunch. hee hee She really does have delicious, chubby thighs.

He's taking a turn with Maggies pretty little birthday crown.

This was one of the most precious and joyous moments of my life. Maggie was meeting Max for the first time and Jere was so sweet and gentle with both of them. He was so overwhelmed at having a second child, but he's done a great job at working it out and loving them both.

Halloween this year. He will always be the fun Daddy that dresses up with the kids, whilst I'll be the boring, mean Mommy who doesn't believe in Halloween. haha

Having fun on the lawn at Thanksgiving.

We were out shopping the day before Christmas. I mean seriously, how sweet is this shot?

Jere loves his friends, and his friends love him. This is a good thing, since he can be so offensive at times (unintentionally). They just accept him so wholly for who he is and constantly love and lift him. I'm so grateful for the good friends and people in our life.

Showing off his sexy new glasses. He can rock 'em.

This is one of the most recent pics I have of him. He's getting on the bus to Disneyland. Can't wait to start showing pics of his ever amazing shrinkyness. Speaking of, please feel free to go check out HIS blog, there is a link on my sidebar. He's decided to actually update it regularly as his "fat blog". So, show him some love and go check it out!!

There is this thing called love languages, ever heard of it? Mine is service, having stuff done for me, his is TOUCH and being told. Let's just say, we have a little problem filling eachothers love language bank. We are so opposite in our needs and it can certainly make for some issues at times. The good news is, these are things we can work on to make eacother happier. And the better news is, even though there are skirmishes, there is love and we can get through all things with that.
I love you Jere and I'm so excited for you and this grand new adventure you're about to embark on.



jen said...

I still can't believe that was you. seriously. And I'm excited to see that change in your man . .

Jere is Cool said...

Thanks for the blog plug! =)

Mom said...

Lucky Jere to have such a loving, supporting wife! And those cute babies! Wow! We wish him well and you, too! It will be a great adventure together.
Love to you both!

The Maxsons said...

We love you Ally and JEER and we're so excited for you. We will not be drinking water through straws ever again in honor of you. Loves.

LanaBanana said...

A very sweet post indeed. It's an exciting time--even though it's a little scary. Let's hope he is such a pro at it like you were!! He'll be in good hands though--that's for sure!

Jere is Cool said...

Yes, indeed! I am so lucky to have my very own Gastric Coach!! I love that I'm surrounded by people who've paved the way for me and I'm excited to join the ranks fo those who've done incredible things with their new selves - like riding a bike 13 miles in 40 minutes!!!!! You're a rock star babe!! LOVE YOU!!!

Greg and Tammy said...

YEA!!!!! That is so fantastic!! Excited for Jere!!! And way 2 go on the humongo bike ride. That is awesome! To your coochie coo, indeed! :)

Jenn said...

What a sweet post. I am excited for you both. Good luck!!:)

Crandell Fam said...

Does Jere even get how lucky he is? Seriously, you're the best. Oh, and Jere's cool, too. :)