Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So Easy it should be a Sin!

Taco Soup

I am totally not a food blogger, I know (and clearly not a food photgrapher for that matter). But darnit, I have some realllly good recipes that need to be shared. This particular recipe I got from Dixie. But once I made it, I realize I've been making the exact thing, minus the water and beans, for like EVER as something else. But, that's beside the point. The point is...this soup is so ridiculously easy and so good that ALL people should have the recipe on hand. It takes like 2.5 seconds to make and feeds a ton and is tastey. I mean, large families, like say the Dentons, they should make this, eat this and love this, it's fast, cheap and easy, oh and fairly low in fat/calories. So, with no further ado, i give you my modified recipe for Taco Soup. Which I might add is heartily endorsed by my Daddio, who apprarently has NEVER liked a taco soup in his life. I had to force him to eat it and wouldn't you know, Mikey liked it.

Taco Soup

1 to 1 1/2 lb. ground turkey (I much prefer this, but beef is fine, if you like that sort of thing)

1 green pepper chopped

1/8 C. dried onion (more if you like, or 1/2 c. real onion chopped)

1/3 C. Taco Seasoning Mix

5 C. Water

2 cans Kidney Beans

2 cans Diced Tomatos

1 Can Corn

2 Cans Tomato sauce

Brown the meat with the pepper and onions. Drain any fat off then add the taco seasoning and one cup water. Let that simmer for about 8 minutes, then add all canned ingredients, and the remaining 4 cups of water. You can add as little or as much water as you like, depends on how thick you want it to be, or how far you want it to go. I also added a little salt to taste. When I added 5 cups of water it easily fed 8 - 10 people. Probably more, sometimes I make big portions. Let it simmer 'til it's warmed all the way through.

Garnish with some cheese and a little sour cream. This would be where the calories come in, so you know, do whatev. I like to crush the tortilla chips into it, others like to dip them. That's all just up to your personal preference.

Hope you all try this and enjoy it. I promise it really is DELISH!!! Then, I promise that I'll post my chicken corn chowder recipe, 'cause it's pretty awesome too.

Happy eats,



Jenn C. said...

We love taco soup around here and your recipe is a little different so we will totally try it. Is there anything you can't do? I know your house is spotless, you get up every morning and work out, your kids always look like models, you cook, you write the best posts ever and the list could go on... You are a great example for me, I am glad that we are friends.:)

jen said...

Echo Jenn. I'll try it next week. Sounds like a great "during Pageant" dinner!

The Coolest Allen Family said...

I know two comments in one day...I should get a life. Anyway! This sounds great! I am really looking forward to your chicken corn chowder! I have a little bit of a recipe obsession. Keep 'em comin!

Dixiechick said...

I think your picture is quite lovely.

Jere is Cool said...

I also support and endorse this "Taco Soup" - although I should NEVER read ingredients on recipes. YUMMY!!!